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  1. I've seen this with the rework. Still can't figure out how they do it.
  2. Ronin69

    Hakuryu's Dive Bombers

    I've been trying to register a hit with the dive bombers and the reticle just disappears. Never do see it again until the next run. Scout planes at best.
  3. Ronin69


    Yawn..... 8.3.0 the CVs will be left out of a badly needed rework. Until then, I see no reason to play a CV.
  4. Ronin69

    Report Your Local CV

    Par for the course when your team loses, it must be the CVs fault, not the other 7 players, after all they are just floating targets. <SMH>
  5. Ronin69


    I've played carriers prior to and after the update. Damage for carriers is way down, ships sunk is almost zero. Planes lost a lot. It's so bad as a CV captain, why play? I can post more damage playing any other type of ship.
  6. Ronin69

    CVs are Still Overly Effective in 8.2

    If you actually believed this dribble, you would play CV. But let's face it the CV play is less than desireable.
  7. Ronin69


    Seems that WOW has the Microsoft disease. Take a functioning product and change it until everyone questions the intellect of management at WOW.
  8. Ronin69

    CVs in Co-op

    If you want to sink ships don't play a CV.
  9. Ronin69

    CV Rework Condensed Version

    The rework is out and in a nutshell, it sucks. Game Play Can only play one squadron at a time Most players are experiencing 0 (zero) points from their planes, only gaining points by AA shooting down planes. They are shot down within seconds Fighters cannot attack other planes Can only move CV if you are on mini-map or all planes have landed Unlimited planes, you'll need it the way they drop from the sky, but no need to worry about losses Bugs The sound of firing from another ship with no one around you. Capping timer randomly resets, even though you have not left the area. Smoke screens for DD are ineffective 50% of the time WOW has moved from a naval game to some weird abomination. Of course, we could see this with their spaceships and ARP ships in WWII battles (a joke). Maybe they will gain a few players at first, but will drive away those that have been playing a long time. Might be time to free up some HD space.
  10. The CV rework is a disaster! The move to flying planes over strategy has killed the game play. If I wanted to fly I would be playing World of Planes. This is supposed to be a naval battle. Played several times fumbling with the controls, Googled videos etc. limited help. A CV that cannot multi-task. A CV that does not have to manage resources (endless supply of planes, but they are needed because you'll lose your squadron). Fighters that can't fight other planes. wth? Considering selling the CVs unless this improves. Definitely see no reason to play a CV.
  11. Ronin69

    Stop the rework!

    simply put the rework sucks! Can't launch multiple strike aircraft, can't move ship while in flight, aiming is a royal PITA. This is taking micromanagement to new heights. Rather return to the old system.
  12. Ronin69

    Fighter Speed & Damage Unfair Advantage

    If you take the damage per second you should not be able to knock out 2 squadrons of planes in 1 second, strafe or not, it's just not feasible. The designers have severely handicapped the Japanese CVs.
  13. OK, so this has bothered me for a while since I am a student of history. So I did some research on cruise speed, top speed of the fighters listed for Japan and the U.S. What I found confirmed my suspicion. The U.S. fighters are given a 28% boost in speed, while the Japanese were given a 13% penalty. This results in a whopping 41% difference from reality. I know it's just a game and maybe it's compensated on the damage and HP. But when one pass from the 5 American fighters can down 18 Japanese fighters, something is off.
  14. Ronin69

    Abuse of CV players

    Sometimes I get the chat comments, usually by either those that have never played a CV or those that think you are there to serve them. The same thing happens in DD play... go spot for me so I don't get shot at. Just ignore them and keep playing.