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  1. lert made this statement on the arp ships They are premium in that they can use any ARP captain without penalties, and come elite right from the get go. They are not premium in that they don't earn bonus credits or XP.
  2. I know I just had to throw that in
  3. wasn't the Graf spee a reward ship and sold as well yes I earned it I didn't buy it and it is a premium
  4. to funny and I live in the state
  5. it all depends on how you use it I have good games and bad games in it
  6. they are but they just don't get the credit or xp part of it
  7. you forgot the arp ships yes they are premium ships but you earned them and they had heavy cruisers
  8. well I'm not sure if it counts but the arp ships were free and they had ca/cl
  9. no the game treats it as a bb due to the fact she is the only tier 2 bb
  10. the most op you can buy that give good credits is the German Tirpitz but she is costly
  11. I see a captain with great promise what say you doomlock
  12. calm down