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  1. HeinzSchultz

    Flag-o-Rama Returns!

    30 flags is only equal to 2 chances to get the Mass. More chances is always better. Say you wanted 50 chances, that's 750 flags spread out over 94 matches. Math may be wrong...
  2. HeinzSchultz

    Flag-o-Rama Returns!

    Shoulda had a counter ingame to keep track of progress.
  3. @Aslain Who made the nomogram crosshair mod?
  4. Is there an ETA on the nomogram crosshair?
  5. HeinzSchultz

    News thread for the PvE Clan and discussions

    @Kizarvexis Public Test rewards went out today. Redeem them by May 1st.
  6. HeinzSchultz

    50% WR in Co-op? Seriously?

    Just need time to adjust to the bots and new CVs style.
  7. HeinzSchultz

    Kill Whale, I wonder what people think

    Get a Pensacola. She's good for this op.
  8. HeinzSchultz

    PayPal Error

    Same issue I have.
  9. Thanks for your military service!

  10. Arizona deff had a blue scheme although much darker.

  11. Have a great friday!

  12. Its too late for me. I just find she was overhyped.