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  1. ... so, holy crap.

    In the space of a month I've gone down from weights varying due to bad stress levels from 73-78kg, down to a consistent 68kg and below.

    Not all of it exactly in the most particularly healthy way, but still, holy crap. The only thing I can really take pride in for the month.

    Now for 60ish...

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    2. TheKrimzonDemon


      Ah, working out in the normal sense isn't possible, I wish it were.


    3. khaenn35


      Don't worry, that's mostly for helping with being fit. Losing weight works fine without working out. 

      While some people say it's bad I advise skipping breakfast and eat two meals with fruits/nuts as snacks in between. Limit your carbohydrates to a minimum, find some vegetables you enjoy and find a suitable source you can get consistently and easily (I like brocolli and spinach, look for salad bars). Enjoy your protein, use spices and even butter (cut into cubes, smallish, about a centimetre or half inch) to cook, chicken is especially good if you buy Roasted or Baked ones from a supermarket and keep them in your fridge. Be sure that you aren't forcing yourself to eat: find healthy foods that you truly enjoy and keep to a regimen of consistent meals.

    4. SireneRacker


      Congrats, just make sure to not torment your body more than you already do >w<