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  1. Avatar mode in port

    That would also be a good idea. And probably one much more doable for the dev team. I would certainly be down with it.
  2. Avatar mode in port

    A neat idea for sure! However, the amount of coding required and the strain on the graphics engine is somewhat of a concern. It would also be somewhat problematic on ships that were never built. It would seem like a massive amount of effort and resources on something that could be seen as trivial or cosmetic, but I do think some of their finer details should be showcased in a fun and engaging way. Maybe in the future, but I won't get my hopes up too high.
  3. HUH!? Co OP / Random

    First off, welcome! Secondly; The first phenomena is usually very common to see in Random Battles, and is known as a "lemming train" (where a very large percentage of a team heads in one direction. Whether or not the train collapses is up in the air). My advice would to just keep grinding. You get the hang of things after awhile. If you're here from a game like WoT, don't try to stop a lemming train yourself. You can in WoT, but not here. There's no shame in running away and regrouping. The second is the game's spotting mechanics. Perfectly normal. You learn how to work around it. In short, a ship has a spotting distance (a distance in x km in radius around your ship). That range determines how close a ship needs to be to spot you. When you fire, your spotting range increases to the maximum range of your guns for a certain amount of time (20 seconds, I think?). What you are experiencing is you firing at a ship beyond it's spotting range, but shortly after it had fired. The ship "dissappearing" is the ship's spotting range returning to it's base stats after firing its guns. Hope that answers some of your questions. I'd be happy to clarify if necessary.
  4. Is this what the new kids call a "NICE MEME"?
  5. The Closest Match. Period.

    Props to you and the Kirov. Fantastic game, my friend. If you figured out how to save replays, and saved that one, I'm sure it's Jingles-worthy!
  6. American Battleships have big, powerful, and generally accurate main battery, decent armor, relatively weak secondaries, and very strong AA ratings. Japanese Battleships also have big, powerful, accurate main battery, but have slightly better armor, slightly better secondaries, but a weaker AA rating. German battleships are brawlers. Their main battery is generally less accurate and effective, but their armor is very strong, as is their secondaries, which are the best in the game. They are very large ships with average AA ratings, however, and are usually punished by CV's regularly. British Battleships are a bit odd. They are generally more tanky and are more adept at attacking CL/CA with their short-fused AP rounds (meaning they don't penetrate as well at range) and usually underperform against other Battleships. Their HE rounds are actually very good, and will usually bow tank other Battleships and spam HE at them, to a good degree of success. French Battleships, the newest of the bunch, are the fast ships. They have the speed boost consumable, allowing some of the higher tier BB's to be able to chase down Cruisers around their tier. Main battery is generally smaller than the others, but armor and secondaries are pretty good. AA ratings are about average. So, to sum up in a few words for each; USN : Anti-CV, Mid-range gun duels. IJN : Big guns. (Accurate representation of Yamato's ship delete button) KMS : Brawler. Likes getting in close. RN : Anti-CL/CA, HE spam. France :Gotta go fast. And also kinda close, but not KMS close. Hope that helps a little.
  7. I think you may want to lay off the Sake a bit there bud. Or the weed. I dunno.
  8. She is a ship captain.

    The argument that consists of googling "black navy captains" and "female navy captains" and posting the results here.
  9. She is a ship captain.

    @nuttybiscuit, the one that consists of a google search of "black navy captains" or "female navy captains" and pasting the pic on here.
  10. She is a ship captain.

    Steven Segal starred in a war film made on USS Missouri, which is quite a prominent ship in the game, and serves as a fun reference to viewers of the film.
  11. She is a ship captain.

    She didn't. Captain Sue S. Dauser was Superintendent of the Navy Nurse Corps. So ammong navy ship commanding officers, that pic is an accurate representation of reality in the WW2 US Navy.
  12. She is a ship captain.

    So I guess a lot of negative attention is better than a little positive attention then? Sounds a little insecure to me.
  13. She is a ship captain.

    A reply of the popcorn emoji is still a reply. You did not "hold your tongue" as you said. Holding your tongue would have not been replying at all, or waiting to formulate a comprehensive argument to the point made.
  14. Battleships are by-and-large the easiest ship class to play. Very rewarding for good play, and forgiving of mistakes. The best thing to see as a new player is something you can be good at without a massive amount of practice and failure. A low skill floor. WoWS' skill ceiling is pretty high though, so I'd say its a decent trade-off.
  15. She is a ship captain.

    Wow. Didn't realize you spoke for the entire nation of France. Was is a democratic election, or a lottery to be spokesman of France? Asking for a friend.