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  1. You don't HAVE to use a particular class to accomplish any campaign. Each section of missions has several options, several of which do not have requirements other than tier. You can choose to do each mission more than once to gain the star(you just don't get the reward).
  2. Their Coming..THE GUNBOATS

    The 'Super' Akizukis were never built. Just more wishful thinking.
  3. Since the cleveland is new, everybody wants to play it. For the next month DD play at high tiers will be harder, then maybe it will ease up. I recommend that you play BBs now to delete the cruisers. More fun that way.
  4. Play random and get more XP. Also XP is based on % of damage to a target. Damage a BB 50%(20,000hp or so) is worth about the same as 50% removed from a DD(6,000hp?). Learn to munch DDs and CLs to get more xp. Premium time at about $10 a month doubles your xp as well(IIRC). Survive the match or at least last until later will help because you will do more damage over time. Don't stay at long range because you cant hit anything out there(try 10k or better). Once you have played some dds you will see that they are not so scary and are actually easy to bait and kill. Try other lines, US BBs are slower than molasses, the battle can be over by the time you arrive.
  5. Server Down?

    Rebooted... and all seems well. Weird... carry on, nothing to see here. Enjoy your day!
  6. Server Down?

    Hmmm, It says 'unable to connect to update service' now. The taskbar icon is rimmed in red with a pause button marking. Never had this issue before.
  7. Server Down?

    Or is it just me?
  8. Garbage

    I didn't know 'German' was a race.
  9. Rear Turrets won't fire

    I have noticed in different ships that it may only fire at long range at those extreme angles. Maybe a ships boat or AA gun is in the way. In reality, many heavy guns were not allowed to fire across decks due to damage of superstructure and deck.
  10. kill status

    You are not telling the truth my friend. First and rare occurrences are 5 games. It can be only extended if you keep damaging more people or if you contribute very little to each game. Edit: The idea is to do more damage to the enemy than to friendlies.
  11. Maybe because it is for a 'package' not just a 'ship'?
  12. Lopsided Battles

    ^ this... so much this ^
  13. We need a rankings system

    The problem with only looking at damage output is it doesn't prove you are a benefit to the team. The BB that farms damage from the back row and stays alive to the very end may have actually contributed very little to the overall teams goal of winning. That BB may have hit 5 different ships for 120,000hp in damage but if they were enemy BBs that just healed and then nuked your own cruisers you may well have been only a minor irritation to the other team. The DD that capped twice and killed an enemy DD but only did 10,000hp in damage actually may have been the deciding factor in the game. That is why so many high win rate players get irate at BBs sticking to the map edge, surviving with ALL their HP to the end of the match. That BB player thinks he was the best player by far but in reality he is deluded and has no idea what it takes to win. Staying alive to the end can be a huge benefit but only if you know what to do and when to do it. Awareness is the key to a good player. And no I am not a good player. My $0.02
  14. WW1 Battlecruisers

    They are what I want most in the whole game. Gimme.. gimme.. gimme! In fact I would like them to add two more tiers to accommodate more vessels from WW1. Drop a new tier in at 3.5(for early war-prewar stuff) and another at 4.5(late war).
  15. So... you die from CV torps but moan about all torps? hmmm...