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  1. No crates for me. This whale is beached
  2. Wombatmetal

    Has The Battle Mode Arms Race

    If it counted towards missions/campaigns and was Tier 8 only people would have played the daylights out of it
  3. Wombatmetal

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    That may be in law enforcement, but practice in the public is different, note the TV series and movies, Meet John Doe. Also in law John Doe/Richard Roe are used a lot in courts when the party is not named or is masked. Doe and Roe both being derived from deer. The famous, or infamous rather, case being Jane Roe when her case went to the supreme court
  4. Wombatmetal

    2019: year of CV and SS!

    I don't think subs will make it in. Too much work on maps alone. 2020 would be more realistic
  5. Wombatmetal

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    Not to mention a hockey player and a spokesmodel
  6. Wombatmetal

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    I have a captain named Kappa (and he looks like him too) I have a captain who's a cat who grunts, some ship girls and several ARP captains who aren't human. So I have a John Doe too. You can change my mind, but you need a better case
  7. Wombatmetal

    Change USN Capt. John Doe name

    This is something of a myth. Any unknown person is called John (or Jane) Doe. It's meaning has nothing to do with corpses.
  8. Wombatmetal

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    All in all, as a DD main it's really disheartening. DDs weren't capped because of balance or game play issues; they were capped because BB players complained. That was clearly stated. Think it's time to take a break from the game because I am not in a good place right now.
  9. Wombatmetal

    Royal Navy crate SCAM

    My suggestion was that in a crate you get either a mission, or a token, call it a shilling since we are into British currency. Collect X shillings, and you can buy the mission in the arsenal. WG sells crates, people have a finite and knowable maximum number of crates they need. Seems like it would work
  10. Wombatmetal

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Different beast. League of Legends has different queues, and you have a different rating for each queue. If you want to through out all the current statistics, create a bunch of leagues, and then start over with fresh stats and a personal rating for each league, it could work. That's not what's being discussed.
  11. Wombatmetal

    This Game Very Badly Needs an Actual MM system

    Can't work. If you take the players, and divide them into two groups, group A the good players, and group P the potatoes, and have group A play other A list players, what would happen is their statistics would fall back to average. There are only so many HP on the board each match to farm, and when teamed with only good players on the team, the damage would be spread more evenly across the team. And what's worse, their win rates will drop to 50%, because you put two equally matched teams and they will each win half the time. The converse will happen with the P players. Their statistics will rise to average. Without the good players, they will still get the ships sunk, and their win rates will go up. Two equally matched teams, 50% wins. And in the end MM will not be able to separate the two groups of players statistically as they all look average, and it will start mixing them up again, and you're back where you started. Take a baseball player. A player in the minor leagues hitting 350, does not hit 350 in the majors, his statistics fall back against the better competition. There are some rare individuals that will hit 350 against anyone; they are in the Hall of Fame And it will do nothing for toxicity. People who are toxic in a loss and blame their team will still be toxic in a loss and blame their team regardless of who else is on it, because they are unable to accept that they have any blame in the loss, so it must be others fault. Nope, toxicity would remain
  12. Wombatmetal

    Matchup Monday - Marblehead and Murmansk

    You really need to fix that quote. Grace did say it, but she was quoting John Shed. It's not hers
  13. I don't see that the argument of no profit applies to either Russian Cruisers or American Battleships. There's money to be made there.
  14. It's a thought I had that was subsequent to post and I don't like altering posts other than for spelling. The fact that we have the Colorado in the game is a good reason to have a Tennessee class in the game. I don't like the idea of putting a stock ship in one tier down and making it a premium. All that is irrelevant to the point which has nothing to do with the class.
  15. California has the same narrative, one could ask why not her?