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  1. Sorry dude but the narrative is correct. Coop is boring and rewards almost nothing. There is no skill involved. The only reason the vast majority even touch coop is to quickly finish missions.
  2. Want to clan brawl? We got teams running tonight and on April 4th. Plus we will have clan battles teams running for the new season. Join us for the shenanigans.
  3. MackDye

    Player Base Intelligence

    With forum posts like this your representing the lowest common denominator well. LUL
  4. MackDye


    YES, JUST YES WARGAMING Someone hasn't learned random battles are random and don't mean anything. lol Random battles are for ship xp and credit grinding. That's it. I love that they change up the game from time to time. Keeps things from getting stale. When things stay the same for too long people stop playing. WG knows what they are doing. Their goals don't always align with any one players goals so it seems to that player like WG has no clue what they are doing but that is false. That is a player that is speaking out of ignorance and knee jerk reactions.
  5. MackDye

    RANK 8 to RANK 13 in 24 hrs

    INB4 Git Gud Scrub!
  6. MackDye

    No warships were sunk by rocket planes in WW2

    Good thing the game is a game and not real life then, eh?
  7. MackDye

    IFHE All Night Long

    You dont go into nuanced cases, what people are most looking for, so this is all worthless as your guide will say yes or no when the answer is really the opposite. So when people start to wonder why they arent ranking out with your setup they will be confused and blame you for bad information.
  8. MackDye

    So Where Do I Apply For A Refund...

    Rofl Get that outta here.
  9. MackDye

    Why the CV attack delay?

    Cause the cry baby players cried loud enough. Soon they will reap what they have sown as the fdr will come for them.
  10. By playing the game like the rest of us. Otherwise youtube and twitch.tv streams or get in a clan willing to teach people.
  11. MackDye

    Armor buff this patch?

    Some reading would help mate. Only the center section got buffed and only on heavy cruisers.
  12. MackDye

    Thought there was a free respect?

    Living under a rock must be confusing.
  13. MackDye

    Maiden Voyage of Smaland!

    If I had 2 million exp I would have her to enjoy. Some day I will but until then I'll be watching on the sideline. We dont all have crazy amounts of resources. Ive been playing for 4 years with a few small breaks and I dont even have surplus free so yet. I'm finishing the last 3 tech tree lines now before the pan EU dds hit.
  14. This is a mistake as 99% of players on this server use a surface ship setup on their ships instead of an AA setup for their default setup. We just don't see carriers that often compared to other servers. Free respec for our captains is just as warranted for switching our ships to AA specs for season 9 of clan battles. Before and after any season of clan battles there should always be free captain respec periods otherwise your just being greedy for that dubloon income.