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  1. Save up free exp or something. I hated playing that darn thing. I mean if you don't have the money or free exp just lying around you can try grinding it. I get it. But, if it's a viable option, skip it. Buffalo offers nothing in terms of learning that you need to succeed in Des Moines. Just a personal recommendation. Des Moines is stupid fun to play, especially if you know how to play USN CA.
  2. Skip. The. Buffalo. It is absolute trash. Sluggish and squishy in just about every aspect. If you want to practice for Des Memes, play Baltimore.
  3. Halonut24

    Best trained Navy of WWII?

    Yeah, this is kinda close. Overall, I would have to lean USN. 1: Quality of Life on an American ship was like a luxury liner compared to their IJN Counterparts. I can't imagine the RN being too far off. This would obviously lead to higher morale, which makes people more efficient in their duties. 2 (or 1b): Ice Cream (hell yeah!) 3: Damage Control on American Ships was ridiculously good. They, on multiple occasions, almost brought back ships that would, and should, have been sunk or abandoned long before they actually were. Heck, Yorktown would have made it back to Pearl Harbor if it weren't for that Sub. Hornet wouldn't sink by itself, so her escorts had to scuttle her. USS Laffey being blown to hell and back by 6 or 7 Kamikaze and 4 bombs and still gets away alive and semi-operational. American ships were built tough, and their crews made them that much tougher. Damage control is what led to Taiho sinking as she did. An American crew would have had that ship squared away in an hour. Also, the Damage Control teams on American ships were not the only people on the ship responsible for Damage Control. The USN trained all of it's sailors in Damage Control to some degree. As far as I know, the IJN did not. 4: I would argue that American Carrier operations were superior to IJN CV operations. IJN Carrier pilots were prohibited from landing and operating off of another carrier, and the Carriers were prohibited from accepting and receiving Aircraft from another Carrier. AND, each IJN CV operated differently, meaning even if they could, it would be absolute chaos. American Carrier ops were made basically universal, and made it so any American Carrier can operate any Carrier aircraft, regardless of it's origin. For example, during Santa Cruz, Enterprise assimilated Hornet's squadrons after she went down. She then went on to launch and service these aircraft during the battle. Another example: Yorktown's aircraft during Midway had to land on Enterprise and Hornet since Yorktown was listing badly. And another, during the Battle off Samar, US Escort Carriers at one point recieved, serviced, and launched any aircraft with the US Navy roundel. One CVE had aircraft from 11 squadrons from up to 4 different Carriers at one time that weren't her's. You never hear of this kind of stuff from the Japanese, or at least I never did. 5: The obvious technological advantage the USN had was significant, but also led to some pretty nasty disasters during Guadalcanal. They did adjust though, and refined their use of radar to a degree that the IJN's night training advantage was neutralized, as shown with the battle between South Dakota, Washington, and Kirishima, where Washington's radar allowed her to rip into Kirishima with very, very deadly accuracy. USN Radar also helped out a ton during the Battle off Samar, allowing USN ships to acquire accurate firing solutions from any angle and bearing very quickly, and allowed them to see and fire through smoke and rain squalls, whereas the Japanese could not. Also 7th fleet's gun crews were some of the best in the navy (Taffy 3 was a part of 7th Fleet) thanks to Kinkaid's insistance on superior gunnery being the deciding factor in battle. Also American crews could be trained proficiently pretty quickly, far faster than Japan could train their crews.
  4. I guess the answer might vary depending on what they decide to do. After Midway Japan really didn't operate surface warships during the daylight hours because of the massive beating they would receive from American Carrier Aircraft, and since France has no real CV to speak of, they are relegated to just surface engagements, which would have to be at night. I have no idea what kind of Radar the French Navy had, if they had any at all, so that's a big question mark. In a gunfight I imagine the French ships would have at least a solid shot, unless a bigger IJN BB was sent in, like Nagato or god forbid Yamato or Musashi. I would imagine they would operate close to or with an American Carrier Fleet until an invasion, in which they would probably join bombardment forces. If they were at Guadalcanal, they might do something, but I'm not sure to what extent. I'm not terribly familiar with the French Navy I'm afraid. I recall Enterprise making many trips to New Caledonia during Guadalcanal for minor repairs and rearmament, so I would think it would be capable of giving some sort of service to a Capital Ship like the Richelieu similar to how it serviced Enterprise. And I would imagine since they were in conjunction with the USN that they would share facilities.
  5. I know that during the Battle off Samar some of Taffy 3's aircraft had depth charges equiped when they went into battle, so I guess that could count?
  6. It seems to happen every game. The team deploys all to just 2 caps and ignores the third, especially when the third is filled with hostiles, who then pincer the team. Naturally I watch my whole team evaporate right in front of me and there's nothing I can do about it. Every game it feels like! I can't win in Midway if I paid my team to win! And I usually top out the leader board fruitlessly trying to stop the onslaught of red ships coming for us. *sigh* sorry it's just frustrating. I can't understand it. Why just ignore an entire flank like that? At Tier X no less... Does anyone have an answer? Anyone?
  7. Halonut24

    Post some ship namesakes!

