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  1. Of the earlier ones its a tie between Wyoming or New York. Being the slowest in the fleet makes you learn how to be in the right place at the right time, hopefully. Personally for me Konig since everyone always talks about German brawling, and It makes me want to get close and use my secondaries in a level where DDs reload torps in 40 seconds or less, in a ship where that secondary range isn't quite there yet, and took me a few games to realize that it's a really accurate ship.
  2. Space Battleship Musashi

    There's also the Enterprise that got TK'ed in Parallels. I forget if it also blew up in Yesterday's Enterprise.

    This is an alternate reality where every nation invested in klingon cloaking devices.
  4. I'm scared to imagine the possibility of my Katori going head to head with an Iowa. (Can I get a Willy D. on the enemy team please?)
  5. Are you taking more damage recently in DDs?

    Only time I get hit a lot is when I either A) make bad decisions, or B) make bad decisions with Aigle (which is a lot).
  6. So today I met a Jean Bart

    When you get hold of powerful AA. When you utilize a ship with bow armor. When you use the main battery reload booster and shoot every ten seconds. From the makers of Super Dunkerque: Richelieu, present to you . . . . Super Duper Dunkerque: Jean Bart. Now you're playing with power.
  7. Can we buff the ARP ship reload times then?
  8. How often do you play chicken?

    Most of the times I try to go in for the ram, I die before contact is made. Much sadness is had. Then there are the German BBs who turn at the last moment to get their torps off.
  9. MA MM

    I wonder what it would look like if you did 100 games, division of three, all using Big Mamie?
  10. Clemson for gunboating V-170 is a nice middleground Isokaze for torpedo dropping. But the true winner of T-IV DDs is the super secret Campbeltown Mk. II.
  11. I like that they went through the effort to put on a nose too.
  12. Reward Whales WG

    Did you want a free t-10 camo that makes you sparkle gold and shine with the intensity of a 1000 suns?