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  1. That was the FIRST thing we thought of. Full team or no go. :) Also, no this can't be done in training rooms as this map isn't available.
  2. To finally illustrate how well this strategy works... Missed the stars page but we pulled 5 stars
  3. So we've seen a lot of stories from players over the last while about how many ships they have, which ships they have, and why they like to have them. So we decided that a contest would be a fun way to bring all of out all of our players' stories. Also, outside of collecting your ships, do you have any ship/boat related hobbies outside of the game? Do you build ship models? Do you tour Museum Ships? Let us know in your story. Here are the rules: 1: All stories must be your own. All entries are subject to review. If we suspect copy paste from net, your entry will be invalid. 2: Your story must be no longer than 350 words and no less than 300. 3: Family friendly stories only. Any questionable content that is falls outside of the normal forum rules will invalidate your entry. 4: This contest will end on Friday 7/28 at 9:00 AM Pacific time. Prize: If we get 15 quality* entries -> 1 Winner will win (1) Previously Sold Ship If we get 30 quality* entries -> 2 Winners will win (1) Previously Sold Ship If we get 45 quality* entries -> 3 Winners will win (1) Previously Sold Ship *Quality Entries = Well thought out posts that follow the directions and meet the minimum word count.
  4. Captains! As we know, some people seem to want to challenge themselves to speed through the minefield in the Operation Dynamo/Dunkirk Mission. So we thought it would be interesting to see how players do it and maybe even offer a prize or two. So here is how you do this. You are going from your starting point to the Star/Ending Point on the map. You are to go ONLY through the center of the minefield. Sounds simple huh? Don't count on it. Here are the rules. RULES: 1: You are to drive through the center of the minefield as illustrated below. 2: You MUST be on a full team of 7 players either helping you do this task or also participating in the task. The team must be full and participating. We don't want you interfering with people trying to do the actual mission. Please use this thread to gather a group for the run. 3: At the beginning of the run, all 7 of your players must type in chat either of the following "I am participating in the Kessel Run Event" -or- "I am supporting (__Player Name__) in the Kessel Run Event" 4: REPLAYS MUST BE ON!!! Your entry into this contest is done by submitting a replay here in this thread. You can also use to upload your replay. No other form of entry will be accepted. 5: You are free to use any set up you wish for any of the 3 Operation Dynamo ships. Flags are also fair game. 6: The event will run until 09:00 AM Pacific Time on July 27th. Winners will be announced shortly after. Prizes: 1st make it through: (1) Gallant w/slot Fastest Run: (1) Gallant w/slot, (1) Dunkerque w/slot, (1) Leningrad w/slot 2nd Fastest Run: (1) Gallant w/slot, (1) Dunkerque w/slot 3rd Fastest Run: (1) Dunkerque w/slot Good luck captains! If you have any questions, please ask away. Also, be sure to keep your team recruitment in this thread. Thanks :)
  5. So, if we can keep this on par with him liking the new Dunkirk stuff, we can keep this open. Let's leave the anime stuff out of it. This includes the OP.
  6. Amazing
  7. That was great. Now I am dying.
  8. I will say, this is probably the best strategy set up I've seen so far. Great job!
  9. Hands down one of my favorites.
  10. As long as you keep it in this thread and not anywhere else, have at it.
  11. It is quite a bit. Depends on a few factors that you will end up finding out I'm sure.
  12. Welcome to the forums!!! Glad to see you here. Enjoy the community and most of all WoWS. If you have any questions, the forum members are pretty good about helping out. If you need anything directly, feel free to reach out to me.
  13. We may or may not have planned for lots of photos this time around.
  14. I'm assuming the cables? That always happened when I had a kitten.