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  1. So who else remembers this?

    oh and self-destruct was a real fun line to type in
  2. So who else remembers this?

    I still have a book with all of the ms dos command lines
  3. advertising tier 1 again I see
  4. if you recall we did not have a tier 9 ijn bb for a while
  5. she sails into the Bermuda Triangle anything is game from that point
  6. WOWS BETA screw up

    did you try to import the games
  7. lol I burnt a cv down with that ship but you are in a dd so you are number 1 target In the other teams eyes
  8. lert made this statement on the arp ships They are premium in that they can use any ARP captain without penalties, and come elite right from the get go. They are not premium in that they don't earn bonus credits or XP.
  9. I know I just had to throw that in
  10. wasn't the Graf spee a reward ship and sold as well yes I earned it I didn't buy it and it is a premium
  11. to funny and I live in the state
  12. it all depends on how you use it I have good games and bad games in it