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  1. Compared to other Battleships, it depends against who. The Royal Navy's Battleships were all pretty old when Bismarck entered service. Rodney/Nelson had the largest guns, but they were pretty old designs, KGV has a pretty light broadside for a Battleship (plus unreliable turrets). You could make a sound argument that Bismarck was a superior Battleship to anything the Royal Navy had at the time, and would have only really changed once HMS Vanguard entered service. The United States' Battleships are a different story. One could argue that the North Carolina Class was a superior ship to the Bismarck/Tirpitz. And the same for the South Dakota Class. NC and SoDak were slightly slower than Bismarck (~27/28 kts vs 30) Much heavier broadside (9x16" vs 8x15") USN 16" guns had a Superheavy shell that made them superior to their contemporaries. Radar sets were far and above the best in the world, next to the Royal Navy's. However, the USN's radar assisted gun directors were unmatched by anyone. Bismarck and Tirpitz's fire control radar had a tendency to break from the shock of the guns firing. South Dakota suffered a full electrical failure from her own guns, however that was due to poor maintenance. None of the other BB of her class suffered any similar problem. It only gets worse when the Iowa Class shows up, because every good trait the North Carolina's and South Dakota's had, she amplified. Gun caliber increased from 45 to 50 (so more range and muzzle velocity, reaching much further than Bismarck can, and to add insult to injury, the guns hit harder too) Speed increased to 34 kts (lost advantage) Better Protection More modern radar and fire control (as if they already weren't world class) If we decide to throw aircraft into the mix, advantage once again goes to the US. The Americans had a ton of practice killing aircraft in the Pacific, and that would naturally translate as deployments change. Bismarck had problems tracking and shooting biplanes (granted that isn't as easy as it sounds, but given there were basically no kills, it brings up a bit of concern) Given how many characteristics she falls short in even against the first of America's Fast Battleships, you could argue that the ship was outclassed as early as 1940/41. The Kreigsmarine had a lot of problems with their ship design during the war. A lot of them don't quite stand up to scrutiny. Their destroyers had very poor range, the Cruisers and Battleships had horribly unreliable radar and fire control, no carriers to speak of. And let's not even bring up the near miraculous capabilities of American Damage control. We all know how effective Bismarck's was in repairing the rudder. And the Americans aren't afraid of getting hit. Germany was so starved of resources that almost any damage to the ship would require extensive port time. Funnily enough Yamato/Musashi were in the almost exact same situation. In hindsight, the Bismarck/Tirpitz were not great designs. Not terrible, mind you, but not remotely the best in class people make them out to be. They were big, and they looked quite mean, but when rubber meets the road, other designs, American ones specifically, are flat-out better. Not saying it would be a complete slaughter, but objectively the American Fast Battleships have more advantages to work with. Their chances of success are far higher.
  2. Halonut24

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    Enterprise is easily the Best CV at Tier VIII. An Enterprise that knows what they're doing will dominate more than any Tirpitz ever could. That wouldn't even be a question. She's so Overpowered because she's good at literally everything. Rockets that slaughter DD, AP bombs that will harshly punish CL and CA, good consistent Torpedo Bombers as well for the BB, and a crazy large Fighter consumable to counter other CV's. And that's not even mentioning the replenishment time for her aircraft.
  3. Halonut24

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    Tirpitz. Purely because the Graf is such utter garbage. Throw in any other Tier VIII CV and we might have a legitimate conversation.
  4. Halonut24

    Premium Ship Review: California

    okay, that makes sense. Thank you for that clarification. Still a baffling decision.
  5. Halonut24


    There are certain Premiums that do just out-perform it's counterparts. Probably the single most blatant example being the Enterprise compared to literally every other Tier VIII CV (she outperforms them by hilarious margins, so much so that she joins the Belfast and Kutuzov as the OP Premiums that got pulled from sale.). Not including CV, ships like the Massachusetts are a cut above the rest thanks to the kits they get. But just about every high tier Tech Tree ship is still plenty competitive and competent, even with the Premiums out and about. There's give and take with all of them. Each has their little gimmick that usually comes with it's own caveat. Can't speak on behalf of your bad dispersion luck. Might just not be a good day.
  6. Halonut24

