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  1. Wombatmetal

    Didn't receive rewards

    yeah, not possible to create a ticket. When I get to the section for bonus codes, invite codes, and winback campaigns under the In Game Assets section I have to provide a bonus code, which I don't have. So I have to go to another section somewhere to fill it out, but that would be the wrong section, and I would have to lie in my answers to get there, and that really grates. This ticketing system is for the birds
  2. Wombatmetal

    Didn't receive rewards

    I tried this and found it extremely frustrating. With the menus of choices for tickets, none of them fit at all. I gave up.
  3. I haven't been in the game for some time, and every once in a while I get an email inviting me to come back. So I got one promising a T9 and T5 ship container when I return. So I reinstalled the game, pressed the "claim gifts" button, log into the game, do I get the promised gifts? Nope, none of them.
  4. Wow. Big change, and I know I'm late to the party have not been on the forum in a bit. To me this is a big nerf to slow down progress. I almost had my first 19 point commander, before the skill change, and if I can't stack xp bonuses nor have them contribute to cxp, I won't ever get a 21 point commander. Bottom line, the gap between new players and existing players will grow by a lot. I also have thousands of dragon signals and thousands of camos, and I just see a loss of value there. The only compensation I see is credits for permanent camos. I've got a surfeit of credits. Give me something useful in battle. It's just way too complicated. William of Occam said if a solution is complicated, it's likely the wrong solution
  5. Wombatmetal

    Detonation RNG

    LWM explained the mechanics quite well as always. Chance wise, it's counter intuitive. You would think having one det would make the second det more unlikely, but the opposite is true. Rare events are not distributed evenly across the timeline, rather they tend to clump together It's why people hit the lotto two or three times. Also, if there's no clumping, it isn't truly random.
  6. Ammo in wot is entirely different. In the beginning you could only buy it with gold, ie cash. Then it was gold ammo. Then you could buy it with gold or in game currency. And it was premium ammo. Like the premium consumables at the time. Now you can only use in game currency and it's special. There is marketing involved, trying to move away from p2w, but it's not arbitrary.
  7. Wombatmetal

    Who does the spell check at WG?

    As a dyslexic, no please
  8. Wombatmetal

    Lost Opportunity For WG With Bearn

    Wallis's bombs were these huge spinning drums that rotated counter clockwise, skipping across the surface and when it hits the dam, using the rotation to roll down the face of the dam to explode at depth and use the pressure of the water to break the dam open. So no, we don't have those. Skip bombing was a thing. The Wallis bombs that sank the Tirpitz were Tall Boys and an entirely different thing.
  9. There is a population of players that don't accept taking damage from other players they can't strike back at, and never will. You see it with any stealth class in any game. It's not rational so you can't reason with it.
  10. Wombatmetal

    Depth charges Not self damage because..?

    Turning pink for damaging yourself and getting banished to coop as a result wouldn't go over well. Better off with no friendly fire.
  11. If we want to talk reality, an AP shell would arm and explode before traveling 6m in water. Hitting the surface is like hitting armor. They armed and exploded. But it's a game.
  12. Wombatmetal

    Dual firing systems

    Interesting idea. It would have to be a later tier thing as most battleships didn't have two independent fire control systems and could only aim the main guns at one target. Eventually they added in redundancy in case they took a hit.
  13. Wombatmetal

    Hot Fix article in WOWS News

    If a ship is crappy why would someone play it? Just natural to enjoy good ships more.
  14. Wombatmetal

    Weird PMs after a match.

    Lot of insulting PMs which I ignore, but one was funny and in WOT. There was an enemy player and he was hiding behind a train on tracks. But between the cars and the tracks I could see his tank, so I shot him and killed him. After the game he messaged me and told me I was a hacker because he was in cover and I didn't have a shot. I was running hacks and he was sending in the replay and reporting me. I confessed I was running a hack, it was the Choo Choo hack; tell WG, they'll know which one. Yeah. Some players are super geniuses.
  15. To me having different torpedoes doesn't make sense because it's not realistic. I know, game not sim, yadda yadda. But we have historical settings on torpedoes we could implement. Namely speed. Want a faster torpedo, you get less range. Slower, more range. The player can decide how much risk.