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  1. jrs5121

    Quitting because of Carriers

    constantly because every battle is different no two battles are the same
  2. jrs5121

    Quitting because of Carriers

    learn to adapt to every challenging situation think outside of the box
  3. the only disadvantage I see is you all you see is the disadvantage what I see is a challenge the need to push harder the need to think outside the box as long as you see the disadvantage you hold yourself back
  4. ssssshhhhhhhh don't tell our secrets
  5. jrs5121


    I got the same thing
  6. jrs5121

    WG: birthday wish

    happy birthday
  7. I liked how I had control over the torp drop but the repeat of wave after wave instead of all at once took getting used to but it was ok
  8. I enjoyed it yes it was different it took time to get the hang of it but once I got use to it it was ok I cant wait for the next test I never got a survey