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  1. FuryTomic

    The Yahagi Experience

    Now that Yahagi is officially final, I got a chance to take her for a few spins and see how she is compared to her first test iteration... She's doing much better than before, now that she has a engine boost consumable and the shell velocity was tweaked to be faster. Personal Verdict: I would buy her if you want a challenge in life.
  2. FuryTomic

    An untapped financial resource Wargaming SHOULD capitalize on

    Doesn’t sound bad as a whole concept. It could also be one of the other rewards (mind you possibly, the idea is going to float up there) for the NTC system that has changed course from its original plan. That aside, I wouldn’t mind seeing something like this for camo and aesthetics!
  3. FuryTomic

    Don't Mess With Texas

    Don't forget about dispersion.. Always ruin your chances too :P You know.. Now I feel like I should take some of my older ships collecting dust out for a spin haha
  4. FuryTomic

    Don't Mess With Texas

    I was down in Texas last week to visit family friends, the NA Office, and got a chance to also visit USS Texas! Wanted to take her out on a spin again after visiting her in Houston...
  5. Video Review of Yuudachi, an upcoming new ship coming soonTM. Overview: Yuudachi is a Tier 7 IJN Destroyer coming soon. Infamously well known as poi, or the poi boat, I honestly find her to be an underwhelming ship... Please note that this ship is still Work in Progress. All stats and configurations are not final and subject to change.
  6. FuryTomic

    In-N-Out With Wichita

    Latest New Video: In-N-Out With: Wichita We go on a nice little stroll with Wichita, only to encounter a Roma. I think it's safe to say that drive by was a bit too much for Roma to handle... --- What do you guys think of Wichita?
  7. FuryTomic

    Caption the profile image above you.

  8. Jokes about my Hub name aside, Welcome! I am FuryTomic, and I am a NA CC for World of Warships. I most upload content related to Warships, Anime, Kantai Collection, Girls Frontline, and many more! I hope you get a chance to take a look at some of my content and videos I have created so far! YouTube Channel
  9. FuryTomic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Take a look at our new shiny beauty!
  10. FuryTomic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    I’ve been logging on the railroad, all the live long day
  11. FuryTomic

    I read on reddit that Sub_octavian had quit

    To clarify any misconceptions people may have: No, he did not quit or leave Wargaming/WoWs Team. He has enough of trying to deal with Reddit and the Forums. There was a good amount of outrage and toxicity that was directed towards him from the CV rework, and the recently announced GC rebalance. The GC re balance post (and the shippost thread about GC uptier) was the straw that broke the camels back. He won't be visiting reddit or the forums for a while. Even the forums aren't safe for that (That's a joke of course) The WoWsDevBlog on Facebook is certainly a good place to gather some new information about upcoming changes or new ships :) Well, to put in more context with your statement, yes he has been trying to keep up with almost every reddit posts and complaints. The developers and other community managers lurk around and read what people suggest, poste, or complained about. Sub in particular, he does that AFTER his work shift finishes, (10AM-8PM) and spends his own time that he could be doing something else (eg: hanging out with friends, going out shopping, spending more time with his kids etc) and instead help try to answer questions and complaints people had on the forums and Reddit. To be quite honest, he's had the balls as one of the CMs to step up and discuss while getting shat on for some of his points he tried to bring up. Sure, it may not be what you agree with on some point of topics or complaint, but at least acknowledge that he's been taking his own time to answer your question that he could just ignore or not bother to answer at all. I haven't seen a dev representative and player interaction for game communities like this for a while. People really need to chill first before going down the rabbit hole of whining and complaining all day, and not directing their venting towards one of the main representatives for the game? Hell, why not make some constructive criticism instead and offer some potential reasonable solutions?
  12. FuryTomic

    NA server population today

    Agreed. Especially with the CV Rework, there weren't a lot of players testing out the PTS 0.8.0 3rd Patch.. Which, there wasn't a lot of available data to be collected for WG to go ahead and implement any necessary fixes, squash bugs, or balancing. Right now, most of those bugs and unbalanced gameplay is coming to light as we speak
  13. FuryTomic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Casually smiles but deep down hates everything
  14. FuryTomic


    Is this what you meant?
  15. FuryTomic

    1/144 Remote-Controlled Aoba Build Log

    Damn, that's neat so far! I need to start up my 1/144 Scale Kagerou RC Project.. Been neglected from doing so for a year or 2... Think my issue with starting is getting a hull/fiberglass hull to start it off...