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  1. *Purrs and kisses back* nyaaa~
  2. Murrrrr~ nii! *Looks up at* :3
  3. Goddammit, clickbait! Oh well. Happy birthday!
  4. Aww, what a chubby little F-35B you guys got, America! I'm sure one day, if you work out and your budget... I mean diet, works out, you could get in the air without a running start like the Harrier. ^_^ Then you can play with the big boys... >:3 (I couldn't resist x3)
  5. *Snuggle both* Nya! >W< ni ni nini~!
  6. Uwaahhh~ ^.^ *kiss the hand*
  7. *pop up between the two* Nya?
  8. ... Cheese... Omelette?
  9. Don't you dare corrupt sis... *Slap*
  10. Oi! *Slap* no bulli sis!
  11. *lob a baked potato at face* ... ... ... *Load potato gun and fire at face*
  12. *sits on* Nya?
  13. School photographer, vice-chair of my Photography club. My photos aren't that good and my rig is a Canon 700D with 18-55mm lens, a starter rig. (Which after discounts is actually still more expensive than my current gaming rig)
  14. I am not amused
  15. To be fair, at least he used "You're" instead of "Your". He was trolling but he did it with actual style.