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    Caption the profile image above you.

    [edited]hell, I've not been here for years! Uhh... Woof but silent
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    Hangout by the Sea

    ... *sits down, and looks over empty port.* *sips quietly from straw in cup and washes the waves crash.*
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    ST 0.9.7, KITAKAMI

    After a year, I return here. Seriously, Wargaming: You’re that desperate for money? Jesus that is a new low.
  4. khaenn35


    Even as a student studying only basic Economics I can tell you that statistics don't tell the whole picture. Short term profits don't necessarily mean long term success. Neither are profits indicators of good games and happy players - need I inform you about EA, and how crap they are as a company? You wouldn't - because most of those 20,150 posts were made before you joined, and most of those weren't made to take flaming dumps on the circumstances of the game like this one. Because people seem to think my 20,150 posts are all just dumping on the game repeatedly over and over again, let me clarify that: -I've been here 3-4 years, most of which has been spent posting on the Roleplaying threads and the Off-topic threads. -I've made maybe 4000~ posts on the game itself. -I've supported many of the ideas, including the flooding nerf and the CV changes. Warships in the past. Oh, and Minecraft. Both have assertable goals which I feel that I can reasonably complete and dedicate a suitable amount of time to while having fun. Also, I have gotten free ships. It has given me the motivation to play more. But there are changes that simply make the game not as fun even if I'm playing the free ship - after all, if I'm not having satisfaction with playing a ship, free or not, why play it, right? Wouldn't mind a free ship though. :D
  5. khaenn35


    Thanks for your reply! Again: I know there are choices that have to be made even with feedback saying otherwise, as sometimes things need to be done to make a game better. You guys have actually still been interacting with players and still talking to them on a daily basis, even under the deluge of comments that have been, to say the least, demoralizing. I know I'm being negative here, and I disagree with quite a number of the changes I've seen to the game. But as a dev you guys still do well and try your best in making the game as great an experience for all of us. Please continue doing even better, and I hope to hear more good news and developments.
  6. khaenn35


    Oh boy, here we go. I agree with the non-camping sentiment, and I can see what you mean by blasting through the tech trees. I, however, mean the grinds for the special events - free ships or containers and the like. WG has pushed itself to the edge of the economy pole and is forced to make such special events essentially a full time job, where one has to decide to invest a significant amount of time into the event... or just forget about it, if your goal is the free ship. For many of us that simply isn't time we have to spare, and while we could be playing for the tech tree grind... eh. It's not exclusive, those can wait, and the powercreep in my opinion demoralizes me from grinding only to have ships like the Wooster, Harugumo or Conqueror (when they first came out) make the endgame utterly painful through annoyance. Agree with some parts of this: the economy as I see it is [edited]. Wargaming have strived to force out dollar after dollar from their shrinking playerbase (not their fault), to keep the incomes of the company stable. This also means forcing out more playtime to make people cough up, and just raising prices in general. When I took a class on gaming addiction one of the better things I learnt from it was what made a game enticing. I'll break what I personally enjoy down, and why I feel its derided over the years. Short term achievement: Winning and having a nice battle has felt to me not as worth with HE spam and being punished for making helpful plays dragging down my experience. While I've lost a lot of the edge I had when I played regularly, it has never held the same amount of fun as when I was completely clueless and didn't know what Situational Awareness was. Medium term achievement: Getting a good grind of the special monthly events is my main issue with the grinds, to verify. That has been utterly gutted by WG increasing the difficulty on them time and time again. Ranked still requires the dedication, and my experience per game in that feels very lackluster, what with the increased stress. Long term achievement: Finishing a line has actually continued to go okay. I don't have any problems with that whatsoever. These are the things I do enjoy, as I enjoy the socialability of a game, miss the times when I could screw about with someone random (I have very happy memories of that). You seem to assume tons of things about my life and seem to think that I'm just a [edited] complainer who hates the devs and what they've done: I have the fullest respect for @Sub_Octavian, and I do remember his efforts in Reddit and replying in the forums honestly and responding to feedback. As I've said: "The devs cannot be blamed - the playerbase cannot be relied on, and the breathing of corporate still continues down their backs." It still doesn't take away from the fact that decisions, whether in their control or not, have not been great over the past few months. I played two years and enjoyed many of the changes. I'm allowed to enjoy some changes and dislike others. I like that they've listened to players suggestions about their ships (remember West Virginia '41 vs 43'?) and I like that they've listened to changes. I'm a young man and I like seeing the world change, but as you know, many of the changes haven't been excellent. When you see a cart roll down from a large hill, people complain not because it's no longer on the summit, it's because it's in the hedge of Mrs Summer's home with the shovel in Summer jr's head. -I've spent most of those posts making friends over 3 years on this forum. Maybe go through the history of those posts instead of assuming. I've made quite a few posts before, I just spent more time socialising in the past. -I don't lambaste the players more than I say that the vocal minority on Social Media (of which I am/was one of them) cannot be trusted. Remember the fuss kicked up about RPF? I remember. The Devs are stuck in a hard place because, as much as they want to keep them happy, the people on the forums are indeed just a vocal minority of their large audience. -I don't blame the corporate side fully - leaders breathe down the necks of their inferiors to get what is needed done. But many of the things that they could be forcing them to do (making grinds worse and needing more money, for example) seem to be detrimental to our experience and even their own profits. Remember those event grinds? The wish to increase player counts (through increasing playtime) has failed because they increased the grinds way beyond what players were willing to play. I don't claim to know everything behind those decisions, I only see it through what they seem to be doing such that it makes my own experience crappier. Also: I don't expect my boots to be licked by everyone wanting to crapon this game. In fact, some of the more encouraging, even disagreeing, replies makes me a little more motivated to give it another go. I wish.
  7. khaenn35


