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  1. So I was already dead, but decided to watch the rest of the match. When much to my surprise a Kagero launched a 16 torpedo attack. Amazing feat considering it only carries 2 x 4 for a total of 8 torps. So I went searching to see if there was some upgrade to receive this huge increase in firepower. No surprise to most of you, but I didn't find a thing. So is there a cheat out there that allows increasing number of torps?
  2. Ronin69

    Planes randomly circle

    Every once in awhile my planes will just go in a tight circle, then resume a straight path. No idea why, but frustrating when you are about to go on an attack run. Game is buggy, but they spend more time adding silly Halloween ships and camo.
  3. Ronin69

    Game Crashing / Freezing Randomly With 8.9

    Same error message for me. It's not a memory issue. I believe someone wrote in another post this may be related to AMD. Apparently not much testing takes place in Russia.
  4. So is the consensus that the game does not work with AMD? If so, that would explain why mine has been crashing for the last several releases at random times.
  5. Ronin69

    A critical error has occurred

    I've had the same error multiple times. Seems to be getting worse, play maybe 2 to 3 games and receive the error.
  6. Ronin69

    Tier by Year

    You are missing the point. In no way am I saying that because the ships released the same year are equal. That was your conjecture. I am merely saying that from a historical perspective a match-up with similar year ranged ships would be interesting. Newer technology is typically better than old technology. The suggestion would be more of historical significance where nations send their newest and "best" ships into battle. Having a ship from 1940 (UK) battle one from 1917 (Russia), a 23-year difference. This would seem to be a mismatch in the same tier. Since we allow for a three-tier span, the difference can be as much as 32 years with battleships. If you want to go to battle with 20 to 30-year-old technology... go ahead.
  7. Ronin69

    Tier by Year

    What matters is when the ship hit the water. This also highlights the different abilities of ships and nations. Placing ships that are 10 years ahead in design is a large advantage. Hence the reason why there are tiers in the first place.
  8. Ronin69

    Tier by Year

    OK, because I was curious I took a look at the tiers for type of ship in this case battleships. I wanted to group closer by year, roughly a five year span. Based on this I had the following changes. Yes, I realize WOW is not historically accurate, but the graphics are very good usually. I posted the summary. The raw data looked a little ugly on copy and paste. Name Current Corrected Amagi 8 6 Montana 10 9 Iowa 9 10 Gneisenau 7 8 King George 7 8 West Virginia 4 7 Scharnhorst 7 8 Vanguard 8 10 Dunkerque 6 8 Jean Bart 9 10 WoW Ships.xlsx
  9. Ronin69

    AA since 8.5

    T8 IJN just gets shredded, you'll be lucky to get a bomb, torp or rocket launched. Expect to lose the whole squadron when playing T10 ships. Even scouting is hazardous, often resulting in 50% losses. AA is out of control or they have seriously screwed up the matching.
  10. The Shokaku will suck as they will match you up with tier X ships. The AA is unreal, you'll never get close enough to even come close to sinking a ship. Your role will be scout and even then you'll lose planes. The detection parameters suck. A plane can't see a DD unless it's within 2km, but a ship can see a plan 9km + away. You can guess who wins these match-ups.
  11. Ronin69

    Game Ends Too Soon

    Thanks, I did not know of the mercy rule.
  12. Ronin69

    Game Ends Too Soon

    This has been going on for a while, finally thought I should put this on the forum. It's my understanding a game will end in one of three ways. All ships sunk on one side or another Time expires 1000 points reached Base captured 0 points for either team (mercy rule) However lately, the game ends when none of these conditions are met. Playing in Random Battle.
  13. Ronin69

    DD Invisible

    Lately, I've encountered invisible DDs. You won't see them until you've flown over the top, too late to line up a shot with rockets. Also, the DD AA is much stronger now.
  14. Ronin69

    Lots More Deplaning

    Every iteration it seems the CV capability gets reduced further and further. AA is ridiculous strong knocking entire squadrons out with ease. Spotting a DD only if you are within about 2km, yet they can spot you at triple the distance Those that hate CVs have never learned how to deal with them, yet many seem to criticize the CV player for not relearning again and again. If you don't want CVs just remove the ships from the list. The game was more fun prior to 8.0 and yes I do play every type of ship.
  15. Excellent job on how WOW has given information on the newest updates. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-084-soviet-battleships/