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  1. Wombatmetal

    Who have you seen in game

    I am not happy with the game. I am a DD main, and since the rework the game has lost most of its fun. Middle tiers are absolutely flooded with CVs. I dislike playing battleships, nothing bad to say about them but it's a battleship meta right now. Although I don't mind playing a battleship or cruiser in operations, but a lot of the best ops were retired when 8.0 dropped, and no development effort is being put into scenarios any longer. What is coming down the pike with submarines looks hideous. The whole ping/homing torpedo thing looks like a mini game at an arcade.The ping lights ships up through islands. I went up the French Cruiser line and with today's nerf that seems to be a colossall waste of time. Yeah, not very happy with the state of things and the downward spiral the game seems to be in.
  2. Wombatmetal

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    I will add the color system seems to extend beyond ships. The channel buoys in the bay of my town when the ship sails into port, the buoys on starboard are green, and the ones on port are red.
  3. Wombatmetal

    [ALL] ModStation

    Hide Insignia is missing. To me this is a game breaker; I hope it gets fixed soon so I can get back in the game
  4. You know, if we got enough people to screenshot this and post it, we could take a wag at the drop rate
  5. But the dub boosts tell you what you get ahead of time, so it's not RNG. You can make the decision to buy or not knowing the result ahead of time. The first boost had a Hawkins and camo, so I bought it. The second one has flags, which are really over priced. No thank you.
  6. Wombatmetal

    Wargaming, redesign Roma?

    After the GC outcry I doubt they are looking at balancing premiums. Can't blame them
  7. They got one hamster up, magically I signed back in
  8. This is just disappointing.
  9. If you mean the French ships with the H on deck, the H stands for Hangar,, not helicopter
  10. Wombatmetal

    Why People In NA Were Confused By Ship Building Boosters

    Actually I think it is European date, nothing to do with the military. I have no issue as I have done many international projects, but it is confusing to many in my opinion. Lazy translation
  11. Wombatmetal

    Please Bring Back Vampire!

    Any system where you could transfer assets between players would open the door to those Asian gold spam shops. Go to a website and buy a Vampire. That would be the result. Which is why we don't transfer goods between players thank god
  12. Wombatmetal

    Puerto Rico is popular

    If this is the future if WOWS it's pretty bleak. I would want no part of it anymore than I would want a part of Battlegrounds
  13. That is a fair point that there is a line between free and p2w when efforts are factored in. PR clearly crossed the line.
  14. I don't see it as being p2w as it can be earned in game for no cost What I don't like is that it is in the RB. I don't have 5 tier 10s, will likely never have them, and am effectively shut out from ever getting one. That's my beef. And as far as being side grades, say that to the Des Moines. And as far as rebalancing how did that work for CVs? Don't have faith WG can deliver that.
  15. Wombatmetal

    World of Warplanes?

    No need to apologise, all good