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  1. Deputy276

    How WG "solves" problems

    I am also a PvE main. Just WHO exactly in PvE ASKED for the borking of the CVs? Sure wasn't me or anyone else in PvE that I know of. I was quite happy with the 2 options of play style available in PvE for CVs. Seems to me I remember a whole lot of PvP players pissing and moaning that PvE CV play wasn't training people enough for PvP play. PvP is the one that wanted to "unify" CVs so that there was NO option for type of play. YOU got what you asked for. It's PvE players that got boned the most.
  2. Deputy276

    Hoping that this isn't the new norm

    Not really true. It's not like "if you want to play subs, you can". Today I got nothing but coal in the lottery. NO subs. Not that I miss them. Even if I get them, I don't and WON'T play them. All I see being added by submarines in PvE is MORE torpedo spam. People don't even bother aiming any more. Torps have become "the shotgun of the high seas". People just point in the general direction of where they think a bot ship might appear and let loose. NOW we know why WG decided to drop "turning pink" for punishment. Whole teams would be pink at this rate. I wish they would BRING BACK turning pink for damaging friendlies. It made the game at least a LITTLE more skill oriented. Now, you have torpedo spam and people regularly shooting friendlies and not thinking anything of it. I came back to WOWS after thinking WOT had turned to crap. Now I am going back to WOT because WOWS has turned to crap. Well done. WG. Next you can bring in PT boats for even MORE torpedo spam. Might as well.
  3. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    I disagree....for me the main thing is maneuverability. I would rather be able to out-turn a sub. I can already outspeed it with DDs. Unfortunately, that will never happen, because WG randomly applies real world rules to her unreal real world games. So they are being realistic that subs can out-turn a DD, but that greatly handicaps DD game play for attacking subs. If you can out-turn a sub, you can stay within it's torpedo-arming distance and pretty much be invulnerable to torpedo attacks from the sub. Wonder if WG will introduce PT Boats to make them effective sub hunters?
  4. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    You SAID "You can show me as many games as you wish, it does not alter my thoughts on the matter - that ALL ship types should be capped, not just the DD" That would indicate that you think ALL ships are the same, equal, no difference, since you think they ALL should be capped. Say what you mean and mean what you say, please.
  5. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    So you consider ALL ships types are exactly the same? Because a universal cap on all ships would mean that.
  6. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    Agree 100%. Just had a game with that exact situation. Was NOT fun for anyone.
  7. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    Not universally true by any stretch. There are many larger DDs that turn like a garbage scow. Turning ability varies on each DD depending on it's size, maneuverability, and how it is outfitted. Even smaller DDs like the Monaghan have a hard time out-turning a sub.
  8. Deputy276

    I kinda like subs in Coop?

    I hope that's true!!!
  9. Deputy276

    Secondary's are back baby (PVE Thread)

    That's good news, Admiral! Yeah, I hear what your saying about DDs/Subs robbing kills. Gets pretty frustrating. Also the torp spam has gotten to the "outrageous" level. I can literally walk across the map on top of torps there are so many of them being fired. Most of them are long range "wishful thinking" torps, too. I sure wish WG would bring back friendly fire penalties for hitting a friendly with torps. They have dumbed-down the game to it's ultimate stupidity right now.
  10. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    Just did a "quickie" in PvE at tier 5 in my "Okie".
  11. Deputy276

    3 Subs, 2 DD's On A Team- This Is Going Well...

    You can blame WG for that situation. When they took away "turning pink", they immediately encouraged everyone to spam torps from long range in a "hope I hit something" strategy. Since you couldn't hurt friendlies, it became practical and "worth it" to spam torps from great distances. It's not just new folks, it's EVERYONE.
  12. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    I'm done. Believe whatever you want. The vast majority of those posting here agree with me. Those stats you can't manipulate.
  13. Deputy276

    I kinda like subs in Coop?

    I am assuming (always a dangerous thing to do) that WG brought out subs because they ran out of fantasy ships. Plus it's an attempt to appeal to new players...I guess. The REAL problem, as many have pointed out, is subs accompanying capital ships into battle never really happened. They were either lone hunters or hunted in "wolf packs" of subs. Add to that the fact that there are some REALLY good pure submarine games still available if you want a taste of REAL submarine combat. The Silent Hunter series, for example (SH3 is my favorite). Subs in WOWS is such an unrealistic stretch that it simply can't fit in. What's really weird is WG spent all this time trying to get it right, and they failed so miserably at it.
  14. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    <Sigh>...like I said...I am NOT that good a DD player and I am quickly sinking 2-3 ships per battle. Multiply that by 3 and you can see the frustration for other surface ships. DO THOSE stats sink in or not??
  15. Deputy276

    ENOUGH with 4DDs in PvE!!!

    Meh...stats can be manipulated to give whatever outcome you want. And I base my conclusions on personal observation from playing the game for a while. It's very rare for me to see a game where a DD doesn't sink at least 1 ship. And usually it's the numbers I posted above...2-3. DDs normally hand out quick deaths. Are your results inclusive of PvP? Because that would totally screw up any PvE conclusions.