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  1. Constalation

    We called it

    Yall are forgetting sub pings last 30 seconds, work through islands and spot the target for the team... It's literally infinite radar ontop of ultra modern homing torpedoes that nuclear citadel ships.
  2. Constalation

    Santa just gave me a t9

    The difference could be a placebo effect combined with a 0.5% difference for all we know. Until wargaming releases the actual crate % rates which is required by law in certain countries we won't know.
  3. Constalation

    Santa just gave me a t9

    No, it's called gambling and 1 ship in 100 crates is standard. Royal is actually lucky, and wargaming is selling slot machine coins.
  4. Irrelevant, some mods inevitably make the ship better. And WG is attempting to monetize legendary mods with the NTC. Therefore, WG will inevitably release some broken OP legendary mod in the RB. This, to encourage FXP conversion and the purchase of ship line boosters in order to increase sales. It's painfully obvious and pay2win and literally just the old NTC in disguise. I'm probably gonna stop playing if legendary mods go into the RB. Unless there requirement of #of T10 ships is removed, and RB points are gained by methods other than resetting a bloody line I ground out and literally hated, or RB gets removed from the game.
  5. Constalation

    WG Please Read From a Concerned Player

    Why are you removing anything at all. Well, it's incredibly obvious. To make money by selling upgrades. Honestly, if this goes through I'm actually done with this game I think. It's already difficult for me to even bother to play the game with just how grindy even the first 3 directives PR's grind is, but this RB [expletive] ontop? Where you literally just pay money to get these upgrades instead of earn them? Honestly, I think I'm just gonna quit the game if this is how it's going to go with everything.... I was interested in colbert, until I found out it was RB, at which point I stopped caring. If upgrades go into the RB as well, then frankly I won't give a rat's [expletive] about them either. Just make sure the dev team knows that for some players, content in the Research Buereu does not exist.
  6. Constalation

    20x Santa's Big gift = 3x T8 Premium ships

    Human psychology has a tendency to take infinitesimally small percentages and inflate them to unrealistic proportions. Just like how people have difficulty grasping incredibly large or incredibly small numbers, people without a degree in statistics have a tendency to not understand how 'rare' rare is. It's overall better to tell people that they are not going to get something, than tell them "oh you could, it's just unlikely" (Or, the less than 0.001% chance) since many people will endlessly grind for that small chance not realizing that it may take 10,000 rolls and think that "next roll, i'll be lucky, I couldn't be so unlucky to have to roll more". I would know, because I have.
  7. Constalation

    20x Santa's Big gift = 3x T8 Premium ships

    The chance of getting the exact same result as someone else is less than 1%, especially when it comes to premium ships. Getting the same result is technically possible, just like Puerto Rico, but is it likely? No.
  8. Constalation

    20x Santa's Big gift = 3x T8 Premium ships

    Consider just how many premium ships are in the game. Then consider just how many different rewards exist for these lootboxes. Other than that, gambling addiction cycles tend to result from the the assumption that "if I throw enough money at the slot machine, I can win big like XYZ".
  9. Constalation

    20x Santa's Big gift = 3x T8 Premium ships

    Some people in this thread may give the impression that the boxes are good value, but please realize that these boxes are random. You will not get the same results, and actual collected data shows that overall ship drops are rarer than last year. Please do not look at this thread and assume your chances will be similar or better. Especially since wargaming does not comply with the late standard practice of pre-releasing exact % rates.
  10. You don't. Seriously. Numerically it's impossible without essentially an AI playing for 24 hours straight with maximum flags and performance.(~70% Winrate) To complete directive 7, you need for farm over 1million FreeXP in 24 hours, and it needs to be done in specific ships with no synergy. AKA, it's unfeasible. Assume 20k FreeXP per battle. 350,000xp /20,000 = 17.5 battles. Rounded up to 18. 18 battles assuming 15minutes per battle is 270minutes, or 4.5 hours even if you earn 20,000 FXP, per battle. And you need to do this at minimum two times. This doesn't include things like queue time, or the game running the full 20 minutes, losing a battle, or you running out of camo and flags. On top of this, you need to complete 5 directives to complete #7. Your other options are 58,000 commander XP in Friesland or Blysks, 20,202,020 credits, and 1,100,000 XP total. That, all needs to be done in 24 hours. If you can't do these, you need to farm 350,000 FXP in specific restricted ships(In both Tier and nationality), multiple times. Each directive in general needs to be done within 3~4days of it's release as well, and you must finish 20 daily missions and get all the daily shipments on top of it.
  11. I did actually grind out Benham, do I count as a dedicated sea wolf? Because I find this PR grind significantly worse than Benham.
  12. I really hope this was an error. Because I do not have the time as a Uni student to be playing over 12 hours a week, especially in this season.
  13. I mean, just best case scenario right? Premium, flags, good game? That's still the ballpark of 10~15k FXP. At 10k xp per game that's still 35 games per directive for just one of the FXP ones. Nevermind commander XP. That's ~9 hours per FXP directive which, well, take a guess as to how many people can even touch that. This is BEFORE, you bring in ship restrictions. I just cannot comprehend the brain that says "this is a good christmas gift", it's a white elephant! Even worse, technically it's more efficient to pay doubloons for a boost at the start, so if you are on the fence about whether you can do it or not, you are probably 100% screwed and have to gamble on a future you cannot predict!
  14. So, I guess wargaming wants no one to get PR for free. No one at wargaming plays the game evidently, because they wouldn't look at that and think "this is reasonable" if they actually played the bloody game. I just realized, you have to complete directive #7 in one week. That is quite literally impossible for the vast majority almost all players. What is wargaming smoking?
  15. Right, but how many boosters do I need exactly to be able to complete it, assuming they all activate in the first 7 days? You aren't telling us the number of points each booster will provide per minute.