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  1. I haven't played much for a bit. Came back to get the snowflake coal and grab Thunderer before she is gone. Lots of stuff happening and lots to read and figure out. Maybe TOO MUCH! I tried a ranked battle for the last battle of the night, we did well and won. And I got ... nothing? really? It takes 3 battles before you get ANYTHING? At All?
  2. Highblooded

    Change Shell Tracer Color?

    If you have been gone for awhile you may not realize the Thunderer is leaving and is largely considered very OP. You may want to get that before blowing your coal wad on a commander.
  3. Highblooded

    All ships Period

    Wesley is the potato. Even after 8000 games.
  4. Highblooded

    All ships Period

    Ham and Cheeze I love you. Perfect! Wesley you are a terribad player please don't rip on others. Your house is made completely of glass.
  5. Highblooded

    Protect your DD

    Ghost... sorry but generally I think you are very wrong with those answers. DDs are worth more per HP of damage done because they have less HP to work with. If you have not learned to hit a DD within 12k at least once with every other salvo then you need to practice aiming(also give HE a shot). You may think those single hits don't matter to the DD but let me assure you they matter very much and will alter his play significantly. I delete DDs all the time when playing BBs. Fake them into thinking you are clueless, load HE and blap them into port. BB sized HE shells do amazing things to DDs. Pay attention to when radar cruisers start there radar consumable and be ready to unload on the revealed target(many time i announce i will be using it soon to give BBs and CAS more time to prep). It gets old time after time watching BBs shoot past a visible 20% health DD target at 9k from them to shoot a bow on 80% health BB at 15k. There is NO way the BB is the worse threat and easier to damage. As a wooster player on occasion, I'll say my worst citadel hits come from some BB at 13k out shooting over an island when i am spotted by a dd to my side. Shell can get a pretty good curve on them further downrange and clear island when I think I am safe. Most never even try, they just plink away from the back bleachers farming mostly useless damage and say win rates are impossible to control. DDs and cruisers are not the only thing I want you to shoot at of course but sometimes wait a few seconds for the great opportunity shots that are coming and look around A LOT between shots(make that minimap as big as it can be-it is the single most important tool you have). Good BB players are fantastic to work with. Try and be one.
  6. Your evil and this is Karma. I jest.... sort of...
  7. I had not really thought about it but what is the time allowance? Does ripple fire still count? I generally fire all my large guns together and have gotten dev strikes also slightly staggered torp spreads but in light cruisers and DDs i'm so busy I don't notice dev strikes from artillery and I ripple fire a lot. Just curious.
  8. Highblooded

    If you could have your own mode...

    Since you claim to be more of a 'purist' I would like to dissuade you of the notion that 100mm-150mm guns cannot hurt a BB. Yes, Battleships had very thick armored belts which would laugh at smaller naval guns. Too many people think the whole ship was that way. Most of the upper part of the vessel was relatively unarmored. 4"(100mm) shells could blow holes in the superstructure and most secondary mounts of BBs just fine. These ships(even the DDs) are so big many forget that the small main guns(4-5") are heavy artillery on land(divisional level through much of WW2). Fires were and are deadly aboard ships. Various gas, oils and paint sources burn quite nicely and can be very hard to control/put out. Very few ships had to try and survive the firepower we throw at them in this game. Read about what the crippling fire from 'small' guns did to the IJN Hiei at First Guadalcanal. That battle reminds me of what this game depicts almost every time I hit 'Battle'. Deadly scary stuff. Nightmare fuel in reality. I am not saying that an Akizuki would have been able to sink a Missouri by gunfire. This is just a game that demands some way of roughly balancing of each class. Reality was thrown out the window at first design, accept that and maybe you can enjoy the game more. It just gets annoying to hear 'mah BB is burnt down! Bad game!'. BBs were amazing and tough but hardly the invulnerable leviathans so many want them to be. I know, I know... but the IJN Hiei ain't 'Murican steel. BTW, I do like many of the ideas and am a purist at heart. It is just that 'it shouldn't scratch my paint' is too much atm. BTW 2, that other game seems to have a fairly realistic engine for damage from the glances I have seen but you can throw balance out the window(and maybe realism or genres as well since a Helena was combating WW1 BBs and a harrier jet was buzzing about).
  9. Highblooded

    Kamikaze Commandos! Japanese Airborne Raid Okinawa 1945

    Japanese Destroyer Captain was a great book. I highly recommend.
  10. Highblooded

    Is Ägir Worth the FXP?

    I have the Siegfried and enjoy it but the captain skills rework may be removing the possibilty to have a secondary cruiser build. Pretty lame so must keep that in mind when purchasing.
  11. Highblooded

    The Worst Player You Have Seen in WOW

    :Lee: is a cheater. Hate that guy. This : clan should be banned.
  12. The funny thing is... he is not a good player. Just a pumpkin that can pull average numbers in the...drumroll... Massachusetts. 'Idiot-proof'. Pot meet kettle. Too funny.
  13. Highblooded

    Match Maker and Big Losing Streaks Again

    My thoughts on it. You are playing in ships that have a harder time bringing in the win. Farming damage does not help make the wins happen. If you want to win more play ships that easily delete DDs. That will up your winrate considerably. I get to invested in the game and have to take a break if I lose more than three in a row. Maybe you start playing further back or more aggressively and don't even realize it contributing to more losses. At least go play co-op for a few to let off steam. Works for me.
  14. Highblooded

    Finally out of tier 4

    Gotta say I will not ever be playing randoms at t4 again. The most miserable experience due to double CVs every battle. I have a hard time believing any new players will put up with that nonsense. I will get through the Epochs campaign in Co-op.