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  1. PSA: Operation Dynamo

    Last night I stayed right next to Parks, before the batteries began to fire I smoked up and moved into the cap circle. Parks was in the smoke the entire time, but when those batteries began to fire, even though there were no shells in our vicinity, Parks immediately up and left for the minefield. A few of our DDs tried to trap him in, but he eventually slipped though and found a mine, further east then he normally would find one, but he still found one.
  2. PSA: Operation Dynamo

    Only issue I have seen, is that some people believe it to be a race to get back to England. The result is a large group of DDs accelerating to the 'finish' line, leaving the rescue ships alone with little to no cover
  3. De-Fueling Prinz Eugen

    the difference is that John Wayne and The Conqueror crew were filming downwind from a fairly active test site. 11 bombs were tested at that location in 53. The film was release in 56 so that's only maybe a year to 2 years between the last bomb and filming. You had dust blowing around the set, not to mention wind generator machines blowing it around, people inhaling it, its fairly obvious in hindsight where they got the cancer from. Bikini is different. There has been 50 years of water flowing over the hulls. Are they still hot? yes to a point. But the divers are not spending enough time on their dives to receive lethal doses. Also Prinz Eugen isn't at Bikini. She is at Kwajalein
  4. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Very true, the 'flaw' with the Liberty ships did not become apparent until the Russian convoys which went into the Arctic ocean. Several ships snapped in half and the Libertys began to be modified with extra riveted steel in place. There were also several Liberty ships that may have been lost due to the hull splitting.
  5. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/navy-ships/a23283428/prinz-eugen-ship-nuked-radioactive-oil/
  6. Worst design flaw you can think of?

    Let's not forget the wielding flaw in the Liberty/Victory ships. While wielding ships was a new thing and allowed them to be produced faster, it was still in its infancy and problems with extreme cold surfaced when several ships broke in two. The wielding issue was not just a US issue, but a Japanese as well. several of their DDs that had been wielded experienced issues in the thirties, so much so many had to be corrected by traditional riveting.
  7. Yes and no. Yes, the US Second Fleet was reactivated in 2018 after being Deactivated in 2011. However no ships were mothballed or pulled from the mothball fleet as this reactivation is mostly commmand and administrative. Active units were transfered between organizations. What this film presents is how the mothball fleet would be a ready reserve to help support the active fleet, with the intention that a ship would be ready to go to the front within a month.
  8. Japanese DDs dunk by 20mm Fire?

    What about a submarine? I mean, it's obviously not going to penetrate the pressure hull, but it could do damage to the ballast tanks and other things located outside the pressure hull. The outer hull isn't as thick as the pressure hull.
  9. 'Meet the Navy' film

    found it on youtube. kind of an innocent overview of the Navy and the training. Beginning and ending has some gorgeous color film of USS Pennsylvania.
  10. I watched it....and was still like.....huh? Wishful thinking on their part I believe.
  11. that only proves my point. Other then 'modern' necessities, they are basically 'true' replicas. That ST is basically a converted barge and could hardly be considered a replica.
  12. Twitch stream NovemberEchoPapaMike actually streams from the USS Iowa. During some stream, they interview various veterans about their experiences. In this one, the gentlemen speaks about his father who served on Helena from Pearl Harbor to her sinking, and his later service on the USS White Plains during the Battle of Samar as part of Taffy 3.
  13. Tilliman class US BB?

    As originally designed and laid down, the North Carolinas were to have 12 14in guns mounted in Quad Turrets. It was only an escalation clause being activated due to the Japanese refusing to stay at 14in guns on new construction that upped the class to 9 16in guns. A Pre-Escalation North Carolina-class might be an interesting ship to have. After all, we have the Gniesanau in the game with her up-gunned rebuilt hull. Why not an as originally designed 14in North Carolina?