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  1. hammer_1

    Help Me Understand Zorkiy

    I have played just twice with the Zorkiy using burst fire on the Test server. It seemed to me It can blow away enemy destroyers in a knife fight with the burst fire mode. I haven't had much high tier DD time so can't speak for much other than that.
  2. hammer_1

    Do you shoot anyway? FISA!

    If its a short reload take the shot If its a long reload take the shot unless you just started the reload, maybe 5 secs max Your mileage may vary, don't do this at home
  3. hammer_1

    Poll: Remove submarines from the game?

    That would be better than the exaggerated sub capabilities put forth so far.... 1. More speed submerged and on surface to make them 'playable' ( a ship going more than 18knots would not be chased by a sub historically) 2. Homing torpedoes that did not exist until WW2s last months. (ONE submarine used a homing torp at closing of WW2) 3. Torpedoes that have more range than a ships spotting plane to spot them or depth charge them. (this range disparity is ludicrous!) This enhanced play-ability for the minority of sub players is cheapening the play-ability of surface warships, the bread and butter of this games franchise. CVs have been nerffed to the point where they are worse than historical so I won't go into those. ONCE AGAIN TO BE CLEAR, Submarines and Aircraft Carriers ruled the historical world from 1943 onward, but that is NOT THIS GAME, CVs needed fleet support, and submarines waited for ships to sail into their operational area with great success. The evidence is easy to see today in which ships dominate the seas. I could be happy with submarines that had realistic armament and speed, but they would be boring so why have them at all?
  4. hammer_1

    Poll: Remove submarines from the game?

    The same can be said for Aircraft Carriers and the sinking of Prince of Wales early on in WW2 not to mention Billy Mitchel prior; points out that CVs and Subs were the deciding factor in WW2 but: WE WANT TO PLAY SURFACE WARSHIPS! There have been games dedicated to sub warfare in the past and they are TOO BORING if realistic submerged speeds and torpedoes are used.
  5. hammer_1

    Poll: Remove submarines from the game?

    The statement was 'AT LEAST' as much range they are AIRPLANES FOR GODS SAKE, they should have FAR MORE range than a torpedo!
  6. hammer_1

    Poll: Remove submarines from the game?

    ASW range is based on airplanes, should be at least as far a torpedos....
  7. I have heard the Bourg mentioned a few times, will take a closer look at it, thanks!
  8. I am finally approaching enough steel to get my first ship for steel purchase, looking for ideas. Also my second RB ship is coming up (first was OHIO). Appreciate suggestions on these two choices!
  9. hammer_1

    Poll: Remove submarines from the game?

    Any ship (like BB) spotter plane should be able to spot a surfaced Sub. Any ship airborne ASW (THESE ARE AIRPLANES) attack should have the distance to attack a sub, right now a sub can shoot torpedoes further than a ship can use ASW .... CRAZY!
  10. But for those of us who already have the PR, they compensate you with 36,000 STEEL. (or a coal option) For me then it is paying basically the calculated 35k gold for 36k steel and all the other rewards for completion. That is current PR owners get to buy any steel ship of their choice at shipyard completion. This is a huge benefit to me. My question is: which is the best Steel Ship to purchase?
  11. Well as i said previously I had to get over the loss of historical accuracy and accept this is an ARCADE GAME. But just like in a movie, there needs to be an attempt to keep connected with reality or it loses its appeal.
  12. Those planes could be fitted with anything a regular plane used, bombs machine guns certainly and as you said SPOTTING that submarine even submerged in some conditions.
  13. Having homing torpedoes before their historical existence in say tier X is another sore spot for another post.
  14. This is an arcade game we now know, but based on realism; realistically a BB has ASW airplanes to spot and sink that sub, the range of those planes should be realistic say to spotting distance of BB at least.