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  1. Wombatmetal

    What In The World Is 'lmbo'?

    I work with Muslims. It's crazy what is a thing depending on where you're from
  2. Wombatmetal

    CV DB Dispersion Manipulation

    Skip bombing might work out. That could be an engaging skill to learn
  3. Wombatmetal

    What In The World Is 'lmbo'?

    In some parts of the world it us Burca, and that's why its censored I bet
  4. Wombatmetal

    CV DB Dispersion Manipulation

    Thanks. I don't know why speed is factored in. I mean, they skip it entirely with ships main guns.
  5. Wombatmetal

    What In The World Is 'lmbo'?

    There is a religious connotation to this one which is probably why. Possibly used more often in other parts of the world It doesn't mean what you think it means
  6. Wombatmetal

    CV DB Dispersion Manipulation

    How is this not avoided by the DD turning? Why shouldn't you have a tighter drop pattern if you drop at the last instance? I don't get the controversy
  7. Wombatmetal

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    I'm a published author too. Little grousing by a bunch of crotchety guys, who cares? Spewing hate? Life is too short for that.
  8. Wombatmetal

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    Sophistry. Words have power. I'm a writer, I know this to be the truth. When you open the letter from some university accepted you, you're elated. Or dejected if they don't accept you, yet it's just words on a piece of paper As a writer I can tell you all about rejection letters. Words matter a great deal. There are any number of words I can type here which will trigger an emotion. Hurtful words may not bother you but they hurt a lot of people.
  9. Wombatmetal

    PSA - Don't complain about MM in all chat

    Not worth it to put up with hate just for a lousy win
  10. Wombatmetal

    Low Tier Bashing

    Have to agree. The rework has opened my eyes. I'm just a regular guy working his way up and the CCs aren't playing the same game I am, and they're not as relevant as I thought
  11. Wombatmetal

    Fly Strike Win reset

    Not redoing completed missions and directives over again. Not in the cards
  12. I uninstalled the game last weekend as since 8.1 the game has been unplayable due to bugs and client hanging and poor performance et cetera. So I saw a post by @iKami on some things I can do to help performance, so I reinstalled the game, and FSW is hosed up. Every mission in the directives has been reset and all progress lost. So I would have to start over. So I uninstalled again. I have little patience when someone wastes my time
  13. Wombatmetal

    CV update

    T4 CVs really don't do a lot of damage, so don't feel bad.
  14. Wombatmetal

    Stop It

    And tier 4 CVs honestly are too feeble to worry about.
  15. Wombatmetal

    Battle Mode for fun

    So setup a training room and organize it.