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  1. The Spirit Of Independence Day

    We don't celebrate the DAY, we celebrate the NIGHT! By blowing the stars out of the sky, down onto the ground, and into your flags!
  2. My fellow Americans!

    Crocodile Rock is better.
  3. What ships NEED a 14pt captain to be effective?

  4. Caption the profile image above you.

    Captain furry.
  5. Just Watched Star Wars: the Last Jedi on Netflix

    Solo was a good movie, had that feeling of adventure that has been missing for quite a few episodes. Even though it felt like a stereotypical Russian novel at the beginning (boy and girl planning big life together, end up getting separated exiled to Siberia and need to survive). The fact that it was released so soon after TLJ was likely why it didn't do well.
  6. Discord or Teamspeak? for a casual clan

    Because I sometimes need to be in my group's voice chat while not at home, and need to do it over my phone, we moved to Discord because Teamspeak's app isn't free.
  7. Which ships have you retired, and why?

    Marblehead Just not been the same since the AFT nerf.
  8. Pretty big waist, might need to go on a credits and xp diet.
  9. So you are having a really crappy night...

    I'm having a crappy night and not even playing the game...
  10. Strongest T6 Cruiser

    Cleveland, duh
  11. How does this forum strike system even work?

    Compared to the "new" old one, all they did was gives us two more strikes? huh... I want the old 10 point system back, or the even older 100 point system.
  12. Got an invite link to the Discord server?

    1. Alabamastan
    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      Dangit, not that one. 
      Anyhow, I already got someone who can send me the one I need. Thanks for trying.

    3. Alabamastan


          Apologies, the Alabama public school system did not have sufficient funds to give a mind reading class when I drifted through it years ago.

  13. What has this game taken you away from?

    Sleeping, maybe going outside?
  14. I hate it when this happens

    Might be time to blame your navigator...
  15. The upcoming EULA

    Why bring the CCs into this? What they say as a player is pointless, they rarely have great playing ability or knowledge of what WG is trying to do with the game. All they have is the ability to create media like news channels and try to stay in the spotlight while they can by saying questionable things. The administrators of this site aren't on our side, they're afraid of being yelled at for what's let on here. So they remove nearly all content that rightfully challenges them out of fear it might lead to something else.