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  1. Had to jump into this because for a moment I thought you meant the OTHER SS American Victory Sadly this is how things go on the Great Lakes. Cargo just doesn't move like it used to on the Great Lakes, and shipping companies are looking for the cheaper option. An actual steamship is rare to find in commercial service anywhere anymore. The one Laker I do hope they save when her days are over is the SS Arthur M Anderson.
  2. That Damn CA cost us the game!!!!

    but it isn't always 'that damn CA!', sometimes its a DD, a BB, and even a CV that does something completely irrational to you, but makes complete sense to them that costs the team a victory. Example, we were up on points, 2 CAs were defending a cap against a red BB and a CA. Our Montana decided to go sailing off after a Yugumo. The yugumo would pop back into sight every now and them to keep the Monty interested, as well as sending torp after torp in the montana's direction leading him further and further from the 2 CAs defending the Cap. Now the Monty was firing, but he never hit anything. End result the 2 CAs died, the cap was taken, and the Montana was the sole survivor on a losing team as time ran out. Could the Montana's presence have save the two CAs and defeated the Red BB and CA? Don't know. At the very least the BB or the CA, or even both could have been eliminated for the loss of 1 green ship. We still would have been ahead in points and possibly run out the clock. It's also possible the DD could have torps the Monty and the two CAs and giving the Red team the win that way.
  3. Missile tech with ships pre-cold war

    From what I know, most of the missile tech was essentially unguided gunpowder rockets, the design of which really hadn't changed all that much since the 1800s. Your first liquid fueled rockets, still unguided, began to appear in the 20s. For actual warfare, Germany was really the only one to produce a viable ballistic rocket, the V-2. They also developed guided missile technology, though by radio control and the mark 1 eyeball. They also worked on developing surface to air missiles. They also used air to air missiles, but these were also un-guided. UK did have that AA rocket system that we see on the Hood in game, but it wasn't all that great in real-life. Alot of the major issues had to do with the technology. Vacuum tubes still rained until the 50s and the transistor appeared.
  4. Tried... and failed.

    ^ this I spent a very frustrating battle in the Independence trying to strafe enemy planes, and scoring few to no kills. Then the red player (also an Indy) turns around and deletes my planes left and right. total frustration. As for the rest, it depends. When I first get a ship, I'll take it into Co-Op to try and get a feel for it for a few battles, then I'll go Random. Sometimes it works out, sometimes you get your butt handed to you. I don't think I completely stop playing a ship. I may give it a rest and play others, but eventually I come back around to it.
  5. The weekends, what can be done?

    committed players.......
  6. The other sister to Yamato

    Technically it wasn't broken, so much not installed or tested. When Shinano set sail, she was not at all in a seaworthy condition like her sisters, nor was she escorted well. The Commander of Shinano requested that her sortie be delayed until more work was completed on the ship, as well as giving her DD escort a chance to relax as they had literally just returned to port from a battle and the crews were exhausted. The request was refused. Shinano set sail with non of her watertight compartments tested for leaks, many watertight doors not installed, and the fire mains and bailing systems still offline. This meant the crews had to use portable pumps, which many were not familiar with.
  7. Game is broken

    have no idea why you would think league of legends has anything or is in anyway similar to WoWS. It's Co-Op, of course the rewards are not as high as PvP. And as for feeling sorry about the team for carrying a lame ship, what difference does it make in the ship you have now or getting the Montana later? You aren't taking the time to learn the game play, you're just smashing through. What makes you think getting the Montana will in anyway improve your gameplay? All I can see is you now being top tier and still getting frustrated and eliminated early. 2 ships, Chester and St Louis. It only took you 2 ships to decided to abandon an entire line of this. And the St Louis still is the Queen at her tier. If you are frustrated with the gameplay now, do not get an Aigle. Not even sure why you would want a high tier/skill level ship when you have no experience in DDs at all. .... OP, the more you post, the more we see just how inexperienced you are. Yes, you have a month in your belt and 1200 battles, but you aren't learning the game play and the mechanics, something one does as they proceed up the tiers. If you want to make this game more enjoyable, listen to us, slow down. Don't just rush up to the next BB. Learn how to play the BB, how to angle, get the best you can out of the BB. Try to be around at the end. Looking at your stats, you are pushing too hard, trying to make things happen. You need to keep your ship intact longer. Think of it this way: The longer you are alive, the more damage you can inflict on the enemy ships, the more XP you earn, the sooner you get to Montana.
  8. Got my Aigle, now what?

    I too have set mine for max concealment, which puts it about 6.8km. With 7km torps, she is hardly a stealth torp boat. She's got decent hitting power and I'm running flags to increase fire chances. She can't knife fight up close against another DD, she does better at 5-6km. Her torps, while slow, do hit hard. Her AAA is non existent. Speed is good without the boost, but that boost gives you legs. I try to play her in support of other DDs, usually IJN. I let them cap, and then grab the attention of the opposing DD and between the IJN torps and Aigle guns, that DD is having a bad day. I'm doing good with her, WR of 54%. I have Kracken'd in her so she is capable. Overall she is a funboat.
  9. Game is broken

