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  1. I've always did wonder how helpful being able spec into secondaries with ships like Perth, London and Huang He would be.
  2. Yoshiblue


    Don't even need to hit the targets. Just sitting there at a safe but seeable distance will cause the enemy flank to island camp.
  3. Yoshiblue


    Reminds me of the aim bug where you would aim at waterline or something like that and the shells will undershoot.
  4. So they're taking a similar approach with Rochester to what Montpelier was to Cleveland? I bet if we ask her to have pan-EU levels of sky wiping AA instead, they'd up tier her to T9, lol.
  5. Yoshiblue

    A picture of the Tiger's WOWS world...

    How comparable is Tiger to a light tank, because that's the impression I got out of Tiger's role in shooty boats. Scout and maybe do damage, but mostly scout.
  6. Yoshiblue

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Kinda felt that way in WOWS too. We have good CAs to use, and a smoke CA with bad concealment didn't mean much.
  7. Yoshiblue

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    My cubes are saved
  8. Yoshiblue

    Missouri is just a normal T9 for new owners

    Well we did call WG out when they said they didn't pull it for its earnings, now they bring it back with a nurf to its earnings. That said, i'm glad the art team's efforts can be appreciated once more. As usual they do excellent work.
  9. Yoshiblue

    Why Kitakami is suspended?

    If they don't want a lot of people using it, just turn it into a research ship. Steel works too.
  10. Now that the rockets work differently, I feel they should redo the reticle to account for the one or two stage delay.
  11. Yoshiblue

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Which is good to hear considering the ruins and civil war going on in the background.
  12. Yoshiblue

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    They're cute idol super sentai. Nothing mind blowing but its not like the uniforms are simple one tone dresses either. My concern is banking more collabs on how successful this one is, because last I checked Idolmaster isn't exactly the bees knees outside of Japan.
  13. Yoshiblue

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Basically a sim of creating the next batch of singers/entertainers and all the struggles had with doing that. Like stress and mental breakdowns if I remember right. Being idol culture though, the moment any sort of male appears and the fanbase has an aneurism.
  14. I'm always down for an Oklahoma and California buff.