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  1. That's pretty much what we were doing.
  2. So my buddies and I have always liked to take out the Okt. Rev for giggles every now and again and sail in a 3-ship battle column of concentrated communist whup-a$$, and it's hilarious. However, since we blew the 1k Gold to get the SOVIET premium camo for it, oh man! For some reason we just steamroll through everything. It's all the fun of the Triple Lyon wombo-combo, but with WAY better MM. Oh, and so you can see it in all it's glory, I uploaded the replay of our most recent one. Here's the link if you want to check it out: https://replayswows.com/replay/37365#stats (shameless plug, I know) No seriously, we were giggling like little schoolgirls the whole time. It was so much fun IDK why people don't do it more often.
  3. It should be a Sci-Fi mashup spaceship shooter. We can then finally see whether or not USS Enterprise is indeed better than a Star Destroyer. It probably won't work like that, but it'd still be cool.
  4. Halonut24

    My 24 Black Friday Box Haul

    I got myself 6 of them and nabbed a Mass and an Asashio. Dafuq am I supposed to do with an Asashio I'm a bloody USN CA captain? ... I guess I'll figure it out at some point. Maybe I can live with myself for having just one weeb barge... It was a lucky drop after all...
  5. Halonut24

    Des Moines in Top Tier is Crazy OP

    Oh, you know what i mean. When she see's majority tier 8 and 9, not majority 10.
  6. So I just had a game that I think perfectly demonstrates the awesome firepower Des Moines can dish out. The scenario: Me, 2 Div'd Shima's, and a Neptune vs Izumo, Ibuki, Zao, Udaloi, and Harugumo on one flank. The results: Just, yeah... I mean, look at this! 1,100 more EXP than the next best guy! It's ridiculous! BTW shout out to the 2 Shima's that were with me. Total bro's, great team players. I sat by an island on the left flank, bottom spawn, and had a little lip to shoot over, and the Shima's rotated smokes on me and I went to town. They never stood a chance. This MM is probably really, really rare for tier X CA, but when it happens... oh boy does it hurt. And yes I'm about { | | } this close to building a shrine to Des Moines right now. I've never loved a ship so much.
  7. Halonut24

    Des Memes is SO GOOD!

    Yuro. Look him up on YouTube. His stuff is pretty funny.
  8. Halonut24

    Des Memes is SO GOOD!

    oh yeah I've seen that video dozens of times. I miss that guy...
  9. Halonut24

    Des Memes is SO GOOD!

    Holy crap this ship is so much fun! Just got her yesterday and I LOVE IT!! Oh my God the difference between this and the Beef is ridiculous. She's more responsive, hits way harder and is just so much more versatile. The DPM is just dumb. The 5 sec base reload on 9 x 203's can create some epic spankings (I even managed to damage saturate the front turret barbette on an Iowa today with my AP). I've been finding myself cracking 100k damage so much more often now. And I'm making money without premium! This ship is a dream to play!
  10. Halonut24

    Stan Lee, comic book messiah, dead at 95

    He's really gone? What a loss... RIP Stan. You will be missed.
  11. Halonut24

    Firefight Friday - Best Gunslinger

    That's kinda tough for me... Atlanta brings a hilarious Volume of Fire for some nice fire support and the ability to burn through a BB's Damage Control and can really punish some other Cruisers at her tier and is a natural born Destroyer killer, but is really fragile and gets spanked easily. But if I'm in a kind of knife fight one-on-one: If it's a BB I bring Hood. I've always had pretty good luck 1v1 with other BB with her. Very tanky for a Tier VII. If it's something like a CL/CA I would probably consider Prinz Eugen. Torpedoes, pretty strong armor, good AP, and a heal for longevity. I don't exactly have a swiss-army delete anything ship as of yet, but there are a few I like in certain situations. Overall, if it's just one, I might have to say Atlanta. If I can find an island to chill behind, I can do some nice things for the team there. She can really irritate BB, she can slap around a criuser a little bit, CV will keep their distance usually, and Destroyers getting in gun range is a really bad idea usually (unless it's a Leningrad at extreme range).
  12. Halonut24

    Personal T8 experiment

    So I've got a question: With the Kutuzov, how often does it actually see Tier X? I know they're pretty rare to begin with, but I can't rightly recall seeing any at Tier X that often.
  13. Halonut24


    Lots of good advice for you here, @_LoneWolf13_. BB have a very powerful allure about them with newer players. (methinks it has to do with Big Gun = Big Boom). If you're not sure where you want to go in regards to a ship line, take a look through the tech trees and start looking at some higher tier ships (like Tier VIII and up is a good start) and find something that catches your eye. Once you find something, start looking it up either here on the forums or YouTube, and see if it sounds fun to you. If it does, start grinding. I cannot overstate how important it is to actually have an achievable goal for this game when it comes to grinding a line. Without it, you'll just feel like you're spinning your tires and get sick of it. But as for the main question, are BB good for rookies? Sort of. Armor and heal makes them more forgiving and allows some second chances, unlike Cruisers and Destroyers. Playing pure BB starting out can lead to some poor practices in higher tiers, however. The main one is staying at full throttle 100% of the time. Playing USN Cruisers will teach you pretty good speed management and the importance of positioning and island cover (which really helps with some of the squishier USN ships down the line, and their really long gun arcs). Learning how to properly apply the "S" key in conjunction with the others is tricky starting out since low tier BB are so slow, but is invaluable later on. My advice would be work through the American Cruiser and Battleships simultaneously. Also don't be afraid to take Destroyers for a whirl if you feel like it. I know it was kidna rambly, but I at least hope it helps.
  14. Halonut24


    Oh yeah WT's forums are terrible. There's a billion different sub-threads for everything imaginable. That and everybody there are just stiff as a board. No personality at all. No conversation.That's why I like it here. It feels more alive, like there are actual people on here. Glad you feel at home!
  15. Halonut24

    Naval abbreviations

    I know there was mention of the CVB hull designation in regards to USS Midway, but something interesting I just read about it: CVB was given to the Midway class when they first launched. In 1952, they merged the CVB(Carrier, Large) classification with the CVA (Carrier, Attack), then I believe merged it into just CV after the introduction of the CVN classification around 1975. Also, CVN and CV(N) are 2 very different classifications. The former, (Carrier, Nuclear) should not be confused with (Carrier, Night), which was first introduced in 1944 aboard USS Enterprise, then basically phased out when all Navy Pilots trained for night ops, and also to not confuse with CVN later on. (Not saying anyone here did, but still good to put out there) On another separate note, the DE(Destroyer, Escort) classification changed to FF(Frigate) in 1975. Kinda puts in perspective how big our Navy is now. The "G" suffix on hull classifications nowadays is for Guided Missile, and there were CVG (Guided Missile Carrier) at some point, and were even going to be a BBG, though it never got assigned to anything. It could be argued that the Iowa's post-modernization could be considered BBG though. In the current fleet, CG (Guided Missile Cruiser), DDG (Guided Missile Destroyer), and FFG (Guided Missile Frigate) are kind of the backbone of the fleet. Also worthy of note, the Guided Missile Cruiser (CG) designation was the hull designation for Coast Guard ships up until the 1920's. Hull Classifications are surprisingly fun! I would join the Navy if it weren't for my stupid asthma... The Navy sounds really awesome...