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  1. Ronin69

    Russian Carriers

    They are now available in the research tree.
  2. Ronin69

    Russian Carriers

    Fantasy CV with a 93 AA rating with only 4 guns. Ah, but it's Russian so we have to buff up the ship beyond any fantasy.
  3. Ronin69

    My fixes for subs

    Speed underwater should impose a battery penalty Detect ability of a sub on the surface should be reduced. Torp range should be reduced Torp damage should be increased Add snorkle ability for specific subs to mitigate battery drain Add AA to subs that have AA ability
  4. Anything to please the surface ships as long as it's not a CV.
  5. Ronin69

    Subs Are Worthless

    I've never had much luck dealing damage with a sub. The damage from torps is pitiful. Considering it's the only weapon subs have it becomes laughable. Subs are just an annoyance. CV's have been regulated to spotting at higher tiers. Seems like WoWs caters to the BB and DD player. Most BB captains hide and complain, hopeful of a lucky long range shot.
  6. In addition, some subs have AA, but I don't see that as being functional in the game.
  7. Ronin69

    Riga Russian?

    With the poor performance of the Riga, I am rather surprised it's a Russian ship. Pros: Heal Cons: High visibility (typical of Russian ships) Limited range (guns and aircraft) Longer load times No torps (not even the measly 4k variety) HE and AP lacks damage potential - hits like a T6 ship, not a T9 (unusual for a Russian ship) Maneuverability stock
  8. Ronin69

    Snorkel for the submarine research tree

    Would you make the trade off with more realistic speed submerged (reduced speed)?
  9. Ronin69

    Sub in Random Play

    Very confusing... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/general-news/submarines-in-random-battles/
  10. Ronin69

    Riga 220 AP rounds compared to Petro's 220 AP

    So far, I've played a half dozen games in the Riga. Too say I am underwhelmed by it's performance for a RU cruiser is an understatement. Short range, high visibility, poor maneuverability, cream puff guns. The only positive is the heal, which I am using, unless you just want to hang behind an island and contribute nothing to the game.
  11. Ronin69

    Sub in Random Play

    Subs are now in random play, but not available to the general public (sigh), just like the soviet CVs. Seems like WoWs is starting a trend of adding ship types, new ships, etc for paying customers only. Hope someone can prove me wrong.
  12. Ronin69

    Russian Carriers

    I have only played against the Russian CVs. If I understand the mess from WoWs, you must purchase the Russian CV with cash in "testing" phase. The tokens only get you the camouflage and other peripherals.
  13. Finally an addition that is worth playing.
  14. Ronin69

    Trend T10

    I've noticed a trend if the team loses it's the CV's fault and report him. If we win, I must have played well.
  15. It is a convoluted mess. WoW continues with the I bet we can confuse you enough you'll spend more money theme.