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  1. Football's back Boi's!

    Ah, Urinating Tree. One of my new favorite YT'ers during the season. Love the salt. I think he's awesome. But yeah bro. I'm a fan of the good ol' Diamond Dogs. Let's go! Potentially stacked team on the road 100% of the time. Us against the world.
  2. Football's back Boi's!

    Yeah man, I can get that. Not a huge fan of the kneeling crap either. Sorry you're unable to find the same joy as before in it. Though it did kinda clear up later in the season, but I try to put it aside for the sake of enjoying the game. I just can't see myself letting go. My Bolts give me something to look forward to year after year. Even the 4-12 and 5-11 seasons I still enjoy because... well I can't really explain it, but I'm sure you know the feeling. I think I feel like I'm a part of something special, you know? Especially after the move from San Diego, I feel like I'm part of the few fans left. I guess it's a little weird, but my Bolts have always been there for me, and I will always be there for them, even if Spanos is a scumbag. And with how good our roster is this year, I can't help but feel like this year could be something special, and I wouldn't want to miss that for the world.
  3. Football's back Boi's!

    AAAALLLLRIIIIIGHT boys and girls! It's getting to be that time of year. Football's back. So, in the spirit of the season, I figure I'd ask my fellow forumites if they watch any football, or what teams they watch or are looking forward to. For me, I'm a Chargers fan, through and through. They're looking good this year, and can't wait for Week 1. Who else is pumped for Football Season?
  4. Co-op difficulty needs a boost

