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  1. khaenn35

    Caption the profile image above you.

    I--Is Khaen back?! Oh god, what kind of lewd Profile pic does he have now?!
  2. Well, I am a 53%er and I think my solo winrate falls in the 45-48% category. Maybe yes?
  3. Well, I am a 53%er and I think my solo winrate falls in the 45-48% category. Maybe yes?
  4. khaenn35

    cv opt out

    If nobody has said it yet: The main reason as to why this will NEVER happen falls down to one thing: Choice as a Balancing factor for your Conmander Skills and upgrades. Commander Skills and Upgrades are conceptually chosen by you to adapt a certain playstyle or to protect yohrself from a certain threat. Such a selection often is a gamble, if a small one - do you take AA spec and risk getting set on fire more or having less heals, or get decimated meeting the rare CV? Do you take secondaries for a larger unarmored ship population or with the ability to get close, or do you take less fires or easier concealment instead? The purpose of CS&U is to give a choice not just for fun but for risks, as CS&U doesn't just change up playstyle but downright risks your ship's effectiveness in battle depending on the MM's mercy: the MM's mercy being a key word here. Here we come to the conclusion: is it fair to remove seperate the class key to making a quarter of the choices for CS&U viable from the MM's mercy? This decreases choice in the game and takes away a large amount of CS&U's usability with everyone who doesn't want to fight CVs simply selecting other choicss, while making it unfair for CVs who have been balanced for original AA stats now finding themselves against ships all taking AA-specced modules with the guarantee that they would enter CV games. [edited], some ships like the Musashi are balanced by their Anti-Aircraft: let's not forget how long American ships basked in mediocrity and were considered the "best AA ships" as a defense for it. It doesn't take a genius to figure out why opt out ideas are so completely stupid. They are selfish for the want to not face the risks programmed into the game.
  5. khaenn35

    Friend quitting over torpedo hacks

    Easy solution. Get two of us in a training room with both of them. Record gameplay. Prove how you can dodge torpedoes. When the inevitable hack-calling is shown, send replay over. A proven point that you can dodge torpedoes, done.
  6. khaenn35


    If there were a team all made of Idiot Großer Kurfursts with Survivability Expert on, their total HP pool would be 1,311,600 HP. If you wanted to get Confederate, you would have to do 262,320 HP worth of damage. If you wanted to get High Caliber, you would have to do 393,480 HP worth of damage. If all the Kurfursts were good enough to use their Repairs to their fullest potential, they would amass a total of 2,229,720 HP. And if a single Wooster with a 0.5% (wheeze) damage rate of its shells and always having two fires at any moment for one of the Kurfursts were there, it would take ~29.4 minutes from the beginning of firing to kill all of the Kurfursts. This has been your daily PSA by your friendly neighbourhood Free2Play forum Frequenter.
  7. khaenn35

    Uh .. Ok then, MM.

    To add onto that, Lert's enemies would have to probably do ~197,000 damage for Confed and ~295,500 damage for High Caliber. The Musashi added most of the HP for that.
  8. khaenn35

    Uh .. Ok then, MM.

    With some estimated Hitpoints the total HP falls into the ballpark of 965,000 HP of the enemy team. To get Confederate you would have to do ~193,000 damage. To get High Cal you would have to do ~289,500 damage. So basically, just another day for the Bogogogogo or the Conqkek.
  9. khaenn35

    Hangout by the Sea

    I has no idea. I think it may have been too much for them for the unified software. *nibbles them, and falls asleep in your shirt*
  10. khaenn35

    Hangout by the Sea

    They just did to save costs. The WG premtime gives less than Warships one, I think. *nuzzling* A few updates ago.
  11. khaenn35

    Hangout by the Sea

    Ask WG? *staring at the screen*
  12. khaenn35

    Hangout by the Sea

    Mhm. *clinging to Bus' stomach*
  13. khaenn35

    Hangout by the Sea

    Hmm. Would you like a PM?
  14. khaenn35

    Hangout by the Sea

    Myeh, join the Specter Server, then. *clinging to your face*