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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    Severely disappointed over the past week. (Cough World Cup cough)
  2. Caption the profile image above you.

    He is bad dog and will bite you.
  3. Hmm. Something's coming soon on my birthday. No Massa for me but she seems fun.
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    You there! Stop in the name of the law!
  5. Caption the profile image above you.

    *judging the conversation silently*
  6. Broken back achievement

    I agree, but not with those requirements, and some changes should be made with XP gains first. -Disregard Confederate, High Caliber and any achievement that involves damage or kills as a requirement. Done ships do these a lot more easily than others and it would take away from the gains of a player who has played to win the game. -Cap XP should be reworked. Currently, XP is multiplied by a lot for a cap ribbon that is gained at any point in the match, resulting in surviving ships with solo-cap ribbons at the end of a match getting unfair boosts to XP. -XP requirements for these should vary by tier, not only to reward disadvantaged shops but to make up for the XP shortfall at low tiers. -If wishing to congratulate Carrying XP requirements may instead concentrate on difference in XP between first and second player, though this can remain another achievement.
  7. Broken back achievement

    I'm completely fine without the buffer, but I would prefer the buffer as it would give the appropriate rewards.
  8. Broken back achievement

    To give you some perspective, for yours, the player who won 1500xp actually earned 1000 xp that was instantly boosted by the Win, while the loser earned the 1,425 needed for the achievement. Imagine if killing 2 ships gained you the 1k XP needed, the enemy player at the top would have to kill 3 full ships. The 5% in this case would be 75 XP of a buffer, which by the scales is absolutely tiny. For some games where the top players earn a stupidly-large amount in high tier this acts as a neutral buffer to account for the increased XP gains at high-rise gameplay.
  9. Broken back achievement

    What I'm saying. Performing to get a base XP just 5% less on the losing side with the player on the winning team getting a natural 50% more than you if he did the same thing (not inclusive of any bonuses) on a victory would signify exemplary performance in the face of defeat caused by friendly players, where even a slightly better team would certainly have procured a victory.
  10. Broken back achievement

    Agree with this, though it's possible that equal/more base XP is too strict a requirement (possibly). 5% off should be fine, because, AFAIK, you gain 50% more automatically on a win from your base XP. That would ensure that players who have performed beyond what is to be expected of them are rewarded even if it doesn't seem like so at first glance.
  11. Caption the profile image above you.

    Uh uh uh, hold on~ I'm fine~ Fine~
  12. Nah. Most players I've seen purposely ram only when they are severely outmatched or outnumbered, with a significant HP disadvantage. It should also be noted that the ARP BB was significantly less protected and lighter-armed than you were, and if the angle was too dangerous he may have been Devstruck without taking out any other ship. Just think of it as free damage.