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  1. BigJohnsonLogan

    Better players in Ranked? Well, NO!

    And when every other match is a Save a Star, I want to hang myself cause I am completely wasting my time trying to progress. There is too much trash in the Rank 12 Irrevokable and under bracket that get sunk 3 minutes into the match and leave me in a 3,4 or 5 versus 1.
  2. BigJohnsonLogan

    Better players in Ranked? Well, NO!

    But a fundamental problem with Ranked Battles is you don't get same quality team mates until like Rank 5, so between Rank 10 and Rank 5, I canot carry this many POTATOS.
  3. BigJohnsonLogan

    Better players in Ranked? Well, NO!

    Dude, around Rank 10 there is a skill wall between the good players and the not so good players. That wall looks like this :
  4. BigJohnsonLogan

    How to Siroco?

    Siroco is a hybrid Destroyer that trades the Smoke Generator for a Main Battery Reload Booster. It's just slightly under the stats of a Gremy, so in skilled DD Main hands, it's a beast. For a Novice, you will get crushed by not stealth torpedoing and not knowing when to stop shooting the guns. https://na.wows-numbers.com/ships/compare/?id[0]=3766368080&id[1]=4293801424&id[2]=3765319664&id[3]=3765319120&id[4]=4268635856
  5. BigJohnsonLogan

    Flint - If only I knew then what I do now

    Do this ... Get this ..
  6. BigJohnsonLogan

    Premium Ship Review: Flint

    For those still wondering if this ship is good in the current CV meta ... I used Admiral Halsey as my Commander. Melts faces at 11.1 km :)
  7. The current CV rework is even worse than the previous RTS version of CV in every way. More permanent spotting of ships than ever before (DD especially), more damage farming done without risk to own ship than ever before, more endless waves of planes harassing one ship until it is dead than ever before AND ROCKET PLANES !!! Then we get some WG Game Producer on a live stream saying everything is fine, Win Rate of CV is fine, no adjustments needed. OMG THICK AS A BRICK WALL !!!
  8. BigJohnsonLogan

    Can I refund the Azuma?

    Bad DPM from Main Battery - 20 second reload with weak AP, worse than Kron and Alaska Bad Fire Chance on HE - 27% with 20 second reload is BAD, worse than Alaska, same as Kron Bad 25mm Armor Everywhere - Can be penetrated by Tier 7 DD guns with HE then a 60 second fire, worse than Kron and Alaska Bad Citadel Size - Too long, too far above waterline, much worse than Kron and Alaska Bad Turning Radius - worse than some BB, worse than Kron and Alaska Bad AA Defense - No Fighter Plane either, same as Kron, worse than Alaska Bad Concealment - worse than some BB, but better than Kron and Alaska This Tier 9 Super Cruiser is very inferior to Kronshtadt and Alaska !
  9. BigJohnsonLogan

    Did Azuma ever get Buffed prior release?

    Save your Free XP and definitely do NOT spend real money for this paper ship with paper armor. This ship will eat citadels from any angle at any range from Battleships of Tier 7 and higher. (yes even Tier 7 BB can get it's citadel) Not kidding at all, this is the worst of the Tier 9 Super cruisers by far... Mehbote is being generous ...
  10. BigJohnsonLogan

    Not Seeing That Many Azumas

    After only a few matches, I am seriously disappointed in this ship. While the gun accuracy and damage done can be comparable to the other Tier 9 Super Cruisers, her armor is paper and she takes citadels from any angle. She is considerably lower quality than Kronshtadt or Alaska because of the paper armor, no radar, no fighter. Definitely NOT worth $79.99 or 1 million Free XP in my opinion. If I wasn't a collector who had 1 million Free XP to spend on a Super Cruiser, I would have never spent that much real money on a ship so weakly armored and equipped. Little White Mouse was generous calling this a Mehbote, I think it's borderline garbage...
  11. BigJohnsonLogan

    I thought CV's were nerfed against DD's?

    You thought wrong, CV > DD since 0.8.0 The Angel of Death
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  13. BigJohnsonLogan

    Where's the USS ALASKA

  14. BigJohnsonLogan


    They pretty much killed any excitement that could be left for this ship. Big, slow, flammable, CV bomb bait and only 1 million Free XP. Bah, forget it. ...