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  1. FuryTomic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Headpats while giving Prinz a cap
  2. FuryTomic

    New Kancolle Anime Project Announced

    Complete different take, characters that we love and enjoy, not to mention with the whole setting that's about to take place.. Get my tissues ready. This will be quite an emotional roller coaster.
  3. FuryTomic

    Radio-Controlled model warship combat!

    I have 2 blueprints consisting of IJN Kagerou and IJN Akizuki classes. Both in which are RC operable, and can be made to fire small pellets. As much as I want to get a chance to create both of them, I sadly don’t have the resources nor mechanical parts for the turrets that can make this a reality. Still on my bucket list to make someday :)
  4. FuryTomic

    How long until Kitakami?

    It actually was asked. Q/A about hybrid ships being implemented into the game for WoWs. "Hybrid ships like Tone and Ise may be added after CVs rebalance." (Not to steer off course from the original intent of this thread, but to provide some context)
  5. FuryTomic

    Speculation: Yahagi to be a new Coal Ship

    My thoughts (Didn't mention this in my video review) are the same as you. I wouldn't mind them offering Yahagi via purchase with coal also with it's current parameters and performance. Though, she could always end up going through the premium shop method if they wanted to.
  6. Certainly! Though, I would have thought that news would spread far and wide since no one really knew what the price tag of Alaska would be..
  7. FuryTomic

    It ain't all bad news.

    Stopping by to say kudos for the effort on listing some of the good things that still make the game good. The campaign tasks certainly gives some challenging efforts to try... It even made me start using a ship I've long neglected on using until I had to do a few campaigns with that ship to use
  8. Let's just say, SoonTM Nope. It's been out for a while that she will be 1,000,000 FXP.
  9. FuryTomic

    How long until Kitakami?

    I'm going to butt in here with information from the WG Fest 2018 (Where the Soviet BBs and UK Carriers were announced) There was a Q/A Session going on with the devs at the time. Mentioned within the Q/A was a question about Kitakami returning back to the game... The Dev's response was, "The time hasn't come yet." In short, there may be a chance that Kitakami WILL return. However, with the current state of the game as it is right now, (with other factors in play on whether or not she will be added) the developers will keep her off the bucket list to work on for now.
  10. FuryTomic


    Hmm, that's something I haven't noticed a lot in my games to be quite fair... The dispersion to me seemed alright, but there were numerous moments where the dispersion suddenly became questionable. Though, that could have just been my experience when I played Alaska. (and simply bad RNG) That is, if people continue to complain about Insert ship that isn't really OP but people make her work needs a nerf Totally understandable. I'm not surprised to hear that either way. I was mostly giving what I could think of at the time, and also adding input with what I have heard overtime from the start of the test, to near the end. Though, if there is something you would like to ask (No, Alaska does not have a confirmed cost or what you need to buy Alaska yet) I can try my best to help answer that :)
  11. FuryTomic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    Internally hates working as a bunny waitress
  12. FuryTomic


    I know this reply is pretty late in terms of when this was posted (and seeing this thread pop up for me recently) The CCs and I have talked and expressed different thoughts overtime as we continued to test the ship out during its testing phase. Most of us had a meh - needs some changes thoughts at first. However, overtime we decided to change up how to play Alaska, and some of us have changed our thoughts to be better than what we originally had. There are, some CCs who still don't agree with the changes that Alaska had, which is fair in their own opinion of the ship. What I personally think is that it's quite a special (and somewhat challenging) kind of ship to play. It somewhat feels like playing Scharnhorst but as an American Cruiser in T9. (minus the torps lol) the HE is fun to set ships off like a BBQ Starter. AP in some situations can be quite deadly. Manged to citadel a Tirpitz 2 times around 9-10km. Though, Dispersion is one of the things that I had a concern with in performance. The armor can be quite tanky depending on what situation you get yourself in. Think I can recall a few games where I acted as a tank for my teammates and giving them an opportunity to try and get trades off. In the end, I have mostly positive thoughts of her as a whole. If she were to be released in the iteration we recently tested her in, I personally think that those who are going to get her will have to acknowledge that she is going to play differently than a typical cruiser would. This ship imo for the casuals/average players will be a bit challenging, which also means that she will take on a higher skill floor to work with. I'm not saying for those who are casual/average shouldn't get her, just expect that she will take some more time to play, and has a unique playstyle that can be a bit tough/challenging to work with. All in all, I'm looking forward to seeing Alaska be released. When she does, I think I might go a bit overboard and have too much fun with her if I set her up the same upgrades and consumables I had during the test phase.
  13. FuryTomic

    Caption the profile image above you.

    You were expecting Santa Claus to appear But it was me, Centaur Claus!
  14. FuryTomic

    This is what the Kutuzov is all about

    Wonder if Irian would be allowed to be played on Cherry Blossom... That is, whenever she gets released... Inb4 the results are worse because Irian doesn't have smoke like Kutozov Regardless, pretty impressive!
  15. FuryTomic

    What currency(s) for Alaska?

    Ah, the good old debate on what currency Alaska will be... While it is true that no one knows (even us CCs) Or has an answer to that, I was thinking that partly could be that there’s a possible 3rd iteration test that WG might do for Alaska. From what I saw, there was a mixed spectrum of opinions and reviews of Alaska that made me think there might be a 3rd test run in the future. There is also WG Fest event in Russia that is coming up later late night (for us in NA) and I think that they will be making some announcements then. Maybe it might answer some of the questions that people have, but I’m not sure if they will mention anything related to Alsaka then. That’s purely my speculation. I was thinking FXP since WoWs has a placeholder for Alaska with FXP. Though, that’s subject to change, and completely up to what the devs decide on choosing.