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  1. Wombatmetal

    You get a PSA! And YOU get a PSA! And..

    Moscow is in Europe. Hot dogs are not tacos, which are served on tortillas. A hot dog is served on a bun. If you go to a taqueria you won't find a hot dog.
  2. Wombatmetal

    Video Editing Software

    Hi Captains, I have a request at work for some video editing software. They just want basic stuff, join two videos together. Any suggestions for one that's good and easy to use?
  3. Wombatmetal

    Yahagi and Japanese CL's

    If we didn't have paper ships, T10 would be USN (minus Montana), Shima, Yamato, and Yueyang. I prefer historical too, but some paper is needed.
  4. Wombatmetal

    Well..Wikipedia dun [edited] up!

    Let's be clear on the States Rights thing. It meant something different in 1860. Then, it meant that Southern states wanted to limit the Federal Governments ability to legislate property; they argued that was a States thing. What they wanted was to be able to own slaves and go to free states and bring their property with them. That was the right which was at issue at the time. But you are right that people in the South were preserving their economy. And people in the North were doing something new and never tried before - free labor and capitalism. The whole world was operating on a fixed labor model. If Scrooge was such a bad boss, why didn't Cratchett get another job? He couldn't; employees were not mobile. That was at the base of the conflict.
  5. Wombatmetal

    Well..Wikipedia dun [edited] up!

    This whole thread just shows the wisdom of WG decision not to have a Pearl Harbor event. To some it's a very solemn day, to others another day in history. Striking the right note is hard; striking the wrong note is easy, as I feel Wiki did. My dad fought in the war, my cousin served on CV 18. This isn't history out of a book to some of us still.
  6. Wombatmetal

    What do you guys consider as a bad ship?

    Krasny Krym. A Svetlana, one tier higher and with +2/-1 matching
  7. I personally am just as happy there are no in game events. It's a very solemn occasion and would be easy to hit the wrong note.
  8. Wombatmetal

    Question about Nueve de Julio

    Yup. Everytime I open a crate I'm hoping it's not her
  9. I did a post yesterday. I bought 5 of each. Without factoring in ships, I had a value of $8.46 average per mega crate which cost $4.25. I had a return of $1.71 on the small crates which cost a buck, and a return of $3.50 on the middle crates which cost $2.55. With ships the mega crates were off the charts. Small sample, that's my experience
  10. Wombatmetal

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    That's fair enough; I think you still can't say there is always a value equivalency any longer with crates, that the reality is more nuanced now. Do you get equal value for your dollar if you buy crates? It depends.
  11. Wombatmetal

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Another thing I noticed is if you get coal, you get a $0.97 USD value for a crate that cost $2.55 USD, so the statement that you will always get equivalent value for the money spent is no longer true.
  12. Wombatmetal

    Santa Crate Value Estimates

    Here is what I got, buying 5 of each, value in DB Small 50 Zulu 400 50 Zulu Hotel 150 50 Zulu 400 50 Zulu 400 50 Zulu 400 -------------------------------- 1750 Which is 350 db average per container, or $1.71 USD value for a container that cost $1.00 USD ===================== Big 1000 db 1000 15 Dragon 900 7500 Coal 188 10 NY Stream 750 15 Hydra 900 -------------------------------- 3738 total Which is a 748 db average per container, or a $3.98 USD value on a container that cost $255 ======================= Really big gifts Huanghe 1924 20 NY Stream 750 Okt Rev 5350 20 NY Stream 750 30 Red Drag 1800 ----------------------------------- 12,074 Which is an average of 2,414 db per crate at a value of $12.25 value for a crate that cost $4.25 However, minus the ships, the crates would average 1600 db each, with a value of $8.46 USD for a crate that cost $4.25 In the small sample, with or without ships the really big crates gave the best value, doubling the investment. The small crates gave the next best value, and the big crates gave the least value but still gave value of $3.98 for $2.55 spent Too small a sample, but it's what I got
  13. I don't think it can happen. If you roll a ship, you'll get a random ship from a list of ships you don't own. . If you own all the ships on the list than you'll get the db equivalent for the default ship
  14. Wombatmetal

    Why shall I buy santa crates?

    Your money, your choice
  15. I got 20 middle crates; pulled two ships, Abruzzi and Roma. 3000 gold, 30k coal, and a bunch of flags and camo. I did not get any free xp.