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  1. Still looking for more good people to fill up the clan and have epic matches.
  2. HOT is recruiting for active players. New players welcome. Come join the fun.
  3. Get your warships on with HOT.
  4. 2 slots left. Get your spot before they disappear. Fun times to be had.
  5. Clan of fun people seeking more for a bigger party. Join HOT now!
  6. The legion of Honor event apparently and suddenly ended on Friday causing myself and i'm sure others to be 40 short on Legion tokens for getting the unique commander Phillipe Aub. This is clearly a mistake as only the last two events have ended before patch day. It also makes no sense to end the event on a Friday. Ending the event on a Monday actually makes sense because many people use the weekend to grind events when they have more time available to play. WG please give us some tokens to compensate for the error in the event ending early and since this seems to be an on going issue you need to communicate better when the events will end so people can plan their game time accordingly.
  7. More likely the holiday "christmas" ship at this point unless they are waiting for the Pan European full tree to join the game.
  8. Still looking for other amazing people to join the community to kick butt and take names in divisions and clan battles. https://discord.gg/T7ShWG
  10. I see you hiding. Yep still looking for teammates. https://discord.gg/T7ShWG
  11. MackDye

    Looking to join a new clan

    Hooks on Target aka HOT is looking to for more players. We can definitely help you be a better player and have success in clan battles. I've coached many newer players/teams and helped them reach Storm league and Typhoon league ratings in clan battles. Many have gone on to perform very well in ranked battles as well. Hit up our discord server at https://discord.gg/T7ShWG
  12. Hooks on Target is recruiting all players. If your new to the game we can help you grind ship lines and offer advice to help you improve your game faster. We participate in Clan Battles and divisions for Random Battles. For more details join our discord server at: https://discord.gg/63dqteY and join us for some division play. Can also message myself or AdmiralBabylon for more details. Thanks for your time.