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  1. Completed this Friday night after much cursing and swearing. Took out Atlanta, did almost 200+ MB hits, also scored 27 planes, but team potato'd and mission failed. Second attempt with Atlanta, was deleted from range by an Iowa, but finished the planes. Third attempt scored 190+ MB hits with Fiji and survived battle and won. It can be done, but you really need a lucky team draw.
  2. oddly I had to re-read OPs post becuase as a Shimakaze driver, I did this last night. I was able to squeak through between islands unspotted and get behind several island camping cruisers and Tier X BBs. Did succeed in dev striking a Conq and caused several torp hits on various other ships.
  3. New T6 German BB on WOWS Dev Blog

    So Beyern and Scharnhorst met in a bar. After a few drinks.........
  4. USS Wisconsin

    When Iowa first went into service, she had a bridge much like the North Carolina class, but with a walkway around the bridge level. New Jersey also had the walkway, but it was enclosed, giving the bridge a rounded look. Missouri and Wisconsin both were completed with the square bridge the class carries today. This square bridge was later retrofitted to the first two. Iowa also had a flag bridge in the armored conning tower, below the main bridge. To prevent vision from being blocked, Iowa only carried 20mm guns on turret 2, not the 40mm mount that other 3 had. Otherwise, the differences were what radar they carried, and the later had some dual 20mm mounts. It all depended on when they were completed and underwent refits. The Iowa as built is pretty much Hull A. Hull B and Hull C are pretty much the Wisconsin and Missouri as built and later in the war.
  5. I can not join a clan?

    Look under your profile. It should list there what level you are currently at and what 'perks' you have available to you. As has been stated, there are many types of clans out there. Some 'advertise' in the clan area of the forum, others may send you invites after decent games. I think there are pretty much clans for every type of gameplay.
  6. USS Wisconsin

    The only issue I see with that is the mixed battery. While the lower, heavier guns of the turret could be made functional, I doubt the upper guns could even be worked, even as secondaries. From what I can remember, the upper guns were dependent on which way the turret was facing, they could not turn independently.
  7. those interesting stories that we never heard of.
  8. Weekend teams

  9. some of this goes all the way back to alpha. WG does not model the STS. In the posts of old, everyone universally agreed the US BBs and CAs that had STS armor would have had significantly better protection then they currently possess. Have they been power creeped though? Yes, more ships have come in. But I think what currently hurts the New York/Texas is the MM. Previously they would see Tier III and Tier IV. Now they are consistently being low-tiered.
  10. Torpedo Boat Destroyers

    every time I saw TBD, i did not think 'Torpedo Boat Destroyer', I thought this:
  11. US Destroyers Upgunning?

    The 5"/54 Mark 16 only saw use on the Midway-class, the Akizuki-class, and the Murasame-class. USS Mississippi also mounted it during her training ship days. If they had been built, Montana-class would have had it. The Mark 42 is the one that got mounted to most post-war DDs, and to the Forrestal-class. France had a domestically produced 4in gun for their DDs.
  12. An honest question

    its not just you. I can't tell you how many times I've been under fire in a high tier BB by a cruiser, every single HE shell they fire misses, but the one that not only lands, but starts a fire. It does get frustrating that after the fire has finally gone out, another single shell hits and the fire comes right back up.
  13. It wasn't necessarily that changing out the boilers would help. The entire engine plant including turbines would have to have been replaced in order to bring them up to a higher speed. The R's were basically a 'cheaper' and modified QE. Another reason for the lack of major upgrades was that they were to be replaced by the Lion-class as they came online. The QEs were larger and faster and easier to rebuild. The R's were designed for battle tactics that were basically obsolete by the time they entered service. Yeah, I don't think the R's got the 30' elevation. I think the turret design prevented it. Also, Royal Sovereign was later loaned to the Soviets, who from all things I've read, didn't maintain the thing. It came back in horrible condition.