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  1. Ashitaka for operations and co-ops?

    Ashi - 愛 Taka - 鷹 Just a name
  2. Stat Shaming is overrated but still

    I'm not good at the game; I don't need to be reminded of it all the time
  3. What does Blacklist do?

    That was my thought, and that the criminal was a dead ringer for James Spader
  4. It's still better than the old daily missions that got replaced by containers
  5. Kidd or Harekaze

    The collaboration with HSF is scheduled to end in September sometime, after which the Harekaze will not be offered again nor be in Santa crates. There are other chances for Sims, Kidd, and other destroyers. Pick the one best suited for you, but bear this in mind as well.
  6. I can go a while between seeing a tech tree BB in a match other than Conqueror. While they may or may not be a failure, they are not a success
  7. The basic Kamikaze has its generic camo, but you can switch to an alternate blue color scheme. All my IJN premiums have that option - except Fujin. I use Blue Lagoon camo which always builds up in inventory . Crappy camo but not grinding anything on Fujin
  8. So about DDs sucking in Ops.....

    Just did a round of Aegis. 3 Fubuki and a Duca on the team. Did not turn out well. DDs with an average player just don't do the damage
  9. I do that on my Fujin as I don't like the orange camo, but other than that IDK
  10. The one I find amusing is when bots torpedo a ship just as its bows are going under the water
  11. Torpedos Not Launching

    Not this, the torp indicator is green
  12. Torpedos Not Launching

    Yes. I was about dead in my Akizuki the other day and they would not launch. Then I died. The end
  13. 2 Small requests Devs

    Completely ahistorical, but I wouldn't mind flying my national flag on all my ships. I can put an emblem of my flag on a tank or plane, why not a ship? Probably too political for some reasons
  14. World of Irony

    It is not a good fight, I struggle with the Cleveland and it's floaty shells. But I did burn down both bases. (I do much better with the Fiji but don't seem to be able to damage the airfields with the SAP shells, I don't have a lot of T8 cruiser options)
  15. Once in a while I will queue up in a battleship, where I never fail to have a bad game