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  1. Yoshiblue

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Permission to speak freely, General. When I joined the war, I didn't expect to be assigned to a ship glued to the ocean.
  2. Yoshiblue

    Name the ship you think is worthless....

    Counter point: Gallant is a T6 Kamikaze. Most lack luster ship in the game? I'd argue one of the T-V IJN dds. You could start the split at T-VI and it wouldn't have made a difference, but I can't deny that they each have their slight advantage. Still though.
  3. Yoshiblue

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    History thrown out the window, would be funny if their gimmick became that their torps homed in on you if they got near. (Get it, because of Maiale. )
  4. The event has been wild. Lost a handful of karma due to "kill stealing", but I have has my share of close calls with torpedoes. So my apologies to the KGV that I nearly hit. Gratz on your missions though. No such luck on my end.
  5. Yoshiblue

    Arsenal Report

    Collections get you fancy things for completing all or parts of it, like the ability to change camo colors, fly two flags instead of one, get special event camos, ect. You can see what you will get buy hovering the mouse over the crates. This can also be done with missions. The modules sold in the arsenal used to only be found in Super containers, but they basically upgrade consumables at the cost of a module you could have taken. For example you could buy the smoke generator mod I, but you would have to give up the popular Aiming systems mod 1 to use it. Still, its popular with ships that use crawling smoke (Perth, Haida, Huang He). If you can't buy the normal modules now, you just need to level more until you unlock it. Its up to you on how you want to use coal. Do you want a module now? Do you want to save up for one of those fancy endgame ships? Do you want to splurge on the New Years crates to get some fancy permanent camos from that? The world is your oyster.
  6. Yoshiblue

    WG why do you hate the Italians so much?

    Kinda surprised the RU BB line didn't come sooner. We got a lot of UK and French tech tree lines before them, and the Pan-asian line. Here's to hoping the Italian line finds it's feet, or become a highly specialized line.
  7. Yoshiblue

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    Ah, my mistake. Haha!
  8. Yoshiblue

    Hello Mr. Nelson, What are you doing Here?

    I wonder if this played as the Nelson was attacked by Hakuryu?
  9. Yoshiblue

    Caption the profile image above you.

    For the last time i'm not hiding baggy eyes behind my sunglasses.
  10. Rip Iowa. Well that's one way to get damage, I also wouldn't be surprised to see people ram to get those 7 achievements this coming Friday.
  11. Yoshiblue

    Display cases instead of port.

    Reminds me of my port idea I submitted for a contest a while back.
  12. For a moment I thought this thread was about flying any nation's flag and making Chekhov's personal reality come true. All famous ships made in Russia.
  13. An AA spec'ed Vanguard is a nightmare to hit in the Lexington. Faced one that could swat off both mine and a shokaku's planes all by themselves.
  14. Yoshiblue

    Post some ship namesakes!

    Fountain of Arethusa
  15. Dev Strike: 143 First Blood: 106 Confederate: 42 Favorite: Dreadnought