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  1. Potemkyn

    Update 0.7.7 Bug Report

    Not presented with a choice for either Sharks or Eagles. AND not getting any points towards it either.
  2. Hey there! Thanks for helping us out. Here is your ST account information:


    Password: 9bQ7pYjE5_

     If you already have the Special Test server installed, please uninstall then re-install as the server WILL NOT update. Test is currently live.

  3. Such long grinds...

  4. Wow! What did they do to the destroyer lines?

    1. Blondie_the_Good


      Bikini Atoll Nerf Test

    2. Potemkyn


      No kidding! Smoke is almost useless. 5 Torps into a Kawachi and she sails on like nothing happened...

  5. And so it begins...

  6. How's ships? ;) Its Flametz here btw, never noticed you played this game until a few hours ago.

  7. And now we start from scratch.

  8. And now, we will cruise up the Japanese CA line

  9. I want my Alpha Tester Stats back!

  10. The Nagato turns like a barge.

  11. Just bough the New Orleans AND the Ranger!

  12. Heavy Cruisers!!!!