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  1. 80% of battleships get spotted within a minute of the match starting, and now we have new OP scouting classes like submarines and hybrids, not to mention the usual destroyers and carriers... literally WHY would anyone run Brisk? Heck, even in future updates we're getting DESTROYERS with PLANES... that's going to make staying hidden neigh IMPOSSIBLE! You'd be better off putting those points into a skill like one that helps AA, as that's where battleships really SUCK compared to other classes who told everyone to run Brisk? some dumb youtuber and his army of children pushing this agenda? I literally cannot see why unless you REALLY like iced tea
  2. Remember when we used to chat? ah how the years fly 

  3. I've mained subs since they've been playable and have never had any issues with them despite my HP disadvantage I can easily hold my own against much stronger battleships and sometimes cruisers. depth charges actually need a nerf if anything, too effective as blind fire which we know WG doesn't like, that's the real issue here mr. american
  4. wAIT you're that guy who made the :­buttThink: emoji!!

    1. tcbaker777
    2. HowitzerBlitzer


      back on the hinon discord in early 2017 one of you dudes gave us a meme emoji and yeah

  5. HowitzerBlitzer

    shameful way to die in WOWS

    Secondary first blood in a Kyiv, not sure anything can get worse than that.
  6. HowitzerBlitzer

    A Moment of Silence for MapleSyrup....

    Heard there was a shortage right now, prices appear to be on the rise...
  7. HowitzerBlitzer

    Why does it take so long to log in now?

    If you close game centre as the game starts up, it'll make you type your login manually. It connects much quicker to the server this way.
  8. If anyone still reads my statuses, merry xmas!

    I have no clue why I'm still on these forums lol

  9. HowitzerBlitzer

    *&^%$# Captcha code at login - FIX IT!

    I think you may be a robot
  10. HowitzerBlitzer

    Kongo could use a visual facelift

    In-game ships only bare the name of the lead in a class, and the models are an amalgamation of ships of that class. It is well documented by this point.
  11. HowitzerBlitzer

    Kijkduin back turrets operate illogically

    rear turret on Nurnberg isn't wired to do so, wasn't 360 at release but WG changed it for balance eventually
  12. HowitzerBlitzer

    Yay Im in a Jingles Video, again!

    Jingles? Xmas is still a month away, I don't want to hear about santa's sleighbells yet!
  13. HowitzerBlitzer

    There's something wrong with my Derfflinger

    clearly it's not flinging enough derf!