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  1. Yoshiblue

    Adding Shinano to the game....

    Give her the option to shoot AP or Beehive rounds. It may not scare a CV, but i'm sure the rain of fire will scare a DD and a Mino.
  2. Yoshiblue

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Sky cancer will win but it's is own pain in the tuchus, because by the time your plane spots them its already about to overpass them. So it becomes a, albeit not that hard, game of memory.
  3. Yoshiblue

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    Was there a way to obtain the bus?
  4. Yoshiblue

    So tired I accidentally clicked 'try your luck'

    Gratz. So far most of my SC pulls have been flags.
  5. Yoshiblue

    Is Ark Royal some kinda joke?

    Could give the planes a passive chance to avoid a continuous AA tick. Worst that would happen is it buffs Hermes bombers too.
  6. Wouldn't be the first time it happened. Roma and GC and some RN BBs with sub-cruiser concealment. Atago/Takao that can stealth torp. USN battleships with better secondaries than German battleships. Hood and Vanguard with AA that could shame US CLs (Huang He can too). IJN battleships being downtier A-hulls with torpedo tubes slapped on and calling it a day. A Russian battleship that gets more accurate with range. Indianapolis that wants to play far, but also wants to be in radar range. Salem and Des Moines with destroyer fast reload speeds. Battleship Moskva and Stalingrad.
  7. Watch it return as an unplayable boss for operation events. Now with intense citadel armor to keep you and your allies from cheeseing it.
  8. Posting T-10 games sounds like cheating but this is my most recent one. I believe 113k is my highest without a kill.
  9. Yoshiblue

    Confess, have you ever

    Has happened while sailing Huang He or Indianapolis.
  10. Grinding up the US BB line I didn't have high opinion of them until I won an Alabama in a santa crate. A great battleship descended from the heavens that day and was everything I wanted out of them.
  11. Yoshiblue

    Yoshino opinions?

    Yeah it hurts DDs a lot more than cruisers, aside from ones like Flint and Atlanta, but don't Kitakami and Harugumo get improved HE pen? This also slaps Colbert (127mm) and Smolensk (130mm guns) in the face because now they can only pen 25mm and 27mm armor at their tier. Unless they get German improved pen shells as well.
  12. Who knows, Midway could potentially still do better than Disney's Dinosaur or Pixar's The Good Dinosaur. Those were big flops, but at least it was interesting to see dinosaur films sacrifice a good story for state of the art lighting and graphics. I remember Pixels and the Emoji movie did pretty poorly too. Anyways, would be interesting to see a collaboration. Watch it be carrier boosters and a chance to straight up buy a Midway and unique camo though.