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  1. Deputy276

    Iowa in PvE...hmmm

    Thanks for the info guys. I guess I will just have to get used to playing it like a tier 9-10 tank in WOT. Is there any special way I should be playing it, other than typical angling? Brawler? Medium or long range? I haven't been impressed very much with the long range accuracy it has. Heck, I make a fortune playing the Amagi against tier 9-10 ships. I actually look forward to playing against higher tiers in it. Weird!
  2. Deputy276

    Iowa in PvE...hmmm

    Thought this would be a fun ship to get for PvE. Not so sure now. Even with flags and Prem camo and Prem account, and 10 point Captain (Kapa), she struggles to earn a profit for me. I have the second hull, the engine and optics upgrade and all the recommended mod upgrades. I used to make good credits in tech tree tier 8 BBs. But the Iowa just isn't getting the job done for me. I have to play it like a tech tree Tier 9-10 WOT tank. Play one game in it and then play a Prem ship to get back the credits I lost.
  3. Pretty close. I wouldn't call it a "free for all". But PvE is more closely related to individual game goals and not "team play". Guys are playing to upgrade their ships, earn credits, unlock the next ship in the tier, and complete missions. When I see someone post in chat "I just need 2 more ribbons to complete my mission" I have to chuckle. Sorry, but nobody gives a fat [Edited] about your mission. You MAY have some guy that is just killing time and will cooperate with your goal. But certainly don't count on it. And quite honestly, that's the way I like it. I don't play for mission goals. They don't interest me in the least. But when I play a DD, one of the most hunted ships in PvE, I go full yolo with it. I pick a location I want to attack, head full speed at it, spot a bot DD, go hard left or right, then hit full reverse and smoke. If the DD sees me, I will probably have to torp him. If not, I will pound him with guns. When he sinks, I check what cruiser or BB is closest, hit the speed boost, and do a zig-zag until I decide on a side to attack from, and let loose with all my torps. When he sinks, I repeat the same thing for the next one. Using fast reload ships like the Minekaze or Kamikaze, I usually am able to sink 3 ships before getting killed. And I usually finish very close to top in damage and kills. That's one of the reasons why I don't like Randoms. WAY too much "team effort". I don't want to depend on anyone to help me complete whatever goal I have going. In Randoms, there is way too much focus on winning. And hiding behind an island to attack....not my style. Only time I become a "team player" in PvE is when I am playing with clan mates. As to Admiral's complaint...I went to WOT when WG screwed CVs. I recently came back, and immediately noticed a major change in game play in PvE. Most likely due to the missions that can be completed in PvE. But quite honestly, I am not happy with the way things are now. BBs camping the spawn line and playing bow forward. Cruisers going in circles while firing. DDs doing the "ambush" thing. None of that belongs in PvE. Naturally, I have no control over it. But it makes PvE play a lot more boring and a lot less fun. I used to wait until the battle was won and give advice to players that looked like they needed it. But no way I am going to sit through a battle while some guy diddles around trying to compete a mission. Much more fun to just leave and start another battle.
  4. Deputy276

    Interested as to why players stick exclusively to Coop

    Hi Jervis! Yep...exact same reasons for me. I tried PvP, but it was the same crap as WOT. So I stay in PvE and I am happy there. Humans are friendly. Bots are even more friendly. And I am quite happy with the rewards I earn.
  5. Deputy276

    CVs... Not even close.

    I have a different (personal) perspective. I was 100% happy with CVs before the patch. But I play only PvE. I never bothered to learn manual aim in CVs because i never felt the need to do so. i was able to score quite well by using auto-aim and adjusting right up the the last second. When they removed the auto-aim, they removed CV play for me. I have no interest in learning the overly complex new way of aiming or controlling aircraft. Also pretty POed that they took away the Bogue, right after they improved the planes on it. Right now I am considering selling off all my CVs. Just no fun to play any more.
  6. Deputy276

    Ship Review: Mouse in the Iowa

    Then perhaps it's time for LWM to do an update of the Iowa review?
  7. Deputy276

    Ship Review: Mouse in the Iowa

    I know this is an oldie, but I just got the Iowa. My experience so far in PvE....I like it a lot and see quite a few folks playing it. Mine is still pure stock, except for module upgrades. Yet it is still able to hold it's own against the bots. And the bot Iowas are fully upgraded with the best hulls. I'm not sure why Iowa got such a crappy review from LWM. Maybe there was a lot of upgrading done to it since the original review. But it is the ship that caused me to return to WOWS after this most recent disastrous patch.
  8. Deputy276

    10-15% drop in players since update?

