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  1. Why can't I make a post on the mods forum asking a question? 

  2. SuperNikoPower

    A Request to the Community Contributors

    I can say that I agree with the OP about this discussion. As well as what Vulgarr and LittleWhiteMouse said and in the way they responded.
  3. SuperNikoPower

    Musings of a pirate

    I loved the super angry profanity laced responses to my being a pirate/captain. Most of it I wouldn't even repeat anywhere. It was interesting. I agree though, the event was very well run and exciting to play in.
  4. Quick shout out. The Gascogne looks beautiful. I am tempted by her, but want to learn a bit more.

    BTW on the webpage I found a little typo on captain skills. It should read Expert Marksman not Experment


    Commander Skills

    • Priority Target
    • Adrenaline Rush
    • Superindendent
    • Fire Prevention
    • Concealment Expert
    • Basics of Survivability 
    • Experment Marksman

    These Commader skills taken together provide additional survivability for Gascogne. She'll need it for those mid-range engagements. 

  5. Hello there!  Wargaming gave me your info for me to reach out to you.  I did not receive an email with Corgi-Captain instructions.  I checked my inbox and my junkmail box and didn't find anything relating to Corgi-Captain instructions.   How do I log in as a Corgi Captain, or how do I ensure the title shows up?  Thank you for your help!!


    Corgi Captain #201    - Balthaczar

  6. I just found out you are leaving  us and I hope find  new things in life and have fund

    good luck 

  7. heard the news you are leaving, been with you for 2 yrs and still going with your forum nick, is it ok if you let me in knowing your real name?



    lochlan from Australia

  8. We will miss you Niko. I will cherish you as the position of CM and my Corgi Commander.

    It has been a honor.


    -Corgi_Captain_192 a.k.a. Thunder_gp

  9. what a dumb idea from WG never actually taking the time to model USS Alaska which would have had a stronger showing since it has been requested since beta days and is similar to this design. Not one but two cruisers with 305 mm guns are kidding me wargaming. We asked for one ship over and over again and yet you all thought we wanted some fantasy crap. I'm a bit disappointed in you @Pigeon_of_War @SuperNikoPower @Sub_Octavian count me out with putting money in until you fix this mess. Your the ones responsible for gathering community feedback yet your irresponsibly ignored what the community requested. I'm sure the Russian community will be overjoyed. but what about the EU, NA, and Asia communities for a company that is a global one you sure do a good job not catering to some of the biggest audiences. As some have pointed out they're British designs that got built American designs that got built  yet you go with not one but two Fantasy cruisers only existing on paper. While I like your game I don't take kindly to seeing the kind people on these forums getting ignored for one of their biggest requests USS Alaska. Stop messing around with fire it burns and broils.

  10. USN second BB line in 2019 can't wait to see you there. Ohh and can't wait for all the 2018 surprises hahaha

  11. oh look a corgi


    wait what's this note is in his mouth

    the note says


    Dear SuperNikopower


    CM USS Alaska when is it in the pipeline? I see Hcms Haida is approved, but before Haida there was USS Alaska. Many threads have been opened even since 2013 about this ship yet it is still not in game. I have seen mention of it being in the early alpha of the game and yet we are here 3+ years later and still no USS Alaska. Put up a simple poll if you want to see where people stand. I am sure a majority would vote yes on this one. It has the makings to be the first free xp tier 9 cruiser yet it is not being used. The only cruiser to have 305 mm guns and commissioned right in 1944 placing it in this game's time frame. Do the community a favor and put it in the list of ideas and feedback to the devs











  12. Since you are an administrator, I am rather curious as to what you would say in response to the thread linked below. 

    Also, as a concerned, frustrated iMac player, we haven't seen nary a peep of developer answers or responses on the official iMac support forum for months. You and your colleagues have been leaving us in the dark, and it is not exactly the best way to treat customers, paying or otherwise. 

  13. hello SuperNikoPower so i have the xp to convert to get the USS Missouri but i don't have the 100 some dollars to convert the xp needed to get the Missouri so is it possible for wargaming to help me out to get the Missouri?

  14. SuperNikoPower

    Let's Battle Tour - USS Lexington

    Come hang out with the World of Warships crew and Community Contributors. An Essex class aircraft carrier commissioned in 1943 that served the United States longer and set more records than any other carrier in her class Full access to flight deck featuring over 20 military aircraft Pearl Harbor exhibit Flight simulators Guided tours November 4th. 6-11pm Central Time