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  1. I'll have to check what size of a fan the Hyper 212 takes when I get back in the evening, been many years since I've seen one for myself. I'll edit the post when I get back.
  2. Get your 9gag trash out of here.
  3. It's still a great heatsink if you replace its stock fan and aren't going for extreme clocks on high end processors. But it's not a good heatsink for OP's use case with a rather new Intel i7 K processor (which he'll likely overclock, because if he wasn't going to, he'd get the non-K). Wording's everything... Here are some air coolers of comparable performance to Noctua's larger models. This one has colour options if you're picky, great fans, too. The above choice is better statistically than this one (in performance and noise), but I like to give options!
  4. The people here are special snowflakes compared to the WoT forum. They whine about the tiniest thing, especially if someone simply says "I don't like anime."
  5. Does not mean that the replacements will have better training for the ship than the outgoing folk, or at least for a while.
  6. So... who's going to replace them? Not sure the replacements will have more experience or better training than these two that were let go.
  7. Buy one stick of 8GB right now and grab another identical one when prices drop. I'm using up ~75% of my 8GB while playing WoWS, having a few browser tabs open in Chrome, and Discord/TS3 in the background.
  8. Without the 50mm it'd be hard to believe how the hull holds together.
  9. 50mm is there just to make the ship's design somewhat believable...
  10. It's mostly from fire damage, which is repairable. Citadel damage from other battleships on the other hand...
  11. These are someone else's hands.
  12. My eyes are mouths.
  13. CbA6KBs.png

    1. USSxRequin


      I'm not even mad. I just wish it was better done.

    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      It was done in MS Paint, quality might be a software limitation in this case, Lol.

    3. USSxRequin


      Well, you tried lol

  14. What does BFR stand for?