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  1. SuperNikoPower

    Where I've been (Heavy subject warning)

    @Lert!!! I’m so sorry to hear this. A community member brought it to my attention and I had to run over here. I’m glad you are on the road to recovery even if it will be a tough one. I’ll be keeping an eye out and hopefully we will hear more of your recovery. We’re all thinking of you. Can’t wait to see you back on the seas again.
  2. SuperNikoPower

    Have to admit - Co-op is good for

    I enjoy co-op to test out new ships. Once I get the hang of them, I'll head out into randoms.
  3. SuperNikoPower

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    This needs to happen!!!
  4. SuperNikoPower

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    I'd love to but atm I'm not sure I will be able to pull through this stop. :(
  5. SuperNikoPower

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Corgis of course
  6. Miss you buddy

    1. Navalpride33


      Please to see you're around there NIKO..

    2. SuperNikoPower


      Thanks. :) I plan to be around more often now that I am getting back into the game. 

  7. SuperNikoPower

    Forum Game - Word Association

    Castle Wolfenstein. *Side note. I can't believe this thread is still going on. :)
  8. SuperNikoPower

    FIRST STOP - Anchors Away 2020: USS North Carolina

    I wanna go if nothing more than to collect the shirts. :)
  9. SuperNikoPower

    Full Marauder, Maskarado, and Turkey Event Statistics

    The accounts were actually banned and new ones were created. That is why the naming was slightly different. At least while I was there running them.
  10. SuperNikoPower


    Awww, you guys make me smile. :)
  11. SuperNikoPower

    Attention to all Corgi Captain

    I love snow corgis. :)
  12. SuperNikoPower

    New leap forward in technology! Shippost!

    :) I've been found out! Run!
  13. SuperNikoPower

    Player comments about the Turkeys

    Awwwwww..... Miss ya bud!~
  14. Why can't I make a post on the mods forum asking a question?