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  1. I'm glad you're going to have something to show for it all. My concern is players like me, I only have 5-6 hours a week I can play, will be facing ships and upgrades purchased in the arsenal. And that I will forever be at a disadvantage. The OP is right, Arsenal hurts average players.
  2. I'm old and diabetic with diabetic eyes. I use the HDMI interface and throw the game up on my big screen tv and push the sound through the home theater system . Works great, just ease back in my recliner and play
  3. Both. They have that program people run to see what the team composition is. Though not as common as the forums. Happens a lot, or did, after someone died
  4. I'm disabled, some days the pain is real bad...I hide my stats because I get sick of getting bashed for it.
  5. Mostly I ignore it. But I have seen Holocaust jokes in chat. That level of stuff gets a report with a replay. Mama said don't argue with drunks and fools. Mama was right.
  6. I'm thinking it's a good time to stock up
  7. They've added flags back in the shop so you can buy individual bundles again
  8. I think the mistake they made is to sell items that affect combat. Camo and signals, all good. Ships and upgrades, rather dodgy. The gap between normal players, us potatoes, and good players will grow I have time to play one or two games and be good at them. This new economy is making this game less enticing. I just don't know if I have the time to make time constrained missions work.
  9. It is not important, but if a developer gets a big piece done and has a couple hours open, he might be able to knock it off. I know if it's Friday and I have some time, I look for something small as I don't want to leave something unfinished over the weekend. Development is not binary
  10. I can't play hours a day, just not enough time. For casual gamers (for want of a better term) like myself, I think this new economy will be a net loss, and will increase the divide. It will take 3 years to afford an upgraded module, at two crates a day, 4 or 5 days a week which is what I can manage. For dedicated gamers, this is a win. I think WG has completely lost track of the little guy. We're just not going to be competitive.
  11. I had a ship name for a long time, but it became too confusing in other game titles and in Discord and Teamspeak So I switched to the lowest common denominator
  12. Clearing Up Steel

    Thanks Mouse. For folks like me without time to play competitive modes, looks bleak.
  13. I don't pull mods in SCs, so I would want a more equitable distribution of them first Which I believe Arsenal will address
  14. You cannot blame someone for not rolling over. I like to go down all guns blazing myself, but in a certain loss you are under no obligation to make it easy. Sometimes survival is a moral victory
  15. Raptor woes

    Haven't tried Raptor Rescue this week, but as DD main, I find cruisers more consistent in operations across the board. DDs just don't have the range or firepower.