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  1. If you split randoms into [For Fun] and [Long Boy mode], I wonder how populated the T-X inspired mode would be?
  2. Googly eye swim googles to throw off the competition.
  3. Looks like the paragraph above Battle of Crete. http://www.chrisgrant.eu/genealogy/mann/mann/warspite.html
  4. Somewhere around $240 on a black Friday sale in 2011.
  5. Its more about the concept than the actual science behind it. Just like how you could throw on a spoiler to go with all our crazy camouflage options, but it wouldn't do anything.
  6. Its a game, so you have to go in with a bit of bounce.
  7. Reduced drag for greater speeds. After looking this ship up, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pegasus-class_hydrofoil, how do you think DDs in this game would be effected if you could throw hydrofoils on them. Would their turning circles take greats hits from having them. Would Russian DDs be untouchable? Will they explode the moment they touch an island?
  8. Calm and flames outside, on the inside,
  9. Hey man, some people enjoy the thrilling adventures of the long boy cat and mouse games. The truly enlightened of the T-X players.
  10. I like anime, especially the funny ones. Makes me wonder what would be considered the Ed,Edd and Eddy of animes?
  11. Could it be because you're a hipperster?