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  1. ThreeLineRifle

    So what about your Karma?

    I rarely hand them out. Could be good basic gameplay things like smoking the team or a nice chat. Negative karma is earned through hiding behind islands, sitting on the boarder of the map and trying to "help", running into someone and telling them to move aside while they are in the right. I believe I was kicked from a clan because giving out karma because we are in the same clan and would not give karma making something worthless even more worthless.
  2. ThreeLineRifle

    "Earn 2 heroic achievements"... in COOP?

    Back in 2016 or 17 they ran a test on 8 vs 12 but it kinda sucked. Your team was hampered by a lack of players and a lack of BB's due to them doing testing on cruisers I think along with the map kinda penning you in on the left side of Estuary I think.
  3. ThreeLineRifle

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    Also Co-op all wins.
  4. ThreeLineRifle

    LWM Needs Help Crowd-Sourcing Missouri Data #2

    All Co-op wins. With all the DD's and subs it was hard being consistent.
  5. I have worked in an area where customers get mad and if they lose their cool they could easily run me over. Hell we had a woman slam her truck into a forklift she was so mad. You try to calm them down, try to correct the problem. However WG has been screwing up consistently. It would be one thing if they screwed up every few years. But this is like a fast food place near a highschool. Eventually you never go back because they keep screwing up. 2018 was the year I stopped buying anything from WG. I bought crates, ships, dubs and threw some of it to those I played with before that. But after their Lets Battle event screw up in 2017, wish I could forget that, and several things in 2018 I stopped buying their stuff. 2019 came with more screw ups which meant I stopped recommending the game to people who asked what games I play. The failures just keep coming and they won't stop. Again you bring up the customer service side of things. WG is not someone who is listening to you complain about this or that they are that person you see in movies completely ignoring you. They have had opportunities time and time again to fix the problem but they haven't. At this point I have no confidence or trust in WG. They give me no reason to trust anything they say anymore. Because of all these lies and screw ups I'm the last of my group who still plays and I hate it.
  6. ThreeLineRifle

    Different day same $#@&* (PVE Thread)

    The worst thing is how BORING PVP play is. If I want to be bored with warships I'll go watch a HoI 4 navel battle. It hasn't changed at all since the ARP event, the first one with the Kongo, years ago. Just more smoke, radar, planes and torps. You just sit bow on and hope you hit something. I wonder if this crate will even be worth the the boredom or if it will just give me a few flags.
  7. ThreeLineRifle

    Coop mode thought

    Actually they tested a mode for PVE in like 2016 or 17 where it was 8 vs 12. But the map was a poor choice, there was an event for cruisers and dds on the public test at that time so no one was in a bb which cause the weight to swing heavily to the AI side. You couldn't push out of the bowl you were trapped in due to the torps and the bb that would slap ya. Don't think I had a single win in that.
  8. ThreeLineRifle

    Different day same $#@&* (PVE Thread)

    The evidence I have is gone. As in removed from this forum. I checked his post history, Lert, myself and several others and the event that sticks in my mind is all but erased. There are a few posts left but not even the main sites news page goes back that far. The Dragon Flag event from 2016. But this is way off topic from the post.
  9. ThreeLineRifle

    Different day same $#@&* (PVE Thread)

    Asking for facts involving a company which keeps their numbers so close to their chest that their hands and chest are bleeding from the force of keeping those numbers hidden. From what I heard about the whole LWM not even WG knows who actually contributes what. Yes keep fighting with other players. Keep that target off WG and their tactics. If you want hard facts and numbers go talk to Jagex as they will openly share most of what people ask about.
  10. ThreeLineRifle

    Philosophy of Co-op

    You have made a deal with these floating toasters, I've seen you do it Co-op can be relaxed, puttering around in NM or Texas looking to join the battle some time in the next 20 minutes but the battle usually ends before then. Other times you are cackling manically from smoke in Minotaur as you rain hell upon those toasters. The next game you are singing while zigzagging between ships dumping torps into everything in sight or yelling at a team mate to get out of the cap so you can get that last Defend ribbon. Co-op is weird like that.
  11. ThreeLineRifle

    a change for coops

    As has been said there was a 8 vs 12 like.... 4 years ago on the PT. It had several issues due to the PT being cruiser focused so no one wanted to try any other class. Add on the fact that where it spawned the humans, what few you could get, made it hard to fight them but easy to get pinned down. Cruisers in a bowl hemmed in by ships spotting for BB's you cant see yet. I remember trying for a few days to get a win but could only get to the last 3-4 bots.
  12. ThreeLineRifle

    Pommern or Georgia

    Pommern is the better ship I feel. Georgia has big guns and silly amounts of speed but that is kinda it. Pommern is a more well rounded ship with good guns with, decent secondaries, copy/paste torps off Tirpitz and good enough AA. She dumps speed in a turn, the turret angles aren't great and torps can be destroyed by a fast firing cruiser if it decides it doesn't like you. My experience has been good with both but the Pom fits my highly aggressive play style much better than Georgia.
  13. ThreeLineRifle

    A change to Co-op I never saw announced

    It has always been there from what I recall. Easy way to check in the past was the St. Louis.
  14. ThreeLineRifle

    Mouse Needs Your Help! (Data Crowdsourcing)

    Diana Max speed:19.2 Max turn: 15.1 Turn 1: 1:04.92 Turn 2: 1:04.71 Turn 3: 1:04.83 Turn 4: 1:04.79 Turn 5: 1:04.83 Nassau Max speed: 20.1 Max turn: 15.1 Turn 1: 1:17.89 Turn 2: 1:18.08 Turn 3: 1:18.07 Turn 4: 1:18.02 Turn 5: 1:18.21 Turenne Max speed:20.5 Max turn: 15.3 Turn 1: 1:16.16 Turn 2: 1:16.06 Turn 3: 1:16.14 Turn 4: 1:16.34 Turn 5: 1:16.14 Katori (was a dare) Max speed: 18 Max turn: 14.6 Turn 1: 1:09.20 Turn 2: 1:09.01 Turn 3: 1:09.05 Turn 4: 1:09.89 Turn 5: 1:08.65 Imperator Nikolai I Max speed: 21.1 Max turn: 17.6 Turn 1: 1:25.61 Turn 2: 1:24.42 Turn 3: 1:25.76 Turn 4: 1:25.66 Turn 5: 1:25.46 Minekaze Max speed: 39.1 Max turn: 32.6 Turn 1: 40.31 Turn 2: 40.24 Turn 3: 40.27 Turn 4: 40.22 Turn 5: 40.27 Murmansk Max speed: 34.1 Max turn: 26.8 Turn 1: 52.52 Turn 2: 52.40 Turn 3: 52.25 Turn 4: 52.26 Turn 5: 52.27 Kongo Max speed: 30.1 Max turn: 22 Turn 1: 1:20.71 Turn 2: 1:20.43 Turn 3: 1:20.49 Turn 4: 1:20.60 Turn 5: 1:20.95
  15. ThreeLineRifle

    In what ship do you have the most Co-op battles?

    NC is to be replaced by Richelieu soon.