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  1. Last year I got Missouri, this year I got Benham. I did not spend much money directly on them (~10 mid grade crates?) however I did spend around 4k? gold as well (not including the gold I got in the boxes which all went to more boxes) in addition to all of the free boxes that I got from Tier 10 snow flakes / etc. Last year I did about the same amount spent on boxes. I was the lucky exception though an I make sure to only spend money them that I am ok with returning nothing but flags / camo.
  2. Agreed, it will be closer to a week off for many people even if they grind which makes the math even worse.
  3. DocVulcan

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas!
  4. DocVulcan

    server blow up????

    Even on the front page it says the Server is down. Oh well, such is life.
  5. DocVulcan

    Why is Ocean map still in the game?

    I like ocean and it is the most historically accurate map to play on which I do appreciate (some of us like the historical settings and most WW2 Naval combat was at sea not 20 feet off an island).