    I think what might help is just to get Co-op games to take a bit longer to play through. Most are over and done within 7 minutes. I think upping the team numbers would help a bit there. More targets. 7 just isn't enough for me. Plus it lets CV do a little more. Most of the time I get one drop, then I watch everything die and I'm left with 60k damage. Bumping the team numbers to something like 9 or 10 wouldn't hurt. More targets, more damage opportunities, more things to pose an actual threat. Plus it more closely resembles a Random with it's 12 player teams.
  5. sorry for double post. UI crapped itself. disregard.
  6. You say this like a CV has a dozen fighter groups that he just let's sit around doing nothing. Depending on the CV and Tier, they might have only one Fighter squad, or they have 3. 1: No singular person is so important to warrant personal fighter protection unless it is late game and they are they best damage dealer/damage tanker left on the team. If they can, they will try to get bombers. Most of the time, they are tangled with other fighters. (and saying just exit-strafe and get the bombers is dumb. You lose at least 2 fighters every time you exit-strafe. Then they lose their fighters for at least 2 minutes, and their Bombers are left unprotected.) If you are overextended and the friendly CV can spare the fighters, you might get some air cover, but don't just expect it to be given to you because you think you deserve it. Sorry. CV got quite a few other things to worry about. 2: The CV skill gap is about as big as the Asian Continent. It's very likely you will see really good CV vs. really not good CV. 3: GK is the biggest target in the game. If you aren't around friendly CA or other BB with a high-tier CV around, you need to reevaluate your strategy.
  7. I think it's the skill level of their CV (and MM when it throws 2 Worcesters on a team). Tier IX I felt competent. I felt like I could consistently contribute something. With Midway I'm just outclassed, I guess. I'm not 100% sure though...
  8. So how exactly does one improve their play in a ship they're bad in? According to you it's literally anything else! Forget trying to get into the groove of a ship you struggle with. I suppose if I'm so bad I should just play Erie in Co-op for the rest of eternity until an epiphany on the toilet makes me good at the game. I. PLAY. MIDWAY. TO. GET. USED. TO. IT. AND. IMPROVE. That's how progress is made, isn't it?
  9. 1: Depends on what % you're looking at. overall I'm about 54%. In CV may be different. 2: Semi-correct. I free-exp'd some of the line. 3: How in TF does playing Langley and Bogue in coop help my play at Tier X? What is there possibly to learn there that I don't already have a grasp of. 4: This is my first such thread. Other's regarding my play in game have not been this way. Every other time I have sought out advice here.
  10. It seems like every game I take out in Midway is a *crap*show. Everything I do is wrong. Every single person in game is just ripping on me. "Go back to Co-op". "Worthless CV". "You're useless". "/s Thanks for the air cover CV". I never got that much flak ever. They pretty much left me alone in Tier VIII and IX, but all of a sudden I have an off game and I'm satan's lieutenant? Is that kind of toxicity normal for Tier X? Is there any chill? I'm seriously considering turning chat off completely just to try to focus. I know I'm not great at CV. I'm trying. But geez, this is really not making me want to play my favorite ship in the world. -How does one turn off chat anyhow? Figured I might as well figure it out now in case I decide to turn it off.
  11. I agree. The kind of flexibility the IJN line gets is a little unfair. I really don't see a reason why they need it.
  12. Can't really speak for Hosho/Zuiho, as I've played neither, but Langley and Bogue are better rounded than them, I'd say. Hosho teaches cross-dropping right off the bat, which is kinda tricky, so I think yes, Langley and Bogue are probably easier.
  13. Upon reaching my goal of not only getting my first Tier X ship, but also my favorite ship, USS Midway, I feel like I need to reflect on what I learned through my Journey, even though I still have a whole lot more learning to go. Tier IV-VI: Langley, Bogue, and Independence are all pretty similar; 1-1-1 loadouts across the board, still pretty on par with your IJN counterparts. I personally found them to be the least enjoyable of the line. Every battle felt like a chore, and I don't think I have any desire to re-purchase any of them. Independence is particularly rough because Tier VI MM sucks. (Both out of 5 "*") Air Superiority: **** Strike Capability: *** Tier VII: Ranger is where the line really became something to me. Despite almost never bringing it out of Co-op I still had a lot of fun with this ship. If I ever chose to get her back, I'll probably keep it to just relax in Co-op without having to worry about how much I lose from it. My 4 Random Battles with it were not enough to gauge how she holds up with her competition, but anyone will tell you she falls short pretty often. It's generally accepted Saipan runs Tier VII when she makes her now somewhat rare appearances. Kaga can be rough as well, but still a better foe than the King. Air Superiority: *** Strike Capability: *** Tier VIII: Ah, Lexington. I have mixed feelings about her. She taught me how to kind of conduct myself and my squadrons for the next 2 tiers. She also showed me my favorite targets: German Battleships. The ability to dish out insane damage numbers without a flawless Torpedo drop in one go was jaw dropping to me at first, and I never looked back at my HE DB ever again. On the other hand, she never did me many favors, and it was in her that I was utterly humiliated by a GZ, which is also where I kind of had a wake-up call, that I wasn't quite as good as I initially thought, and that things were gonna be harder from here on out. She wasn't unenjoyable, but even through the latter half of the grind she felt less than what she could be. Enterprise and Graf Zeppelin are your worst nightmares in it. Shokaku is manageable enough if you have some form of competence. Air Superiority: *** Strike Capability: *** Tier IX: Essex to me, while certainly lacking in certain departments, still felt strong. I think I can safely say I had the most fun with her, and where I think I had the most success. Taiho wasn't usually too much of a problem for me though. Very manageable to fight. It felt like the most balanced of the line, minus the starter tiers. While not the hardest hitter, she can dish out punishment where opportunity allows, especially the usual KMS BB Nuking. She was also the first Tech Tree USN CV to get 2 fighters, which are a welcome addition. 2 fighters allows so much more flexibility. Though having both the Fighters and TB stay Tier VIII seems like a bummer at first, especially the TB. The fighters being undertiered sort of makes sense, especially when you go up against a totally stock Taiho and just plow him over with little effort. Air Superiority: **** Strike Capability: *** Tier X: The Dream. The Big One. The Mother of all WW2 Carriers. Midway was always my favorite ship, and getting her in WoWS feels fantastic. Until I met her competition: Hakuryu, The favorite child. The one with full Tier X loadouts. The one with 3 fighter squads and Taiho's massive payload. What of Midway? Well, it seems she gets the short end of the stick. No awesome comeback for USN CV. They stay on the short end. For some reason someone figured that Midway was too good, so they nerfed her. Tier IX fighters, Tier VIII TB, Tier X DB in 2-2-2. Reduced hangar capacity as well. But it's not all doom and gloom. She can still put up a fight. If you let your guard down, she can smack you silly. Yamato is probably the most vulnerable BB at Tier X for CV, and for me, one of my more favorable targets. If dropped right, you can send a 60-70k damage care package all at once. Even though her TB are only Tier VIII (she gets Mods that really help with this and pretty much make them Tier IX equivalents), having 2 squads is awesome. I personally haven't found a whole lot of success with my baby yet, but I will keep at it, and keep improving. It will come in time. Air Superiority: *** Strike Capability: **** If I had to rank each Tier (From Great, good, meh, and trash), taking into accound MM and how well it can strike and fight for air superiority with it's rivals, It would go: Tier IV: Langley Great Tier V: Bogue Good Tier VI: Independence Trash (T6 MM) Tier VII: Ranger Meh Tier VIII: Lexington Meh Tier IX: Essex Good Tier X: Midway Good I am happy to have actually done it and gotten myself the ship I always wanted, but didn't think I could get. I know I'm struggling with it now, but with enough patience, diligence, and open mindedness, I will overcome my shortcomings and make myself a decent CV captain one day. If there's something you feel should have been added, feel free to share them. I know I'm no expert, but I think it would provide an interesting perspective into CV from a more casual player's perspective, rather than an expert's. Anyway, that's all. Thanks for reading. Hope I wasn't too rambly or got something horribly wrong.
  14. Yeah I was starting to figure that as a contributing factor. How can I try to work around this though? Surely there's a way to do well.