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  1. hardtodie


    Thanks 2 everyone for the input. Off to check the Dm
  2. hardtodie


    ''''Hay Dr you ever had a tier 9 or 10 cruiser? In the 1st place the tier 9 Wooster only has a survive rate of 45 and secondly the repair costs are extremely high. This holds true for most tier 9 & 10 cruiser in the game. BY THE WAY DR THERE IS NO NEED TO INSULT ME IMPLYING I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PLAY CRUISERS. The point I was making was that after the changes to the tech tree cruisers are seen less and less in the game.
  3. hardtodie


    Shocked is a understatement when playing cruisers in World of Warships! My game history is as follows: 1- 4 years of service to the game 2- over 11,000 games played 3- played all game modes except Clan battles 4- have tiers 1-10 except for cruisers of which I have NONE above tier 7. The reason for the low tier cruiser policy I adopted was brought on by the lack of game performance of cruisers tier 8 and above. I will use my tier 8 Cleveland as an example. My Cleveland was originally a tier 6 ship and then moved to tier 8. At tier 8 the ships build was done according to Wiki, the commander had 19 skill points and 200 games to it's credit. Shortly after it was moved to tier 8 the problem began. For the last 5 times I have played my Cleveland I have lost considerable amounts of coins (2000-20000). So I finally said enough is enough and sold it. My tier 9 cruisers suffered the same fate for the same reason. I therefor suggest that World of Warships rework the cruisers and restore them to there original glory they once held in the game. And remember why the game is still online!
  4. hardtodie

    Massachusettrs Speeds

    Do you think its ok for Warships to charge people real money and after they purchased change the characteristic of the ship? yes?no
  5. got to keep working to pay for my addiction 

    to Wow

    1. J30_Reinhardt


      I know how it goes. I'm playing a lot of Battletech these days to the detriment of my recently purchased yearlong warships premium time.

  6. Love the humor thanks. It is people who make life enjoyable




    1. J30_Reinhardt


      No worries. Just keep in mind that going pink is just a warning.

    2. hardtodie


      thanks for the reminder

  7. Appreciate the input my friend

    1. Admiral_Thrawn_1
    2. hardtodie


      thanks for the input

  8. so waiting for answer





    1. hardtodie


      All you have to do is read the history of the ship to realize the mass in WORLD of WARSHIPS 

      DOES NOT even come close to the real ship in terms of speed,reload times, and so on.


    2. Strachwitz666


      Apologies, I had to quit the game  for several months because of WoWs damnable weekly downloads eating all my rather small monthly  bandwidth allowance , but I got a better ISP hookup now


      will try to piece together what topic your reply is about as I simply don't recall 

    3. Strachwitz666


      OK, I think I understand this . Still not sure which ship .  Fiji? Not a big real historic stat man anymore , 40 years ago sure , now I just play(played) this game just for the FPS bit. As long as the ships have the right number of guns, etc, the rest is beyond me.

      Gonna take me a couple weeks to get back in the game,  if I do. I got credits and "doubloons" but this game I have walked away from before , for many reasons over the past few years.


      Regards, to you, Chris