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  1. What if Z-46 and Z-52...

    I do miss the 150's on the Z-23. I tried them and liked them and being able to get respectable cit numbers on cruisers that have closed with you with the ap was nice. That said while they would less reliably cit cruisers in T-10 matches they would still be effective vs other DD's and the light cruisers at shorter ranges. The increased fire chance was the big boon though and played well to the German DD's hit and run play style allowing you to reliably burn your target before going for the torpedo strike or visa versa. Dotting as you may. Fire damage can wrack up if you survive a match and stay proactive helping to increase your score and pad your earnings. I would trade the rapid fire guns for the utility of the 150's even if just to try them in the T10 meta and see if they still held their charm.
  2. If this is supposed to be funny then I tip my hat to the op if this is serious #facePalm indeed.
  3. And pushing into a cap bow on and tanking "potential damage" is still tanking. I never said anything about going broadside into a cap or yoloing. Look at Missouri, a BB built to bow tank equipped with radar. You think that the MO isn't built to push? If your pushing in a BB odds are your tanking. Hell i often push aggressively in my Hindenburg and I've tanked over 2 million potential damage in a match with it. I didn't go broadside or feed or throw or such non sense but rather pushed and exerted influence with my presence. I (and I believe the op) are not suggesting that BBs throw themselves onto the enemies swords but rather to spearhead pushes when appropriate rather then always taking a more passive role you see so many BB's take all to often.
  4. Exactly dude. I cruiser main but I BB a fair amount as well and I totally get their role. I think one of the causes of BB's being shy is experience. I don't mean a lack of it either but rather bad experiences with teams failing to support thier BB's. You have a BB who sees a good chance to spearhead a push so he nuts up and does the dirty work of taking agro and soaking damage to push a cap just to see all his would be support turn tail and run or choose to hide and leave him/her with their [edited] swinging in the breeze as they have just become an unwitting xp pinata. I've been there and I can see how many players could learn that you don't push in a BB do to a pattern of this lack of support. Players need to understand that it's better to die going for the win then it is to live as you sit back and watch the team lose. If your BB has the stones to push then man up and support them.
  5. I have also been experiencing this issue in my Leander. Sometimes I get one, some times I get two. I've been trying to work around it by stopping to use it and settling for being in one tiny puff of smoke, which is dangerous in itself but it also makes blind firing into your smoke a bit easier for the enemy as the possible area your in has been halved. This does need to be addressed and working as intended is a load of crap.