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  1. Port Queens

    Aurora: Interesting ship, not interested in playing again unless I feel like shooting over entire mountains again. That was always funny, and shocking. ARP Ashigara: Was my "Ranked" ship for laughs and I liked the Myoko well enough. Now that I have other options, she may just sit there when T-VII rank comes around again. Campbeltown: Despite being my personal "mascot ship" I never really played her much. No reason to now since I have the Vampire. Which I also don't plan to play often until a T-III scenario happens or something. Farragut: Camo made me keep her as a pseudo-premium. I have the Manhan now and I'd rather play the Aigle. Leander: Camo made me keep as well. I have the Fiji now and I'd rather play the Perth.
  2. Premium Cruisers

    What bugs me aside from the reload time despite less guns is that the Huang He only has two consumables compared to the Perth's three. Why can't the Huang He have Hydro, Smoke and the reload booster all at the same time? I don't see it becoming overpowered for it. But eh, I guess i'm just spoiled by the Perth.
  3. Premium Cruisers

    Aesthetics I guess. Be it the small pudgy compact look, people preferring three strong turrets vs 4, they like the sound of the guns more or the very eye catching blue camo. They want a Pan-Asian trainer, for whatever good a reason that is.
  4. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @CLUCH_CARGO today. I thought you did good in the Aigle. Also showed the speed of going from one end of the map to the other.
  5. Gratz to the top ten. I was expecting the spatula to be up there too.
  6. Wow, this is really hard to choose between. Gratz to the 10 ten though.
  7. Haha, when I read desired nomination, I just assumed it meant desired entry. Since you can only submit once.
  8. Read the Bleeping Manual

    Doesn't it count AI DD Jenkins as a teammate too. I forget if it ever considers him dead or not when he say's he retreating.
  9. I'd been pretty fine playing in T-VIII games. Dueling DDs isn't so bad and all that BB fire damage. I don't think i've ever lost to a DD in a gun fight. Its just dumb decisions that get me killed. Hurr durr, sitting broadside in smoke. Forgetting Benson has 9.2km torps rather than the 6.0km I thought it had. Smoking up with no one to spot or a Richelieu being good at shooting something inside smoke.
  10. Who have you seen in game

    No worries.
  11. Who have you seen in game

    Saw @Sir_Davos_Seaworth on Neighbors earlier. Was a crushing defeat though and I ate a torp from him that was meant for the Gneisenau, haha.
  12. Sure, if its like those Trek games, having an X,Y and Z axis.
  13. I expected myself to miss like 5 of the first 18 missions, but somehow I managed to get all of them done on time. Some of them were bit more enduring than others, but I thought they were fine. Helps to have many tools in the shed. My only regret is that I didn't complete any of them in my Perth, haha.
  14. Is Kaga bugged

    Clearly its time to sleep. (For now) But yeah, I noticed some lag earlier but only for a game to two. This sucks a lot more than what I had to deal with.