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  1. WG is trying to do the Call of Duty prestige system but are adding the mobile games money grabbing psychology tactic. To make competitive players open their bank accounts to the game company you give them a way to pay for competitive advantages. Thats what NTC is. A way to let players pay, through xp conversion with doubloons to "regrind" ship lines, for competitive advantages. This is scumbag tactics. This is company executive shareholder driven bull crap. If you want to copypasta Call of Duty to keep players playing then stick to non pay to win elements like cosmetics and economy or ANYTHING other then competitive advantage. If you dont believe me watch this. Warning you may want to hurt someone real bad after watching this video.
  2. MackDye

    Do you feel WG doesn't Care about us?

    I'm not a cry baby with a fragile ego that needs to held by mama all day and night so, NO. I accept the game for what it is. WG wont make me quit. It will be the crappy players with bad attitudes that can't put the crack pipe down and cry incessantly and TK in matches.
  3. MackDye

    I want the game I paid for back.

    You never "paid" for this game. Its free to play. ROFL Try again cry baby troll.
  4. MackDye

    What kind of player community is this?

    Dude TK'd you straight up. 99.999999% of players would never do this but the few bad apples always try to ruin the whole barrel.
  5. MackDye

    Conclusion of Ranked

    All you gotta do is turn chat window off and enjoy your matches. LUL
  6. MackDye

    Underwhelmed with the Kremlin ?

    Kremlin is the hold your ground battleship. You need to tank for your team so they can dish damage. Get close asap so you can work those big guns. Gotta know when the right time to push is for Kremlin to be at its best.Most players fail at knowing when to push.
  7. MackDye

    Carrier players - notice any differences

    There is no difference since all they did was make the bombs spread towards the outside edge of the aiming reticule more. The launch delay got cancelled and that was the most important change. Now CV's are just as busted as before.
  8. MackDye


    This is a Git Gud L2P issue here. Lyon was amazing. One of the easiest grinds in the whole game.
  9. Recruiting all players. Join in the fun.
  10. Still recruiting active players. Last week of clan battles starts today. We still have spots we can fill on our clan battles teams. Hop in our discord to meet and greet.
  11. Who ya gonna call?? Hooks on Target!! We are still recruiting active players for the clan and clan battles teams.
  12. MackDye

    Call for help - Unique Commanders

    Yamamoto - Yamato or Zao is the trend John Doe - Des Moines or Worcester George Doe - Clone of John Doe William Halsey - Des Moines, but most use him in Worcester Jack Dunkirk - Minotaur, British battleships Bert Dunkirk - Clone of Jack Dunkirk Jean-Jacques Honore - Republique or Henry IV Charles-Henri Honore - Clone of Jean Viktor Znamensky - Russian battleships, Moskva, Stalingrad Vasily Znamensky - Clone of Viktor Franz Von Jutland - Hindenburg, Grosser Kurfurst Reinhart von Jutland - Clone of Franz Da Rong - Yeu Yang Quan Rong - Clone of Da Kuznetov - Russian battleships
  13. MackDye

    Update 0.8.4 Sounds Promising

    Cruisers are the counter to DD's. CV's counter everything and thats the problem. I play all the ships so i dont play favorites but dd's are getting the worst of it right now. CV's are in the game to counter battleships and slow to re-position radar ships so that way the dd's and low concealment cruisers can do their job of capping the objective.
  14. MackDye

    PSA - No Lazo in 8.4 Armory

    No they aren't. The tokens leave the armory the day of or day before the next patch. As an above poster shows. 8.4 Wed, May 29th based on Ironium ending - Ironium leaves the 5/28 8.5 Wed, Jun 26th based on 4 weeks after 8.4 - Allowance tokens leave 6/25 8.6 Wed, Jul 24th based on 4 weeks after 8.5 - one could speculate the victory competition part 2 tokens will leave the armory 7/23
  15. They do support Co-op. They can't reward you for Co-op like they do random battles because everyone will just troll the Co=op queue and the random battles queue will die off. You dont want warships to go the route of Armored Warfare....i.e. shutdown.