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  1. When I heard about this, I had thought it had happened further out, not near its dock.
  2. Lord_Slayer

    high tier problem

  3. Lord_Slayer

    A dedicated Battle Cruiser line

    for actual ships: UK, Germany, Japan. paper: US had an actual design and hull.....that later became 2 CVs. Everyone else....more or less paper. Technically, the Commonwealth could add in a battlecruiser premium. Hell, let's face it, there would be several premiums in this. HMS Australia HMS Tiger HMS Courageous SMS Goeben SMS Lutzow All Battlecruisers would be low tier, highest 6 or 7. Lexington maybe hit T7. the battlecruiser line would end early as anything higher is essentially a fast battleship.
  4. Lord_Slayer

    Grand Battle ruined by the worst players in WoWs

    who's being a tryhard? Like was said, its a mode that isn't being tracked other then personal 'glory' and the achievements, nor are you getting first win bonus off of it. You are simply able to rack up ship XP, Captain XP, Free XP, and credits. Not to mention sailing your T9s and T10s in an almost stress free environment.
  5. Lord_Slayer

    Grand Battle ruined by the worst players in WoWs

    I agree. Despite their size, they have the same flaws as their 'smaller' sisters, Yamato and GK. Satsuma has the same cheek citadel spot as Yamato, and Hannover's dispersion stinks and it very easy to set on fire. People also seem to forget they can turn, and they eat alot of torpedos
  6. Lord_Slayer

    Grand Battle ruined by the worst players in WoWs

    I ground up my Soviet DD line as well as working on my German DD line. It's actually quite sad when I am at the top or near top of the board in a loss as the German and RU DD lines are not my best ones..... I prefer the stealth ninja line of IJN and also the US DD lines.
  7. Lord_Slayer

    Grand Battle ruined by the worst players in WoWs

    its a great way to grind out the XP on the high ships as well.
  8. Lord_Slayer

    Is Enterprise still OP?

    the more I have tried CVs in Co-Op, the more I get frustrated with the Rocket Planes.
  9. Lord_Slayer

    New steel ship - Suggestions needed

    I haven't seen any Plymouths. I have seen several Austins, and also deleted a few. The Current state of CVs makes FDR a huge negative. For me it was between Shikishima and Bourgogne, and as I had more fun with the IJN, I went with Shikishima and have not regretted it
  10. Lord_Slayer

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    Also needs to update it for the 2 'Super' Battleships......
  11. ^ this from what I have read and seen, the bow section hit the bottom with enough speed and force, it kinked the hull. She probably was in the best shape when Ballard found her. Now time and constant visits have likely deteriorated her faster.
  12. Lord_Slayer

    Not many Tones out

    Tone has all her guns forward, whereas Atago/Takeo have a more traditional layout. Tone also has a more Aft oriented torpedo launcher setup, then Atago/Takeo. Tallinn, being Russian, has the RU troll armor. You have to hit it just right to penetrate with cruiser guns.
  13. Lord_Slayer

    Not many Tones out

    Ise can also be used in Operations, whereas Tone can't
  14. Lord_Slayer

    Rank One Pirate Flag... ?

    ...either as a pirate or did you by chance sink a pirate?