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  1. Dark_Power

    Minotaur - Useless AA?

    Good to know. Yes, there were a couple times I was gone for longer periods of time I probably did miss the CV rework. I just find the AA very inconsistent, ships that used to have terrible AA are outperforming the Minotaur.
  2. Dark_Power

    Minotaur - Useless AA?

    I used to play this ship often but find it frustrating. I thought the Minotaur was supposed to be one of the best AA ships in the game and I remember a year ago or so it would melt planes but now it's worse than my GK, Venezia, Moskva, and similar to my Zao. I have the Massive AA fire and AFT captain skills as well. There were several months I had taken a break from this game earlier this year, was something reworked or was this ship severely nerfed? An example of it's current effectiveness is a full squadron of planes flying over my ship, bombing me, and flying away while I shoot down.... 1 plane. Another squadron attack and I get to shoot down... 1, maybe 2 planes tops. Can anyone else with the Minotaur attest to this?
  3. I'll give a fresh install a shot but later. For now I'll just play the game on a SATA ssd because it could take too much time figuring out how to fix it on the "stick".
  4. It happens on two separate computers when trying to play from the external nvme. I've copied the exact same game folder to a different drive and it runs fine. I could try doing a fresh install however based on everything else, I don't think that will fix it.
  5. No mods are installed. I'd assume the integrity check would probably remove anything modded anyway. I also ran the WGcheck tools which removed some files it detected but the game still stutters.
  6. Just finished testing it out on my laptop. Even with the settings set to the lowest and 1366x768 resolution I was still able to notice the stutter in a training room battle. This would indicate it's also not a specific graphics setting causing this.
  7. Yes, it's a USB 3.0/USB 3.1 gen 1/USB 3.2 gen 1x1 - all of which are the same they just can't figure out how to make it any more confusing. Realistic sequential speed tops at around 220MB/s which is low when taking into consideration the overhead. My laptop which is newer but has the same version USB port tops at around 440MB/s on the same drive which is an expected value for 5Gbps theoretical. Either way, it's faster than my external 840 EVO which is connected to the same port. I'm assuming the issue is related to the NVMe protocol but I can't figure out why that would be. I'd assume other people have played this game on an NVMe drive and it would be a bigger issue if they experienced the same stuttering. I'm assuming then that it's related to being connected to USB and might even be driver related considering my motherboard is from 2012/2013 which was before NVMe became common. I might try playing the game on my craptop with an HD520 just for the sake of seeing if I get stuttering.
  8. I recently purchased a 1tb external NVMe drive (Hynix P31 Gold to be exact) and have moved most of my games to it. So far World of Warships is the only game that I am now experiencing issues in. Every second there appears to be a frame skip when playing in a battle (no frame skipping in port) and fps starts averaging around 40-60. I have checked the integrity of the game and there were no issues found. I have had no issues playing this game on an external SSD SATA drive or my internal SSD SATA drive. I don't think this is a computer issue, I usually play the game fine at around 120-144fps (after removing framerate limit in config file) so it can't be performance related. Running Windows 10 version 2004. NVMe drive is connected to a USB 3.0 port (yeah, I know my computer is older).
  9. Dark_Power

    Minotaur — British Tier X cruiser.

    It's a good ship and fun to play but... I think the smoke on this ship is the only thing that allows it to perform. I've tried taking radar on it before, but the 9.9km range coupled with many other tier X's also having radar make it struggle. Not taking smoke on this paper ship is a death sentence, especially when the Minotaur in general is a big target (not talking ship size). It's a good ship and I like it but it's almost too situational because so many other tier X's have radar making your smoke useless. What I'm trying to say is that the current radar consumable is pointless on this ship. Even if it was buffed to 11.7km like the Russian cruisers, I myself would still be taking smoke. The ship is feeling a little power creep from more higher tier ships acquiring radar. There's just too much radar in the game. The smoke consumable on this ship feels less like a feature now and more like a target zone.
  10. Dark_Power

    Republique armor has a black hole?

    I think I see what you're talking about but it should still be registered as a hit box Instead of having the shell be a penetrating no-damage. Plus I noticed it didn't happen near the bow of the ship but it did near the mid and stern. The armor layout is pretty much centered though, so that makes no sense.
  11. I was messing around in a training room with my Moskva when I noticed that 99% of my AP shells that registered as "penetration" and was aimed at the lower broadside of the French Tier X Republique ship did almost no damage. Even just above the water line by quite a bit it's still the same issue. This only seems to happen in the mid and stern sections of the ship. The bow area doesn't seem effected. Below is a gif of what I noticed. Is the ship designed like this? If it doesn't load: https://i.imgur.com/4kOtUXy.gifv