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  1. It actually can. Haven't had a Tier VIII CV touch me for anything more than like 2k for a whole flight. AA sector (and some AA spec-ing) will do wonders for that little boat.
  2. I disagree. Been able to melt Lexington and Kaga flights very efficiently. Not sure what results you've been getting, if any at all.
  3. Been running the Kidd recently to be support for my friend who's learning the ropes on Enterprise. The DFAA is crazy good on that thing. I've wiped full Lexington squads from the air in seconds. Never really been able to do well with it before, but now I seem to be finding a niche for it. For anyone doubting it's AA effectiveness, don't worry, she's still an annoying little boat to deal with.
  4. Halonut24

    Another alternative Idea

    An open-world like WoWS? Sounds pretty dope on paper. Though not sure if certain clans will just pummel more casual clans into oblivion. A PvE Co-op campaign would also be really cool, though it's not likely to happen, as WG don't really do anything single player-esque like that other than Console WoT.
  5. Destroyer Escorts are tricky... basically what a Fleet Destroyer is, but halved in just about every aspect. One of the few times a DE was in a full-on surface fight was the Battle off Samar. The John C. Butler's present did surprisingly well, with at least one DE (DE-413 USS Samuel B. Roberts) registering Torpedo hits on an IJN Cruiser. Almost every single ship expended their entire 5" Magazine. Every shell. Only the Sammy B was lost. The issue is with game balance. The John C. Butler, for instance, makes 24 knots standard (though they could make 28 if they pushed the engines to the absolute limit) and only wields two 5" .38's (the same as the Fletcher and Benson's main battery). They would have basically no health, a low tier DD's worth of health, slow as all get-out, and woefully under-armed. The upside is they're tiny. They'd have better concealment than a Kamikaze, theoretically, making them a pain in the rear to find. An idea could be implementing them like scouts were in old WoT (ie.. uptiering the crap out of them, but being balanced out by serving as an invisible set of eyes for the team). Sure that role could be completely moot with CV, but as of late they've been a bit less common, so I don't see it as much of an issue. With a tiny spotting range, one of these little buggers could linger around a Cap Circle and constantly light up the enemy ships there. Slow speed makes them vulnerable to being hunted down, but concealment keeps them relatively safe. Guns are very rapid firing, with range no more than that of a ship that shares similar armament (ie. for the Butler class, no more than 11 or 13 km gun range, like Fletcher and Benson). Torpedoes can also be quick to reload (and higher tier to make up for the smaller numbers), though will do slightly less damage than the higher tier ones normally do. A heavily extended engine boost would do some good to alleviate the terrible top speed, allowing them to move faster than a mid-tier USN BB for longer periods of time. A different smoke could be used as well. Since they're so hard to see, the standard smoke screen just doesn't seem necessary (they'd be in hydro spotting range if they smoke to not be spotted, and every DD in the game uses the same smoke. These need some variety to separate from the other DD). Instead, they could use a Fuel Oil smoke (the walls of black seen so often in WWII). Longer output duration that provides a curtain of concealment from a certain direction (perhaps a cap on how much can be used, but it can toggle on/off. Example; the smoke has a duration of, say, 3:00. Pressing the "T" key to activate will start the smoke and the timer will count down. Pressing "T" again will turn it off, and the timer will also stop. The colored shading indicating duration will stay on the consumable, but will remain static when not in use). And that's not even getting into the possibility of Submarines being introduced, in which they would theoretically be a counter to. Perhaps an ASW Ship that sticks with the Capitals and screens Subs whilst the Fleet DD get dirty in the front lines. Those are my ideas on how to implement them. It is definitely tricky, but not impossible, I think. That, and I'd love an excuse to get Sammy B into the game.
  6. Halonut24

    Why do people hate the DD so much

    lmbo DD are anything but humble. They whine and cry about literally everything. BB do too much damage? Whine. Nerf. Radar too good? Whine. Nerf. CV too good at spotting or harassing them like they harassed everything else for the past 2 or 3 years? You guessed it. More whining until the nerf bat comes around again. Destroyers are A-holes. Like Scout from TF2, except with significantly less actual skill and more mechanic abuse. More like Pre-nerf Baby Face's Blaster Lime-painted Fast Learner Scouts. That are invisible.
  7. Halonut24

    Why introduce a "confused" reaction?

    Should I bring some of my Essential Oils?
  8. After a CV dies they do not lose control over them. They have roughly 3 minutes of life after their Carrier's death. The flight still in the air is still in full control. Also, Kamikaze R main.
  9. Halonut24

    Why CVs need to stop attacking DDs

    Actual spotting priority (from least important on up): CV -> BB -> CA -> CL -> DD BB are the easiest targets to spot. You can see these guys on your general early game spotting run. Generally lower priority. Cruisers aren't super stealthy either. Teams can usually see these guys at decent range. DD, however, are the hardest to spot and pose one of the biggest threats. Initial Rocket Scouting runs should end with a strike on an opportune target, DD if at all possible. Mid game there are other priorities, but DD should not be ignored. Attack DD whenever the opportunity presents itself. Killing a DD early or mid game is super helpful.
  10. Halonut24


    I find she's okay. Not super powerful but not completely neutered either. Rewards smart decision making, punishes mistakes, but very dependent on whether your allies can actually pull their own weight. Pretty well balanced I'd say. The WR I have in her kind of tells what kind of ship she is. Almost dead even at 49%. Thanos levels of balanced. Unlike her IJN counterpart Hakuryu which has been whacked by the nerf bat quite a few times, and hard, she's remained largely consistent. She's a good example of a properly balanced CV. Gotta know what you're doing to get the most out of her though.
  11. Halonut24

    Damage control - WoWS going to do it?

    Apparently it's way worse on there. And that's saying something, because it's getting unbearable over here...
  12. Halonut24

    Kind of disappointed in the Georgia

    My friend got it and was doing pretty well with it. Gotta remember she's a lot faster than Big Mammie. And reloads a lot faster.
  13. Halonut24

    New Recourse for CV

    Yeah, here's the thing: CV don't do that on a regular basis. Instances of DD smoke camping are basically all in late-game when they are either the only target left or by far the most important. In the heat of the game, trips are basically bee-lines to the target, drop, and return. Very fast. Not a lot of loitering. Altering entire mechanics for one uncommon occurrence is just not smart. I should know. I'm a filthy Enterprise Main. I don't regularly camp DD. In fact, there's only a handful of situations I even would. Typically if a DD smokes, I drop a Fighter Squad on the smoke, and bug out. There are way more important targets and much more fruitful uses of my efforts and time elsewhere. Also the contradiction of saying "endless", yet mentioning a clear limit. Using endless is just extra. Leaving it at 110+ sec gets the point across.