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  1. To Pay or Not to Pay

    When I started, I was playing on the cheap, and didn't intend to spend much on the game. Eventually that changed and I did start picking up premium ships (really regretting not getting the RU BB Nic now). As for getting good, just keep at it. We all started somewhere. It took me awhile to get good at the game. I suggest watching youtube 'how to play' videos that can help you. I also suggest if you do decide to get a premium, do your research on it. Little White Mouse does excellent reviews on the premium ships as they are being released. There are also several youtubers that get videos up of game play from them testing the ships. Remember that WG does not give refunds on ships, unless they have announced a refund for ships due to a game change, as what happened to Belfast and Perth. I also suggest not getting a premium above your current tier level. Many have done this, and found they are not ready for game play in the higher tiers.
  2. King George V sister's ships

    quick question OP Why is this title 'King George V sister's ships', when the post is really about Honoring Force Z? While HMS Prince of Wales was a KGV-class BB, HMS Repulse was a Renown-class Battlecruiser.
  3. Warspite can hold it's own at T6, even when up tiered. Secondaries are decent and she can make for some tight turns when needed. Hood is a bit more tricky. It's likely to see T9s and some can out range her. She's faster then Warspite, but her guns are a bit more wonky. Close to mid range you'll hit the target, long range you'll be lucky if you hit it. Secondaries are all in the rear and pretty useless. Denfensive fire only works well when the planes are right over you.Between the two, I've earned more XP in Warspite then Hood. That said, I know you don't want one, but Nelson has earned me more XP then either in battles.
  4. Reworking Detonations

    mostly the British BCs had the 'Det' issue. Invinicible, Indegfatigable, Queen Mary all were detonated at Jutland. German's only BC sank after flooding became uncontrollable.
  5. World of Loyangs...

    A ship is only as good as the captain that sails her. yes, Lo yangs, Kidds, Alabamas, tirpitzs, etc are out there, but how well are they captained? You may not have been here when the Tirpitz was first released but it was amazing how many people derpped in her. I consider myself. BB main, yet I am doing well in both the benson, and Kidd despite the radar, hydro and CVs.. I have taken my Lo yang out, but not as much as my benson. Benson just got me the tech tree fletcher.
  6. the main difference is Missouri is a Free XP Premium that is still the same tier as Iowa. Musashi is getting nerfed from Yamato's tier X to Tier IX. It might be being compared by some to the Nagato and Amagi A hulls that became lower tiered premiums.
  7. Conqueror Situation...

    please remind me if I am mistaken. While I have never gotten a cit on Conqueror, I have done quite a bit of damage to it. The thing is the heal. It was my understanding that the Conq could heal back almost all fire damage done to it. The only thing the Heal could not do was restore citadel hits or all of a penetration hit. So what is likely happening is that many lower Tier BBs that see a Conq, may not trust their AP to pen it, and use HE. It's a mind set. After all, how many people when they first see a Yamato blast away at it with AP with little to no effect, then HE the thing into submission.
  8. Izumo... ugh

    I have had Izumo for a month or so at this point. I was actually dreading her due to everything people have posted on the forum. And I am doing the thing everyone here said not to do. I'm grinding her. That said, I'm finding that while she does have her quirks, she isn't a bad ship. I have a Dunk as well as Nelson as well, so I'm familiar with the bow mounted turrets. Once you get over the shots falling short, she is fairly typical of the Japanese BB line. I myself probably play her more aggressively then is wise, but I have been able to be consistent in the damage done. Win rate isn't where I would like it, but I'm finding more and more that depends on how your team on a whole is playing and not just you. The set-up I'm using is more survivabilty and main guns vs the secondary build. I try to stay with the group as much as possible for AAA and secondary defense. She will deleted CAs with ease. Yes, she does take getting used to and yes she has quirks, but over all I'm having fun with the Izumo grind.
  9. OP, Before buying any premium ship, I always do my due diligence and look up reviews and what others are saying about the ship. You should know ahead of time what you are getting in to. That said, the Atago is a good boat. It has decent main gun range and decent aaa. It has torpedo mounts that have very good arcs and range. Properly angled, it can bounce most shells. As has been said, it is much better then the Prinz Eugen and has a heal. Read LWM’s review and her suggestions for setup. Take her into Co-op and do a few runs to get used to her. You are likely having problems in ranked, becuase a lot of experienced and seasoned vets do ranked, and they know the strengths and weaknesses of Atago/Takao, being new to it, you don’t.
  10. Yes, it is for sale. Several ‘retired’ ships are listed in the tech tree for sale. Only ones not listed are the alpha, betas, gremy, and Nic
  11. AFTVent Day 6 Mission

    Used a combination of Atlanta and Independence
  12. this has to be the worst ranked season I have ever seen Bismarcks and Tirpitzs yoloing. If the BBs aren't yolo-ing they are hanging back so far from the cap zone by the time their shells reach the DD they should be supporting is dead. At this point last season I was at least up two ranks. I'm still where I started and going 2 for 12 right now. There was only one game where the teams were evenly matched and we lost do to time.
  13. Why do we play?

    I have always been a history buff. Growing up, I went through all of my Grandfather's National Geographics. The ones that really held my interest were the ones that contained the shipwrecks, both sail and modern. And then I discovered the Titanic. Because of the Titanic I took note of Robert Ballard's name. Thus when his name came up in regards to another sunken ship, I took notice. That ship: Bismarck. From there I started reading more about warship history, from WW2 going back to WW1, to further back and the American Civil War. Eventually when I got a good computer, I started playing the naval battle sims, such as the Great Navel Battles series, and Fighting Steel. But for a number of years, there were no new naval battle sims, you had land and air warfare sims, but nothing for the sea. And then I saw a Youtube video that showed closed beta testing of this game, and I immediatly took note on when open beta would begin.........
  14. While yes, Task 5 does require DoY to complete that Task, you do not need the DoY to collect enough stars to unlock the final Task and move on. I was able to complete the tasks for mission 1 in one evening without repeating any. Once you have DoY, you can go back and finish the remaining tasks if you wish, I think all you get is an Achievement that states you did all the tasks, nothing else for it.
  15. Dasha & Santa Box Animation

    you know, I brought this up at the begining of a battle (took a bit before ships got anywhere in sight of each other) and someone actually asked: 'Who is Dasha?' everyone gave the guy flak regarding that.