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  1. Yoshiblue

    AA should not be automatic.

    When switching planes, you gotta now play a lego mini game to get the next squad up.
  2. Yoshiblue

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    When you put it this way, I wonder if this is what people will be saying about the super yamato in the future?
  3. Yoshiblue

    why does nobody talk about how op the thunderer and georgia are

    Georgia op? In my opinion its too easy to slap around with another battleship to be deemed so. News to me.
  4. Yoshiblue

    PSA - terrible teams are an opportunity

    Everything is all fun and games until the "and win" condition shows up.
  5. We all ran the simulations. They're annoying but not invincible.
  6. Yoshiblue

    RN heavy cruisers least popular line?

    I feel if you're used to playing Takao, you'll be used to playing an RN CA, but I only have the T5. Going head to head in Hawken duels, people talk about how good or decent the bow is, but I find it pretty easy to chunk away health from them. Its feels lackluster compared to Exeter, but the guns feel much nicer as well. There's just something about Exeter's guns that just feels like they're lacking in feedback.
  7. Would be interesting if BBs were no longer burst DPS, I can see their armor and health shooting up along cruisers losing their utility consumables. With them now being on battleships. Now that select BBs have radar or hydro, they would have to push up to make use of their new abilities. Premium ships may not be safe from the changes as they sweep and shake up their entire classes. Would also be funny to see BBs with smoke, being used more to support your team than yourself and smoke screen expert coming already baked in with new premium battleships. Course this is just a delusion of mine. Imagine Perth and Huang He losing crawling smoke and finding them now on PA Izumo and VU.
  8. Yoshiblue

    Give CV more Armament Choices

    Would be funny if you could drop a supply crate onto an ally to heal or give the an extra consumable, but it has a reticle the size of Mars and it being one item makes it super rng to pull off.
  9. Yoshiblue

    If you could buff just one ship...

    AA range is small and the radar wants you to get close. I propose we give Indianapolis little boy so when she goes boom, the surrounding ships feel it too. May even net four kills in one stroke.
  10. Yoshiblue

    Thank you WG for the t7 radar buff!!

    Needs a shogun II collab just to get heat seeking AA bullets.
  11. The only issue I see people having with Gascogne is they want another bow tanking BB, but the turret layout requires them to actually use the armor and the speed boost gets them into hairy situations that make them believe the armor is horrible. But yes, the accuracy is pretty wonky. Secondaries are great though.
  12. Yoshiblue

    PSA: Free Loot !! w0ot!

    I wonder if this means they're going to change service records in some way.
  13. Furutaka was never that bad to my memory, but I didn't play her before 2016. Is nice ship otherwise.
  14. Yoshiblue

    Red Camo for Takao?

    Either WG or the owners of ARP can apply to this.