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  1. Its always this way. No one should be surprised.
  2. Daily Crate Error 9-20-2018

    When trying to collect a daily crate i keep getting a "transaction error, try again later" error message and the game client freezes up completely until the server times out. Otherwise you have to force close through Windows task manager. I've never seen this before today.
  3. if losing pointless matches makes you want to uninstall then........................ uninstall since you clearly hate the game.
  4. Why?

  5. CV Rework Feedback

    The only feedback your going to get is REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE because people dont know how to evaluate prototypes and prefer to just complain about everything. We haven't even seen the real footage of a whole match and all the mechanics being used and people are already being haters. I'm not surprised by this at all.
  6. Ranked Over for Me

    Great job. The real potato's are at the tier x brackets. Holy crap the idiocy is real. I'm honestly probably going to throw in the towel already at this point. The steel rewards aren't that great this season so its pretty meh anyways. They were supposed to much higher quantities.
  7. Your numbers aren't relevant. Three people does not make a study.
  8. Zoup your high, go home. You need tier x ships for clan battles, ranked battles and "never bottom/middle tier" random battles.
  9. OP Ships

    There are no OP ships, just OP players.
  10. Go Navy Rip Off

    Sorry pal your not getting anything. You should have read the numerous articles that were put out telling you to use them or lose them. Too bad sucka. ROFL I knew this post was going to happen. Most players have a day job. They still keep up to date. Might wanna take the extra effort if you care so much. We all know thats not going to happen. Easier to just blame someone else. Ahh the American lifestyle.
  11. Harugumo/ Kitakaze observations

    Preeeeeeeeeeeeeeetty good. Gotta manage to survive that radar. They are tankier then you think. I was in my DM earlier trying to kill one and its health bar wasn't going down very fast at all compared to the other dd's out there. If they get away and likely they will, pucker that butthole. Kitakaze is sluggish and slow but if you can work it right the results are devastating. See screenshots for evidence of what happens when you dont kill it immediately. The reds almost had me at the beginning with half their team shooting me via radar. I got away low health and proceeded to drop torpedo's in their push force and the rest is history.
  12. Casual is like IDGAF Yolo Swag right into death. Semi competitive is like people who try to win but if they dont they accept it instead of yelling at everyone around them.
  13. AARs for World of Warships

    As a US Army veteran of OIF i AAR the crap out of my clan battles matches. Its instinct after my years in service. lol Also i like to find my mistakes so i dont do it again and give me and the team i am on a better chance to win.
  14. Clan Abuse of Random Games

    Working as intended. If you dont like it or want to have the same advantage get in a clan.