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  1. "Perpetually spotted by something that is impossible to spot or actually defend against. " This is exactly the complaint that used to be directed at low visibility Destroyers like Shimikaze by the Battleship players. So what did WG do, they added Radio Location Skill so DD Hunters could find them. So what Commander Skill will they add to help hunt Submarines ??
  2. BigJohnsonLogan

    Ranked Strategy

  3. BigJohnsonLogan

    Wargaming DOESN'T care about the community

    I agree that homing torpedoes are way too powerful especially at Tier X where some invisible knat can shoot 6+ torpedoes that lemming train right into my cruiser at 12km away. This is every bit as bad as the CV that can also DevStrike my same Cruiser with Dive Bombers while hiding on the other side of the map. And the CV rework also brought in the never existed "rocket planes" which are most effective against Destroyers. Why play Destroyers, Cruisers or even Battleships when you can "long range snipe" players from across the map with no possible counter-play or damage threat ? CV and Sub classes are both examples of poor game design from a company who can't recognize glaring mistakes in game balance. Because being "sniped" is fun and engaging game play that makes me want to uninstall.
  4. Point blank nose on shotgun spread hits 3 of 4 torpedoes, complete trash mechanics with Submarines. WG fails game balance again. As another player explains here, there is no Counter-Play to these Submarines.
  5. BigJohnsonLogan

    Tier X Ships: The Final Week

    Former tech tree Tier X ships for cash or doubloons, I am speechless ...
  6. BigJohnsonLogan

    Hayate and Marceau Week in the Armory

    These ships are worth their value in Coal, but not real money or doubloons. Selling Tier X ships for cash is just wrong anyway, like unethically wrong, but who are we talking about being ethical here ...
  7. BigJohnsonLogan

    Hayate and Marceau Week in the Armory

    There are many promises this company has made over the years, they have broken them all, it's in their nature ....
  8. BigJohnsonLogan

    Talkin' Khabarovsk

    Khabarovsk IS good again.
  9. BigJohnsonLogan

    Khabarovsk Worse than Tashkent for some reason!

    Khabarovsk worse than Tashkent ? NO, but you need to play long range DD gunboat. Delny is worse than Tashkent ! Delny DPM is trash, even Groz has more DPM. Consider it's the same Captain switched between Delny and Khabarovsk.
  10. BigJohnsonLogan

    Pan asian CLs reload at T6-T7 is really high

    Remember when I told you in the other thread this line of Cruisers was mediocre at best ... ? And they don't even get Hydro at high tiers like all the others Cruiser lines ... pure trash line ... I completely agree ...
  11. BigJohnsonLogan


    Thank you for saving me ... $57.75 ...
  12. BigJohnsonLogan

    Pan-Asian CLs: looks like a great & fun line

    Without Minsk giving this weak line of Torpedo Cruiser a Smoke Generator, they were easily 1 shot BB fodder. Deepwater torpedoes are worse for a Light Cruiser which will be expected to deal with Destroyers. Reload Booster just means more torpedo spam, now from a Cruiser. The Huang He is typical of the line, mediocre at best. But if you want to drop 20k doubloons for a Tier X earlier access Flint, go right ahead.
  13. BigJohnsonLogan

    Pan-Asian CLs: looks like a great & fun line

    They are really just more of this ... they added the smoke generator because it was too easy to 1 shot before...
  14. BigJohnsonLogan

    Can't Cruiser to Save My Life

    How to Cruiser basics If your Cruiser has Battleship like Armor, like this one, you play like this If you Cruiser has smoke, like this one, it's Easy Mode Cruiser Remember, there is a rock, paper scissors philosophy in Wows: Battleships > Cruisers > Destroyers > Carriers > Battleships Of course, Minsk keeps breaking the balance between these classes, with each new "update", but it's how they make the rubles ... and remember, this game was made by Minsk for Minsk, there is no bias ...