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  1. Bravo. I whole-heartedly approve of the dev team taking more time to get things right instead of rushing out a partially done product. I know there will be whiners with the delay but ignore them they just want the game to fail so they can gloat about how they were right.
  2. Wow if the rest of your clan mates are this ignorant. I know which clan to stay away from. lol
  3. Not even close. Git Gud and you will beat them easily. I knew this thread was coming and guess what... the answer has already been announced as the next steel ship. Azuma is coming to end the "reign" of the Stalingrad. I probably wont even get a Stalingrad and instead grab the Azuma. Look for Azuma's release sometime around the next clan battles season if not before. Tips to beating a Stalingrad.... Flank it, HE it, Henri IV and Hindenburg rip Stalingrads apart. Many teams have already fallen into the trap of, "well we have a Stalingrad now and we are supposed to win all our matches now right.... right? Guys? Where are you going? Guys!?" It takes more then having a Stalingrad on your team to make Typhoon and/or Hurricane league
  4. They already know its coming during or after the CV rework patch. Alaska is tier 9... guess what the next tier for ranked battles is? Yep, tier 9. They aren't saying anything right now because they want people to play the current holiday stuff and have the big reveal surprise for alaska's release later.
  5. MackDye

    Free Stuff

    I'm on the last leg of it right now. Gonna re-buy the hipper just for this captain and its flag.
  6. MackDye

    Too much!

    Nope giving you things to do so you keep playing. Its called, "how to run an online game 101". If you think warships is a grind you haven't played old school MMORPG's like Everquest and World of Warcraft classic. I'm already done with all the holiday missions except Steel Giants because i can't afford 60.00 for 4k steel. Got my dreadnought. All my snowflakes are dusted. It took no real effort at all besides playing the game on a regular basis.
  7. Hate to break it to you but not only will the cv rework not kill the game, it will be a massive success.
  8. Nope, he is saying most people can't multitask and he is right. When your so focused on making your drops people inevitably stop paying attention to their actual ship. Then that dd comes around the corner and torps you. Whoops. Some people can handle it, others cannot. The game has to be made for the benefit of all not the few. Remember the vast majority of players are old. Average age is mid 40's +. Those people never played pc games as a kid. They don't know what an RTS is. Dont like it, dont play. Simple as that. Being a hater just makes you look dumb.
  9. MackDye

    Magic has no place in this game

    What gamery nonsense?? Its a computer GAME. LOL Where do these people come from?? Mars? Jupiter?? OP is a mature adult?? Could have fooled me with all this cry baby antics. Its okay to try new things. Try it sometime. I'm glad they are doing arms race because it will keep the ranked grind fresh and less tedious.
  10. Call the Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaambulance. This dude is gonna explode.
  11. If you didnt assume..... well might want to go back to school mate.
  12. MackDye

    What is the Steel ship SOON?

    Anything thats in testing right now. Think Azuma
  13. They offer things for sale and tell you the price. If you dont like it dont buy it. Buzz off troll.
  14. This isn't a simulation game. Go play something else if thats what you want.
  15. MackDye

    RDF....is it worth the 4 pts ?

    RDF doesn't exist but for clan battles Radio Location is a must have.