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  1. trying to get the last XP to get the Nelson...... started off with a win, then it's like every team I got placed on just got butchered. Battles ending before I can get in the range of anything. Then the one that really set me off was when our Lexington decided to snipe the red CV. Not only did he send his all planes (fighters, bombers, torps) around the edge of the map, actually flying over two red DDs he completely ignored, but when he got to the red CV, also a Lex, every single one of his aircraft were shot down. Red CV not even scratched.
  2. USS Vesuvius Dynamite Gun Cruiser 15in Cast Iron pneumatic guns, yes, the guns were fired with compressed air from a 1000psi reservoir. Yes she did serve actively during the Spanish-American War where she shelled an enemy position.
  3. Depends on the ship and speed you were going. Some can coast for quite a bit. One of the many things a smoking RN CL has to consider, even throwing the engines into reverse, they need to wait for the right speed to begin smoking or they drift through it. It's also possible it take a moment for the server to realize you've dropped, possibly believing it to be a lag spike. Also I have seen a few people ram an 'AFK' ship and push it further forward.
  4. Actually I'm fairly sure if you get dropped, it's just like you put the ship in full stop. The ship moves a bit further as it slows, the rudder goes back to zero degrees of turn if you were turning, and the turrets move to the 'rest' position pointing fore and aft. If it's a net drop/game crash, as soon as you login you are sent to the battle instead of port. If you yourself exit to port while your ship is still alive.....well....no you can't rejoin. I've run into the game crash / net drop issue a few times. Each time my ship was just about where I was when the game went down, with turrets moving back into position from 'rest'
  5. Question: Are you clicking them only once to highlight the ship? Because the way I am reading this, you are clicking on them expecting the secondaries to fire as you click.
  6. In the line drawing, she does have two funnels, while her 'upgraded' WG pic only has the one. So, it's 'possible' that removal of the funnel clears that gun arc and allows the rotation.
  7. Isn't that the USS Salem?
  8. You'd still know if RDF was being used though. OP said it wasn't. Also I think RDF just gives you a general heading, lets say a 20 degree arc. Trying to pin point that with a team mate while trying not to get sunk? As soon as you start to fire, your prey is already leaving the area and the next closest RDF target gets lit. I have run into the odd situation where in a DD, I occasionally get a brief flash of detected, yet nothing is near me and the Red Teams DDs are on the mini-map far from the area and no I haven't fired the mains guns nor are my AAA turned on. As someone stated, I think there is a bug somewhere, but it doesn't happen all the time, otherwise I think there would be alot more posts on this.
  9. I typically fly the MMC flag on my premiums and on ships that I am currently grinding. After moving to the next tier, the lower tier ship gets a different flag, for example, my Bismarck flies the Hood flag.
  10. Most likely answer: No
  11. https://www.ea.com/games/starwars/battlefront/battlefront-2/news/swbfii-changes-launch?utm_campaign=swbf2_hd_ww_ic_soco_twt_swbfii-launchchangesblog-tw&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&cid=41287&ts=1510612532581 EA has apparently decided to make changes...... They are even having a Reddit AMA on Wednesday.
  12. Fun ship, much fun
  13. Nothing wrong with GC, I'm calling bad RNG roll on the part of OP
  14. Well it all depends..... Both the Germans and Japanese have pretty strong torpedos, depending on the ship you are in, and the situation yes, a BB torpedo could take 50% of your HP and potentially sink you.
  15. my best performance...one star...... sadly every other match was a crushing loss but one, which was a victory but no stars