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  1. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    hi haka im back ... almost half year without playing <.< ... but when i instal your modpack again i do all again step by step as always the problem is that the mods dont show up not a single one of them .-. any ideas why? thanks <3
  2. Cruiser_Senjo

    Premium Ship Review: Kii

    you made me buy this ship and now im buying it ! XD viva LWM !!!
  3. trying to play but game keeps crashind and crashing ... its like me when i go to the go karts ... but drunk ... and with a pirate patch on every eye ... 

    1. ChubbyCVEGambierBaaayyyy


      rip. maybe changed the DX11 thing to DX9

  4. Cruiser_Senjo

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    how i upvote more than 1 >u< and amazing review LWM i cant wait for tomorrow to buy her !! keep on it with this amazing reviews are awesome !!!
  5. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    thats kinda ... hack ,,, and any mod to provide a help to win in the game is illegal be careful for what you search draca
  6. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    thanks for the pack like always haka o.o7
  7. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    nope still not hakamod on voice u.u all other mods work well and the files are there myb just gamer god hates me ?
  8. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    i do all step for step the files are there but dont shows up in-game u.u i try it using the files from the pure sound-voice mod in the other post and it worked but i try it again with this new update and its a no u.u
  9. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    Selected components:Component: -------------------Dock------------------- Component: Language Support:TW CN JP EN Component: English + Female name Component: Extended Tech Tree Component: by MBT-Hibiki Component: Preview Mini Carousel Component: Show Not Researched Ship in Color Component: -----------------Battle------------------- Component: Navigator(Angle Indicator), Smoke Timer Component: Navigator(Angle Indicator) Component: Center 1 Component: Smoke Timer Component: ShipList Component: Running Light(Speed indicator) Component: Improved RangeFinder Component: Telegraph Component: Improved ChatRoom-Display Ship Name Component: ----------------MiniMap----------------- Component: Minimap Show Ship's Name Component: Display Ship Name Always Component: Map Mask(DLC) Component: Hakabase V1 Component: ------------------ICON------------------ Component: Contour / Ship Icon(DLC) Component: Kancolle V2.5 Component: Commander(DLC) Component: Kanmusu Component: Techtree/Ship Preview(DLC) Component: Kancolle MIX Component: UI Pack Component: Anime & Comics (DLC) Component: Kancolle Haruna Component: Achievements Component: Kancolle Component: Flag & Ensing Component: Kancolle + Pantsu signal Component: -----------Audio & Video(DLC)--------- Component: Voice(voiceover Modification:userMOD) Component: by Hakabase Component: Kancolle(CV:ARP Ashigara)+POI Component: SFX(voiceover Modification:userMOD) Component: Kantai Gun sound by Erisuchan Component: Ambient Sound by Vito74m Component: -----------------Port(DLC)-------------- Component: Multi Selection (No Cargo Ship) Component: Hakabase Port Creations Component: ------------------Look-------------------- Component: Weather Component: Anti-Glare,SunGlasses Component: Damage Pattern Component: Klein Field Component: Flame(DLC) Component: Blue Flame Component: Erosion Component: Fire SFX Component: Electromagnetic Component: Trail Smoke Component: Electromagnetic V1 Component: Cannon Shell(DLC) Component: Tracer Component: Torpedo Track Component: Torpedo Track-Blue Component: -----Camo, Remodel, Skin(DLC)----- Component: Anime Skins Combined by Alan Lan Component: ------------------ETC------------------- Component: Replay Enable Component: Training Room Enable
  10. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    yes i know the drill but non option apear
  11. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    aloha again sorry for bother .... the ashigara+poi voice seems not working ... ? also de gunsounds erusichan
  12. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    thanks as always for the hard work haka and all the contributors .-- btw will the board limit color gonna be available again some day ?
  13. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    thanks for the hard work haka <3 ñ 2 questions are training room working ? and ... there is a way to cover steven seagull voice ? .-. like with kancolle mod <.< ?
  14. Cruiser_Senjo

    [discontinued] Hakabase's Modpack Installer

    speed indicator is over ? banned ? or something ? q.q ?