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  1. Innokenty

    DD's going the way of the CV's

    "From your perspective. I think the game was not balanced, DD's had an advantage. I think WG fixed the imbalance with radar. I'm sure DD's are less effective now, and I understand you don't like it, but it really it is a much more fair game now. Anything to end blind fire as a counter to smoke is a huge improvement, Good Job WG." I can change my play style and AVOID RADAR for sure...but there still remains the fact that perhaps upwards of 60% matches are DOMINATION mode where SOMEONE has to cap...since BBs and CVs are reluctant to do it, that means THEY EXPECT the DD to do it...but I wont anymore because I can HE spam anything from a distance and hunt freely in open seas...so getting DAMAGE is not a problem with RADAR...ITS WINNING THE MATCH. NO CAP NO WIN. SO DDs just wont cap anymore...you BIG BOYS are going to have to go do it. And while most people think DDs always had the advantage, remember we DONT CARRY THE HIT POINTS you guys do....so if we attempt to play DOMINATION MODE properly using our STEALTH, WE DIE.
  2. Innokenty

    Possible Solution to Radar

    You actually think telling a BB to cap will make them do it? LOL That's ridiculous... I don't see BBs in caps until the last 5-7 minutes of a match and only once all DDs are dead from TOO MUCH RADAR. BB player prefer to play at a very far distance. Often behind rocks, and rarely up close and personal. If a DD wont go into a cap they complain...and the game is LOSS because no one will cap.
  3. Innokenty

    DD's going the way of the CV's

    Here are some facts: Since the RADAR changes I average being "radared" about 6 times per match. It ranges from about 5 to 8 times per match. In previous versions of the game it was maybe 2 or 3 at most. Now that radar can find me no matter where I am, behind a rock, in open seas, in a cap zone, or in smoke, I AM ALWAYS FOUND AND ALWAYS A TARGET. DD play is MUCH WORSE NOW -- Its not "balanced" at ALL. AT ALL. Its pretty damn worthless to play DD in matches where NO ONE will cap a ZONE in their CV or BB, and they DEMAND that the DDs on their team go out in front and do THAT FOR THEM, basically being the MEAT SHIELD they need to spot and shoot the enemy while the DD dies quickly because of RADAR hitting it at least once, or twice in the first 4 min of a match, and then at least 2 or 3 times MORE in the rest of the game. WARGAMING HAS MADE A GIGANTIC MISTAKE. IMO = WG needs to do one OR MORE of the following to fix this problem, because if they don't the old adage that DDs are the key to a victory IS BOGUS [edited]. -- Extend cool down time of RADAR -- Reduce duration of RADAR -- Reduce the range of RADAR -- Increase hit points / HP of DDs so they can survive longer EVERY FREAKIN MATCH HAS HALF THE OPPOSING TEAM WITH RADAR....THATS WAY TOO MUCH....5 OR 6 SHIPS PER MATCH..NOT WORTH PLAYING DD.