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  1. jrs5121

    Port is so S-L-O-W

    i can't get into the armory i have to go through the web site everything else is ok
  2. jrs5121

    Lighthouse Auction: Gremyashchy

    i remember this ship from way back you could buy it to get in the closed beta
  3. jrs5121

    Double Down on Your Daily Rewards

    every time i get a super container i get flags
  4. jrs5121

    Wargaming Anniversary: Combat Missions

    im not getting any of the daily rewards
  5. jrs5121

    Commander Skills Update

    thank you
  6. jrs5121

    Commander Skills Update

    i thought the reset was free it cost me 75 doubloons for 1 captain
  7. jrs5121

    Server still down?

    same issue
  8. jrs5121

    Teamkilled myself?

    but we do know of a certain alpha who did torp/sink himself
  9. spotting has always been in the game with cv we already had dogfighting smoke screen wont help a cv if a destroyer or anything else gets close
  10. hmm I like the concept the idea is well thought out it might have a chance but it is now up to wg
  11. jrs5121

    Request removal of CV's

    lol just when things get boring we get some comedy
  12. jrs5121

    World of Warplanes?

    ok back in the alpha days and for a long time after that we didn't have rockets we had fighters that you sent out after other fighters or kill other groups that the other cv sent or you used them to scout rockets are still kind of new