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  1. Bad_Sniper_

    Matchmaking: The Basics Making Teams

    I think this kind of matchmaking sucks!!! Why can't do the matchmaking in even numbers like the 1 & 2 together, the 3 & 4 together ,the 5 & 6 together and so on and so on Wargaming has enough members to do it that away now . This is the only way I know that it would be fair in game play . I don't think a Tier 8 ship should have to play against Tier 10 ship and the same with the other Tiers like the 5 v 7 and the 6 v 9 . Put the tier 9 and tier 10s together already . This Game has been going on for almost 5 yrs now get with the program !!!!!
  2. Bad_Sniper_

    Situation Report Saturday - Fighting off Piracy

    ok I need the to find out about the pirate campaign what date's, time's , and what ter they are running in .
  3. Bad_Sniper_

    Fearsome Friday - Piracy on the High Seas

    How do we know if we got chosen to become a pirate ?
  4. DDCO is now Recruiting 

    Hey there I'm the Commander Of the DDCO Just to let you know that we have 5 slots left open at the momnet .
    However you do need to have over 1,000 Random battles.And Teamspeak 3 is mandatory have to join .
    Now if you do or don't have it fell free to message me .
    But yes you do need Teamspeak 3 to join our clan and come into TS three times a week minial .
    Also to keep track on all Applications that been submited to us .