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  1. As an F2P, I've played an astonishing number of games considering my local community and society, enough to get with some help the Missouri, gotten gifts from others (which technically makes me economically profitable?) and participated in the community in a hopefully-uncancerous way. Sure, the F2Ps, many of them, are horrendous, but so are the Derpitz players. Your queue times would be much longer without us, considering the nature of the game, and you wouldn't have good stats without bad players like us to bully around. Economically speaking we are leeches being able to play with the money you put in, but the popularity and numbers that the F2Ps put in are why you can play the game in the first place. And I've wandered off topic again. No they have not, so I'm afraid that isn't likely, no.
  2. As I said, I'm an F2P though Dedicated. Gives a little comfort, thanks. I'll finish the missions in the hope that there may be the extra missions, but I can only hope and dream.
  3. New Super BB "Fuhrer"

    Torpedo it. Wha- I SAID TORPEDO IT.
  4. So, for the past month, I've basically been really busy to be able to play the game consistently, including examinations and other stuff. I have 13 of the 18 missions completed, being unable to complete the earlier ones due to the earlier reasons, and currently there are 4 more missions... meaning I'll miss the ship by 1 mission. As I'm essentially a F2P, with all things I've gotten as premium from gifts or grinding, I won't be able to get the Algie. Is there any chance of any extra missions?
  5. Conqueror Situation...

    Oh god, this thread devolved. While I have my gripes with the Conqueror, trying to be neutral, Mofton and Haze, even if the latter wrote his in a way that is... offputting, are correct. The ship isn't OP, but it is "balanced" in all the wrong ways. I should add that while the better damage is, overall, inconsequential, I'd like to point out that the damage numbers give an artificially increased sense of reward satisfying the "short-term" requirement (AKA: getting more damage feels good, even if it's useless damage) and can decrease the health of the game as a whole, even not in the gameplay sense. The RNBB effect is visible: More BBs are loading and shooting HE, and ineffectively at that.
  6. Montana Over-buffed?

    Except it wasn't. Statistically and gameplay-wise speaking, it was trash in comparison to everything else. I do think she's currently slightly, very slightly overpowered, but she's balanced in comparison to the rest. What, nerf the Montana's accuracy? The main reason it's as accurate as it is is because one has to sacrifice MBM3 for the 16% accuracy mod, and not be able to use (for some reason) the 7% accuracy mod. Take that mod away, and you better be prepared to see Montanas with slightly worse accuracy but quite a bit faster reloading salvos. Also, it doesn't have Overmatching rifles (though more of them), HE spam incarnate, or superb Secondaries with only slightly worse guns. Possibly. But it still means citadels, a lot more citadels, and then back to the shite Monty. At this point, it's Underwater or not-underwater citadel Possibly, except she already shows broadsides and still has in total the lowest direct damage survivability. Yeah, but that goes for all the T10 Battleships. Also, Conqueror has the lowest armor, but also has the insane superheal and a citadel even lower than the Monty's. Hmm. So which one is it? Either way, it's accurate enough. The results of all the T10 Battleships in terms of WR is just about similar by about 1%, regardless of numbers. It's either second or third best in the game. Yes, but NC and Iowa aren't, I don't know, Tier 10. Also, even if there is a number disparity, the disparity between Monty and Yamato is very small in terms of results.
  7. I know this is late, but thank you so much for your services, Niko. You have been crucial in keeping the forumites a social, polite bunch. Wherever you go next, good luck! We can very well attest to your competence at your next job.
  8. "50 406x2mm" Hokay. Slow down there.
  9. Ehhh... In my opinion, the fast reload of the PADD's smoke let's them break off way too easily. A 1v1 engagement is fine, but it's never a 1v1. The other DD will be spotted still, most likely, due to the [edited] detection mechanics that open them up at max range for 25 seconds to be pummelled by the PADDs easily, not to mention that they can break off much more easily from CA engagement. They aren't OP, but the current spotting mechanics benefit them far more than they should, such that they become much more effective in a Randoms DD engagement. The fast dissipation of the smoke doesn't help either, as the DD player is incentivised to move and make it very unlikely that they will remain for torpedoes to hit. Thus, you have a DD that doesn't need to worry about its disadvantages because of their smoke, while still able to hit the (very likely) spotted engaging Destroyer, especially since most of them are gunboats and can do the damage needed. But the problem isn't with the smoke: it's with the spotting mechanics.
  10. Did you do them all at the same time? As in, "in Randoms, do 70k, kill 1 ship and win" three times?
  11. Nerf Khabs gun damage.

    I can't get any other stats other than your total stats, at least from what I can see from my phone. And the overall stats are indeed 2 weeks and you have left them unaddressed.
  12. Nerf Khabs gun damage.

    Statistically speaking, Khabarovsk has, in two week statistics, a 54.7% Win Rate, the closest competitor to it being the still-new Z-52, at 53.4%. Even without rounding, that is a 1.3% difference between the highest and second-highest performing ships. Currently, the Moskva has in 2-week statistics a 50.7% Win Rate, the highest among all T10 Cruisers, and the Des Moines, the second-highest performing ship, has a 50.6% Win Rate. With rounding for this, the winrate difference is 0.1%. The Minotaur currently has a Win Rate of 50.0% (It's 49.99%, but seriously, just round it to 50). That's a difference of 0.7% between the best and worst-performing Cruiser, almost half that of the difference between the Khabarovsk and the relatively-new, unstabilized-statistics Z-52. Comparing the Khabarovsk in Win Rate with the currently highest performing, statistically-stabilized Shimakaze, the difference is a whopping 5.4%. There are indeed flaws with the argument, as you have said, but let's use a smaller sample size and something that could be deemed to be more or less reliable in many ways: Your Statistics. You are a premier WOWS player with an extremely high level of competence in playing ships, and can play most ships to their maximum potential. The T10 Destroyers you own are the Khabarovsk, the Gearing, and your brand, shiny and new Z-52 (Congratulations on another T10). You have a winrate difference between your Gearing and your Khabarovsk of approximately 4.9%, and a damage difference of more than 20,000. You, as of now, have an impressive 100% WinRate in your Z-52, with 5 battles in comparison to your 388 in your Khabarovsk, and yet, you have a slightly lower XP gain (2 XP points) than the Khabarovsk. Even considering the fact that you might have had more premium time in the Khabarovsk, and the fact that you might be still getting used to the Z-52, the fact that you have an XP gain slightly higher/equal to in the Khabarovsk that you have a lower Win Rate in than the Z-52, shows that in each match you are, on average once your stats stabilize, more likely to gain more XP in the Khabarovsk than in the Z-52 (so you do indeed have a larger impact on the match), showing how, according to your personal experience, you seem to perform better in the Khabarovsk than in your other T10 DDs. The argument above is even more flawed, but you are a player, an elite player, currently stating that the Khabarovsk is equal to other Tier 10 Destroyers, though your personal statistics seem to state otherwise.
  13. "Cap'n, I think we found Atlantis!"
  14. Contest: Need a New Wiki Editor

    Grats to the winners, wanted to participate and actually wrote up a script, but I didn't submit it because it was too "fanciful" and I'm too young to participate in it.
  15. The thing is... I've demounted basically all the mods I need from my ships during the free-demounts season. I have 4 concealment system mods. Four.