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  1. Are Premium Sales Declining?

    What lack of player retention. Prime time numbers are just as high as normal. I never have issues getting matches during the day when everyone is at work. Your the dude that says every online game is dead??
  2. Play The Z-39? How was it?

    Now factor in Concealment Expert and Concealment Upgrade.
  3. Nope just need to shoot down peoples float planes and catapult fighters.
  4. Dont have the Grosser Kurfurst yet? Wondering how she plays? Check this video out to find out all about the Grosser Kurfurst. I included footage from both random battles and ranked battles.
  5. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    Streamers and youtubers make educational content everyday for new players. Its their own fault if they dont do the research. Its easier for people to blame the game or WG so thats what they do. I stream every weekday 10am cst on twitch. I'm more then happy to show new players how to git gud. twitch.tv/mackdye The ships like kamikaze aren't forbidden for new players to have. They weren't here when they were available so they dont have them. These ships are always available in christmas crates so you just have to pay for them. Many tech tree ships are just as good if not better then the matching premium ship. Part of the reason they hold these "OP" ships from regular sale is to generate marketing hype for later sales or promotions. There is no select elite seal clubber team or players. Everyone can be a seal clubber if they want. They just have to put the time and effort in like the current seal clubbers did. There is no magic behind it. Play the game enough and you become elite. The effective counter to a Kamikaze is literally any cruiser, especially a usn cruiser. I missed out on the Kutuzov but i'm not out here crying and making threads about it. I hope to have enough money to get one during this years holiday promotion.
  6. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    Neither did anyone put you in charge either. Get off your horse white knight. She isn't trying to date you. ROFLCOPTER. So by your own post your a D-bag as well. Nice! No if you want to post cry baby troll posts you do that crap on Reddit. They love that crap over there. The mods literally beat off to it. I expect this forum to be a place where people can find good content like .... how do i beat that pesky kamikaze, instead of ERRMYGEEERD I HATE KAMIKAZE CAUSE IT ALWAYS KILLS ME RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE.
  7. atlanta costs to much

    WG doesnt care about you being poor OP. They price things the way they see fit. As does every company. Pay or dont pay they dont care. Others are paying. Its the way the world works.
  8. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    Then dont make cry baby troll threads.
  9. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    They dont wonder about player retention issues because there isnt one. ROFL All online games have high turn over. Not everyone is going to like warships and not every one is meant to like warships. I battled my way through all the seal clubbers when i first started. Everyone else can too. If they give up thats on them. Gotta earn your way to the top. OP i'll see you in my Kamikaze, Belfast, Missouri, and Konig Albert with 19 point commanders.
  10. Tired of the OP Ship Thing

    Another troll OP that needs to git gud and stop crying. Not surprised. Sadly this forums is infested with low life trolls that dont know how to play the game and then cry about things that are worthless.
  11. Except its the same. Tier x ships costs 20 million. Tier x tank costs 6 million. Thats why the gains per match are way lower in tanks.
  12. dont play on fridays, weekends or weekdays after 3pm cst. All the griefers, trolls, and general asshats come out. They dont play like a team and instead yolo solo like its random battles.