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  1. Wepps

    Bot IFF still trash

    No this is different. I've been noticing a huge increase in friendly torpedo hits on my ships in COOP. It's happening since the last update. They are firing directly into me from close range.
  2. Wepps

    Disconnect penalties

    I don't know what it is. Perhaps it's because I use Windows 7. Before, the game had always been perfectly stable to me. Disconnects were rare, and always they involved my ISP. The reason I don't think that's the case this time is because no other online games I play are affected. Only this one now since my return. I have a very good network. I've run extensive tests through that network in 15 minute increments of constant testing. There are no anomalies. I've disabled any anti-virus when playing, so it can't be that. And yet typically I log on and might have 3 matches with no problem, then by the 4th I will be constantly plagued by the disconnects. We know it isn't my computer or resource usage, it never exceeds 20% when playing WoWS. We know the driver issue was resolved which caused crashes on disconnects when flying aircraft. None of the things I've done has affected the disconnects themselves. It's something else.
  3. Wepps

    Disconnect penalties

    Here's the rub....I've been disconnected at least a hundred times since my return a couple weeks ago. I have never been penalized, even if the match ends before my return.
  4. Wepps

    What will it take to get Smolensk nerfed?

    Worcester now that's an overpowered ship. On the other hand, it really was irl.
  5. Wepps

    Disconnect penalties

    We did this with my problem. I was crashing when relogging from a disconnect in air mode. The GPU drivers loaded from a clean box fixed that crashing problem. But never the disconnects.
  6. I started off today all excited because I played 7 matches straight through with no problem. Since the 8th one, I've been disconnected every match. It's a danged shame I really wanted the ARP ships...
  7. Alright, graphics are custom, resource use during disconnected match never exceeded 20%.
  8. Alright let me pay attention to that in a battle.
  9. Yeah but how do you justify that? I mean it's basically a WW2 naval game. Carriers dominated any action in which they were involved. That's just the way it was. But I mean, in WoWS the SCALE of the battles themselves beg the question....why are carriers even on the map? In any given battle map, the size of it itself is in question. They are too small for the weapons platforms. Hell the secondaries of Yamato could hit anywhere on those maps in reality. Carriers were hundreds of miles away from the map. But WoWS from day ONE has been perverting itself into nothing more than an ahistorical arcade game. Besides the models themselves, they do not perform at all like reality, nor are they properly equipped with realistic detection devices and weaponry. All that said, if we are keeping carriers then carrier players deserve better treatment. If we are not, then let's just get rid of them. Or create more historical and REALISTIC battles....just for them.
  10. I need a good unzip program, anybody have a recommendation?
  11. Okay disconnected in the first battle early. Lots of stutter, loss of targeting reticle. But the game did not crash upon return nor did I get the tunnel vision from aircraft I 'normally' get so that's an improvement. On to solving the real problem...the disconnects.
  12. Alright gonna head in and run a test. Hope it isn't too late to get those ARP ships. I only have 5 of them...
  13. I'm working on it still Pride. I also did a clean java update, and flash player too. Then had to look for my danged password to get to geforce experience. I haven't used it so it took a while for me to hash it out. At any rate, custom install in progress with a clean install box. Thanks for your help. Hope it works....
  14. Oh I see what you mean. Yes.