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  1. Lord_Slayer

    Terror in the Deep - Always start on same side?

    I've been spawning on different sides. Couple games in a row on the south, another couple in a row to the north, then a mix.
  2. Lord_Slayer

    50 Battle Mark.

    I would say there are no 'true' masters of the game. With new ships added every so often, changes in game play and meta, even if you have over 5,000 battles or more under your belt, I'd say there is always something new to learn and master.
  3. You can use the overhead map while controlling the aircraft to direct your CV on an autopilot course. Unless you had set the CV speed prior to launching aircraft, it will move at 1/2 speed on whatever course you set. In order to manually control the CV to avoid attacks, you need to abandon control of the aircraft, which causes them to return to base. It would be nice if you could switch between the ship and aircraft without sending the aircraft back to base.
  4. Each of the Halloween ships has a Tech Tree (or Premium) equivalent. Zikasa is Mikasa, Rasputin is Nikolai etc.... So based on the Halloween subs, what would their Tech tree equivalent be? Based on the general shape/silhouette, I 'm assuming the following: Seelowe = U-Boat Type XXI Just the general shape, the 6 bow torps, and the guns fore and aft on the conning tower scream U-Boat to me. Killer Whale = Gato/Balao-class. Again the general lay out with the main deck gun and the 2 AA guns fore and aft of the Conning Tower. This is where things become murky. Gerfalcon = U-Boat Type XXIII? It looks like a U-Boat Type XXIII based on the silhouette. The Snorkel that pops up at periscope depth is kinda obvious. The only issue is it has more Torpedo tubes then a XXIII, and the aft firing torpedos. Zipper = U-Boat Type VII? Appears to be similar to the Type VII, forward mounted deck gun. But many subs had this general layout, so it could also be a British sub of some kind Barracuda = ? Not 100% sure. I thought it could possibly be a US Sub, but the guns and their placement scream 'turrets'. It could be a French sub. I'm interested if anyone else has opinions on the 'base' design of the Halloween ships.
  5. Lord_Slayer

    Some tips for the Terror From the Deep Scenerio

    you should take note of your concealment range. I would stay on the surface until just before being spotted before diving. Thus you have the maximum possible oxygen level in case your torpedo attacks dont go as well. As the battle goes on, you have subs all over the place and the ships will turn to avoid torps. I found the best range to insure hits was about 3 to 4km. While having a deck gun is great, it really doesn't do all that much. It's basically a secondary gun. I would say to forget about it for the most part. Some ships recover oxygen faster then others. This means you can literally pop up for a short time in the midst of the enemy, then dive back down before anything actually hits you. Pay attention to your mini-map and surroundings. As was said, torpedos can hit you while at periscope depth. Keep aware and dive deeper if needed. Also be aware of friendlies moving in front of you.
  6. Lord_Slayer

    Dasha speak English please..

  7. Lord_Slayer

    Best of the Worst

    I think the most depressing ones are where you get caught out within the first 5 minutes or so of the match and sunk, and when the match finally ends in a loss, even though you feel you didn't do all that much, you're within the top 3 of the entire team.
  8. Lord_Slayer

    Tales of Nuclear Cruiser USS Long Beach

    Depending on when the Model company made the kit, they might have based the kit off of the 'original' design of the Long Beach, which had no guns. It eventually got 2 5in turrets that look like they were taken off a Fletcher.
  9. I believe it was a Flag....specifically the flag the Filth ships fly. someone correct me if I am wrong.
  10. i'm at work. what's the end result? A Flag? Camo?Mission for Flag or Camo?
  11. I had to re-read that a few times. Yeah...I suppose if the DD has never seen DWT before, scaring him might be a form of offence. Other-wise, a knowledgeable DD player would just ignore the torps and carry on blasting or torp-ing your Pan-Asian ship. Kutuzov is a great fire starter at T8 and can hide in smoke. It has been out long enough that most have effective ways to counter the ship. While it still has it's moments, it is not as all powerful as it once was before the smoke nerf. In the hands of an unskilled player, all they need to do is show her soft sides and boom. ship deleted. This ship is basically a copy that lacks smoke and DFAA and has long range DWT. The ship is still in Development and hasnt even reached the testing phase. Let's save on the doom and gloom until someone crosses swords with one.