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  1. OP triggered himself.... wow...
  2. Confused... wouldn't reloading game from scratch solve any missing file problems?
  3. I would recommend showing a picture if you want anyone to download.
  4. Check consumables as well?
  5. Sounds like fun! I would love to try it out. As IJN player preferably. Would you try to use battle lines and formations or just random style with national units per side? What is a 'discord' name?
  6. They took the easy route on programming. It is terrible.
  7. My guess... When zoomed in you can't see that the DD is actually in smoke. I don't know if all graphics cards don't render smoke in full zoom but I do know neither of mine have. I think this is why so many BBabies think DDs are not being seen until point blank. If this is the case then the screaming will never stop because 90% of whiny folks don't realize that this happens.
  8. I really regret not getting the Blys when available. Almost pulled the trigger several times. Avoided because... Captain. Now with Dragon flags getting a good captain would be easy. RIP oddball DD.
  9. Great video! Loved it! Good job WG!
  10. Does this factor in that Tier 1 is ALL Cruiser classes? Tier Two is mostly played by cruisers as well.
  11. wth
  12. Manners maketh man is for a 'assisted in chat' compliment.
  13. I have noticed this as well. I only get to do a few games per day but I try to give out all my +1s to worthy folks. Has not paid off yet though ;( lol
  14. I see a Farragut that did not do squat the first three minutes of the game. You are lucky your teammates kicked tail. Oh... and I don't have any major problem with what the Konigsberg was doing. He could have done a bit more than flee but it looks like he was shooting(unlike you).
  15. Well... you don't have to listen to advice but when you ask about a problem and are then given good solutions to your issues you shouldn't ignore it. It just becomes a whine at that point.