    USS Langley CV-1 for Samuel Pierpont Langley, a pioneer of aviation. Though he was never particularly good at it, he helped us fly that much better with lessons from his shortcomings.
  8. Halonut24

    The real truth about your blowout losses

    This particular fossil of a meme comes to mind. It's frustrating because whenever you try to get these poor lost ducks in a row they get pissy with you or just don't listen at all. So that means the only way to seemingly win games, or even just lose without getting blown out is becoming a one-man Army (or one-ship Navy in our case) to carry your team to the finish line. One-Man Armies are for single player games, if you ask me. It doesn't matter if you have Antonio Brown as your Wide Reciever. If you don't have a decent QB or a good O-Line, he's worthless, only able to offer sparse flash-plays early in the game. I mean, sure, there are plenty of things that us as individuals could have done better for the team, but when a flank of 8 ships just stops and dies to 2 DD and a British CL, what else could you have possibly done? How is anyone supposed to salvage that? If your teams wants to lose, they will. And for some reason, they seem to always want to lose. But, then again, we could be overreacting a bit, right?
  9. Halonut24

    Your last Die-Hard

    A Baltimore rammed me in the Alaska like, last week? Lived, then almost rammed the Wichita that was with him, but I died first.
  10. Glad you're having a good experience. Just don't bring up Carriers and Destroyers in the same sentence and you'll be A-OK. On the subject of Mains, if you play Smash Bros. you might understand it like having a main in Smash. It's that one fighter (or in this case ship type/class, or even individual ship) that you are able to use the best. Of course that doesn't mean you exclusively use that ship or class, but it's your best class, if that makes sense. Given that there's so many individual ships and tiers it's hard to say that anyone is a main of any one ship, but rather a main of a ship line (like the Japanese Battleship line). Let's take myself, for example. I would say I'm an American Heavy Cruiser main with American Carriers a close second in preference. I suppose if I had to say what individual ship I "main", it'd have to be Des Moines because it's 1: my most played ship at around 110 battles ATM and 2: some of my best all-around stats are on that ship. And also she's hilariously fun in a lot of situations. Anyhow, hope my ramble at least made some sense. Glad to have you, and best of luck on the battlefield!
  11. Halonut24

    Ridiculous CV damage on DDs

    Yeah, unless these are a regular occurrence, we really don't give much of a rip. They aren't, by the way. CV spotting was nerfed (especially for DD, BTW), CV aim vs DD with rockets and the like were nerfed. CV have been nerfed for a solid 2 patches. Sorry, one meaty drop is not worth a forum complaint or a call for yet another CV nerf. The last Dev Strike I got on a DD was in 0.8.0. DD are really hard to Dev Strike with CV. You can get big damage from them from time to time, but it's pretty rare. A big help is don't lone wolf away from your friendlies. CV are very strong against lone wolf ships (because cluster overlapped AA is stupid powerful and the only way we can get more than 1 strike off is on a lone ship separated from his unit). Unless you know for a fact you're clear to rush out, then it's usually good to stick around your cruisers, or even battleships.
  12. I found that when using Hermes to basically ditch the Bombers altogether. The Torpedo Bombers are the big damage dealers (heh, even that is being gracious). If you get the right games, you can have a constant stream of them flowing out. If you can aim them right, you can be a nusiance to basically every BB and just about every Tier III CA and CL, with some Tier IV even being pretty vulnerable. Best I've ever been able to do with her is 50k, with really good MM and a small map. Yeah, you know there's issues when a "really good game" is half of what every other ship's "really good game" is.
  13. I think it would be very cool. Maybe even as an environmental variable, like the cyclones and snowstorms. It would be interesting to see how they would work. Maybe even add Star Shells as an actual ammunition or consumable.
  14. Halonut24

    Sabaton History

    Sabaton is legit. Love their work.
  15. So I just got asked to do an interesting survey when I logged on today. Asking about what shows/movies/characters I know about (I saw Star Wars, Marvel, DC, FMA, Persona, some upcoming war films like Midway, older ones like Saving Private Ryan) and which ones I would like to see in game. What is WG up to, I wonder?