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  1. Deputy276

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    Wahaaaat? Where did I SAY anything about Randoms and Operations\Scenarios. I never play anything BUT PvE. So no idea what you are on about.
  2. Deputy276

    One Day Only - US Navy Birthday Mission

    Heck, I served in the US Army and we had a "Brown Water Navy" in Vietnam. So I don't mind the mixup.
  3. Deputy276

    Just got the Ark Royal

    Well I have figured out a simple solution FOR MYSELF: I ONLY play bombers and rockets. Scru those torps. There may be people who can sink the whole bot fleet with one squadron...I can't. And it's no fun earning crap for credits and never sinking anything game after game. I just played both my Hermy and Ark Royal and ONLY used bombs and rockets, and I had the most fun I have had in a CV for a LONG time. And had good credit earning and kills too. As far as I'm concerned, they can throw those torp planes overboard. Worthless garbage FOR ME. Again, you may be a hero in torp planes. I'm not. Right now, I am looking forward with great anticipation to the Furious. I am pretty sure ALL the planes, when fully upgraded, are monoplanes. That should also make a major difference for durability and speed. BTW, on every CV (I have 10) I had the extra armor on the torp bombers. I will be changing that.
  4. Deputy276

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    And you are certainly entitled to it. I don't play in the "lofty realms" of tier 10 unless I am stuck there because I am in a tier 8. I think if you posted a poll about "how many DDs should there be on a team", you will see very few that will say 3 or more, because most folks AREN'T at tier 10. When there are 3 DDs and you are in a LOWLY tier 5 BB like the Texas, then come to me and tell me how great it is to play a BB in that situation. And yes, I enjoy playing DDs. But when there are 3 on a team, not so much. Especially when you are in PvE and you AREN'T playing against bots, you are really playing AGAINST TEAM MATES.
  5. Deputy276

    0.8.10 Supertest has changes to Co-op

    With all changes I like to take a "wait and see" approach. I usually just ignore the cheerleaders or doom-and-gloomers as they usually suck at predicting anything. My only wish is the limiting of DDs to no more than 2 per battle. I quit playing BBs because it was nearly impossible to even do decent damage when you have 3 DDs sucking down all the kills.
  6. Deputy276

    Just got the Ark Royal

    Took a gamble and bought it. It's an "okay" ship. The rocket fighters (Skua) are the best thing on it. Those junky biplanes are just canon fodder for AA guns to earn extra credits. But the rocket fighters can wipe out a DD VERY quickly. Sometimes in one pass. I'll use it to train Brit CV Captains, since I am going down that line. It's certainly a nice-looking CV, especially with the "Unsinkable Sam" camo on it. I will probably buy the Indomitable (Abominable? I hope not!) if it is ever released. I am finally...sorta...almost...getting back into CV playing. It's a real let down that they do so much less damage than they used too.
  7. Deputy276

    Light the Candles mission

    Because I was foolish enough to think they SAID WHAT THEY MEANT. I knew there was a reason why i put you on the ignore list. You are back on it. Well done.
  8. Deputy276

    Light the Candles mission

    I got the reward. Personally, I wish WG would lose the "lump of coal" thing. Just give us more credits. Getting coal is just another way to split off the monetary funds in the game.
  9. Deputy276

    Light the Candles mission

    So there is no actual "ribbon" as they stated? They can take their coal and...never mind. I'd rather have the ribbon.
  10. Deputy276

    Yes people Capping in Co-op DOES matter!

    Hi Taylor! YEah, you're probably right about doing those goofy missions. I just completed torp 30 ships and it said I won some ribbon. Danged if i can find it.
  11. I just completed the Light the Candles mission. For a reward, it says "Get 30 "set on fire" ribbon". Anyone know what that means? Is it a flag or is it a ribbon and where do I find it? Thanks, Dep
  12. Deputy276

    Yes people Capping in Co-op DOES matter!

    Agree with AT about capping being important. Also agree that some folks are trying to "stretch out" a game to make it last longer. Had BOTH of these things happen yesterday. On one battle the bots had two of our bases capped and were working on our third, while the "team" was running around searching for the bot CV. I had to scramble torp planes to take out the bots capping the third base or we would have lost. People get so fixated on sinking a ship, they fail to see the big picture. Also, had one guy in a CL that had torps but refused to use them to sink the bots. He just went around using guns and HE to set them on fire. Drove the whole team nuts watching him do this. Was he a noob? Maybe. But his comments in chat said no, not a noob.
  13. Deputy276

    Capping the number of destroyers in Co-Op

    Count me with limiting them to two per team. I only play PvE so couldn't care less about how many are in PvP. The large number of DDs is why my BBs are in the mothball fleet. No way a Texas, New Mexico, or even a Colorado is going to be able to do much damage when there are 3 DDs on a team. By the time you get moving, 3/4 of the bots are dead. Also agree to stop MM from adding a ton of DDs to fill in for not enough humans. I enjoy playing DDs, but when there are 3 on a team, it even has a negative impact on how much damage a DD can do.
  14. Deputy276

    So I finally figured out how to use CV planes

    Well I finally managed to sink 2 ships in one battle. Used the Hosho. That's surprising to me because I didn't much care for the Japanese carriers before the big change. On some of the comments: Yep....AA ridiculous. That's fine for PvP. But I only play PvE. In PvE there is very little "team play" and much more "get as much as you can before anyone else does". Not playing for damage or kills pretty much means you are playing to give others all the credits and rewards. No thanks. That's where I was before I decided to give the new system a try. Takes a while to figure out how to use the planes, but it's doable. I sure miss my Bogue, though. And funny, but it seems like they took away a lot of my trained CV Captains and left me with rookies. I wouldn't say "weak". Just requires a LOT of luck and the AA fire is a bad joke. Yep, exactly what I was doing. I am getting the hang of dive bombers. But they are mainly fire starters. I do much better with torps. And yes, the Japanese planes seem much better than US carriers. Definitely things end fast. If you have 3 DDs on your team, as soon as you head for a ship, it's gone.
  15. Deputy276

    Improved bots on test server

    That's actually funny...most of the battles I played yesterday had HUMANS doing those exact maneuvers. I had to double check that I was in PvE and not PvP for a second.