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  1. Lord_Slayer

    How to use Nottingham Coupons?

    can you post a screen shot of the coupon in question? nvr mnd found it I believe it needs to be selected during the payment portion of the purchase from the Premium shop Bristol Coupon London Coupon
  2. Lord_Slayer

    Popeye Voice Activation?

    going to admit.... he's kinda cringe sounding. I prefer the original.
  3. I think the lowest point for me was last night in Convoy, when the Red Team won with one transport left with around 20hp, all because the green Cruiser nearest it wanted to shoot everything but the transport.
  4. Lord_Slayer

    Might be time if u love this game to adjust.

    if they don't play, then they have nothing to complain about, have moved on, and are not 'whining' about it in the forum. The fact they are still here and do complain about subs, CVs, HE spam, etc tells me they are still playing despite their constant complaints. Because they still play, WG counts that as a 'Win'.
  5. but how close were they to Midway CV-41 as of its last refit?
  6. Lord_Slayer

    Popeye To Save The Ocean, How About a Capt Cousteau?

    It really comes down to who has the controlling interest in his legacy. From what I have read, there is alot of chaos. The Calypso has been languishing in restoration starts and restarts for 20 years now.
  7. Lord_Slayer

    This is getting stupid.

    queue dump
  8. Lord_Slayer

    Am I the only one seeing this....

    yes.....let's celebrate the world's oceans by polluting a pixel version with pixel scrap metal and fuel oil.......
  9. The Atlanta's did have progressively higher turrets, however a later variant lowered them do to the additional weight of AA and electronics. They also dropped the wing 5in guns later in the Oakland sub class of Atlantas. Atlanta-class Juneau-class
  10. Lord_Slayer

    definition of 'defend'

    Should also add: if there is a second Enemy ship in the cap zone, it will be scoring more of the capture points. Without also targeting the second ship (which may or may not be visible) the red team can still cap, even if you are still hitting the first ship.
  11. Lord_Slayer


    they forgot to oil the turrets after she was raised at Pearl.
  12. Lord_Slayer

    USS Kitty Hawk - 5/21/2023

    Think I'd rather see it scuttled in honor.