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  1. Deputy276

    Italian Destroyers Missions???

    Okay, thanks bro! Hmmm...wonder why I am still seeing this stuff in my "Collections" section, since there is no way to possibly complete it?
  2. Deputy276

    Thoughts on new Ops format?

    I gave the new Ops a try and what Sal said is 100% correct. Bringing anything less than the highest tier (and the most capable among that tier) is just handiicapping yourself and the team.
  3. Deputy276

    Italian Destroyers Missions???

    Is this thing over with? I looked in all the available missions and I don't see squat about getting any Italian Destroyer Mission goals. Am I too late for this? Do i have to spend credits and real money to get them? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Deputy276

    PSA: Godzilla vs Kong Co-Op Incompatibility

    I am an old geezer, both in real age (73), and in game play (6 years). Back when I first started playing WOWS, the reality was PvE was STRICTLY an area where people trained to play Randoms. There really was no such thing as PvE mains. Over time, that has changed. But I wonder if the powers-that-be at WG still think that PvE is STILL a training area? I still see comments that "more Premium stuff is bought by Random players". I throw the [edited] flag on that immediately. If I had all the $$$ I spent on Premium shop stuff, I could buy a new Tesla. And these problems discussed in this thread seem to me to be pretty good indicators of WG's attitude of PvE. Not a lot has changed in 6 years.
  5. Deputy276

    Halsey and Yamamoto talents still tied to Achievements...

    WG WON'T do this because WG's main goal is to get people to PLAY PvP. PvE was never meant to be a primary choice. That was your choice and you made it. So you have to go along with whatever consequences are the result. Don't like it, go play PvP. It's that simple.
  6. Deputy276

    Bots Come After Me From Across the Map...

    This is a common occurrence for me. WG puts me on the far side of the map by myself. Should be easy pickens for a couple of bots. Instead, nothing. I go to one of the 3 caps and still nothing. After I cap, I head for the next cap and MIGHT get a few shots off at a slow BB. But the torps kill it before I can do any real damage. Makes me wonder why I bother to upgrade my ships when I never get to shoot anything.
  7. Deputy276

    Bot CVs now too good?

    A question, please: Has anyone got any AA build ships? In the past, I used to actually HOPE the bots had CVs because my poor USS Kidd had nothing to shoot at otherwise. The Kidd USED to be an AA specific DD that was devastating against pretty much anything flying. I haven't taken her out for a long time because there were so few bot CVs being used. Perhaps I should dust her off and take her out? If WG has cranked up the CVs so that they are actually a threat, this is going to be VERY useful if you have any AA build ships. Or it's going to force some folks to change some of their ships to AA builds.
  8. Deputy276

    The Current CO-OP Sucks

    Exactly right! This complaint has been posted ad nauseum. Tons of suggestions that WG just ignores. Their priority is PvP. As to CVs in PvE, forgetaboutit. When WG WG did the infamous "big change" to CVs, they pretty much screwed over PvE. Used to be you could locate your CV far back behind an island and send out torp planes to wreak havoc on the bots. ALL bots. Most CV players scored 2-3 kills in every battle. Now, you are forced to move WAY too close to the enemy in order to kill just ONE bot, if you are lucky. That is idiotic and doesn't even remotely simulate what real CV combat looked like. But WG must have brought in World of Warplanes "experts" to re-do the game and what we have is a bad joke in CV. Now, seeing a CV kill just one ship gets an attaboy from pretty much everyone. I guess in PvP (I never play that mode) CVs are the "scourge of the game" and everyone complains about them. So WG satisfied NOBDOY with their big change. As to torps...when WG took away "turning pink" and not doing any damage to friendly ships, they turned PvE into a "baby mode". No longer did anyone need any skill to aim and judge where the torps hit. Just get in range and let loose with salvos of them. So now the bots do the same thing. There are so many torps being launched that sometimes it seems like you could literally walk across the map on top of them. So what is WG's solution to this?...bring in MORE ships (subs) that have homing torps that they never had in reality (except for the Type 22 German subs). It actually seems like WG is doing everything they can to torpedo (pardon the pun) their own game.
  9. Deputy276

