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  1. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Bringing up an old question about Mogami

    I’m inclined to agree with you. I’ve played with both and even without IFHE I seem to be setting more fires. I just wanted some confirmation that I wasn’t neutering my Mogami with the 155s. Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    How can Rigas guns be so bad?

    I haven’t had the best time in Riga either… that being said it seems like you just need to throw enough AP at the wall and some will stick. I use her as a support for my team with radar but her guns are something I don’t consider reliable. Basically just get in close for that accuracy buff and you might get some hits in. So far I’ve had some success playing perched next to islands to isolate my opponents and I just keep shooting… I know it’s not the best advice but it works to an extent. Just never use HE as I’m fairly sure you’d be better off having your crew throw rocks at the enemy ship. The dispersion is poor but the guns can punish people who don’t take you seriously. Playing it like an Alaska sorts helps as well but your AP is very strong if it connects. Personally I’ve found Carbine Carlito to be extremely helpful for ships that are considered “bad.” As he somehow makes them work and he has a Riga video. But I feel your pain as I’m also grinding her to the glorious Petro.
  3. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Bringing up an old question about Mogami

    Hey all. I wanted to get some more recent feedback about the Mogami in terms of her preferred setup. The age old 155mm vs 203mm question. After the commander rework is the 155 still the best? I’ve only got one commander and I’m grinding for Zao so IFHE won’t be happening for the 155. Is it still preferable to the 203 even without IFHE? Or is the 155 with IFHE such an upgrade that it’s worth respeccing the commander to use it? If not then I’ll continue on with the 203s but if it’s worth it then I’ll consider changing some skills.
  4. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Why offer Musashi cammo purchase if no Musashi?

    I was lucky enough to get Musashi in the Christmas crates back in 2019. So the camo was a must have as it’s one of the best commander xp grinders in the game.
  5. Probably DDs and CLs. DDs for capping and running the clock by points. CLs for melting the enemy ships down. Plus radar to limit DD movement. I mean a BB won’t be capping, moving to support a flank quickly, or spotting so its not really going to make or break games imo.
  6. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Izmail Upgrades and Tips

    I’m on Izmail for the third time. (I have an addiction to regrinding RU BBs) and the main advice for Izmail is to get your stern toward the enemy. Those three turrets point backward so you can kite away while keeping an angle and devastate people by sheer volume of guns. I remember the second time I was grinding her I ended up doing 22k to a Bismarck who was rushing me as he dismissed me as a non threat and gave me his side. Probably could have done more that salvo but he went down. Keep some distance and dump shells on them.
  7. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Pommern cost

    Honestly coal ships last in the shop for awhile so you have plenty of time to grind out some coal and grab Pommern that way. Plus with the coupon it will be in the range of 175k coal which does take some time but isn't overly hard to obtain.
  8. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Trying to identify specific music

    Hm on youtube Hellcat has a ton of them so far my favorites have been “We shall Fight” “Return of the Titan” “Loadstar” “The Cossack” “Deep Dive” “Outbreak of World War” if there’s any OST you would want to find watch his playlist and you’ll most likely find it.
  9. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Advice needed Badly please

    Oooohhhhh I actually am currently regrinding the RU BB line and am back in Vladivostok. Soyuz was by far and away my favorite of the line but it wasn’t until I was around 160k exp where I learned to appreciate her. Heck I even much prefer Soyuz over Kremlin. Basically what I found worked for Soyuz was to angle away with your stern/ butt toward the enemy so you can flee if necessary. The guns are high velocity and will pen cruisers easily if not overpen. Generally I found shooting at 12-15km was comfortable and the dispersion was actually fairly nice compared to the other ships in the line. Her AA will at least make approaching CVs uncomfortable but in reality you’ll want to be near some teammates anyway. What makes Soyuz stand out is her ability to completely laugh off damage and fires. I went with an odd build on the special Vasily captain from the armory and took all consumable recharge skills, FP, and BOS while foregoing CE. Generally you’re spotted the majority of the game and your job can also be to attract enemy fire from the reds which saves your team some HP. The Soyuz can absolutely nuke any cruiser dumb enough to get within 17km of it and can punish other BBs. My personal favorite thing to do is kite German BBs who want to get me into secondary range and I just pummel their belt armor. On the flip side Soyuz can push a flank and pummel cruisers and BBs while maintaining an angle. Basically at tier 9 you’re gonna have to get solid positioning and I believe Flamu did some vids on the topic which were helpful. His Soyuz video is especially accurate to how I play her. Really just angling backward much like a reverse side scraping IS-3 in WOT which also helps you gun it out of a bad situation. Your fighter is really just there for moral support and the turrets turn insanely fast allowing you to switch targets very quickly. And generally to make her guns work it’s not much different than Izmail at tier 6. Fast shells that will absolutely deter people from pushing you and those dumb enough to do so will get kited to oblivion. Generally I see many people trying to bow tank and hold a close position which is workable at times but at tier 9 you’re gonna get torped via plane or DD or just get burnt alive. So angling is the best method much like the ships before her. In my own experience you can separate the velocity of the shells into groups for the line. Veliky, Izmail , and Soyuz in the fast shell side and the Sinop, Vlad, and Kremlin in the slower shell grouping. Basically you can slap just about any ship with minimal lead and your biggest enemy will be over pens. Letting CLs angle a bit before you nuke them can work much like Roma. Though I found her guns to be some of the better ones of the line.
  10. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Ognevoi is... good?

    Before this newest patch Ognevoi was pretty bland. Slow torps and a lack of guns kept it from being fun for me. Now though I played a few games and find that it’s really good. Def AA saved my tail in a few encounters with CVs and the torps go 60KTS with the module so I’m now over leading my targets. Plus the rudder feels more maneuverable than before. I was dodging Bagration shells at 6km while kiting away. It’s a real gem now in my own opinion. And Udaloi is looking like a real fun ship to get next. Has anyone else played Ognevoi after the buffs? If so what did you think?
  11. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Starter Pack Question

    You have to get it before you complete task 1. The steel is a great incentive so I got it pretty quickly.
  12. Daring is one of the best DDs in the game. Hydro caps and torp or set fires. Not sure on cruisers though. Goliath seems fun though.
  13. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Alexander Nevsky -- First Impressions?

    I think I misread the criteria to get Nevsky. You have to research her again even with Moskva it seems... now just gotta get the credits together for her. Seems like a decent ship though.
  14. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    New Player Question @ Teams

    You’re looking at Divisions if you want some sense of control. Otherwise you just have to hope everyone on your team knows their ship, how to play it, and where to go. Naturally this will vary greatly but more experienced players will generally go to good positions on their own. Those that don’t know this will A. Get sunk quickly. And B. Ignore any advice given in chat, usually, there are the rare unicorn noobs that actually listen to more experienced players and they’re the ones that end up becoming good players later on.
  15. Soviet_Bias_Is_Just_Myth

    Mogami: 155s or 203s

    My vote goes to the 203s. I’m only on Myoko but a buddy of mine is on Ibuki and loved the 203s. Something about smacking people with high alpha strikes with HE is so satisfying.