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  1. I just tried the Go Verizon link. It takes me the the right page, but after I log into Verizon, I do not see any code - it's taking me to my account page. If I reload the Go Verizon page and click on Wireless - I get the following: {"errorName":"UNAUTHORIZED","errorCode":"401","errorMessage":"400","timestamp":"Dec 19, 2020 1:35:04 PM"} I have had a Verizon account for years - presently it is only Wireless. The Add claims: Get in-game World of Warships perks as a Verizon Fios or Wireless customer. Instructions state: At the top of this page, select Wireless or Fios.* Once you sign in to your Verizon account, you will land on a page with your Redemption Code and a button to “Redeem now.” I've tried it by being logged into Verizon Before and After clicking on the Go Verizon page. So, no code - and no page for a code to redeem. Poe
  2. Potemkyn

    Premium Ship Review #127 - Yoshino

    Good review - thanks for doing yet another one! Poe
  3. Potemkyn

    No Santa's Crates

  4. The New Year's "Button" does not work - I did not receive the two free gifts Steps taken: Did not see the gifts - after first going to the Premium Shop Played a few games, still did not see the Santa's Gifts. Exited the game and re=entered - NO CHANGE I went ahead and opened all my stored up crates, thinking that could be part of the problem (I had 23). - NO CHANGE Exited the game again and re entered - NO CHANGE When I click on the Santa Claus Containers on the Left of the Crates screen - I briefly see the pop up for the free gifts - but it is immediately covered up by the Purchase Pop Up I have not received the two free Santa's Gifts advertised: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/deals/santa-claus-postman/ Potemkyn
  5. Hey there! Thanks for helping us out. Here is your ST account information:


    Password: 9bQ7pYjE5_

     If you already have the Special Test server installed, please uninstall then re-install as the server WILL NOT update. Test is currently live.

  6. Such long grinds...

  7. Wow! What did they do to the destroyer lines?

    1. Blondie_the_Good


      Bikini Atoll Nerf Test

    2. Potemkyn


      No kidding! Smoke is almost useless. 5 Torps into a Kawachi and she sails on like nothing happened...

  8. And so it begins...

  9. How's ships? ;) Its Flametz here btw, never noticed you played this game until a few hours ago.

  10. Potemkyn

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    KMaus, the ship parts are missing! It's a cheap imitation, don't do it! O_o
  11. And now we start from scratch.

  12. And now, we will cruise up the Japanese CA line

  13. I want my Alpha Tester Stats back!

  14. The Nagato turns like a barge.

  15. Just bough the New Orleans AND the Ranger!