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  1. RC_1140

    Public Test - 0.8.9 - Round One

    Ok, I'm confused. It says I need a separate account to join the test server but with the same email. I can't make a new account because it says I have one already, but I can't seem to log in. I don't really want to reset my password for my wargaming.net account (although if I understand this right I have 2 with the same email?). I think I need a step by step guide for idiots.
  2. Last time I played a lot and checked the news was the last(?) t10 ranked season.
  3. Did they say anywhere how they picked carriers to remove and will they add more to fill in the tiers later? I wanted the Independence and Essex but now they aren't available. TBH if they will never come back I might just stop playing carriers. (I don't play WOWS that often so sometimes I miss a lot of news)
  4. If that's all that's nearby then yeah, but I tend to be overly aggressive and it's not uncommon to have several ships nearby. If my secondaries can kill a cruiser while I kill a BB that works for me. But its better not to be in that situation in the first place. Just checking but do you think IFHE is useful for more than just shooting cruisers on 127mm guns? And do you think its useless for shooting cruisers? If someone was going to use those points for secondaries would you say DE is always better?
  5. That’s why I specified cruisers, most if not all t8 cruisers and some higher tier ones have 25-27mm of side armor except the belt which is usually small. Also interestingly enough gearing has a large 21mm section on its side. So again I think IFHE is only useful on 127mm guns when they shoot cruisers, and probably only at close range. Anything else and it’s a waste. I also figured on some ships DE is better than BFT because it will result in more fires, and you won’t usually get too much pen damage. But that depends on the base fire chance and rof.
  6. So basically its useless on Mass because shells only hit superstructure which 20mm can pen?
  7. IMO IFHE on Mass is only good for shooting cruisers that have 27mm of armor.
  8. I quite like mine, it has great HE and usually I receive around 100k damage before dying. My record was 145k while living. Zombie ship is very true.
  9. RC_1140

    Standardize the consumable keys.

    Just make it like WoT where you can pick what goes where, instead of hydro/dfaa, radar/plane, heal I can pick heal, hydro/dfaa, radar/plane. I believe in port it tells you the key for the consumables, make the key a dropdown menu.
  10. Just torp, RN DDs can spot torps farther than ships if they have it.
  11. RC_1140

    Gerfalcon IRL Counterpart Identified

    I don't see why not, might become a more popular skill.
  12. RC_1140


    I suspect Montana can feel more accurate than Yamato just by throwing more shells, even though the reverse actually true.
  13. Its always done it if you don't pick by the end of the day.
  14. RC_1140

    Server overloaded? 13k players?

    Is the server still broken?