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  1. chilibeanz


    Hi Everyone Looking for a clan don't forget to give us a shot we have a something for everyone send me a message here or in game see you all soon
  2. chilibeanz


    Hi everyone if your in need a clan and want to do clan battles there always room for you message me in game or one of my brothers in the clan for an invite
  3. chilibeanz


  4. chilibeanz


    Hi My Name is Chilibeanz A Member of AFK family three clans one family. We have something for everyone from the new players to the unicom players !! If you would like to talk with me or someone from AFK https://discord.gg/kAuJzT please come and talk to us Happy Sailing Captians
  5. chilibeanz

    Twitch Channel

    Hi Everyone My name is chilibeanz aka chilibohnes A new twitch and youtuber . I would like to welcome you to enjoy my content and my game play. I have been playing since the start and have enjoyed it since I have been with AFK almost a year and there a great bunch of people I also want to welcome you to visit us as well If your interested in joining me on twitch here's the link also for my youtube if you want to come and visit us at AFK https://discord.gg/kAuJzT Thanks guys and happy hunting