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  1. Caption the profile image above you.

    This isn't my boot.
  2. Vampire

    My first game in it, no big numbers and nothing fancy sadly. But I do love the ship. Has a lot more teeth than the Campbeltown in terms of guns.
  3. Caption the profile image above you.

    You open the door to see a woman winking at you. What do you do?
  4. The only map I have beef with is Neighbors. Its like ocean but everyone huddles to C point for rocks.
  5. What if they introduce magical circles to capture that boost team fire rate/spotting range/firing range when held? Would it still be standard mode though? These are the mysteries.
  6. Speaking of French and Dunkerques, its always satisfying to wipe full health DDs off the face of the ocean in one volley.
  7. Caption the profile image above you.

    When the squad is talking about naughty and nice, and you remember all the nonsense they've done.
  8. Three to four days. Had I done it all in operations, maybe in one or two. Its easier to farm damage and kills, and the exp is on par with random games. Instead I did, Stage one in randoms with Wyoming. (Wanted to move on to the next BB so why not?) Stage two in co-op with Wyoming. (Quickest wins) Stage three in randoms with various T-VI ships. (I wanted to play the Wyoming some more, but it just doesn't get the same exp per game.) Stage four in Operations with various T-VI BBs and DDs. (People really seem to like cruisers in that mode. Dunkerque time, baby! Ended up doing the best in the Fuso.) At first I was overwhelmed by the exp and damage requirements for the mission, but being able to start at T-IV and the choice of modes made it a lot more comfortable to do. It would have been a lot longer to do if I couldn't do anything past T-V, since T-VI seems to be a sweet spot to get the vampire hunting done fast. Overall a fun event that many can do. Though at the same time I fear what the requirements for a ship above T-III would look like.
  9. Forum changes

    If it means more whales for the cash shop, then yes.
  10. Forum changes

    Nice, you guys got the down vote button you've always asked for. We all just have to suffer for it. Please bring back the green up arrow. I'm bias for blue, so yeah.
  11. Obviously all we gotta do is yell at the tectonic plates to get back there and push up some new mountains.
  12. Unfortunate. I wonder if the replacement will be grander than the last?