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  1. HowitzerBlitzer

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    We need SHE cheese! It's 2018 people!
  2. HowitzerBlitzer

    Happy Birthday - United States Marine Corps

    Not the greatest force in the world, but worth mentioning.
  3. HowitzerBlitzer

    The Russophobia on NA

    The replies in this thread only help the OP's argument, I'm on his side. Now let's see how many of you complain about my comment as well.
  4. HowitzerBlitzer

    A ship tried to eat me.

    Does having a concept of the number 621 count?
  5. HowitzerBlitzer

    A ship tried to eat me.

    Jeez old people are always into the weird stuff... First clowns now this.
  6. HowitzerBlitzer

    A ship tried to eat me.

    Why the [edited] do you even know what it is?
  7. HowitzerBlitzer

    A ship tried to eat me.

    No surprised to find a vorepost on these forums...
  8. HowitzerBlitzer

    HMS Furious - The Ugly Duckling Carrier

    The REAL Ryujo
  9. HowitzerBlitzer

    The Bayern is awful

    The shells it fires are rather lightweight and lose overall power very quickly over range, only good at short range really... At least the armour scheme supports it at close range.
  10. HowitzerBlitzer

    Caption the profile image above you.

  11. LOL RIP NEW MEXICO Also, Minotaur is gonna be great now. Anyone else see this as a buff to British battleships?
  12. HowitzerBlitzer

    RN cruisers

    Emerald is basically an oversized copy of the tier 3 ship, Leander actually plays more like a cruiser.
  13. HowitzerBlitzer

    Best WWII ship ever. Ever! This be fun!

    I shipped Gneisenau x Scharnhorst, it gets especially steamy when one leaves for Tirpitz. Not spoiling though
  14. Guys, he scouted. You're witnessing the greatest WoT player here.
  15. HowitzerBlitzer

    What was your favorite cruiser line to grind?

    I enjoy the IJN line, but it's too much work and planning for me to play most of the time. Turret traverse and layout is a pain to work with, but the guns work well. The VMF line also works well for me, just because I can get shots off with the guns consistently. I'm looking at going down the French line soon, appears to have guns similar to those of the IJN while keeping a better layout for guns and torpedo firing angles.