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  1. hammer_1

    U.S. Independence Day

    thats over $150 dollars to you after dubloon credit refund for owning original WV, wow!
  2. hammer_1

    U.S. Independence Day

    Man the WV is a horrible ship, especially when up against tier 8 No rewards are worth playing this for me after just 5 battles in it i see why i NEVER play it.
  3. hammer_1

    12.2 Survey! Make your voice known <3

    I am concerned about laying mines especially since WG will probably make them homing! Did minelayers ever work outside of sheltered waters?
  4. hammer_1

    balance CVs with more realism

    Actually apparently only some of us know that airplanes DID attack in groups of two, three ore MORE. In subsequent attacks from any and all directions at once! We know that They also used coordinated initial attacks from multiple directions at the same time, something removed from the game now. Perhaps using the entire squadron as backup planes for damage taken is to compensate for losing the ability to coordinate attack from multiple directions? If so it is not compensating enough.
  5. hammer_1

    So, I bought the Schroder

    I do not regret Puerto Rico on first dockyard it showed up, but other than that the dockyard ships have been a waste of doubloons and time.
  6. hammer_1

    Can Sub torp spam be toned down?

    My stats are available to my clan but why give my enemy ammunition in game?
  7. hammer_1

    Can Sub torp spam be toned down?

    what gets me is that my ship ASW planes cant fly as far as the subs torpedo can run! He can shoot at me and I cant reach him with a freaking airplane!
  8. It said 1 month last month (they could have said 2 months just as easily), could it be possible to be accurate for Wargamming?
  9. Yesterday when I asked it was the last day of September, The message was it would reset in 1 month, Today the first day of October it still says 1 month? I was expecting 31 days at the most, know what gives? Thanks
  10. Thanks and also do they all reset at same time for double points, or is it individual?
  11. hammer_1

    Skypirate balance changes make no sense.

    Cause its an ARCADE GAME not a Simulator
  12. hammer_1

    FDR worth it?

    Just got FDR for steel, ouch! For some reason the attack planes take 7 full seconds to fire after hitting the fire button, extremely hard to lead a moving target with that much delay!!! The squadrons are two huge and divided up to 2 planes per attack so 14 planes exposed to flak and maybe half survive for a second attack since tier X AA. After attacking it takes more seconds than I could calculate to be able to attack again, (imagine making a pass over enemy ship doing a wide loop and coming back and) so unable to push the fire button while once again flak eats up the squadron. IT IS TOO LATE FOR ME, SAVE YOUR STEEL BECAUSE WARGAMING TRASHED THIS SHIP!
  13. hammer_1

    Help Me Understand Zorkiy

    I have played just twice with the Zorkiy using burst fire on the Test server. It seemed to me It can blow away enemy destroyers in a knife fight with the burst fire mode. I haven't had much high tier DD time so can't speak for much other than that.
  14. hammer_1

    Do you shoot anyway? FISA!

    If its a short reload take the shot If its a long reload take the shot unless you just started the reload, maybe 5 secs max Your mileage may vary, don't do this at home