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  1. Wombatmetal

    ZOUP, please don't quit

    Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke. Nothing factual that I write or say will be as truthful as my fiction. Nadine Gordimer
  2. Wombatmetal

    Ocean Epicenter

    Not at all. I hate Ocean because I was a new player at tier 5 in my Furutaka and going up the IJN cruiser line. Ocean was in heavy rotation so you could play a third or more of your games a night on it. You know the pre-OWSF nerf Furutaka. 17 km detection range, 14 km gun range. Situational awareness a captains skill I did not yet have. It was one of the worst gaming experiences in my life. I finished the grind through the Taco and stopped playing IJN cruisers, and haven't gotten through the Aoba yet. I actually left the game for about 6 months after that. Epicenter is a double whammy. The style to win is one I don't enjoy, and playing that style is shoved down my throat, which I also don't enjoy. I know how to play it and do pretty well on it, but it's like going to the dentist. Painful and unavoidable.
  3. Wombatmetal

    Ocean Epicenter

    Ocean and Epicenter. The two things I hate most about the game combined. Yuck.
  4. Wombatmetal

    Chat bans and the disgusting system that allows it

    I don't think the reports have any effect if you don't in fact chat
  5. Wombatmetal

    Chat bans and the disgusting system that allows it

    I never chat in a CV. Can't get banned that way
  6. Wombatmetal

    PSA: A friendly observation from a restless spirit

    I think that historically CBs, CAs, CVs, and BBs have very little if any defense against subs and they rely on other ships to screen. The Shinano is a great example. And I will point to 8.0 and say yes, WG is more than capable of putting something into the game without a counter, they have a track record of it
  7. Wombatmetal

    PSA: A friendly observation from a restless spirit

    And every week there are threads with people going ballistic that they sailed in a straight line and got torpedoed by invisible ships. The torps appear magically out of nowhere. A lot of people get mad and come here and make their first post. I'm not on the camp myself, and I mostly play DDs and CLs so not worried, but I have been playing games a long time, and even wrote a game or two, and one thing I learned early on from reading feedback is that players don't like to feel defenseless. They want to counter. I'm just saying every ship needs to be able to counter if this makes randoms. Could be another game mode.
  8. Wombatmetal

    Did not know this was a thing ?

    Remember when you could detonate from the secondaries of teammates? Those were the days. Yeah, been around a long time.
  9. Wombatmetal

    PSA: A friendly observation from a restless spirit

    We absolutely need to see what they intend, but as a rule of thumb people will not accept stealth fire. OWSF is gone for a reason. Players won't like relying on others for protection/detection. Players will be all about Ship A, whatever ship it is, must have a chance to win a 1v1 with Sub B. Whatever they do, will need to include this or we'll have a new salt mine
  10. Wombatmetal

    PSA: A friendly observation from a restless spirit

    Too early in the process, but all ships will need ASW. Players will just not accept being attacked and not being able to shoot back.
  11. Wombatmetal

    Remember the days when WG made premiums below tier 9?

    True enough, but Sirocco, Hill, and Lazo really aren't very good. Not like say the Benham. Yukikaze is also below average.
  12. Wombatmetal

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    I'm handicapped. You get used to it.
  13. Wombatmetal

    Submarines - Make or Break for WoWS future

    Shouldn't we get CVs working first?
  14. Wombatmetal

    Good DD line to start on?

    People feel safe in smoke, complacent even. People stay still and stay too long. Smoke up, have your exit strategy. I too think the RN DDs are a good place to start. They don't bleed speed in turns and accelerate well, just good handling. A lot of smokes of short duration, which is good as you learn to not camp in smoke as a habit. Buy the hydro mod in the armory and you can have 3 minute hydros. Good boats. Vampire is a fun little premium, but it's Commonwealth. But a good one to learn on.
  15. Wombatmetal

    Was "strafing" actually supposed to be called such?

    A strafing run is only attacking ground or sea targets in real life. Which this isn't. I don't worry about it