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  1. Deputy276

    new bonus code

    Only one out of all of them worked for me. But I have no complaints.
  2. Why do you make that assumption? Again, you are ASSUMING subs will start lined up like surface ships. WRONG. WG can spawn them at the sides of the map or even directly behind the enemy. Subs made up for their lack of speed by using stealth and POSITIONING to sink ships. WG can reproduce that by locating them in position for an attack on an enemy fleet and in the right speed and position to take advantage of stealth. The list is in a previous post I made. Gopher it. Post 120. There...did the leg work for you.
  3. Again missing the point. Subs are notorious for sinking "targets of opportunity". That IS what they do, after all. They don't have to exchange fire with the enemy. Heck, it's to their advantage they DON'T do that.
  4. Deputy276

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    Hate to be a Danny Downer, but I get the distinct feeling WG is getting kinda desperate with the game. All these events sure smell like they are doing their darndest to keep people occupied. The old "don't look over there where we are running out of ships to introduce, look over here at all the fun stuff you can do to not lose interest". I mean pretty much every ship that was of any import has already been put out. Heck, they even went into the "almost finished" and "still on the drawing board" to "maybe this one would have been cool" with their regular and Prem ships. I think the time is fast approaching when WG is simply out of new ships and gimmicks to introduce. How many people are going to pay for clones of ships with a different schtick on them? Especially at the prices they are asking for them (hello Mass.).
  5. You are ASSUMING that subs will start at the same time and in the same specific location as surface ships. Never assume. Especially not in this game. WG can spawn them any place and time they please. Why would you even assume DDs would fight subs specifically? DDs in this game right now don't even do what they mainly did in WW2. WG can change things to anything they like. THAT is the whole point. WG thinks out of the box. OF COURSE there will be major changes. Use your imagination. No doubt WG will.
  6. As in all things, WG will do exactly what THEY think is right. You are just a peon player that can catch the next boat out of port if you don't like the changes. There will be 10 (or more) new players ready to make dock when you leave. Your opinion (and mine) doesn't mean diddly squat to WG. I'm not the least bit crazy about the new changes being planned for CVs. IMHO, they suck testes. Most likely it will mean the end of me playing CVs if implemented. too bad so sad. i just switch to playing a different way or a different game. Me and my VISA card aren't locked into WOWS. So you didn't bother to read the LONG list I posted of WARships sunk by subs. That's okay, ignorance is bliss.
  7. Deputy276

    The current state of WoWs is chaos

    Fat fraud? Really? I doubt very much, even at his current age, that ol' Stevie couldn't take you apart without breaking a sweat.
  8. Wait until the subs spawn behind you and suddenly ships start blowing up. And there were more than a few sub attacks in WW2 that did a number on capital ships. Ever hear of the Indianapolis? Here ya go...a whole list of warships sunk by subs in WW2: https://www.quora.com/Were-World-War-II-submarines-also-effective-against-war-ships-instead-of-only-convoys
  9. Not smart to rag on someone for spelling and grammar on this forum. We have a LOT of international players who don't have English as their first or even second language. Just makes you look like an [Edited].
  10. Excellent point!! It's the way Wargaming does things. Look at arty in WOT. The majority of players hate it, no matter how many "tweaks" WG does to try and make it more acceptable. If WG took arty out of WOT, there would be rejoicing heard round the world. But it ain't gonna happen. WG does what THEY think will earn them the most $$$. Because, after all, earning tons of dinero/greenbacks/moolah is what WG is all about. The people that claim they will leave will be made up for by the people they draw in for sub play. Question is....Type 7 or Type 9? And just wait 'till the end-of-war Type 21 appears. The tears will cause global flooding when they can't be detected at all.
  11. In order to get the Halloween CV and CV captain, you have to play one battle in a CV at tier 5. Okay, I did that and got both. Now the question...I know I don't get to keep the ship. It''s a Halloween ship and goes away when the promotion expires. No sweat... but...what about the Captain? I mean technically I DID have to "earn" him, even if it was just simply playing one game. I sure would like to have ONE 19 point Captain to play with before I croak. So does he "go away" with the ship or is he or any of the Captain's mine to keep? Is there any kindness left in the Russian heart? And I am already dreading the answer Dep
  12. Deputy276

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    I always thought they camped and sniped because they didn't want to get any scratches on their paint. I often say that to them in-game. 😁
  13. Deputy276

    Kill Krazy...rant

    I think this pretty much nails it. And I see quite a few folks have had the same problem. As I said...not a big deal. I just go into tier 1 and ram 2 bots and pink is gone. Or I just "play through" 2 games and it is gone. Not really any stigma to being pink any more, since just about every team you play with has at least 1-2 players that are pink. I will say if I see a DD in smoke on my team, I avoid getting close to him or getting between him and any red boats. That's just common sense.
  14. Deputy276

    CV Rework Feedback

    As I said, I went right to the last page and didn't go through 67 pages of posts. And yes, I was talking about auto-drop. The reason I thought auto-drop was in at all is because dumping a new player into a mode that obviously requires quite a bit of skill to use, is gonna turn off a lot of new folks from even trying carriers. It will also cause a lot of folks that like auto-drop to stop playing carriers. Perhaps that is the goal of Wargaming, I dunno. One can only hope. I would hate to see rockets become the "norm" and go-to method for attacking ships. Rockets on planes came very late to WW2. They were more common in Korea against land targets because of their lack of accuracy. Why would I go through 67 pages of posts and video revisions to ask a simple question? I watched the video in post 1653 to see the most recent info and saw the rockets being used. And in that video posted by BrushWolf, I only saw ONE rocket attack. The rest were 50 cal machineguns. And it's also questionable that we are seeing WW2 footage. Most WW2 footage was in black and white, not color. We can't even tell if that was testing being done or actual combat footage.
  15. Deputy276

    CV Rework Feedback

    Quick question....is it planned to eliminate "easy mode" for tiers 4-5? I didn't want to read 67 pages of info to find out. As to rocket attacks against ships...rockets, even modern ones used in Vietnam, have atrocious accuracy. I believe in WW2 they were used mainly against light ground targets and not naval targets. Excessive use of rockets to shoot against naval targets is really going to screw up historical accuracy beyond anything currently in place. It is pushing WOWS even further into "gamey" play. Might as well bring on lasers and photon torpedoes.