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  1. Casual is like IDGAF Yolo Swag right into death. Semi competitive is like people who try to win but if they dont they accept it instead of yelling at everyone around them.
  2. AARs for World of Warships

    As a US Army veteran of OIF i AAR the crap out of my clan battles matches. Its instinct after my years in service. lol Also i like to find my mistakes so i dont do it again and give me and the team i am on a better chance to win.
  3. Clan Abuse of Random Games

    Working as intended. If you dont like it or want to have the same advantage get in a clan.
  4. Warships is now Cosmo

    Why is WGNA turning warships into Cosmo? This is not the type of article people want to see. This is tabloid garbage. I dont know why WGNA is latching onto this woman but if its because she is a female and for no other reason then that is sad as it shows there is very unequal treatment going on. People dont login to warships to find a life partner. They login to have fun playing and to win. This is not a "hater" thread. Its feeback. If this doesn't get created then WGNA will assume everyone loves this type of "content". https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/alls-fair-in-love-and-warspite/
  5. Get a desktop. Laptops aren't meant for gaming and never will be. Razor and such can try but those "gaming" laptops are still trash. They will easily overheat.
  6. Akizuki realizations

    If someone thinks a ship is terrible, they will play it terribly. It goes hand in hand. Negative thinking is toxic and feeds itself into a loop that never ends.
  7. TF_58 CB player Recruitment

    Great team looking for more. We need players that can be online consistently for clan battles so we can get a second team running. We have players already waiting to kick off the second team. We just need a few more to finish out the team. Join up and get right into the clan battles action. No waiting for a spot to open up here.
  8. tier 4/5 ships with radar?

    Not radar. There are not radars at those low tiers. Its hydroacoustic search that was spotting you. Since there isn't a separate icon for radar and hydro new players just assume its radar.
  9. Not official. They have to have a place holder date for the mission system to work. Devs already said they are moving the date back at the end of the year so they are forever on going. Nice try OP on starting a fake internet riot. Staying informed will help keep you from looking dumb when you make misleading threads like this.
  10. Great clan full of bad [edited]mature players that know when its time to get serious and when to joke around. I recently joined this clan and in five minutes I knew i was in the right place. The clan i recently left was full of liars and entitled millennial cry babies, especially its leaders. TF_58 exists to win clan battles and pad stats with divisions, but without the drama.
  11. And here everyone is calling the ship trash. ROFL. Its not trash.
  12. Best way to find out is play clan battles and try different things early in the season. I will say that Des Moines, Montana, Hindernburg, Moskva, Gearing, Z52, and Ying Yang are all excellent. Henri IV and Zao can be great depending on your strategy. Yamato is a decent replacement for Montana. Some teams like the mobility of Republique but i'm not sold on it.
  13. No Doubloons in Clan Wars!?

    The dubs amount was always so small it was irrelevant. May as well keep dubs off the reward sheet.
  14. This is why i have the chat box remover mod. Chat is literally worthless.
  15. Alsace is a beast

    And getting nerfed soon lul