    OP, I have been playing this game since Open Beta, that is just about 2.5 years now. A month of battles is way way too soon to be sailing around in an Iowa. Each ship, hell each tier has its different strengths and weaknesses. You can't just boom and zoom up the tiers and expect to be able to play those ships. Ask anyone here about the Tirpitz epidemic when she was first released. Search the history here in the forum. It was bad watching people buy the thing, try playing, and find out that they were not ready for it. Jingles does know his ships (and tanks), you just aren't watching the right videos. His 'why you heff to be mad' series is literally clips of people being full on potatos and is pure entertainment. You need to watch his other videos, which show complete battles that had been submitted to him by other players. Jingles breaks down the gameplay, usually explaining in the words provided by the player themselves what was happening and what they were thinking. If you don't like Jingles, there are all sorts of other youtubers, some of which are CCs here that you can watch and learn how to use your ship effectively. If you are already frustrated with the gameplay grinding Iowa, you might as well stop. Montana is a larger, slower Iowa. Since you don't plan on taking any of the others advice, there is really no point in saying anything on the forums. And if you did simply set your auto pilot to derp into the enemy cap and tab out, that isn't skill, it isn't helpful to your teammates (you who are already complaining about a lack of teamplay), that is braindead gameplay. To your next point, why would you knife fight with a DD? The DD has the advantage of maneuverability, small size, quick reload on guns, not to mention torps. I also doubt it was hacks. The minimal distance I think a DD can get down to (forum members please verify) is 5.4km. When you got within 2km of the smoke, he likely was not even there anymore. He popped his speed boost and went around the island, the island blocking your view of him. Since you didn't provide a replay, or even a map you were playing, we can only guess. And pushing the cap in a BB that early is foolish when enemy DDs are still around. For all you know, there could have been 2 DDs working together at that cap. That last game you mentioned, you played right into the DDs hands. You followed that DD around, allowing him to lead you away from where you were needed. As a BB, you would never catch up to see that DD. You should have given up the chase. And don't expect RDF to help you. It will give you a rough bearing on an enemy ship, it will not give you exact location or distance. Right now after reading all your posts and reactions to others, I feel the problem isn't a game issue, but lays in front of the keyboard.
  10. Trust Public test?

    OP Depending on what you are using (Norton, McAffee, etc) the firewall might be checking 'home base' as it were to verify just what kind of file you are downloading and it's stats. I've seen Firewall software come back saying 'This file is a common DL and is OK', 'This file has not been seen before, don't trust it' and the like. It's just your firewall trying to protect your computer and making sure you don't get anything from 'contaminated' files.
  11. Radar is OP, WG please nerf

    OP what you are bringing up here goes on even in games with no radar. CAs camp behind islands to avoid being deleted by BBs which hang back and shoot from range. DDs avoiding caps because the CAs are hiding and not supporting. The Smoke Nerf is only a Nerf to BBs and CAs that hid in the smoke, pushing out the DD in some cases, and stayed there firing basically unopposed. The only Nerf I could agree with to radar is it being blocked by islands, but as has been stated in all the Nerf Radar threads, WG says this can't happen because of the game engine. Radar is no going to go away so the only option is for players to find and eliminate the Radar carrying ships quickly in battle. But that won't happen simply because no one works as a team in Random.
  12. Why does WOW hate long time players?

    I am a BB main, but I have played DDs regularly. My current favorite DDs are the Benson, Kidd, and the Aigle. I have gone up the IJN DD line and am working on getting the final ship, the Shimakaze. I play all the DDs as if they are the stealth boats. I actively try to sneak into caps, and zip back out when detected and opened up on by 4-5 different ships. I adapt my gameplay based on how the game is going and what I am currently facing. Sometimes I pop out and open fire on a nearby ship, sometimes I am running under speed boost trying to get into a position to drive a red BB or CA from out behind an island with torps. Yes, DDs are at a disadvantage. They don't have the guns or the armor, but that's been true since the beginning. OP has mis-labeled this post. There are already numerous DDs nerfed posts, his is truly no different then any other one. DDs are still viable and destructive ships. The issue is the skill level of the captain. As has been said, since roughly Christmas, battles have taken a turn to the worse. Oh sure, there are some games that end fairly even, but many have been complete and total crushing of the red team without even losing a ship on the green. I have seen too many teams now go full potato since the holidays, and unlike last year, it has not ended with the holiday season. If OP has an issue with DD play, he needs to adapt to the changes. Everyone else has adapted to the various changes. Change is a part of life.
  13. During WW1, the British primarily used the Tripod mast on their BBs for spotting/fire control. There was some play on where it was located as HMS Dreadnought had hers located behind the funnel, meaning it got warm and smoky quite often. Later Dreadnoughts had the Tirpod in front of the funnel. Germany also used a variation of the tripod on their Dreadnoughts. The US went the route of the cage mast. Their reasoning was that due to the cage masts construction, it would survive after taking a hit, allowing the warship to continue in the fight. They believed that while more sturdy, the tri pod mast was more likely to collapse if a leg was taken out. As the US battleships went through their various reconstructions, the cage masts began to vanish in favor of the tripod masts. Only the Colorados retained the cage mast into WW2. By WW2, radar was coming into use and the dual masts of the previous BBs was no longer needed. There was also the need to clear the firing arcs of the AAA guns. New battleships only had the bridge superstructure as the highest point on the ship. The Older BBs were reconstructed and lost the aft tripod. You are comparing the basic WW2 set-up to the 1980s refit. When the Iowas were refitted in the 80s, they got a lot more electronics then they had in WW2. That pole mast was not going to carry that weight. This form of lattice mast was pretty common on the warships of the Ticonderoga, Spruance, and Perry classes.
  14. French Containers

    You can repeat a mission, but you can't get rewarded twice for it. You'll only get the star.
  15. New Host = No More Dasha???

    at least read the news page before crying over Dasha missing......