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  1. In Ranked Battle I lost the battle but, I still gained a star and ranked up, Not sure if i can replicate it I thought it was just a UI mistake so i restarted game and but still says i gained a rank. (no picture because of restart) I was in my Nagato, on the map Warriors Path, south side spawn. edit: maybe I could been, i was 13 before, lost became 14 with 3 stars lost but did not lose stars so it put me to 13.
  2. maybe there was an enemy destroyer in the cap preventing cap points being built up?
  3. No one bother that you have to left click to move your planes around and not right click? Or I am being dumb? .-.
  4. Feels like it was a mistake for World of Warships being officially released from beta with its lack of content.
  5. how is it made

    Looks fun to make too
  6. The Unnecessary Nerf to IJN CV's.

    To be competitive in Wow's with carriers you basically need to play USN Carriers, IJN carriers can be competitive but you to have a USN carrier on your side with their fighters or against another IJN CV. It wouldn't be bad if you can division up with an american carrier so he can give cover to the IJN carriers while it does the dirty work.
  7. WarGaming likes to hype up update features that wont be active day of update

    I think they screwd up?
  9. I don't think its working as intended, or they didnt describe the mode correctly (or i am losing my mind). everyone was in the cap but there was no actual capping being done.
  10. If you can catch a side of a turret head you can destroy the the turret with AP
  11. No worries your team will get overconfident and all sink.