    Pay ships

    Dangit!!! I'm upset. I don't have enough $$$ to buy those fancy tier 9 ships, so I am stuck using the ones you have to grind a lifetime to get. Somebody gimme some $$$!!!!!
  10. Deputy276

    World of Torpedoes

    Not sure if it's still true, but it used to be bots focused on DDs as their primary target. I quit playing because of the screwed up CVs in PvE (used to be great) and the huge amount of torpedo spam coming from the player side. When WG eliminated friendly damage, people just closed to the maximum range for torps and let them loose. Considering pretty much EVERY ship class has torps nowadays, that means you can literally walk on top of the torpedoes like you are log-rolling. Any hesitation about turning pink is gone, so people no longer worry about accuracy when launching torps. Pat of WG's "dumbing down" of the game. I sure miss the good ol' days when I first started.
  11. Deputy276

    CO-OP changes

    Just out of curiosity, and since I won the Duke of York in one of the Christmas boxes for free, I took it out to see if anything had changed. I actually did fairly well. I sank one cruiser and did a decent amount of damage and survived the battle. I went full speed forward and then veered off right so that I could use all my guns. Biggest problem, of course, was fast cruisers and DDs that beat me to the targets and sank them with torps. Torps are still killing the fun factor in WOWS. There are so many of them being launched from ALL distances that you can walk on them like a carpet. Until WG fixes the torp problem, if they ever do, the game will still be no fun to play. Only thing I can think of is start charging people large amounts of credits for the use of each torpedo. That MIGHT slow down the torpedo spam and force people to actually start AIMING the dang things. For now, the game is still zero for fun factor and BBs are a waste of time to play.
  12. Deputy276

    Co-op Ruined (PVE Thread)

    This exactly for me. It's why I went back to WOT. You can literally WALK ACROSS THE MAP on the torps being spammed. What makes it even worse is they took away the very minor discipline of turning pink. Now, with no fear of being pink, people have nothing to prevent them from just firing in the general direction of enemy ships. All skill has been taken away from shooting torps. The game has turned to kiddy-crap now and I won't play it.
  13. Deputy276

    New German BBs for PVE

    I got the Moltke for free via Amazon Prime. Meh....it's "okay". Kinda surprised it's a Prem ship and no free camo. In looks it is nearly identical to the current German BBs of that level. All BBs suffer nowadays because the emphasis is on speed and torps. These new ones seem to have an emphasis on either WW1 ships or fantasy ships. WG ran out of real ships for Germans a while ago. The German navy was never very large in WW2. And in WW1...who cares? No ship in WW1 really stands out like a Bismarck or Tirpitz does.
  14. Deputy276

    How WG "solves" problems

    I am also a PvE main. Just WHO exactly in PvE ASKED for the borking of the CVs? Sure wasn't me or anyone else in PvE that I know of. I was quite happy with the 2 options of play style available in PvE for CVs. Seems to me I remember a whole lot of PvP players pissing and moaning that PvE CV play wasn't training people enough for PvP play. PvP is the one that wanted to "unify" CVs so that there was NO option for type of play. YOU got what you asked for. It's PvE players that got boned the most.
  15. Deputy276

    Hoping that this isn't the new norm

    Not really true. It's not like "if you want to play subs, you can". Today I got nothing but coal in the lottery. NO subs. Not that I miss them. Even if I get them, I don't and WON'T play them. All I see being added by submarines in PvE is MORE torpedo spam. People don't even bother aiming any more. Torps have become "the shotgun of the high seas". People just point in the general direction of where they think a bot ship might appear and let loose. NOW we know why WG decided to drop "turning pink" for punishment. Whole teams would be pink at this rate. I wish they would BRING BACK turning pink for damaging friendlies. It made the game at least a LITTLE more skill oriented. Now, you have torpedo spam and people regularly shooting friendlies and not thinking anything of it. I came back to WOWS after thinking WOT had turned to crap. Now I am going back to WOT because WOWS has turned to crap. Well done. WG. Next you can bring in PT boats for even MORE torpedo spam. Might as well.