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  1. Yoshiblue

    What Ships does Franz von Jutland go best on?

    On paper, since DDs screen for torpedoes you would think vigilance would work well for that.
  2. Yoshiblue

    Ok, I got the Acasta, now what?

    Well with the glory that is the Acasta you can, Train captains in it. Grind now so you have the exp for the Icarus. Sell for a free port slot. Get some event missions done in it. Try it out to get a hands on idea of what the tree will be like from then on up.
  3. Yoshiblue

    DevBlog: New Soviet T7 premium cruiser

    I dig the camo. The gimmicks are all sorts of wonky, but to be fair are under a similar flag at the time. You have Campbeltown (which granted is of the oldest Brit premiums) with standard smoke and wide/narrow spread torpedoes You have the Gallant with also standard smoke but narrow/single spread torpedoes Now we have the RN DD line with shorter lasting smokes and narrow/single spreads. Along with the the cruiser line who also have narrow/single spreads. Then on the commonwealth end we have Perth and Haida with crawling smoke and narrow/single spreads. Then on the Panasia end we have Huang He (HMS Aurora) with crawling smoke but only narrow spread. So we now have two oddities, because I don't understand how Huang He (which used to be a British vessel) can only launch with narrow, but gets a torpedo booster that you have to give up hydro for which somehow makes up for the short comings. And now, should this new ship keep the feature, I don't understand why a Soviet vessel can fire single torpedoes, let alone with 4km torps, but not the Huang He. Who has time for that in a close encounter anyways and why?
  4. Yoshiblue

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I wouldn't mind this. Premium versions of tech tree ships would be pretty cool to have.
  5. The good ol' "Gosh dang it." or "Darn."
  6. Yoshiblue

    Black ships... No thanks!

    I figured they were going to do black camos similar to Dunkerque. Black with maybe some stripes on it. WG still can though. So this should be interesting to see how this pans out.
  7. Yoshiblue

    British Destroyer Acasta missing camo!??

    Emerald says hello. But yeah as everyone said above, it's a pseudo-premium. Train your captains while you can, yo.
  8. I felt we needed to go deeper. More art deco with it.
  9. It's not ironic, they could have also given the ship say Garland's camo scheme. I'm sure people would be up in arms if say Alabama got another M22 camo, but it was a slightly different shade of blue and the number was moved back a little.
  10. Yoshiblue

    Caption the profile image above you.

    A confused man watching some trainees abuse their new testing grounds.
  11. Yoshiblue

    New Midway Movie to Start Filming

    At least! Material for a western collab people wanted.
  12. Yoshiblue

    I like these awarded emblems!

    Yerb. I struggled with which one I wanted to use and ultimate have been using the killer whale since I got them.
  13. Yoshiblue

    Bonus Code 04 Oct 2018

    Some wild times to be living with turtles and kangaroos, and some time with a bear. Waiting to hear that some warship out there had a crocodile or a komodo dragon living on board. Or a really big iguana.