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  1. Wow all three of today's containers were supercontainers! Simply amazing!
  2. GG, Clan battles!

    I know a few who are in battle but my clan [HOTEL] is unable to queue.
  3. Let's talk about mods

    Weeb mods should be banned imho
  4. Public reminder to all future visitors that JakeNS is a frequent teamkiller and is not to be trusted.

    1. JakeNS


      *glomps u*

    2. Haruna_Kai_Ni




      It's time to stop posting.

  5. We can't let this guy get his hands on the nuclear codes
  6. Top Player's view of Shokaku

    Unryuu_Kai is nothing but a low tier reroll seal clubber FYI
  7. Issues With Chat

    I get very little free time and when I have it, I like playing World of Warships. It's a perfect game for weekends and I've gotten two of my friends to start playing as well. I had just decided to buy some premium and maybe Prinz Eugen when I checked in-game and noticed I couldn't even division with my friends. "Chat unavailable, we're working on it" - I've tried logging in and out, reinstalling, and nothing has worked. All my friends are frustrated and they're blaming me for wasting their time/money. Are you even working on it? How will you make this right WG?
  8. Out of curiosity, how long do the seasons usually last? Best of luck to everyone! Edit: just saw the post describing the schedule, disregard my question!
  9. Mod 2 for the Ranger should be 1 torpedo squadron, not 1 fighter squadron
  10. Eurobeat's How to Guides

    Don't make the same mistake that Slip made by rushing out videos for all the premiums with this format. People got bored of it really quickly.
  11. I know, but I sold my Hipper to fund my Roon... maybe I'll just rebuy her. Thanks anyways!
  12. Are there any Prinz Eugen-themed Roon skins out there?

    These are the same people who said that the public test was gonna be today. If anything the streamers were talking out of their [edited].
  14. There is nothing forcing you to complete these missions I'd really like Haruharu/Hiei especially for the 16-point captain but since EU and SEA were so different I think we'll get different missions as well. if we get the missions