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  1. Halonut24

    Wow! Hood really sucks!

    I would disagree. I've fairly consistently beaten the tar out of North Carolina's in 1 v 1's, and still walk away with at least 40k health (I also run survivability expert, because 70k health at Tier VII). She's powerful, and quite tanky. She can actually 1 v 1 most of the BB her tier and even at tier VIII, thanks to the fact she has as much, or more health than most tier VIII BB. The guns at med-close range do decently well, though the short fuse doesn't help against BB very much, but she can duke it out pretty well if given the chance.
  2. Halonut24

    Epic Three Ship Division Ideas

    Triple Okt-Rev battle column. Cheap, funny, and stronk. Essentially a Tier V Lyon division.
  3. So I got to the USS Buffalo recently. I'm not impressed. Everything about this ship is just slow. It turns like a cow, it accelerates like a turtle high on weed, the guns reload painfully slow and they turn horribly slow. Nothing about this ship I'm really liking so far. It's like Baltimore, if you made literally everything about it worse. Anything I should try to keep in mind to do any better in it?
  4. Halonut24

    Best music while playing

    I'm a Metalhead, so naturally just about any metal works for me. Though for a while I found "Sparta" by Sabaton a good jam for Ranked in my Prinz Eugen awhile back. I might also get into some EDM once in a while as well, though usually metal. I sometimes bounce around from Breaking Benjamin to 5 Finger Death Punch, Sabaton, and even some Avenged Sevenfold (especially "Shepherd of Fire". Just such a big, badass song to listen to with big, badass ships).
  5. lol good one. Though I got an e-mail warning about a chat violation earlier today, and I'm not sure what for. It didn't really say. Huh...
  6. Halonut24

    Non premium sister ships

    To my knowledge she's her own entity. She's closely related to Renown though, but not quite a sister. Cousin is probably more accurate. Main difference is Renown had one less Turret than Hood.
  7. *I seriously doubt that to be the case. There's a reason that 2 carrier per team is never seen above tier V or VI, and I can't see WG dissolving that limit. As for the hangar capacity, was it directly stated there would no longer be a limit to aircraft? To me that provided the main risk for CV play, so to speak. I kind of doubt that they'd completely do away with it. No clue how CV sniping would work. But, since fighters are no longer a unit directed to anti-air exclusively, maybe CV's have a consumable like the catapult fighter to use as part of point defense. It kinda makes sense for CV defense from air attacks, since CV's IRL always ran CAP around the Carrier. Either way, it's still pretty early in development, so there are still tons of changes that could be made.
  8. Halonut24

    Non premium sister ships

    I think being able to name your ship to something other ships of the line had would be neat. I'd love to have my "Atlanta" be named "San Diego" (2nd most decorated US ship of the war, btw, and my favorite City), or "Essex" to "Hancock" (my grandpa's ship during Vietnam). Maybe a way to see the class name as well as the sister name in-battle? It might be cluttered, but it could work if used right? And yes I'd name my Fletcher "Johnston" if I ever grind to it. OR: the ship's premium camouflage would have the ability to be of any ship of that line, and therefore give the ship an "alt-name", assuming she had sisters (meaning one-off ship lines would be exempt, like Hood for instance). Of course there would be redundancies, like Yamato-Musashi, Iowa-Missouri, Colorado-West Virginia, and the SoDaks, since they're already in the game. (though I realize the problem with Essex, as there was a "Lexington" in that line. IDK, I'm sure if they wanted to WG could figure something out. There could be an option for people to see the alt-name or to not see it, if it becomes confusing.
  9. I'm not sure I follow the OP's logic here. As of current, the skill floor for CV is really high, especially at high tiers, with the skill to not even succeed, but just to compete at Tier X is insanely high. That's because there are up to 7 or even 8 different units to control and manage at any given time. You have to manage fighter placement, numbers, direction, what to strafe, ammo consuption. When attacking you have to manage bomber attack angles and numbers, as well as if you need to abort an attack run either because of AA strength or Fighters, or both. And the fact that damage has to be perfect or else you do nothing for almost 2 minutes while your team slugs it out. CV population is so low because it's just too much to manage. From what I've seen of the rework, it should do the opposite of what OP suggests. The reworked CV allows newer CV captains a fighting chance by cutting down on mass-micromanagement and giving them more direct unit control with only having one type up at any time. Meaning no more [edited] strafes, exit strafes, and CV's steamrolling other CV's. But, it also still needs a good amount of skill to put up good damage numbers. Carriers will now have the ability to more frequently contribute damage to the team, rather than a potentially large burst every few minutes. It actually looks fun. I am 100% for the rework, and cannot wait for it to be implemented. I might have a reason to run Midway again, and even more reason to throw money at WG for Enterprise.
  10. Halonut24