    So some of you might just remember me from what is almost a year ago. But that doesn't really matter, since I'm gonna make one of those billions of rants that seem to crop up every day on the forums. With my examinations picking up last year I ended up taking a break from WoWs - that has lasted for a few months. Since then beginning in July I've attempted to pick up the game again and again, and I've played a few battles whether alone or in a division. Yet I still can't find the love I had for this game from long ago. As you can see I've more than 10,000 posts, more than a few of which were genuinely to contribute to the game. I've played quite a significant number of battles, and this game has formed the basis of much of what I am today. I very much love this game, and even while I kept away from playing it have followed parts of the game as much as I can. The Forums and Reddit used to have positive posts, responses to aspects of the game or developer responses received warmly and given much praise for their honesty and work. Wargaming, for what it's worth, has yet to draw an ire equal to that of EA, but that's nothing to gloat about. Today when I look at r/WorldofWarships I rarely if ever see a tinge of positivity in any post for the development of the game. The already horrid grinds have gotten worse. The powercreep has continued to weigh on the game, and toxicity doesn't seem to have improved. Coming back to the game I find myself helpless in the face of such changes - camping still remains profitable, the game has become worse in terms of lag, and I have little motivation to play the game. The devs cannot be blamed - the playerbase cannot be relied on, and the breathing of corporate still continues down their backs. But is it too much to ask to see something good come from its development instead of complaints and profit-driven decisions? This rant won't do much, not the ramblings of some F2P noob who can no longer play more than a game a week. But I do wish to enjoy this game again as much as I did before. So please, let me hear good things coming of the game again.
  8. We appreciate that you guys help to sustain the game through purchases. But you wont exactly have any potatoes to batter without us to bring up the numbers, nor the encouragement to encourage advertisement without us. Like it or not, WOWS is made for a niche "old-fashioned" audience. Unlike games like CS:GO or COD the game wont survive in terms of player numbers without F2Ps to bring it up. Many of us eventually have the resources through age or finance to afford purchases - if we arent scared off by the bell curve. Others like myself have been gifted ships because of our dedication to the game, simulating it in our own way. We are grateful for your keepjng the game up, but whether you like it or not, we are still a very important part of the game. THIS.
  9. Some prespecification: -Musashi is an OP premium: her losses in secondary power and AA and slight accuracy debuff do not in any way make up for the sheer power of still-very accurate 460mm guns. This mattered especially so in the last T9 ranked battles: I could predict a match with 90% accuracy based on the number of Kitakazes and Musashis there were in a team. Nevertheless, you miss the point. You have picked merely the premiums that are mostly balanced (even a little bad ), while there are many OP premiums (T-61, GZ, Nikolai, former Kutuzov, Belfast, etc) that you havent mentioned merely because they are not in the shop currently as premiums. The OP's point is that as with the current trend these OP premiums are being locked behind a pay- or timewall in which to encourage 1. Increased buying of lootboxes 2. Paying more for OP ships and 3. Buying quickly in case they leave the shop. WOT has fallen into this with the selling of the TD which name I have forgotten even while promisibg never to sell it again. Again: for us F2Ps this foesnt really matter, we have to suck it up because of our circumstances no matter what. But for you payers (possibly at this point P2Ws), you will be forced to pay exhorbitant amounts to get these stat-inflated ships. And if you are okay with payim for an advantage in terms of getting hold of OP ships a.k.a being a P2W, well...
  10. As an F2P, while its understandable why people are [edited] about us, complaining about here is, well, stupid. As an F2P I am the dedicated player who spends tons of time having to grind and contribute to the already declining player numbers, and we are the ones actually letting credits and doubloons have any appreciable value. I've spent $1 on the game, but my relationships have encouraged others to spend on my behalf (for some inexplicable reason) But that doesnt matter: Warships was made as a game that, while having In Game Purchases and heavy grinding, wasn't to be Pay2Win. If people are willing to accept OP ships as being under a paywall (or OP ships at all), especially a paywall that is chance-based (cough, Gambling), the incentive to grind for ships that will merely be XP-pinatas are gone. The OP was mainly concerned about OP ships being locked behind a seasonal paywall that would encourage unethical semi-extortion from overpriced bundles or Lootbox chances, but Mr "OP's post is feces" and his "OP ships simulate the economy which is why we should pay for them" basically brought it to an even worse conclusion. Consider this: as F2Ps, none of us can really care much for paying the large sums for OP ships since we are financially incapable of doing so, and will be forced to stay with our peashooting F2P ships whether we want to or not. For you, however, it is actually of value when you may have to pay $30 more for a certain ship because of its inflated stats.
  11. khaenn35

    The Skull Throne

    Is this going to be the Skull collection thread from now on? Mister Racker~ @SireneRacker
  12. khaenn35

    One Way to Describe Carrier Play Now - Awful

    The CV gameplay has a lot of refining needed for tons of problems, but singular squadrons aren't of them. The only thing that can be said is "git gud".
  13. khaenn35

    Jean Bart...best BB for Ranked?

    You are absolutely correct: that's Mushi's infamous blushing cheek, which you slap harder than Chris Brown. The problem is that hitting it can be inconsistent, and not too many know of that spot. Bow on, you are essentially invincible, since that spot is already angled.
  14. khaenn35

    Jean Bart...best BB for Ranked?

    As someone who has used the Mushi and other ships, the Mushi is disgustingly effective, probably more so than Jean Bart. The 18.1 inch rifles and stupid armor do a lot.