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  1. SuperNikoPower

    Have to admit - Co-op is good for

    I enjoy co-op to test out new ships. Once I get the hang of them, I'll head out into randoms.
  2. SuperNikoPower

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    This needs to happen!!!
  3. SuperNikoPower

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    I'd love to but atm I'm not sure I will be able to pull through this stop. :(
  4. SuperNikoPower

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Corgis of course
  5. Miss you buddy

    1. Navalpride33


      Please to see you're around there NIKO..

    2. SuperNikoPower


      Thanks. :) I plan to be around more often now that I am getting back into the game. 

  6. SuperNikoPower

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Castle Wolfenstein. *Side note. I can't believe this thread is still going on. :)
  7. SuperNikoPower

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    I wanna go if nothing more than to collect the shirts. :)
  8. SuperNikoPower

    Full Marauder, Maskarado, and Turkey Event Statistics

    The accounts were actually banned and new ones were created. That is why the naming was slightly different. At least while I was there running them.
  9. SuperNikoPower


    Awww, you guys make me smile. :)
  10. SuperNikoPower

    Attention to all Corgi Captain

    I love snow corgis. :)
  11. SuperNikoPower

    New leap forward in technology! Shippost!

    :) I've been found out! Run!
  12. SuperNikoPower

    Player comments about the Turkeys

    Awwwwww..... Miss ya bud!~
  13. Why can't I make a post on the mods forum asking a question? 

  14. SuperNikoPower

    A Request to the Community Contributors

    I can say that I agree with the OP about this discussion. As well as what Vulgarr and LittleWhiteMouse said and in the way they responded.