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  1. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Advice needed Badly please

    Oooohhhhh I actually am currently regrinding the RU BB line and am back in Vladivostok. Soyuz was by far and away my favorite of the line but it wasn’t until I was around 160k exp where I learned to appreciate her. Heck I even much prefer Soyuz over Kremlin. Basically what I found worked for Soyuz was to angle away with your stern/ butt toward the enemy so you can flee if necessary. The guns are high velocity and will pen cruisers easily if not overpen. Generally I found shooting at 12-15km was comfortable and the dispersion was actually fairly nice compared to the other ships in the line. Her AA will at least make approaching CVs uncomfortable but in reality you’ll want to be near some teammates anyway. What makes Soyuz stand out is her ability to completely laugh off damage and fires. I went with an odd build on the special Vasily captain from the armory and took all consumable recharge skills, FP, and BOS while foregoing CE. Generally you’re spotted the majority of the game and your job can also be to attract enemy fire from the reds which saves your team some HP. The Soyuz can absolutely nuke any cruiser dumb enough to get within 17km of it and can punish other BBs. My personal favorite thing to do is kite German BBs who want to get me into secondary range and I just pummel their belt armor. On the flip side Soyuz can push a flank and pummel cruisers and BBs while maintaining an angle. Basically at tier 9 you’re gonna have to get solid positioning and I believe Flamu did some vids on the topic which were helpful. His Soyuz video is especially accurate to how I play her. Really just angling backward much like a reverse side scraping IS-3 in WOT which also helps you gun it out of a bad situation. Your fighter is really just there for moral support and the turrets turn insanely fast allowing you to switch targets very quickly. And generally to make her guns work it’s not much different than Izmail at tier 6. Fast shells that will absolutely deter people from pushing you and those dumb enough to do so will get kited to oblivion. Generally I see many people trying to bow tank and hold a close position which is workable at times but at tier 9 you’re gonna get torped via plane or DD or just get burnt alive. So angling is the best method much like the ships before her. In my own experience you can separate the velocity of the shells into groups for the line. Veliky, Izmail , and Soyuz in the fast shell side and the Sinop, Vlad, and Kremlin in the slower shell grouping. Basically you can slap just about any ship with minimal lead and your biggest enemy will be over pens. Letting CLs angle a bit before you nuke them can work much like Roma. Though I found her guns to be some of the better ones of the line.
  2. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Ognevoi is... good?

    Before this newest patch Ognevoi was pretty bland. Slow torps and a lack of guns kept it from being fun for me. Now though I played a few games and find that it’s really good. Def AA saved my tail in a few encounters with CVs and the torps go 60KTS with the module so I’m now over leading my targets. Plus the rudder feels more maneuverable than before. I was dodging Bagration shells at 6km while kiting away. It’s a real gem now in my own opinion. And Udaloi is looking like a real fun ship to get next. Has anyone else played Ognevoi after the buffs? If so what did you think?
  3. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Starter Pack Question

    You have to get it before you complete task 1. The steel is a great incentive so I got it pretty quickly.
  4. Daring is one of the best DDs in the game. Hydro caps and torp or set fires. Not sure on cruisers though. Goliath seems fun though.
  5. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Alexander Nevsky -- First Impressions?

    I think I misread the criteria to get Nevsky. You have to research her again even with Moskva it seems... now just gotta get the credits together for her. Seems like a decent ship though.
  6. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    New Player Question @ Teams

    You’re looking at Divisions if you want some sense of control. Otherwise you just have to hope everyone on your team knows their ship, how to play it, and where to go. Naturally this will vary greatly but more experienced players will generally go to good positions on their own. Those that don’t know this will A. Get sunk quickly. And B. Ignore any advice given in chat, usually, there are the rare unicorn noobs that actually listen to more experienced players and they’re the ones that end up becoming good players later on.
  7. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Who have you seen in game

    Saw SeaLordMountbatten in a game awhile back. My buddy @Longlife13 ended up nuking him in his Jean Bart while SeaLord was in his Bayard. Also was witness to a Two Brothers CV mid rush by Flambass in his Graf Zepplin and we ended up winning as my buddy in his Mahan and myself in the Myoko were able to help hold him off. Never been so terrified.
  8. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    WG please fix AA

    I had the idea of Adrenaline Rush also affecting AA but I’m not even sure if that would make much of a difference?
  9. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    High Tier BBs play?

    This as well. I was terrified of DDs until I finally played them. Once you struggle to accurately predict BBs in a DD you really can use what frustrated you so much in your DD to throw off other DDs. Of course running with a radar cruiser near you is always nice as they can really save your tail. It’s always hilarious when my friends started to play WOWS and failed in their BBs to torps and would constantly cry out how DDs were overpowered. I simply told them to play DDs and they realized very quickly that torps are quite predictable.
  10. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    High Tier BBs play?

