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  1. Any Izumo love out there?

    When was it buffed? I haven't played it since early this year... How much better is it?
  2. The in-game exit button and alt-F4 both take half a minute at least for me. I just go Ctrl-Shift-Esc and close it via task manager, closes right away. Been doing it that way since black screen lockups were common at some point.
  3. Let's talk plane kills for Dynamo

    I did 175 yesterday with Sims, and just did 178 with Sims. I'd paste the screenshot on here, but I don't use an image hosting service, so no. It is however up in a Discord server I'd like to advertise - the alternative WoWS NA community server discord.
  4. Jean Bart - Is she ready?

    Jean Bart, just not ready. Nice AA though.
  5. Yeah, that's why I posted it on here three years ago as well.
  6. After a few hours of deliberation, here is our idea: Thank you for your time. ♯anchorsaweigh
  7. Some variety would be nice...


  8. Ships I'd like to see added to the game

    Ugh that's one repulsive ship...
  9. Terrifying Players and Clan Tags

    Nothing scares me more than myself. I'm the only one in the match who knows where I am the entire round. I also know my weakness every single moment. CVs are the hardest to play because I always know where my planes will drop their torpedoes and bombs on me.
  10. Possible Solution to Radar

    Yes, a sticky note with all my ship's basic info and ranges on my desk is OP garbage.
  11. Dmitri Donskoi's Turning Radius is WRONG

    It's within WG's tolerances, I don't see a problem.
  12. Caption the profile image above you.

  13. If windows is not giving any errors with these restarts, it is likely a hardware issue.
  14. I need to sustain my recent winrate, it'll go purple up from dark blue if I'm lucky.
  15. Alright, guess I won't log into the game for a few more years. Might get a tier 8 premium by then.