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  1. Ronin69

    CV Myths

    Non CV players seem to have several myths about CVs. Feel free to add your favorite. Planes cannot see through smoke. Requests to spot the DD in the smoke will be ignored. Not all CVs are DD killers or spotters. (i.e. Russian) Not all CVs are sub killers. (i.e. Russian) Planes can and do run out.
  2. Ronin69

    Sub Nerfed Again?

    Homing torps are easy to dodge. You just haven't figured out how.
  3. Ronin69

    Subs are now useless

    No reason to play subs. Everyone has ASW regardless of ship and the torps are ineffective. You've just become a target in the game with no real ability to strike back. Seems like WoWs just wants to create a scout ship for the capital ships. So tired of the Capital ships whining and getting what they want.
  4. Ronin69

    New Operation Wolfpack

    I read the article and still have no idea how to join the wolfpack scenario. Lots of marketing on the scenario, no information on where to access. Never mind... I found it. Had to wait until it was avaiable.
  5. Ronin69

    Subs are now useless

    Wait, you think this game is based on real-life capabilities. Battleships that get up to full speed in seconds, radar that can see through islands, Battleships with attack squadrons...
  6. Not really changing the game, but pissing off BBs is rather fun.
  7. Ronin69

    Sub Nerfed Again?

    Round 11.9 subs are nerfed against CVs. Apparently, CVs wanted to camp out without worrying about subs. So they have automatic ASW, and automatic blocking of ping, and subs move much slower underwater now. A little surprised they listened to the whining of CV players, as typically they only listen to BBs. I'll adapt by just not going after CVs, just like I don't bother with DDs when playing a CV. The other surface ships enjoy the freedom of engagement with little restriction.
  8. Ronin69

    I56 forget it

    Not surprised. The Russian devs penalize the Japanese ships to no end, while giving the Russian ships extra firepower. Wait and see, they will come out with a Russian sub that has 50% more hp and deals 2x the damage.
  9. Ronin69

    DDs undetactable

    You do realize a carrier has two items that can be target practice. Planes and the ship. I am surprised when the specific forum is for Russian CVs that so many posters, use their CVs to fight ship to ship and ignore the planes. I am starting to wonder if it's just trolling or do they actually play CVs. I am leaning towards the former.
  10. So after putting 12 torps in a T8 BB, still not sunk. I know the game is not based in reality, but really? Why nerf the subs so much.
  11. Ronin69

    Sub Nerfed Again?

    I've enjoyed the subs, but with 11.4 they are nerfing the subs again. Apparently, the BBs cried as they couldn't just sit in the rear and snipe, not that they were any good at it, most of the time they missed. I remember when CVs came out and they kept crying about that. Resulting in a max of two CVs and countless revisions to lower their combat ability. The same is occurring with subs.
  12. Ronin69

    DDs undetactable

    Detectability range by AIR. CVs do not do battle typically shooting it out face to face. Detectability by air is often less than 3km with an airspeed over 140kts the PC will indicate detection of 2.2km. Russian CVs typically have a longer lead time. If someone has a way of dealing with DDs, great! I would like to know. But at the moment it's best to just avoid them. I find that unbelievable that you detected the Mutsuki from 6.2km by air. Since it is rated at 2.5km, when factoring in airspeed, you will likely only detect the DD from less than 2km. Maybe someone else was spotting for you?
  13. Ronin69

    DDs undetactable

    Negative. Open ocean, no smoke detactability is 2.2km regardless of your "stated mechanics" Try testing this. I wonder if you actually play Russian CVs and go after DDs or just read the spec sheet and accepted WOWs interpretation of how it should work. Amazing after 19,000 battles you still haven't come across this.
  14. Ronin69

    DDs undetactable

    I am unable to see DDs until 2.2km, by that time I am just target practice. The only real threat to DDs seems to be other DDs and Cruisers if they decide to engage. Most of the time the Cruisers seem to avoid DDs as well, looking to run up their damage on BBs.
  15. Yes, having an impact. Still trying to figure out a few things, such as, short range vs long range torps on some subs.