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  1. Deputy276

    Update 0.9.2 – European Destroyers: Part 1

    Ever since the idiotic change to CVs, I have been playing this game less and less. Now, with these newest changes, I think it's time to remove WOWS from my hard drive. It's obvious the Russkies couldn't care less about player input. They are going to do what THEY think is right, and [Edited] the players.
  2. I agree with SOME of what the OP says. When WG dropped the carrier changes on the game, new players really suffered badly and still are. I swear someone from World of Warplanes was consulted, and aircraft tactical combat replaced CV strategic combat. Maybe that was done to make the game more exciting, but for players that wanted a more casual experience with CV/aircraft play, it was devastating. What we ended up with was a very few CV Main players who were experts, and all the rest, which basically sucked. This drove away a large number of CV players from the game. That, plus the elimination of CVs that people had busted their humps to get, really hurt CV play in a big way. However, I migrated back down to tier 4 and under for game play and it's pretty decent.
  3. Deputy276

    New Premium Account rules?

    Well quite honestly, I am content with getting WOT Premium time. This game went into the toilet when they screwed up ACs. Now they are continually screwing up everything they get their hands on. Only games you can play and enjoy now are tier 1 games.
  4. I recently bought a year's worth of Premium Account time on World Of Tanks. Normally, this time also applies to WOWS and WOWP. Evidently Wargaming no longer does this. Now, each Premium Account must be bought FOR EACH GAME. So I have 549 days of Prem Account for WOT. And 182 days for WOWS and WOWP. Anyone else hear about this? Sure stayed under the radar for me. They call my days in WOWS and WOWP a "Unified Account". Pretty funny, since I never spent a penny and don't even play WOWP.
  5. Deputy276

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    This is probably the best use of them. Spotters. And ramming is also viable, if you can get close enough. God knows the reason why they did the "rework". It seems to be popular with some folks in PvP. But it's a total mess and disaster for PvE. It seems like WG's priority now is producing more and more tier 9+ Prem ships and they'd rather just forgetabout CVs entirely. That's fine with me if they buy back the rest of the ones that are left.
  6. Deputy276

    The reasons why subs will succeed and fail.

    LOL...believe what you want. But it hardly seems likely WG would fudge those numbers.
  7. Deputy276


    None for me. And not likely to ever have one. Much more likely I will go back to World of Tanks very soon. Seems like WG is actively trying to screw this game up as much as they can. The "fun" thing has left a while ago. I don't like playing a game as "work". I retired to NOT WORK!
  8. Deputy276

    Co-op courtesy

    Didn't know about Brit heavy Cruisers coming. That MAY be a refreshing change from the Italian garbage we see so much of. I vaguely remember, and I think I went through the whole line of the AP-only Brit crappers before I got up to tier 5 and things finally started to change for the better. Hmmmm...just checked in my "expanded" tech tree, and it shows the Brit heavy cruisers branching off from the Emerald. So it is starting from tier 5. As to the whole "courtesy" thing....I'll pass on that. I just need XP and credits way too much to be that generous. And I NEVER impose on a fellow player that way. I'm still climbing some tech tree lines (Japanese DDs) and I need every little bit.
  9. Deputy276

    The reasons why subs will succeed and fail.

    LOL...your numbers are way off dood. As a matter of fact, PvE is so popular, WG even gives it it's own section on the forum. Last numbers from Wargaming, and this was a while ago, said that 40% of the people playing WOWS are PvE main players. That number was before WG was allowing some missions to be completed in PvE, as well as the "punishment" people that have been sent to PvE because of screwing up in PvP. So the numbers are no doubt higher.
  10. I've been a ramming victim by team mates multiple times lately. Seems they get so focused on shooting the bots they forget they are moving at full speed themselves. I agree with Taylor, though. Humans in the Italian CLs are really clueless about how to play them. This has resulted in multiple, avoidable losses.
  11. Deputy276

    Warnings for friendly fire

    The Sh.t in this case, is you turn pink. To which I think most players say "big deal" or "so what". Being pink used to be an embarrassment. Now, you see games where 1/2 the team is pink. People worry about being pink about as much as they worry about bad breath or karma. Since WG decided to "dump" all the crappy players from PvP into PvE as "punishment", the numbers of pink players has doubled.
  12. Deputy276

    9v9 Co-Op: Pros and Cons?

    Playing a CV in PvE is difficult at ANY time of the day. It's not like in PvP were some folks have become "CV mains" and are really profiting from it. In PvE, it's a much different world. Not like it used to be where you could take out a CV and actually SINK 2-3 ships in a battle. I've pretty much given up on CV play in PvE. And I don't ever play PvP, so CV play is out for me. I also never criticize a CV player in PvE because I know what they are going up against.
  13. Deputy276

    9v9 and Mercy Rule Solution

    Of course, there IS a simple solution to this "problem"....don't operate slow-as-molasses BBs that take a year just to get to the 1/2 way point on a map. Unfortunately, you have the stubborn who insist on running those tugboats and will constantly complain on the forum. Best to just ignore them. That's what WG does.
  14. Deputy276

    The reasons why subs will succeed and fail.

    Make sure you qualify that comment with "in PvP".
  15. Deputy276

    The reasons why subs will succeed and fail.

    You mean all 12 players that are actually able to play the new version of World of Warplanes CVs effectively? Please, don't make me . If anything, there has been a mass exodus away from CV play. Some players have even sold off all their CVs because of the disaster that is "new" CV play. And I would bet my last $.01 that WG has taken a major hit on CV sales. I would like to meet the Mr. Bungle that thought up new CV play.