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  1. MackDye


    OP has no idea what he is doing. I consistently rip it up in all the German battleships. Gotta play them correctly.
  2. MackDye

    No incentive to buy consumable camo

    Wg dont care about your laziness. If you really wanted it you would click as many times as necessary to get it.
  3. You would think but it doesn't work that way irl. Checkout the coupon/sale industry where people figured out long ago to sell stuff where the sale price is just the price the company wants to make the most profit. So buying not on sale is getting ripped off with a higher price.
  4. Azure lane gets its cur as well. Trust me. No chinese company is giving things out for free when the ccp has mandated to take over the world by economy.
  5. Your not the target demographic. Wg doesnt make content for you. They make it for everyone. Others will pay the price and be happy. The target demographic is azure lane super weebs with lots of cash. Azure lane ip owner wants that sweet western money to bring back to china. If your too stingy with money or top poor azure lane and wg dont care. They care about those that have a big monthly paycheck full of extra cash to spend like its going out of style. I dont make the kind of money on the regular to be a warships whale but I don't go around crying about it. Posting your cry baby thread just makes you look dumb and the whales just laugh at you while they sail by in ther new al ship.
  6. Your getting Iltalian bb's this fall mate. Chill
  7. MackDye

    WG please buff the Odin...

    The HP pool nerf really needs to be reversed. Odin struggles against high tier opponents. I know the HP nerf was to keep Odin from seal clubbing the lower tiers, WG's direction lately has been to balance for low tier and not high tier like they used to, but the HP is too low. I was so excited for Odin and now i'm probably not going to play it much.
  8. Its not. Don't do this. Your completely ineffective in the match. Also don't follow a Khabarovsk around the map like lost puppy dogs. The Khaba is sailing to a spot where it can get spotting and damage from an odd angle. It only works when the rest of the team is somewhere else for the opposite angle.
  9. MackDye

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    Where did you hear this? Any ship at any time can be changed. You didn't pay for the ship only to access the ship so no money back.
  10. MackDye

    When is the Petro getting nerfed?

    Gitt gud scrub and stop letting the petro get close to you. Why learn to play when you can just cry about it? Ain't that right?
  11. No can do because then prices gotta go up. Learn about online game economics.
  12. For this event yes. Next event it wont be this high. All I'm waiting on is my parseval next week.
  13. You get banned because people click report - then misbehavior in chat. If you use the chat box at all you can be chat banned. Just need enough people to report you.
  14. MackDye

    HMS Lion: Underwhelming and Perplexing

    Your doing it all wrong. Lion is one of the best bbs in the game at tier 9. Use the he shells to farm fires. Thats its play style. Stop using AP like lion is a regular BB. Its not.
  15. MackDye

    AA is now to strong

    This post is straight learn to play. Stop trying to strike ships surrounded by other enemies. I can drop enemies in every nations cv in the game without getting my squad wiped. Gotta be smarter then the box of rocks.