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  1. Forum changes

    It always has had that effect, no reason to think people have changed.
  2. Forum changes

    Because we have new players coming on the forums, asking questions that have been asked a bazillion times before, offering opinions born of inexperience, and they will get down voted anonymously. It will stifle discussion. At least you have to attach your name to a reply. A lot of social sites like FB have removed down votes for the same reason. It cuts down discussion
  3. Forum changes

    Adding down votes is a bad idea, and will dramatically cut down if not completely eliminate my participation. It is a tool for trolls
  4. The farming of downvotes begin.

    Indeed. Good luck everyone! Signing off
  5. Just like to point out that the 12 Days of Christmas start on 12/25, and end on 1/6 with the arrival of the 3 Wise Men to the Manger
  6. Pink...and other issues...

    Tk is tracked over games, so if you do some damages over many matches, one shell can tip the scales to pinkness
  7. Whats with the sudden CV hatestorm?

    Not saying it's right, saying it is what it is. People will always hate CVs irrationally just like they hate arty in tanks.
  8. Whats with the sudden CV hatestorm?

    Double post. Sorry
  9. Whats with the sudden CV hatestorm?

    Player on the other side of the board hitting me and I can't hit him? Will never fly for a large segment of the population. It's human nature, can't be fixed
  10. "Universal" server

    That has little to do with it. The longer the wire, the more latency. That's the length of time it takes for an electron to travel from one end to the other. Ping rates would be high at the far end. Nothing you can do to fix it. It's a physical limitation
  11. Bring back "Ocean" Map.

    I remember playing Ocean in my Furutaka. 17km detect, 14 km guns. I know with the changes due to stealth firing that this no longer applies, but I loathe the map. I was a cruiser main, Ocean cured that
  12. What Happened To Pan-Asia Flags?

    Think of the protesters in Hong Kong recently. It's in everyone's interests to maintain peace, and quite honestly WG sells games, and geopolitics doesn't sell games so WG wisely stears clear
  13. People's reaction on Black friday deals

    And you could get it in the tanks shop as well and double up last year
  14. A question for DD mains???

    Predictability is your second issue after stealth.
  15. Flint and Black Swan

    Pretty sure Op means the Black