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  1. I don't tend to get the torches and pitchforks out on every change either, but I am on this one. WG has a poor history of listening to reasoned discussion, you really have to go hyperbolic, so torches and pitchforks it is. And if we wait until the actual values are released in PTS it's too late. It will be set in stone by then. That's the track record.
  2. Wombatmetal

    Epicenter (not my favorite)

    Please. I do fine on Epicenter, I find it unpleasant. That's not a complaint. I'm not in anyway asking for it to be changed to my liking
  3. Wombatmetal

    Epicenter (not my favorite)

    I think that's an oversimplification. In Epicenter you contest one cap, and everybody has to head there; it's it plays different than the other modes, which a mode should do. I just don't enjoy it
  4. Wombatmetal

    Epicenter (not my favorite)

    It's not that people can't learn, for me I don't like the game style it forces me to play and I don't like being forced.
  5. Wombatmetal

    Improper Use of "GG"

    GG is a courtesy and not meant to be taken literally
  6. Wombatmetal

    Detonations are still [bleep]

    Give me a big boom with turrets flying and a mushroom cloud you can see across the map. Don't hold back.
  7. I was an early adopter of the WGC first announced however long ago that was; and boy was it bad. But for the past year or two it hasn't caused a problem. I maintain software for a living and the launcher seems pretty benign. The bugs have been worked out
  8. Wombatmetal

    Time out for players who rage quit in Ranked

    If enacted, rage quitters will simply yolo
  9. That's me too. Life's too crazy right now to bother with this, off to spend time with my Steam library
  10. Wombatmetal

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    This is why you can't take anything WG says at face value.
  11. Fix the 3 CVs per game mid tier and I would go back to randoms. Otherwise this nerf will be the straw that breaks my back.
  12. Wombatmetal

    Why are detonations still a thing?

    I would like them better if the animation was over the top. I don't like them but there's a whole host of things I would like fixed first.
  13. I don't see how torp hit rate is at all comparable to shells; they are used in different ways. For one thing torps are often used as area denial. I've used torps to turn ships so my team can blap them. Launched into smoke to see if you catch someone napping. This is all really low hit rate stuff
  14. Wombatmetal

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    The movie Dave comes to mind...
  15. Wombatmetal

    USS NC Anchors Away Cancelled

    There are solid reasons why this is being taken more seriously. The flu causes deaths in about 0.1% of cases. Covid19 is causing deaths in 3% of cases now, but that seems to be inflated due to lack of testing. If we had testing available the best estimates now is that the death rate would drop to 1%. Which is 10x deadlier than the flu. A real scary thing is treatment. People with Covid19 require ventilators quite often. I work at a rural county hospital and we only have 7 of them. If we get 8 patients, we can't treat. And that is if the ventilators aren't in use for more common reasons. And this is a country wide issue. There is a lot of hype out there, sure. But in reading the dispatches from my hospital's infectious control office this is serious. Life will be inconvenient for a bit. That's okay