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  1. MobileChernobyl

    old news but still a exploit can we get a fix WG

    I'm not sure if this would be of any use by any means but having the border of the map be a circle would be nice. but yeah, people have stated it already. It used to be worse and has been made better already. I might lose one or at most two volleys to someone slapping their face into a border but then you just adjust for it.
  2. MobileChernobyl

    is it safe to come back?

    Point I was making is I don't see how it (cv) could truly make the game un-fun for anyone. I understand the concept of leaving else I'd have many more battles played and a much bitter attitude lol, but that could just be the fresh perspective of not playing for years.
  3. MobileChernobyl

    is it safe to come back?

    I just don't personally see how it would stop someone from playing the game altogether outside of being melodramatic, but then again people have now played thousands of matches since I quit so I can understand how someone might be easily swayed. I mean, who am I to talk, I just randomly found the game itself decidedly un-fun when it went live, but I'm coming back to give it another spin.
  4. MobileChernobyl

    Overpen Counter

    Can never go wrong with more counters, counters for every possible interaction. Exact time on capture point would be nice if that isn't already a statistic somewhere.
  5. MobileChernobyl

    is it safe to come back?

    Was it really a reason to not play
  6. Am now a Sub-Mod for a League of Legends Tournament community. Will probably not be on much, if at all. Messaging my skype is best bet.

  7. Computer died count me inactive for a long time

  8. My stupidity knows no bounds.

  9. sshhhh, I'm secretly online.

  10. Closed Beta is wearing me down ;~;

  11. Power bill delayed 2 weeks, TIME TO BETA

  12. We're loosing our phones and power soon, wont be on for a long time, too much financial problems