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  1. Lord_Slayer

    Edge of the Map should be a penalty

    There was a game I used to play back in the late 90s, early 2000s. It was a space combat game and the battle maps had a border marked much like in WoWS. However, unlike in WoWS where the border stops you and slows you down, in this game you could move over the border. The key though, is that after moving over the border, a timer began to countdown. If you had not moved back into the main map by the time the timer had clicked down, your ship was considered to have 'left the engagement area' and was essentially considered as a 'loss' for your team. Maybe something similar can be implemented in WoWS. Yeah, you can cross the border, but if you don't return back within the map borders, your ship has 'sailed off', for the purposes of the battle is considered 'lost/destroyed' and it subtracts the PTs the ship is worth from the teams score. However, the other team does not get any points for the ship 'kill'. I already can see a point people will bring up: What if someone doesn't like the MM matchup and simply sails off the map? Maybe it could be treated as an AFK, I mean if the game registers a full health ship leaving the battle, it could register it much like the typical AFK that sits there. Enough 'sails off' and you get 'Pinked'.
  2. Lord_Slayer

    I think I am done for the day...

    So to sum up the teams
  3. As has been stated: the CV does not have 'Unlimited' planes. It has a plane regeneration rate. Meaning one plane is restored every so many seconds. This also mean that the CV will reach a point where they are not putting up full squadrons. Maybe out of a flight of originally 9 planes, the CV can only put up 7. While yes, that can still mean three possible attacks, it also means that, should all the planes survive, that final attack is only 1 aircraft. But not all planes survive the first pass. Maybe 2 get shot own. So now instead of 7 attacking planes, you have 5. 3 in the first attack, and now 2 in a second possible attack. This can mean by the end of a match, the CV might only be putting up a few planes. But now instead of a possible 3 attacks, its down to only 1, but with perhaps 1 or 2 aircraft, both of which may not survive the attack depending on the target. To me, 'Unlimited' would mean the CV is consistently putting up full flights of aircraft throughout the entire battle, despite losses. Every time a CV sends up a torpedo squadron, Bomber squadron, or attack squadron, it always take-off with a full flight. That is not what is happening in the game currently. Currently, you lose an entire flight of torpedo bombers, you might only have 1 - 3 ready to go back at the CV. So no, the idea of 'Unlimited' aircraft for a CV is a myth. In the hands of a skill CV captain it may feel like the planes are 'unlimited', but for the average CV captain they are not.
  4. Lord_Slayer

    Legendary mod doesn't show up?

    A quick search of the Forum as well as the News finds a statement from WG which indicates, that since the Re-Work those Modules are 'in limbo' and currently do not do a thing. Maybe in the future they will, but for now, it's a placeholder. This only effects the CV modules.
  5. Lord_Slayer

    Devastating effects from CV's speed and vision.

    Just pointing out the obvious. Don't get your hopes up asking for something that is unlikely to ever happen.
  6. Lord_Slayer

    Devastating effects from CV's speed and vision.

    Can work this way as well. As soon as you complain about one class, someone is going to bring up another. DDs, HE spam CAs, BBs with their Dev AP Shells. the list goes on.
  7. Lord_Slayer

    Devastating effects from CV's speed and vision.

    Based on the screenshot, specifically the Mini-Map You unfortunately spawned on the same side as the Red CV. Your CV spawned Over in the 6-7 line area. From your description, the Red CV simply launched his planes and went directly North. He was likely looking for your teams DDs, both of whom spawned in the center and the east. Having no other target in the area, and with 3 BBs and a Colbert directly east in an AA clump, you became the lone ship out and he attacked you. The Red CV's planes provided the spotting that allowed one of the Red BBs to smack you. So what if your torpedos weren't loaded yet. What are you going to torpedo from that range? Would you still be complaining if it was an unspotted DD that was spotting for the BBs and they smacked you from 24km? You got caught out alone without teammates near you to provide extra AA. That GK that likely spawned behind/with you seems to have left that area and headed to the center. Had he stayed with you the CV might not have gotten 2 passes.
  8. Lord_Slayer

    6 CV's in a 12 player Random game

    Having played CV and understanding the mechanics and the loadouts, it would likely be 'fun' at first. After all, you have 3 'regular' ships to target, with maybe only one (the Wyoming) with the possibility of decent AA and no defending fighters, unless the CVs are right in the mix with the ships. Hosho will be great against the BBs as it has the AP bombs. Hermes still has the one torpedo drop, so if the ship operators known what they are doing, they can avoid the torp. Unless the CVs work in concert. Should the regular ships all be lost, its going to be pretty much a 'who lives till time runs out or points hit 1000'. Langley's are going to be the slowest. Hosho has the better secondaries. AA is kind of a mixed bag as it is low tier, ut it's likely going to be hard to get aircraft in to get hits on the CV. Each one would likely have to be focused on together by the team. By the end of the battle, no one will be putting up a full squadron. No, playing as a CV, I would not enjoy this.
  9. Lord_Slayer

    6 CV's in a 12 player Random game

    Another CV post regarding a topic that has been mentioned multiple times in the past and has the exact same answer. OP, You are playing during Off-Hours on the NA server at Low Tiers. You have experienced a queue dump. At least one of those CVs has sat waiting for a game and the time limit hit and MM pulled this.
  10. Lord_Slayer

    Naval and Defense News 2020

    Two questions Is the ODIN a replacement for the CIWS? Does it compliment the CIWS? Does it work in tandem? It says nothing about the AFT CIWS being removed. It may be me, but removing part of your CIWS firing arc for a 'lightshow' does not seem wise if it can't replicate what the CIWS does. If the coating has been a known issue, and it effects other nations that operate in the same area the issue occurs, is it really that big of an issue? I mean besides the obvious stealth ramifications during operations. Or is this being blown out of proportion because of a whistleblower report and these being new ships?
  11. Lord_Slayer

    Does WG have a bullying culture problem?

    Please show us on the diagram where the CV touched you.
  12. Lord_Slayer

    Anybody played on the other servers.

    General Dort ranked out on every server awhile back. NA and EU seemed fairly close, other then language issues. RU, SEA, and China were completely......wow.......