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  1. oh look a corgi


    wait what's this note is in his mouth

    the note says


    Dear SuperNikopower


    CM USS Alaska when is it in the pipeline? I see Hcms Haida is approved, but before Haida there was USS Alaska. Many threads have been opened even since 2013 about this ship yet it is still not in game. I have seen mention of it being in the early alpha of the game and yet we are here 3+ years later and still no USS Alaska. Put up a simple poll if you want to see where people stand. I am sure a majority would vote yes on this one. It has the makings to be the first free xp tier 9 cruiser yet it is not being used. The only cruiser to have 305 mm guns and commissioned right in 1944 placing it in this game's time frame. Do the community a favor and put it in the list of ideas and feedback to the devs