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  1. Lord_Slayer

    Something is clearly wrong with the team pick

    time to break out the tin foil......... Checking the 'stats' of teammates and then deciding not to play or deciding it's going to be a loss from the start is doing a disservice to your teammates. Play the match, fight as hard as you can. You get more XP and Credits playing the game then just abandoning it. I had two games in a row over the weekend where a player went AFK. One parked his Yamato behind an island and never moved again. The other sailed his DD into a corner and continued to sail (smoke from stack and guns turned). One was a victory, the other was a loss, but a very close one.
  2. Lord_Slayer

    I Pity the Bofors Crews

    ^this In the middle of a surface battle, no one would be out on the deck of a BB. Now there might have been men manning the 50s and 40mm on the DDs and DEs during the Battle of Samar. While not able to pierce the armor, they could cause alot of havoc when focused on the bridge area.
  3. GZ was real Never went into service, but was real
  4. Lord_Slayer

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    Just a side note on this: Germany was not part of either the Washington or London treaties. Germany's only limiting factor was the Treaty of Versailles. That treaty limited the size of German capital ships. Later, the Anglo-German Navel agreement 'limited' the Kriegsmarine size compared to the British Navy.
  5. wasn't there some debate on if an IJN Mini-Sub was present and put a couple of torpedoes into the Oklahoma? Also the US only lost 3 BBs during WW2: Arizona, Oklahoma, and Utah (training ship but technically a BB). The rest were recovered.
  6. Lord_Slayer

    Where are The Nelsons Torpedo Tubes?

    Removed during the refit/rebuild. No US BB had torpedo tubes by mid 30s.
  7. Lord_Slayer

    I've Just Found Another Reason Why The Badges

    Weren't replays being saved for a certain time period activated in one of the last patches? I never activated the replays, yet I have found the replays listed in the game files.
  8. Lord_Slayer

    What's the Attraction of the Free XP Large Cruisers?

    As has been said, some of it is a different style of gameplay. Some of it is actually getting a ship that was launched and did get into action (USS Alaska). Some of it is getting a ship that was partially built, but never launched, commissioned, and broken up on the ways (Stalingrad)
  9. ok......knowing how that soundtrack sounds....that has got to be the most interesting combination I have ever heard of.
  10. Lord_Slayer

    Could monitors make a limited return?

    Basically it becomes this generations 'Atomic Annie' M65 atomic cannon
  11. Lord_Slayer

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    I am aware that the British BCs were lost to fire from the German BCs. If you re-read what you quoted from me, I did not say their weakness was BBs....but the Guns of the opposing BBs and BCs. Battlecruisers were essentially large cruisers mounting armor to defeat the guns of normal cruisers, while carrying the guns normally seen on Battleships. According to their original design goals, the BCs were basically to destroy ships it out gunned, while running from ships that outgunned them, which should mean they kill regular cruisers while running from slower battleships. While they could operate with the fleet, it was planned they would focus on enemy cruisers as well as providing a fast support to harass enemy BBs that had their aim focused on other BBs. At no point were they intended to slug it out with BBs and other BCs. They did not carry the armor for that. By WW2, most of the BCs that still existed had been refitted and up armored (to a point) so they no longer reflected their original design. They were also now treated more as Battleships. New build Battleships themselves no longer suffered from the speed issues of the older designs. They were now reaching speeds that previously had been only reached by the BCs and smaller ships. It is telling that no new BC was completed by any country after Hood was put commission. Yes, there was the capital ship building holiday, then followed by the treaties. There were designs and some hulls were layed down, but none were finished. Only one BC survived WW2 and that was Renown. (Alaska is not included in the BC count as she was a Large Cruiser)
  12. Lord_Slayer

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    I believe that WW1 was the highpoint for the BC, with the final example, the Hood being the 'ultimate' BC. When used as they were intended, to fight surface raiders and cruisers, they did well. The issue is when they were brought into the Battle Line, something they were not designed for. Their weakness, was really the heavy guns of BBs and other BCs. Even though Hood was the 'Ultimate' BC, time doesn't slow down, and developments continue. By WW2, Hood needed a refit/rebuild desperately. Renown and Repulse had been rebuilt, Hood would have received a similar reconstruction. Would that have helped her against the Bismarck? That's up for discussion. It all depends on that fatal hit. Based on the wreck, Hood had entered a turn to bring her aft guns to bare on Bismarck and Prinz Eugen. It is possible a shell from a Bismarck salvo penetrated the belt armor as she turned and was able to hit the aft magazine, which did explode. The deck fire may not have had anything to do with her loss. But again, no smoking gun, all we have are theories. As for the Hood's plant condition, it was poor. She badly needed a refit. She had basically been in continual service throughout the 30s, and when WW2 began, she was one of the few ships that could keep up with the German BBs. By the time she faced Bismarck, she could not make her top speed, she also had issues with her condensers producing enough fresh water to service the boilers.
  13. Lord_Slayer

    Could monitors make a limited return?

    The only issue I see is that currently, the US Navy seems to lean towards Multi-weapons/purpose platforms. Having a rail gun mounted for NGFS is great, but what purpose does the ship provide otherwise? Does it carry amphibious forces? Does it have a VLS system? AA capabilities? If all we have is a ship with a gun on it, I could see it possibly sailing around for trails and work up and such, but spend most of its time in port, in the reserve fleet, or possibly in a forward positioning area. I don't see it operating with the main fleet, though it might possibly operate with the Gator Navy.
  14. Lord_Slayer

    Ultimate Frontier

    First battle in it since it came back around - 5 Star With people who know what they are doing, it's not that bad.