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  1. US Cruiser split news

    when should we expect this to happen? ......I know i'm late to the party -_-.
  2. FDG

    I was using the stock set, but i have since sold her couldn't get her to work for me, maybe its not my play style of BB. Will prob try her again down the road. I will keep these points in mind.
  3. FDG

    HA, I am having the same troubles..... the Biggest Is when advancing being penned in the nose for 12k a time, you angle Penned again for 12k, use your broadside Armour again penned for 12k.... there is really no win win........ I can safely say this is the worst BB i have ever played. hense as you can see the stat drop, been this bad since i have tried grinding through the ship...... its my worst Nightmare.
  4. well ill wait we got alot of time...... better get started.
  5. then don't add it in.... if you cant even make surprise attacks on for example a Bismarck then whats the point and whole meaning of a DD then? Besides its the players fault if they come around an island corner with a DD sitting there..... hence why you can take a longer approach it may take sometime to get where you'd want to go but at least you'd save your ship...... right.....
  6. I hunt DDs fine with cruisers...... and cruisers are fine, just people need too learn to stop turning broadside to BBs as often
  7. Cruisers were Already good at hunting destroyers! IK because I Do it all the time without using this Hydro acoustics non-sense.
  8. I agree, its hard to play the DD classes when you're fighting in DD environments( like tightly grouped islands) and then along comes a BB or cruiser and your spotted through an island and then you get slaughtered.......... I understand getting spotted through smoke but an island cmon....... Cruisers can already kill a DD easily anyway, just takes away the whole meaning of the DD.....
  9. Why in God's name WG?

    I agree with your points..... the CV has tier 9 planes that can be placed into tier 5-6 MM..... most ships if not all can hardly deal with planes from those tiers, other than maybe the cleveland cruisers...... even tier 7s have a hard time trying to protect themselves from it...... in my opinion the Saipan should be a tier 8 if anything at all.
  10. I really don't understand you people.... Once again someone has an idea to hep advance the game farther with more ships and everyone has to bat it down before its even tried.... and so what about the guns, add the ships in it will add more diversity into the game, and if their is a problem that the ships are "OP" as many are saying (even though its fine to have a "OP" yammy) then add in the bigger German BBs with the Bigger guns to help counter this second American BB line.... Its very fusterating to think of new things to add to the game when all people do is complain, even though this is just an "idea"...... and another point is if you think ships are "overpowered" stop Complaining about them!!!! get your butt in gear!!! and grind for those ships yourselfs....
  11. Enhanced Fire Prevention

    Dude/gal if you dont have any logical point towards this post other than you being a troll please leave.
  12. Enhanced Fire Prevention

    Thats not the point, the point is how constant Fires are set to your ship with how little you can do to reduce the amount of times you are set on fire....... also as Cruisers all you need to do is be a smart driver and not sail broadside to BBs in STRAIGHT LINES!
  13. Enhanced Fire Prevention

    Are you joking? you can NOT stay out of the lines of Cruisers for ever as a BB player, There are times that are called upon you to brawl....... what your saying to do is Easier said then Done, i think you should play a little bit more in BBs and revise your thinking. let me just Add if your not taking damage in your BB and your letting smaller HP ships take more hits what are you really doing for your team in that play style? On another Note i do agree fires are OP 1/2 the time i die are due to fires and there are no Real effective ways to stop them, or help limit the damage being caused.
  14. right okay, and why is it every super-tester i find are really rude and ignorant, like come on.... Being in CBT i got to test things as well, and really Super-testers are only a really small portion of the WoWS gaming population and lets be real here, putting the German BBS in the public test could may well be a smart thing to do to allow more players to play these ships. It could give WG a better idea of what tweaking would be needed for those ships...