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  1. You guys are all awesome. I've seen a couple people say I will return as a player. Your damn right I will. In fact, I have been playing pretty often actually when I unwind from my new gig. I hope to see some or all of you out there. Make sure to add me in game, follow me on Twitter, and Twitch. SuperNikoPower is the name for all of them. I'm always somewhere there and willing to play with anyone. :) The Corgi Fleet coming to a close this weekend was bitter sweet but I'm proud of all I've done and proud of all of you for being the greatest community ever. I expect it to stay that way! :) @Radar_X is an awesome dude and I know he will take care of this community just fine. I see great things for this community. Thank you all again for everything. You've given me enough memories to last a lifetime.
  2. Hello there!  Wargaming gave me your info for me to reach out to you.  I did not receive an email with Corgi-Captain instructions.  I checked my inbox and my junkmail box and didn't find anything relating to Corgi-Captain instructions.   How do I log in as a Corgi Captain, or how do I ensure the title shows up?  Thank you for your help!!


    Corgi Captain #201    - Balthaczar

  3. I just found out you are leaving  us and I hope find  new things in life and have fund

    good luck 

  4. heard the news you are leaving, been with you for 2 yrs and still going with your forum nick, is it ok if you let me in knowing your real name?



    lochlan from Australia

  5. Awwwww..... To the World of Warships Community: Thanks everyone. Since my day one here on World of Warships, you guys have made me feel more welcome than I ever have. You all challenged me to stay one step ahead and constantly develop my craft. This is truly the best community I've worked with out of all my community efforts ever. You've taught me new ways to think about my interactions and how to handle any hurdles that pop up. I remember back when my first test was the Ornament Contest after launch. I wasn't sure how well it would go. Then we saw 237 ornaments come in and I knew this community was super engaged and also creative. It was amazing to read the cards that came in and to see your awesome ornaments. The next test was Project R. When the community had concerns, I was able to gather them and with the help of my amazing team here, we snapped into action and made the event even more enjoyable for you guys in less than 24 hours. It was awesome to know that I was on and team and with a community that could work together to make things amazing. Corgi Fleet... There is a fun one. Something I never knew would work turned out to be amazing. It's grown each time more and more. From only 50 people interested in the first all the way to 1300 interested for the upcoming. It was a ton of work but all worth seeing the community get excited for being a target over a weekend. It has been exciting to see this take shape. Overall, remember, this community is tight knit. You all work with each other and have been largely positive over the last 2 and 1/2 almost years. Stay that way. Keep watching out for each other and keep working to make each other better. I know in the world of competitive games that is tough thing to do. You guys managed to do that. Keep it up. While I am talking my final steps out of the Wargaming/World of games today, I will still be a part of the community. It will be fun to be a player again. I'll get to look at the game through a different pair of eyes. It's like I am being reintroduced to society. I will pop in from time to time to see how it is all going. Be sure to add me in game. If I'm playing I will gladly div up. IGN: SuperNikoPower Radar_X and those who will follow after me have this on lock. I've been working with Radar_X over the last little while in preparation of this. I've taught him everything I know. Take that and match it with his experience in Community, I have full confidence in handing him the keys and the car not being crashed. Super_Splash_Bro will also be there for you guys too. Make sure you keep up with his contests and show them BOTH the awesome kind attitudes you have all shown me. They will appreciate it and most of all, I will appreciate it. To my Community Contributors: You guys have been amazing. The greatest team ever assembled. Yeah, even better than the Avengers. I couldn't have asked for a better group to work with. Keep doing what you are doing. Keep having fun. Most of all, keep being you. The players really appreciate what you all do and it shows. There are huge opportunities for you coming and I hope you take them all on. I'll be checking on you guys as well. Making sure like is all swimmingly awesome. :) And with that, I take my final bow and am humbled to have been able to serve this community since launch. I will keep it in my mind always. If you want to keep in contact and keep up with me, please do. The best places are on my Twitter @SuperNikoPower and on my Twitch channel twitch.tv/SuperNikoPower. Until we meet again, Good luck, fair seas, and BORK!
  6. We will miss you Niko. I will cherish you as the position of CM and my Corgi Commander.

    It has been a honor.


    -Corgi_Captain_192 a.k.a. Thunder_gp

  7. what a dumb idea from WG never actually taking the time to model USS Alaska which would have had a stronger showing since it has been requested since beta days and is similar to this design. Not one but two cruisers with 305 mm guns are kidding me wargaming. We asked for one ship over and over again and yet you all thought we wanted some fantasy crap. I'm a bit disappointed in you @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower @Sub_Octavian count me out with putting money in until you fix this mess. Your the ones responsible for gathering community feedback yet your irresponsibly ignored what the community requested. I'm sure the Russian community will be overjoyed. but what about the EU, NA, and Asia communities for a company that is a global one you sure do a good job not catering to some of the biggest audiences. As some have pointed out they're British designs that got built American designs that got built  yet you go with not one but two Fantasy cruisers only existing on paper. While I like your game I don't take kindly to seeing the kind people on these forums getting ignored for one of their biggest requests USS Alaska. Stop messing around with fire it burns and broils.

  8. USN second BB line in 2019 can't wait to see you there. Ohh and can't wait for all the 2018 surprises hahaha

  9. Is this the right place for this?

    This is the correct place. We have gathered a lot of feedback for training rooms and this is one of those things. We've forwarded it up.
  10. YeOldTraveller is pretty much right on about this. Sometimes these things change but typically, he is correct.
  11. Does WG announce when ships go on sale ?

    You can also keep an eye on the World of Warships portal. Information about this and various other things will show up there.
  12. oh look a corgi


    wait what's this note is in his mouth

    the note says


    Dear SuperNikopower


    CM USS Alaska when is it in the pipeline? I see Hcms Haida is approved, but before Haida there was USS Alaska. Many threads have been opened even since 2013 about this ship yet it is still not in game. I have seen mention of it being in the early alpha of the game and yet we are here 3+ years later and still no USS Alaska. Put up a simple poll if you want to see where people stand. I am sure a majority would vote yes on this one. It has the makings to be the first free xp tier 9 cruiser yet it is not being used. The only cruiser to have 305 mm guns and commissioned right in 1944 placing it in this game's time frame. Do the community a favor and put it in the list of ideas and feedback to the devs











  13. Back in the saddle

    Welcome back!!!!!
  14. Ranked IS A JOKE

    I do understand your concerns. Especially AFK and throwing matches. I will say that stream sniping is something that happens in all games in which people stream. There are ways to take care of this. Setting a stream delay would be the easiest way to do it if you are going to stream. Some people set up even 10 minutes to make sure they are not in the same place as the viewer seasons. Also, many have taken to not streaming during ranked. While this isn't the solution for everyone, the best way to not be stream sniped is to not stream. As for the Tier selections, keep in mind, as you've seen, these can always be changed and moved around. We will just have to wait and see when the next season comes up. Thank you for your feedback.