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  1. Why cant there be a option to turn off chat?

    Get a post it and stick it to the screen. Chat off
  2. Next new tech tree?

    I'd like to see French DDs. The Aigle has an interesting play style, and I would like to see that developed further. With better ships.
  3. Top 10 (really 5) Ships are BBs Obviously

    Peak time of battleships was Jutland. CVs were just coming into their own, but battleships were obsolete already due to land based aviation. They called out the top 5 but they mentioned two other ships, one at 8 and one at 13, which infers 13 of the top 15 are Bad. Which is a balance issue
  4. Team Killer Status

    I use my Black Swan and go punish bots in Coop. Battles are pretty quick.
  5. Selling Ships and Inventory

    How many port slots are you willing to pay cash for. That's the bottom line. I simply don't have time to play all the ships I have, so ones I don't like I sell. Like the T-22. Nothing will ever get me to play that one again. Gone.
  6. What type of crates do you pick?

    I do TYL. I have a good inventory of signals, camo, and consumables. Now I need some of the special modules - hydro and possible speed boost. I picked up the smoke mod last night in a container - it's going on my Perth. If I get the hydro mod I may switch to something else
  7. Mouse finds Happiness.

    You reminded me so much of Princess Mononoke. Well done Mouse

    Only if I can be in the battle of Tassafaronga :)
  9. Need an option Other: when stupid badge pops up after I die Honestly that triggers me every time
  10. Samuel L Gravely

    Good post OP.
  11. She is a ship captain.

    My sister is not ideological at all, she has just done a lot of genetic studies. And my other sister is a Doctor who will tell you race is used in diagnosis, and she will agree race is a useful tool but the science behind it is unconvincing. She also holds a degree in molecular biology - she can clone my cat. All interesting stuff but looks alone is wildly inaccurate. It's why doctors ask and not assume your background
  12. She is a ship captain.

    A lot more accurate than looks is accent. I have a friend who can tell what county in what state a person is from by their Southern Drawl. In biology they don't use appearance to determine species at all, too many wrong calls. And a biologist will say (And my sister is one) there are no races, genetically we are all the same
  13. She is a ship captain.

    I will say you can't tell if someone is French at a glance. My great grandfather came from Alsace. Some years the school books were in French, some years they were in German, the border shifted back and forth half a dozen times in his childhood. So you can tell by looking at him his nationality?
  14. Detected while in smoke

    Oops, stand corrected
  15. Detected while in smoke

    Could be running vigilance. That extends the base detect too.