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  1. Constalation

    Needed: Mouse captain.

    That's not how development works. People programming game mechanics and making new warship lines aren't the people making these custom captains. And I'd rather they made special community captains and not the current practically pay2win national captains with simply better abilities.
  2. Constalation

    Idea for banked xp conversion

    Plenty of people have millions of XP on their premiums or favorite vehicles. If, this extra XP could be used on the Research Bureau... Yes. Otherwise, very unlikely.
  3. Constalation

    Smol worth getting with HE changes looming?

    A good smolensk player won't be running IFHE anyway. (Except in CW where time is essential) Maximizing damage output in the smolensk means setting as many fires as you possibly can on as many ships as possible.
  4. Constalation

    Looking at the stats of ST Pan Euro DD tech tree

    Four premium consumables though... It's going to be plenty expensive and it's probably going to get Yueyang level nerfed. (Radar easily makes up for bad concealment, as we have seen)
  5. I think it's safe to assume that the current tree is intended as a Swedish only tree. I'm hoping they add multiple destroyer trees, each showcasing a different style and promoting different nations. Without a comment from WG, it's hard to say however.
  6. Constalation

    What in the ever living hell, WG?

    Overall, I'm worried that Swedish destroyers will go the way of the Yueyang. Massively popular because radar can make up for bad concealment and work as smoke counter on tricky caps. That combined with amazing gunpower? Smells like Pre-nerf Pan-asia.
  7. Constalation

    What in the ever living hell, WG?

    Romulus is a Swedish ship? NOT AGAIN, NOT MORE OF THEM!
  8. Constalation

    What in the ever living hell, WG?

    Primarily because the monicker "Pan-European" is in fact, a lie. Only the first three two ships, T1/2/3, are non-swedish ships. Wargaming is lying about this line being "Pan-European". It's literally just Swedish.
  9. Constalation

    Ye olde list of Swedish DD complaints:

    I don't even know what I expected. It's literally just Sweden. Swedes everywhere, drowning in Swede, för mycket. and why are they giving swede gunboats torpedoes and nerfing their guns. We already have tons of HE spammers, a few more won't change anything.
  10. Constalation

    Ye olde list of Swedish DD complaints:

    Was wondering when people would notice the little details. For [Expletive] sake, the tree has a paper swedish ship. Just re-do it, call it the swede destroyer line and make a different line called the "Pan-European line."
  11. Constalation

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    Allow me to correct this a bit. This is all from personal experience.
  12. Constalation

    So How Do You Defend VS CV's?

    Are you daft? +100% means doubled HP. Your AA mounts are still vulnerable. Go into a training room with a ship that actually has a decent number of AA mounts, and watch them all disappear. Secondary guns and AA mounts do not repair. They are permanently destroyed. Easiest way to test it is to get hit by a few HE shells from a british battleship, and check the status of your ship.
  13. Constalation

    CV are not OP change my mind

    False. It's irresponsible to simply make the claim that "unicums are spreading hate" as you have no proof of this and it shows you do not understand the frustrations of CV focus. Every ship in the game has a hard counter of some kind. You are saying, essentially that "CVs do not need to follow game rules". And no, CVs are also coming to Clan battles, so it does matter quite a lot. Our clan has already decided to overall boycott a clan wars season that includes CVs, especially at T8. You are attributing far too much to a select few players. Morever, you are claiming that many opinions against CVs are irrelevant due to people not having self determination. You are doing this, so that you can easily dismiss arguments against CVs by claiming that they are unoriginal. That is very insulting. I hate CVs in their current form. This opinion is not affected by curators or content creators. My hate stems from my anecdotal experience where my DesMoines/Salem is unable to protect teammates from air strikes. It also stems from the fact that a Haku will actually target me first with AP bombs despite the supposed amazing AA.
  14. Constalation

    CV are not OP change my mind

    This is irrelevant. Every ship in the game is limited in the same manner. I can counter DDs, CAs, BBs, equally in any of my ships. But I cannot say the same about CVs. It's just that simple.
  15. Constalation

    Stop CV hunting

    Only in matches that lack CV and Radar. As long as longrange vision tools exist, DDs will be kept in check. With a good CV doing the spotting (Of said DD), DDs are for most practical purposes useless. Without the incredibly powerful tool of vision/concealment, DDs are basically hard to hit pinatas.