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  1. Can I offer you a nice coupon in this trying time?
  2. The Death Star was the chosen one this whole time.
  3. Certainly a product of its era. Trailers were pretty different then.
  4. What do you mean stop taking the dust bath? Who doesn't want a shadowy afterimage?
  5. Looks like someone regressed in age.
  6. What do you mean this isn't how you crush soda cans?
  7. Sincerely, The Crimson Iris.
  8. Hey as long as it wasn't something you've written and posted for a while to a year now, you've got nothing to worry about. Cool comic though. I wonder if Sombra's name will lead to anything?
  9. A symbol leading the plot to Nightmare Before Chirstmas's equal, Nightmare of Christmas Yet to Come.
  10. I wonder where every ship would be if the French had handed over every ship in Toulon? Outside of that, it would be interesting if the Vasilissa Olga was still around. I don't think it counts though since I guess it would have needed to stay afloat to be preserved.
  11. This feels like an off topic thread.