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    Hey. Off Topic Long time no post @_Nyagato_ how'd I do ?
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    Hrumph... Fine I'll be good... ....For now.
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    You don't understand... I was offering help *hides ice pick*
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    Too much to say on here... Overall though.... Good. Skype me if you wants to know more detailz
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    Do I need to give you a lobotomy to get rid of those flashbacks?
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    *glomps* HEY!!!!! Haven't heard from you in forever. I iz sad panda
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    I don't know
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    *mopes* fine I'll dive now
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    you were not supposed to find that
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    Started reading around, seeing some old names...Lousy people, Worse Attitudes. Cancerous.
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    *giggles* I am not cute, I am stealthy and Deadly.... Hrrrumph *waves* Hi Chaser
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    *randomly pokes out of the water* These forums... I shouldn't have come back....
  14. ALSO, this shite right here proves OP's point, a brown-nosing PoS thinking he's hot turd... There's your elitism right there. I don't think I could have found a better example of it
  15. I can't help but feel the need to pull some of this post apart. The discrimination against younger players come in large part from the majority's attitude and in game behavior. There's nothing more irritating in the damn game then getting into a match with some person acting like the kid who ate paste in elementary school and spamming dumb stuff in chat or being an all out donkey (Read N****** this, N*******...etc.). As far as the question of those not being engages being worthless PoS's.... Sorry but you can elect what level you play at, if you're just in it for the HAHA's and shitz and lolz stay at the lower tiers. High tier battles suck when the team doesnt know tactics and common sense. To this end I'll reference a battle I was in tonight. MM basically said "you die now" and but my friend, a Cleveland, and me, a Marblehead, in a tier 8 game. The only reason our team won was because we, lowest tier and weakest ships, picketed the destroyers and the rest of the team knew enough to use proper tactics to close the game out. Were it not for that we would have lost, in fact a certain Tirpitz nearly did cost the team the battle. If you can't do high tier or are not motivated to do it right then do the rest of those that want to play at that level a favor and sandbox your self until you can handle it. Also if someone does something stupid enough to be called out for it.... Frankly they need to sit back and be like "well I dun effed up" own it and not make the same mistake again...