    Hi Taylor! Count me among those who have stopped playing since this alleged "update". I played quite a few CVs before the update, but now I don't. WG just ruined them for me. And my favorite, the Bogue, is gone. I'm a simple man and I enjoy simple things. Game play with CV is no longer simple. It's WAY too complex. So I am taking what I guess you could call a "hiatus" from the game. I am playing World of Tanks again and actually enjoying it. Funny, because I came to World of Warships to escape what was going on in World of Tanks. Seems like Wargaming can't keep more than one game going well at the same time. Russians learned capitalism, they just didn't learn it well. If you feel the need to remove me from the clan, please do so. No sense taking up a slot that someone who is actively playing might want. I may come back if WG gets their act together. But I'm not into being a beta tester while playing what is supposed to be a "released" game. As far as spending money on WOWS, that stopped right after the new patch. Buying the Massachusetts Ultimate was going to be a sure thing. WG lost out on those $$$.
  9. Deputy276

    new bonus code

    Only one out of all of them worked for me. But I have no complaints.
  10. Why do you make that assumption? Again, you are ASSUMING subs will start lined up like surface ships. WRONG. WG can spawn them at the sides of the map or even directly behind the enemy. Subs made up for their lack of speed by using stealth and POSITIONING to sink ships. WG can reproduce that by locating them in position for an attack on an enemy fleet and in the right speed and position to take advantage of stealth. The list is in a previous post I made. Gopher it. Post 120. There...did the leg work for you.
  11. Again missing the point. Subs are notorious for sinking "targets of opportunity". That IS what they do, after all. They don't have to exchange fire with the enemy. Heck, it's to their advantage they DON'T do that.
  12. Deputy276

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    Hate to be a Danny Downer, but I get the distinct feeling WG is getting kinda desperate with the game. All these events sure smell like they are doing their darndest to keep people occupied. The old "don't look over there where we are running out of ships to introduce, look over here at all the fun stuff you can do to not lose interest". I mean pretty much every ship that was of any import has already been put out. Heck, they even went into the "almost finished" and "still on the drawing board" to "maybe this one would have been cool" with their regular and Prem ships. I think the time is fast approaching when WG is simply out of new ships and gimmicks to introduce. How many people are going to pay for clones of ships with a different schtick on them? Especially at the prices they are asking for them (hello Mass.).
  13. You are ASSUMING that subs will start at the same time and in the same specific location as surface ships. Never assume. Especially not in this game. WG can spawn them any place and time they please. Why would you even assume DDs would fight subs specifically? DDs in this game right now don't even do what they mainly did in WW2. WG can change things to anything they like. THAT is the whole point. WG thinks out of the box. OF COURSE there will be major changes. Use your imagination. No doubt WG will.
  14. As in all things, WG will do exactly what THEY think is right. You are just a peon player that can catch the next boat out of port if you don't like the changes. There will be 10 (or more) new players ready to make dock when you leave. Your opinion (and mine) doesn't mean diddly squat to WG. I'm not the least bit crazy about the new changes being planned for CVs. IMHO, they suck testes. Most likely it will mean the end of me playing CVs if implemented. too bad so sad. i just switch to playing a different way or a different game. Me and my VISA card aren't locked into WOWS. So you didn't bother to read the LONG list I posted of WARships sunk by subs. That's okay, ignorance is bliss.
  15. Deputy276

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    Fat fraud? Really? I doubt very much, even at his current age, that ol' Stevie couldn't take you apart without breaking a sweat.