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  1. I know a few who are in battle but my clan [HOTEL] is unable to queue.
  2. Weeb mods should be banned imho
  3. Public reminder to all future visitors that JakeNS is a frequent teamkiller and is not to be trusted.

    1. JakeNS


      *glomps u*

    2. Haruna_Kai_Ni




      It's time to stop posting.

  4. We can't let this guy get his hands on the nuclear codes
  5. Unryuu_Kai is nothing but a low tier reroll seal clubber FYI
  6. I get very little free time and when I have it, I like playing World of Warships. It's a perfect game for weekends and I've gotten two of my friends to start playing as well. I had just decided to buy some premium and maybe Prinz Eugen when I checked in-game and noticed I couldn't even division with my friends. "Chat unavailable, we're working on it" - I've tried logging in and out, reinstalling, and nothing has worked. All my friends are frustrated and they're blaming me for wasting their time/money. Are you even working on it? How will you make this right WG?
  7. Out of curiosity, how long do the seasons usually last? Best of luck to everyone! Edit: just saw the post describing the schedule, disregard my question!
  8. Mod 2 for the Ranger should be 1 torpedo squadron, not 1 fighter squadron
  9. Don't make the same mistake that Slip made by rushing out videos for all the premiums with this format. People got bored of it really quickly.
  10. I know, but I sold my Hipper to fund my Roon... maybe I'll just rebuy her. Thanks anyways!
  11. Are there any Prinz Eugen-themed Roon skins out there?
  12. These are the same people who said that the public test was gonna be today. If anything the streamers were talking out of their [edited].
  13. Roon next?
  14. There is nothing forcing you to complete these missions I'd really like Haruharu/Hiei especially for the 16-point captain but since EU and SEA were so different I think we'll get different missions as well. if we get the missions