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  1. They are what I want most in the whole game. Gimme.. gimme.. gimme! In fact I would like them to add two more tiers to accommodate more vessels from WW1. Drop a new tier in at 3.5(for early war-prewar stuff) and another at 4.5(late war).
  2. So... you die from CV torps but moan about all torps? hmmm...
  3. OP triggered himself.... wow...
  4. Confused... wouldn't reloading game from scratch solve any missing file problems?
  5. I would recommend showing a picture if you want anyone to download.
  6. Check consumables as well?
  7. Sounds like fun! I would love to try it out. As IJN player preferably. Would you try to use battle lines and formations or just random style with national units per side? What is a 'discord' name?
  8. They took the easy route on programming. It is terrible.
  9. My guess... When zoomed in you can't see that the DD is actually in smoke. I don't know if all graphics cards don't render smoke in full zoom but I do know neither of mine have. I think this is why so many BBabies think DDs are not being seen until point blank. If this is the case then the screaming will never stop because 90% of whiny folks don't realize that this happens.
  10. I really regret not getting the Blys when available. Almost pulled the trigger several times. Avoided because... Captain. Now with Dragon flags getting a good captain would be easy. RIP oddball DD.
  11. Great video! Loved it! Good job WG!
  12. Does this factor in that Tier 1 is ALL Cruiser classes? Tier Two is mostly played by cruisers as well.
  13. wth
  14. Manners maketh man is for a 'assisted in chat' compliment.
  15. I have noticed this as well. I only get to do a few games per day but I try to give out all my +1s to worthy folks. Has not paid off yet though ;( lol