    How did you come up with your username?

    Kinda embarassing, but... My Gamertag was born oh, God, 6 years ago? My brother and I were taking an extra-cirricular computer class, and the teacher signed us up for Roblox. Y'know, back when it wasn't what it is now. It was fun. Good memories. Lots of pretty safe fun for like 12-13 year old me. So naturally we needed to sign up, and Mom always warned us never to use our actual names for online accounts, so I had to make something up. The "Halonut" part came from the fact I was a MASSIVE Halo fan, and a "nut" is kinda like a huge fan of something, and 24 is my favorite number (because of NASCAR, funnily enough. I thought Jeff Gordon's car looked the coolest, so the number stuck. I was like 3 or something.) And so, Halonut24 came to be for the first time, and I've been using it ever since.
  11. So I get into this game in Atlanta and decide to set up shop around A Cap and play around there. My team, however, decided to deploy like this... So at A, a NOLA, Nagato, Nelson, Bayern, and eventually an Acasta all challenged it, with me only having a friendly NOLA as backup. I spend the duration of that battle basically circling around the island directly in front of me seen in the first picture. Friendlies managed to kill the Nelson early on, and I ended up killing the NOLA and Acasta around the same time when they rushed me. Then I withered down the Nagato and finished off a cheeky Furataka that tried to island hug on the other side. I was astonished that I not only lived, but won. A fun game to say the least.
  12. Halonut24

    Does anyone else play like this?

    Lately I've been rotating North Carolina, Baltimore, Prinz Eugen, and Hood. Though my play time is drastically reduced thanks to work and school, but a lot of my friends are still grinding up the line and have just gotten to Teir VII, which is why I've been trying to run Hood more. I've ventured to run Atlanta with them from time to time, with some success. I'm still grinding North Carolina and Baltimore, though I'm further along with Balti I want Iowa more than Buffalo. Prinz is for credits. Yeah I kinda also run rotations when I'm alone, though will usually bug out when I start getting slaughtered. Saves some grief. I might go stomp a 2Fort server on TF2 to blow off some steam when that happens.
  13. Good Lord! 35 Torpedoes on one ship... Absolute paddling. Though remember nearly 300 aircraft took part in that raid. To me that's just the US demonstrating who owns the Pacific now. They could have sent out a Battleship squadron, consisting of ships like Iowa, New Jersey/Missouri, North Carolina/Washington, maybe even a SoDak or two. Though the air raid was much more efficient. Only 12 casualties.
  14. Halonut24

    Just how big is a modern supercarrier?

    How big? I'd say just big enough. Nah, I'd say YUGE. The scary part is how maneuverable those Goliath's are. Officially the Nimitz class can do 32 kts or something like that, though I've heard some Navy guys laugh at that number, some going as far as to suggest a top speed in excess of 40 kts. A 1,000 feet long, 100,000 ton super-carrier doing destroyer-like speeds. Because 'Merica. Best part is we got like 9 or 10 of em. With new ones on the way, including a new Enterprise. As we know, the US Navy is never complete without the Big E.
  15. Halonut24

    Football's back Boi's!

    Ah, Urinating Tree. One of my new favorite YT'ers during the season. Love the salt. I think he's awesome. But yeah bro. I'm a fan of the good ol' Diamond Dogs. Let's go! Potentially stacked team on the road 100% of the time. Us against the world.