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  1. Iona_401

    [TF-62] Task Force 62 Squadron Yoke wants YOU!

    @DTT1991 I'll send you a PM
  2. Iona_401

    [TF-62] Task Force 62 Squadron Yoke wants YOU!

    @J30_Reinhardt Nah. Although... I totally have to do that again sometime!!!!
  3. Iona_401

    [TF-62] Task Force 62 Squadron Yoke wants YOU!

    Nah. Although... I totally have to do that again sometime!!!!
  4. Iona_401

    Hangout by the Sea

    I'm alive, and back to forum browsing/recruiting and stuffs :) PM me anytime
  5. TF-62 is actively looking for new players. Anyone who hangs out on these forums and is looking to pick up tags will read a few or a bunch of these posts and wonder where to go. It all comes down to what you want out of the game. Do you play WoWs a few nights a week? Do you want mature players? A good learning environment? A chance at doing Clan Battles (alpha and bravo)? A personal approach? A sense of community? A drama free group of people to play with? We have it all, and on a first name basis too! If so... Task Force 62 Squadron Yoke may be the place for you. Sync-Drops, Ranked, Operations, Clan Battles, Divisions... We do it all! The Clan has been active since Clans were introduced and most of our members have been here for years. Heck - I think I've been here almost a year! It's been a great place to learn and grow as a player! So what are we looking for: Mature players who don't like or want drama An interest in competitive play... If you're ready compete GREAT! if you wanna compete but haven't yet - we'll find a place for you, work with you and give you a chance! Players must be active on Discord! If we can't talk to you its just not the same! What can we offer: Clan base benefits - Lower Ship Research Costs, EXP bonuses for playing...etc. Players willing to help you! A community. And a whole lot of shenanigans.... Thick skin is a must, if you've got thin skin... you'll get skinned A little context: TF-62 is a historical reference to Guadalcanal and Operation Watchtower, of which our leader's great Uncle was a part of. He was a sailor aboard USS Chicago for the invasion and the battle of Savo Island. Chicago was the only allied cruiser to survive the battle that resulted in the losses of USS Vincennes, USS Astoria, USS Quincy and HMAS Canberra. We are a clan that consists primarily of career-oriented adults who enjoy WoWs and make the time to play, train and compete. We have many players that come from a military background and many who don't. Many of us have flexible schedules. We play all times of the day and week, but often together each evening. We play ranked and are looking forward to continuing clan battles, getting stronger and hitting even harder next season! Still here? Still Interested? Feel free to message me - I'll check into the forums daily. Or message any of our Command Staff/Recruiters. Really Interested? Send us an application in game, grab our discord information and come hang out!
  6. Iona_401

    Hangout by the Sea

    I was away from the game for ages becoming a lawyer - Back now, recruiting up for my clan and stuff! ALSO - Gidget is my Spirit Animal
  7. Iona_401

    Hangout by the Sea

    Unrelated Post OMG - This thread still exists!!!! Hai peoples!!!!
  8. Anime North 2017!


  9. *hugs poi* PM me if you wanna talk about this.