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  1. Hold on lemme find the lowest WR ships and post results of me doing good
  2. MobileChernobyl

    What has been your cyber container haul- normal or premium

    Out of all the normals I've ended up with Optimus and Megatron. I can live with that honestly, I would like to have gotten the GK camo but I really don't like any of the perm camos that much.
  3. MobileChernobyl

    München is a fun boat.

    I ended up grabbing the Munchers and Bayard at the same time. Love them both as I like to play fast and light cruisers and with only a small amount of games I had standout games in randoms with them both which felt good, I swear I'm not justifying my purchase. I swear what held me back most on the purchase was the fear WG might nerf her for whatever reason.
  4. See, what you just said sounds more compelling, although probably more distracting from a gameplay perspective. Instead of the instant detonation it'd be cool to see a ship sink and a couple seconds after death it blows up in different ways. I'm not sure I remember the rules of mentioning other games so I'll just say there is a space game that has a similar explosion they've added in relatively recently, where the ship will continue flying with mini explosions and then detonate into a much bigger explosion with some rarer larger explosion types. However that is in a game where people largely ignore visuals altogether, in Warships I could imagine it being fairly distracting to have a team mate suddenly undergo a secondary explosion next to you. Still, I'd love that. Edit: Fixed typo
  5. MobileChernobyl

    RIP Longcat, an internet legend is gone

    A meme as old as time itself, RIP Longcat it has a long time ahead of itself in afterlife.
  6. MobileChernobyl

    So what do you do after getting blowed up?

    I tab out and view the forums usually, even if I have other ships to play but especially if I only feel like playing the certain ship.
  7. MobileChernobyl

    increase HP

    Considering we already have space ships that fly, a little late to that one :P
  8. MobileChernobyl

    Bump in non-clan player numbers

    I put in no effort to join a clan, accepted the first invite and was hounded to do naval battles, I did 9/10 of them and was kicked for not doing my naval battles. I called him a goon and ignored the reinvite. Now I'll prolly wait and see if another invite comes out of nowhere. Joining random clans can be good fun or really annoying. Although, I dont see a reason a logical person wouldn't just join a no requirements clan, I'm just not a logical person.
  9. MobileChernobyl

    Hope everyone is haveing a great day!

    That's great that you've found a new outlook and you're trying to spread a bit of kindness to people in small ways. I can be a bit of a salty sailor myself but I can still appreciate it when people are being overwhelmingly positive. Have a good one and smooth sailing to you.
  10. MobileChernobyl


    Good thing there is no dirt on me, nope. Never been frustrated at people online. A squeaky clean history here folks. In other news, this is pretty much to be expected in a lot of games, I've seen it everywhere. It does bring up the question, where is the line in retro-actively banning someone for something they've said in the past? Obviously the case of finding dirt as an excuse to ban was wrong but I assume it's just in the hands of WG judgement and discretion. Again, infallible person speaking here so I wouldn't know what it's like to have such a history with problematic language.
  11. MobileChernobyl

    I found some of my old matchmaker screenshots from 2015

    Good times. I was terrible then... ..still am.
  12. MobileChernobyl

    WW2 Japanese Destroyers

    Pure Oxygen can lead to rapid combustion, as the guy mentioned above. Oxygen is also an oxidant. Edit: Valentin Bondarenko also died in a oxygen rich environment, though I'm doubtful anyone would be in a similar scenario.Oxygen can be scary.
  13. MobileChernobyl

    Ever played scared? ( Random by accident )

    Color me a noob, I haven't played in a very long time but is it normal that people won't take ships into randoms when they're naked with no skills or flags? Full disclaimer I hate coop and will rarely willingly play it. So it's just normal for me to grind out a ship against players. I just play around the shortcomings I guess. Hopefully admitting this doesn't get me witch hunted for "letting my team down". I fully understand the stress when you accidentally find yourself in a ranked battle, of course.
  14. MobileChernobyl

    WOW, The children's game.

    Well, I'd like to add two things. People only get older and more knowledgeable with time and the more skilled players leave because of the playerbase the more they leave behind a vacuum that's filled in with unskilled players. Disclaimer I'm terrible at the game and I haven't played for years. So take that with a grain of salt I guess. Edit: I guess I should add. A way around this dilemma is finding a mature group to play with and attempt (even if impossible) to not focus on the randoms but just the group you're playing with. Any gaming community has mature communities within them that like to keep it that way and even enforce strict age requirements.