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  1. Lord_Slayer

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    it has been years since I did anything Mac related. However, the replay folder should be in the same folder as the screenshots. Can you perform a search for replays? WoWS should have it on by default.
  2. Lord_Slayer

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    Hak has always had longer distance torp runs. While AA may not do much, there is this thing called 'dodging'.
  3. Lord_Slayer

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    Check the folder where WoWS is installed. there should be a file there labeled 'replays'
  4. Lord_Slayer

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    Hak can drop torps from further out, thus can avoid entering the AA 'bubble'.
  5. Lord_Slayer

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    of the three ships in the vicinity pf the Rossiya, only the Bourgogne has decent AA. the AL Rossiya is weaker then its Tech tree counter part, and the Incomparable lacks decent AA. Given the presence of the two cruisers, the CV, and Montana to the east, no CV is going there. As this is an 'after' shot, with no sign of the red teams squadron, (which looks like it was a torpedo squadron from the torpedo streaking away), I'm going to assume the Rossiya pushed a bit further forward then it should have, got smacked, then turned around to the 'safety' of the Incomparable and Bourgogne. Edit: After seeing the second set of images posted by OP, it seems I was correct about the torpedo squadron. Further given it was an IJN Hak, he can also drop torps from further out. I also am wondering why OP is complaining about CVs, when his team eventually won with minimal loss of ships.
  6. Lord_Slayer

    AP Auto Switching to HE after DC Drop

    ^^ I'm leaning this way as well. OP, it is sounding like you are unintentionally hitting that 1 button twice. If this was a game issue, more people would be up in arms about it. But this is the first I am ever reading of it.
  7. Lord_Slayer

    Why are the brawls down?

    they have multiple times Every time we have ranked battles they are time gated. And every time someone asks about it and it is answered for the past year or 2.
  8. Lord_Slayer

    Incomparable or wait?

    Look at the material out there on the ship. At this point it has been out long enough to have multiple if not more reviews. Ultimately you are the one who has to live with the decision you make. Myself, I do have it and I find it to be a fun ship.
  9. who wouldn't? I got into Anime in college and have never looked back. Even got Dad into Anime. That said, I did have to look up ARP and HSF. Azur Lane usually came up in those ARP searches. Haven't bothered with Galactic Heroes. I don't mind the collabs. It is a way of sparking interest in the game, and alot of peoples tastes do run in various directions. I did feel a bit of nostalgia for the Transformers as I did watch the series alot when I was a kid and saw the movie the first time in 86. That the captains and the animations on the ships are their original G1 form from the animated show was a plus. It was disappointing that they didn't bring in the original voice actors. While I know about King Kong and Godzilla, I was never that much into either, nor did I ever get involved in Warhammer. So those collabs really didn't spark anything for me.
  10. Lord_Slayer

    Port Screen freeze

    are the graphic card drivers up to date? Otherwise I am not sure as I frequently load in 30 seconds before battle starts with my SSD.
  11. Lord_Slayer

    CV BADLY needs ASW

    CVs can drop bombs on a Sub. I have several times successfully dropped HE bombs from both the level bombers and DBs and have hit a periscope depth submarine. What about a max depth sub? You cant see them from aircraft so you'll have to rely on teammates.
  12. Lord_Slayer

    Subs have WAAAAY too much health

    this is the only part I will agree with. It also directly contradicts what you said about Subs. Depending on the sub, you have roughly 2-4 minutes of battery time before you need to surface. That is plenty of time to get into a position to torpedo something and then slip away. You also get via updates from teammates the locations of the red team on the mini-map, and can even see them from periscope depth and a bit below that. If you mismanage your battery time and are forced to surface surrounded by the red team, you failed in your advanced planning.
  13. Lord_Slayer

    DDs without Torps

    DDs that get unlucky and get their single torp launcher shot off?
  14. Lord_Slayer

    Captain management advice?

    'reward' captains should come with their own slot. So winning/unlocking one will typically not cause you to 'lose out'. Captains you 'purchase' for coal or doubloons should also come with a slot. If all your reserve slots are full, you simply can't send anymore ship captains to reserve, nor can you recruit anymore. Captain management is not something I can completely help you with. I have been playing long enough I earned/unlocked alot of reserve slots and still have Captains from the ARP collab that have not gone on ships. Myself, I do tend to hold onto ships (I have 430+) and have kept most captains on their original ships. Not everyone has that many ships or room. I believe alot of people start one captain and just move them up the line as they unlock and get higher tier ships. The issue then becomes the re-training. You either have to grind it out, or spend to complete the re-training.