    Hm I’ve played most tier 9 BBs excluding Alsace and FDG. Imo it just depends on the ship. Soyuz and Iowa can push at times but generally by tier 9 guns have longer range and are more accurate. Meaning mid range is where it matters more for a BB. But due to the absurd range they have you’re not forced to get in as close as you are at tier 6. Ships like Izumo do well to stay at range while Soyuz can get closer than others. Iowa excels at mid to longer range as well but generally these ships are going 27-33knots over the tier 6-7s that might go 20-25. Basically in a tier 9 BB I’ll be more than happy to push with the some cruiser support but up close fights are less common due to the reasons stated above. You’ve also got kiting cruisers in mass and DDs have a lot better range at tier 9. So it’s generally best to play BBs as mid range support but you can push but that depends more on the cruisers imo.
  11. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Premium Ship help

    More than likely. He's had Hindy for a very long time now.
  12. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Premium Ship help

    Yeah that was my question as well. My buddy has been playing since Beta and while I did play beta I stuck with WOT and played Warships on and off for 3 years or so. It wasn't until late 2018 that I really learned how much fun it was. And while I pioneered Tanks and learned the game myself and by watching videos I have done more or less the same for Ships and also have had someone who knew what they were doing to help me out. However, he had a very very bad view of the Hipper, I still don't know why he hates it so much but he was very adamant on me skipping it. It might be that he likes DDs and CVs way more and does well in them. Meanwhile I fail hard at both. From what I gather the PE also has an extra camo that gives it even more credits and would be an advantage in of itself. As for Atago that would be a decent choice. I will look into it. My mentor per se is NOT a fan of Lenin and has a good argument against it. He likes the PE enough but thinks Atago is better. I could try her out. Thanks for the input.
  13. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Premium Ship help

    So I wanted some help in deciding my next premium ship. I already have the doubloons for either Lenin or Prinz Eugen. I already have Alabama and Massachusetts and Tirpitz so those are no longer an issue. I was really looking for a more fun to play credit earner. I had seen mixed reviews on the Lenin and the PE, but I have a considerable love for Baltimore and the CA playstyle in general so I would like to think that the PE would be a good ship for me. However, I tend to grab more credits in BBs and CAs. This would be a hard choice as I have Vladviostock as well and do extremely well in her even after the sigma nerf. So I had discounted the Lenin as a poor ship due to the poor reviews she got upon release. However, when the tier 8 ranked sprint was out there were a few Lenins who did extremely well and even trolled my NC. Granted that particular Lenin that gave me trouble had the legendary captain who he must have met the requirements for to get the massive heal bonus. So killing him was a nightmare as he was angled away and we kept trading shots over and over. As for the Lenin itself it seems like a decent ship with the soviet fun of the Vlad. But my friend who is a very good player and a veteran player has recommended the PE. He had really been pushing the Kidd and the Cossack and I have the Kidd but do poorly in her. DDs are not my strength at the moment and so I would like something that is fun to play and makes great credits. Granted he is a CV and DD player so I lack the skill he has with those two classes. So his advice would be dubious on this topic for me. So I was hoping to get some opinions on which ship is preferred among those who own them. I would like a CA to grind credits with as I only have Alaska for that a good ship like PE would be a great ship to have but I am unsure about how I will do in her. The Lenin on the other hand would maybe be more familiar if she is even a fraction of the fun of the Vlad. I am unsure as to which ship to choose but my games in Alabama tend to get boring and my Jean Bart is a great credit earner but tier 9 MM as of right now is rather brutal and my tier 8 mm seems to be much more friendly to me. I was almost sure on Lenin but I saw she has atrocious torpedo protection. I would think Lenin would be more of a one trick pony but fun to play. And that PE might be less fun but would have more utility. In this sense I would wager fun > utility as a fun ship is more playable, meaning I would be more than happy to play a fun ship over and over for credits instead of dreading to press the battle button like in my Jean Bart. So while Lenin might be what I would lean toward I would also think the PE could be a real gem to play. Unfortunately my div mate who I mentioned previously was adamant for me to free xp the Hipper and so I did and did not play it. I would wager she is decent as I see Hippers do very well even in tier 9 games. So maybe I was wrong to skip the Hipper but I did like the Yorck and like the Roon. Although I still feel like I need more experience in tier 9-10 games as I am not as experienced in those as I would like and for that reason I struggle a bit more on Roon. So with the information stated above and maybe a look at my probably poor stats I would like some opinions on which ship I would do better in. The main concern being that while Lenin looks more appealing to me I would think that I have too many premium BBs and would like to have a different option for credit grinding. Thanks in advance to any help that could be offered.
  14. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Le Fantasque is fantastic.

    So I’ve seen the Le Fantasque get a fair amount of hate and wanted to give it some love. I had this ship for awhile as a mission unlock so I only have 6 captain skills as I hadn’t played her much. But that is a mistake I regret. This thing is a dream to play and the ideal destroyer for me. To put it in more organized terms, the LF is a beast due to the absurd speed and the guns. While the French line lacks smoke or armor it really doesn’t need either. The LF is such a good ship due to the speed it has being its armor. Play with enemies at medium range or so and hilarity ensues. Burning ships to death under a constant barrage of shells is something I love about this ship. I don’t even have DE yet and the fire chance is so good to me unlike my USN DDs. The torps are few but work as a back up option on slower ships and can help you gain distance. For some reason the LF is like a Khaba but better at tier 8. The reload booster allows you to shred DCPs, of the unwise, and burn them down even easier. The sheer speed of this little monster allows you to use your speed as armor, in other words you can dodge shells without even trying. You just sail in a straight line, diagonal to the enemy and burn them to death. CV planes? No problem, just sail right past their torps and dodge like a champ. With SE you get around 21k HP which is very nice and your guns will melt any target crazy enough to ignore you. Even if they don’t ignore you just pop speed boost and dodge the shells. To put it in simple terms the LF is great because if has the tools you need to really not care about being spotted and simply be the bane of other DDs. You can slap other DDs out of existence, and you can outplay most ships you come across easily. The LF just gives you everything you could need to succeed and that imo is a good ship as long as you learn how to play it. It’s one of my favorite ships as of right now and definitely my favorite DD line. I hope others like it as much as I do.
  15. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Iowa.... please send help

    Static. I finally have gotten a little better at aiming in the Iowa. Seems I overestimated shell flight time, but its more akin to the Vlad in terms of shell speed.