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  1. foodprinter

    Entered wrong email into my account

    Wild foodprinter appears. CS can fix that. @Ponkaroni Send a ticket over. Let me know if you have any issues.
  2. foodprinter

    Server issue Ping

    There are no mass connection issues reports at this time so if you having issues - PLEASE SEND A TICKET TO SUPPORT!
  3. foodprinter

    Choppy Game

    I'd recommend sending a ticket over to CS.
  4. foodprinter

    Server issue Ping

    The issue appeared to be on Telia's side. But mostly affected Comcast users. Our network engineers found a way to reroute traffic to avoid the hop where the issue appeared and it was solved after that.
  5. As far as I know should be fixed with 0.9.7
  6. foodprinter

    Rudder Shift Indicator Issue

    Please submit a ticket to CS
  7. try to reach out to CS. They have better visibility and can help you
  8. Try submitting a ticket to CS. Only they can help
  9. foodprinter

    Chat Ban Abuse

    While getting chat banned is a negative experience, please make sure that you're behaving in the chat. Chat rules are part of the game rules so if you decide to violate chat rules you should be prepared to have your account sanctioned.
  10. foodprinter

    Incorrect xp

    Which game mode are you playing? Sounds like Co-op to me
  11. foodprinter

    Server issue Ping

    There's an issue on the Comcast side going on right now. We're looking into it but all signs are pointing out to the outage on Comcast side
  12. What kind of error were you getting at the time of having this iissue?
  13. foodprinter

    Hey Wee Gee - your latest patch SUCKS

    Possibly desync issues if that was a mass issue. However, that's the first time I hear about anything like that and we'd definitely were spammed with tons of thread like that if that was a case. However, what is described sounds like a typical connection issue or lag spikes. Since it's a single report i would assume that @capncrunch21experienced that issue. Unless there were some major issue with one of the major ISP but then again we'd know by now
  14. foodprinter

    Weapons Mount Vulnerability Bugged

    Can we get any replays to investigate?
  15. foodprinter

    WoW Uploader Failed

    Where do you try to upload it to?