    Premium Ship Review: California

    AA needs a serious rework if they want to boast it as a selling point. Or even a balancing feature for an otherwise terrible ship. This thing is just food for up and coming Parseval Captains, and of course another sacrifice to the Sky Cancer Goddess (colloquially known as the USS Enterprise). Ah the days when a ship with good AA really meant something... But seriously? A nearly 35 second reload?! I don't understand how you're even supposed to operate with that, especially given the small caliber they are. The Lyon has the same caliber guns, more of them, and she has a faster RoF. God help us if the entire new BB line is this awful. Me thinks it is.
  7. Halonut24

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    the "solutions" most of the time were only blanket nerfs. And each addition to the"fixes" spawned new problems (like slingshot drops). This has been the cycle since the rework. CV's have gotten to the point where the gameplay is just, muddy. It's not fulfilling. It's frustrating and tedious more than anything. Not to mention the only input you can meaningfully give is the occasional fighter consumable (not much of a contribution given how passive they are) and attacking enemy ships. The old CV you had to actually think critically. Your actions had weight and consequence. This doesn't.
  8. Halonut24

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    That one, presumably. Back when it was broken, immediately after the rework. (kind of like what I was originally talking about)
  9. Halonut24

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    There's your 500k damage game. My point still stands; there have been a lot of issues and exploits with the rework, and each patch never seemed to get them remotely right.
  10. Halonut24

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    1: This vid showcases the strat that would allow such games. A short YouTube search of Hakuryu games in that 500k dmg range do exist in this timeframe (Roughly Feb 2019) 2: It's just another issue with the CV rework that shows how overlooked so many exploits are. 3: I am familiar with the 899 divs. We're talking about CV sniping at Tier X. Tier VIII is one thing, with largely unarmored CV's, but at Tier X it has the capacity to do it against much heavily armored ships. None of the other carriers really have the capacity to do this.
  11. Halonut24

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    Yeah, the longer this goes on, the more I actually miss RTS CV's. In hindsight, the Rework CV's have been busted since the onset. -Hakuryu would farm 500K damage games with their broken Torpedo drop mechanics (and insane range). Since bludgeoned with the nerf stick. -Then the Premiums were added. And they were crap or decent. Except Enterprise, which was broken stupid OP. Also Slingshot drops. Since removed from sale. Dive Bombers Nerfed. -And THEN there's apparently a Rocket range exploit and the Richtofen can CV snipe. At least in RTS Carriers actually had to duel each other for the right to attack the enemy. Some quality of life improvements to the UI of the old system would help a lot. As also stated previously, remove strafe from Fighters, maybe keep Rocket Fighters as a toggle switch when your Fighters are still on the deck? I miss the old days. The Carrier Duels were a lot of fun. Really made you use your noggin.
  12. It actually can. Haven't had a Tier VIII CV touch me for anything more than like 2k for a whole flight. AA sector (and some AA spec-ing) will do wonders for that little boat.
  13. I disagree. Been able to melt Lexington and Kaga flights very efficiently. Not sure what results you've been getting, if any at all.
  14. Been running the Kidd recently to be support for my friend who's learning the ropes on Enterprise. The DFAA is crazy good on that thing. I've wiped full Lexington squads from the air in seconds. Never really been able to do well with it before, but now I seem to be finding a niche for it. For anyone doubting it's AA effectiveness, don't worry, she's still an annoying little boat to deal with.
  15. Halonut24

    Another alternative Idea

    An open-world like WoWS? Sounds pretty dope on paper. Though not sure if certain clans will just pummel more casual clans into oblivion. A PvE Co-op campaign would also be really cool, though it's not likely to happen, as WG don't really do anything single player-esque like that other than Console WoT.