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  1. Lord_Slayer

    Did WG change Detonation's again???

    Did see a battle with a double Detonation within seconds of each other. Was not a double strike, but it was an interesting chat feed for a bit after.
  2. not to mention the mis-identification of ships
  3. Lord_Slayer

    Naked ships

    Could be a couple of things First off, yes, people could be running their ships naked. Silly...but it happens. Second: player maybe be grinding away and hit battle again, not realizing they had used up their stock of that particular camo. Again, it happens. Third: if you are one of those people who shut off the anime, monster, Mad Max camos, you are going to see a naked hull. Yeah, that player still gets any bonuses associated with the camo, but you don't see it because you turned it off.
  4. Lord_Slayer

    About updates.

    maybe I'm wrong, but I thought that the updates were bi-weekly.
  5. Really the only way Jellicoe could have 'lost the war in an afternoon' is if he did something monumentally stupid that would render the Grand Fleet ineffective as a fighting force. There were some questionable practices in the Grand Fleet that may have led to ships being lost, but otherwise the British still held a numerical ship superiority vs the German Fleet. I suppose you could have a storm whip up like the Spanish Armada faced while the Grand Fleet was at sea, but while smaller ships like Destroyers might have issues, the BBs probably wouldn't be affected much. As for the blockade being broken, even if it was, I doubt Germany would have been able to win the war. WW1 was a meat grinder and several generations of men were lost on both sides. While the blockade may allow you to get needed food, and raw material, manpower will eventually become an issue.
  6. OK It will come with the T14 Nimitz CV
  7. Lord_Slayer

    Can JB get a fighter/spotter plane?

    To remain 'true' to her current, 1950s form, she'd be more likely to have a helicopter, not a spotter plane. I believe the later Tier French BBs have a mark on the stern for a helicopter landing zone.
  8. Lord_Slayer

    Yamamoto containers

    yes if you haven't gotten any before, getting one will unlock the collection. When the collection is completed, you get the Yamamoto Captain. Like always, you need to make sure you have the correct collection selected if you have multiple available.
  9. Lord_Slayer

    Premium Izumo?

    does this mean Shinano will later appear as the Pan-Asian CV?
  10. Lord_Slayer

    Should I buy Blyskawica or Oktobarska Revolucija

    OP, it is your coal and you may spend it on what you wish. I have both ships in question. Blyskawica is a fun DD, but can be a challenge to get the best out of her at times. The game has changed a bit since we was first released and it has hurt her. But a good player can still make her dance well. She is also currently a ship in a very limited group, the Pan-European line. This limits your ability to quickly train a captain up. The OK is a decent battleship. Not great, but she is fairly consistent with the rest of the RU BB lines. This also means she can be a good trainer ship to help boost your captains along to higher levels. She is also a fairly new release, being out for about a year or so, so the game changes haven't affected it as much as Blys. In my opinion, I would go with the OK.
  11. Lord_Slayer

    Her Majesty the Queen

    feel the same about my Wyoming. never got rid of her. Between the two, I find Warspite to be the superior ship. She seems to have better luck with her AP shells doing damage. The fact I also have deleted a few ships from long range (using spotter) doesn't hurt either.
  12. Lord_Slayer

    List of all the 'Paper' Ships in game.

    As Lert said, ship was launched, but never completed, Also, Prinz Eitel Friedrich was also a hull that was launched, but never completed. Below is the Prinz Eitel Friedrich (ship on left) tied up with the Beyern-class Wurrtemburg
  13. https://www.baltimoresun.com/maryland/baltimore-city/[edited]-md-ci-john-brown-future-20191112-5wv2l2ufofa6rpe6dsl6nfmqmi-story.html?fbclid=IwAR1gcy7JvIiuPH5PvKnWfVGkQI8j_bOrAhIk0wHlWHoxvOuSTXavcYkbhTw
  14. This group is dedicated to preserving the memory of the lost US submariners of WW2, with the goal of discovering and surveying as many of the lost 52 US submarines as possible. It is this group that located the USS Grayback. Including Grayback, nine lost submarines final resting place have been located. http://www.lost52project.org/
  15. Lord_Slayer

    Please explain HE fire chance...

    personally, it seems the more you try to increase your ships fireproofing (flags, Captain Skills, etc) the more likely the first (and usually only) shell that hits you ignites you.