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  1. MackDye

    Compensation for downtime

    That's how you do good customer service.
  2. MackDye

    Update 0.10.3 – German Destroyers: Part 1

    Games gotta make money. You don't like capitalism all of a sudden? I for one am cool with paying a small fee for a high tier premium ship. People have screamed for years for this. Wg gives it to them and people complain. Can't make this stuff up.
  3. English mate. Learn it. We can't understand what your trying to get across here. Dead Eye is bad for the game. It needed to be removed for something better that doesn't promote super long range gameplay. To me it was more of a noob trap skill but for certain ships like Thunderer and Conqueror it is amazing. Increased sailing speed while undetected I can get behind. Its actually useful without being toxic. A free captain respec time period should happen since this was their mistake not the players.
  4. MackDye

    This is Stupid....

    Because they want to try something different and its not just randoms because you will go in with a full clan team so its actually really awesome as it lets clan teammates play together that don't normally due to clan battles smaller team sizes.
  5. MackDye

    BBs are useless now?

    Number one: learn to write in English correctly so we can decipher what your baseless complaint is. Number two: Git Gud Scrub! Number 3: Battleships are super good like they have always been. I averaged 100k damage over the last few days playing all battleships. I won most of the matches I played because I shot the important to sink targets instead of just shooting random Battleships for damage. Number 4: Baseless crying about game balance makes you look stupid, uninformed and bad at the game. Your cry baby post shows you don't know how the game works and how to play against each ship class, especially carriers. I suggest you take a break from the game for 2 weeks then come back refreshed and stress free. Then while playing actually pay attention to what your doing. What teammates are doing. What works and what doesn't. Learn what gets you punished back to port and what you can get away with. You need to study up on the ships of the game and how they work by watching videos during your 2 week break.
  6. MackDye

    So nerfs to premium ships huh?

    Neither Thunderer or Stalingrad are premium ships. You don't buy them with money. They are special ships. Premium ships are subject to nerfs just like regular ships. Spending money on it or not means nothing. Your paying for access to have the ship on your account not the ship itself as a product. If balance changes are made your are NOT owed refunds for any reason. Cry all you want but it doesn't matter. After looking at the devblog these "nerfs" are laughable. They didn't change anything about why they are great ships.
  7. MackDye

    Premium Ship Review - Flandre

    No Engine Boost, No Alsace variant. PASS!!
  8. I thought the exact same thing but apparently WG forgot about timezones and did April Fools day yesterday on 3.31.2021.
  9. MackDye

    Removing Canada's only ship

    Dont worry mate. Ive been meaning to pull tje trigfer and get a Haida. Seems the right time ia now. Lol
  10. This is a git gud scrub issue. Play your ships correctly and you will have good results. Surround yourself with the ships of teammates so they act as your early warning alarm. Don't go out alone. Stay away from islands.
  11. There is no Flamu debacle. The kid is a juvenile delinquent and deserved to lose his CC status. He belittles other players. Constantly talks trash on WG employees. He clearly didn't get spanked enough as a child.
  12. MackDye

    wth?!?! 1v1 brawl????

    You haven't been around long. ROFL They have been doing this for years and people love it. I'm 3-0 so far and making amazing xp.
  13. MackDye

    Last post as a player of World of Warships

    You made a forum post so your not done with the game. You still love it. Your just frustrated. See you back in a month. If you really were done with the game you wouldn't have made a cry baby post telling everyone you were leaving. You would have just left.
  14. MackDye


    When you expect a tier 6 ship to behave like a tier 10. ROFL Insert "learn to play noob" here.
  15. MackDye

    This commander skill rework is garbage.

    Ahh here it is. The cry baby whine thread I knew was coming. Adapt or quit. Either way others will play on happily. WG will still make lots of money.