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  1. Kuramitsu

    Black Friday Ship Predictions!

    Gonna say they will do Agir and pommern Black.
  2. Its because its a German ship and WG doesn't like German ships to be good, let alone viable.
  3. When I saw this, this morning my brain was like "Hey it's April 1st hahaha"..........oh God no wait it's not.
  4. Kuramitsu


    Welcome to the forums, if you need help with anything or need to understand something just ask.
  5. Kuramitsu

    Premium battleship indications

    This is very true. The wise cat of the forums has spoken.
  6. Kuramitsu

    So is Azur Lane

    Not gonna lie, I gave the anime a shot and I prefer the dub for the sol purpose of this "accent," which made me laugh uncontrollably. Its like they told the actress to come up with their best German bad guy voice.
  7. Kuramitsu

    Premium battleship indications

    Here is the link to @LittleWhiteMouse premium Battleship reviews I recommend you look at these as they are very informative.
  8. Kuramitsu

    Premium Ship Review - AL Littorio

    I was quite sadden by the fact they made her a Clone ship instead of being unique. (Don't worry I didn't and don't have plans to buy her now.)
  9. Kuramitsu

    What Could Be Next After Subs?

    Either repair ships or tug boats
  10. Kuramitsu


    yes she was Edit: sorry for the double post.
  11. Kuramitsu


  12. nvm got it to work thanks
  13. Kuramitsu

    Reminder: GZ Dive Bombers

    I honestly don't even know why they were nerfed in the first place.
  14. Kuramitsu

    German CV First Impressions

    @NoZoupForYou hey great review, I have a question in regards to their secondaries. I noticed you didn't talk about them at all in your review, was there a particular reason as why? Also congrats on the little ones, I'm also a first time dad so I greatly understand what your currently dealing with.