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  1. Kuramitsu

    Kidd or Cossack?

    Kidd hands down.
  2. What is it? I see this was posted 3hrs ago and I'm stuck at work.
  3. Kuramitsu

    Good Birthday

    Thanks all
  4. Kuramitsu

    Good Birthday

    Thank you, I mainly wanted to post this about the coupon and how you actually use it. Saw some players having issues with it.
  5. Kuramitsu

    Good Birthday

    Today is my B-Day and I got to use my coupon to get some nice goodies. I bought Agir and use my 100% dubloons to get 19300 back the use my dubloons coupon I've been saving ingame to get Z-44 at a discount which left me with enough to get 3 black Friday containers which had 100,000 captains xp, 14days of premium, 21 black camo. FYI be sure to check your email that is connected to your account for the birthday notice (mine was in the junk mail) then login to the game so it will activate the coupon (plus it gives you 2 SCs and premium time). This way you don't accidentally buy something without the coupon active yet. Once that's all done you can go to your coupon section and click on it and it will show you what you can buy that will refund you the 100% gold back. Be mindful that it only works on one item.
  6. Open mine up got 21 camo
  7. Kuramitsu

    What CV need to be banned?

    All the German CVs need a buff
  8. Kuramitsu

    Happy Birthday USMC

    It's Crayon flavor!
  9. Kuramitsu

    Unlocking Schlieffen

  10. Kuramitsu

    Dido confirmed on WG KOTS stream.

    You and me both....
  11. Kuramitsu


    mathematics of navigation
  12. Kuramitsu


    𝑦=βˆ’21 13 1 Distribute βˆ’5𝑦+3=2(4𝑦+12) -5y+3={\color{#c92786}{2(4y+12)}}βˆ’5y+3=2(4y+12) βˆ’5𝑦+3=8𝑦+24 -5y+3={\color{#c92786}{8y+24}}βˆ’5y+3=8y+24 2 Subtract 3 33 from both sides of the equation βˆ’5𝑦+3=8𝑦+24 -5y+3=8y+24βˆ’5y+3=8y+24 βˆ’5𝑦+3βˆ’3=8𝑦+24βˆ’3 -5y+3{\color{#c92786}{-3}}=8y+24{\color{#c92786}{-3}}βˆ’5y+3βˆ’3=8y+24βˆ’3 3 Simplify Subtract the numbers Subtract the numbers βˆ’5𝑦=8𝑦+21 -5y=8y+21βˆ’5y=8y+21 4 Subtract 8𝑦 8y8y from both sides of the equation βˆ’5𝑦=8𝑦+21 -5y=8y+21βˆ’5y=8y+21 βˆ’5π‘¦βˆ’8𝑦=8𝑦+21βˆ’8𝑦 -5y{\color{#c92786}{-8y}}=8y+21{\color{#c92786}{-8y}}βˆ’5yβˆ’8y=8y+21βˆ’8y 5 Simplify Combine like terms Combine like terms βˆ’13𝑦=21 -13y=21βˆ’13y=21 6 Divide both sides of the equation by the same term βˆ’13𝑦=21 -13y=21βˆ’13y=21 βˆ’13π‘¦βˆ’13=21βˆ’13 \frac{-13y}{{\color{#c92786}{-13}}}=\frac{21}{{\color{#c92786}{-13}}}βˆ’13βˆ’13y=βˆ’1321 7 Simplify Cancel terms that are in both the numerator and denominator Divide the numbers 𝑦=βˆ’2113 y=-\frac{21}{13}y=βˆ’1321 Show less Solution 𝑦=βˆ’2113
  13. If it's not German then it's not worth it.