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  1. Cruiser_Senjo

    [] Hakabase's Modpack Installer ver.01

    hi haka im back ... almost half year without playing <.< ... but when i instal your modpack again i do all again step by step as always the problem is that the mods dont show up not a single one of them .-. any ideas why? thanks <3
  2. Cruiser_Senjo

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    you made me buy this ship and now im buying it ! XD viva LWM !!!
  3. trying to play but game keeps crashind and crashing ... its like me when i go to the go karts ... but drunk ... and with a pirate patch on every eye ... 

    1. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy


      rip. maybe changed the DX11 thing to DX9

  4. Cruiser_Senjo

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    how i upvote more than 1 >u< and amazing review LWM i cant wait for tomorrow to buy her !! keep on it with this amazing reviews are awesome !!!
  5. forget carolina .. LONG LIVE TO THE BENSON !!!!

  6. I LOVE MY CAROLINA .-. <3

  7. well well i want the neworleans again dont hit me ,.-.,

  8. i want to poi your heart ? .-. ok no i want to hit you with a torp <3

    1. theknewguy


      kill me with a spoon

  9. With a brand new zekamashi and soon a hindenburg im happy :3

  10. Cruiser_Senjo

    [] [Major] Collection of Mods

    Hi major great work at always ... did you have the original camo remover to make my skins dont over mix and make a bizarre ship? thanks <3
  11. i need 2 things and involve H german class ships and 20 tuna cans

  12. plase notice me akagi-senpai

  13. please notice me akagi-senpai