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  1. Kronshtadt? OP? The Kronshtadt is one of the WORST/most frustrating cruisers I've ever had the misfortune of purchasing. It can't hit the side of a barn... from the inside. Sure, you'll have the occasional "wow" salvo, but most of the time, you are banging your head against the wall wondering why the heck you can't hit that broadside cruiser less than 10km away. I haven't played the Stalin enough to have a well-versed opinion. My limited experience tells me that they are fairly easy to kill by focusing them out hard with HE. As far as playing them, they can be very strong, but only against players that make stupid mistakes, such as sailing around full broadside to it. Unfortunately, a lot of people are that stupid. If you play against a Stalingrad intelligently, it's damage output against you is significantly negated.

    Akizuki is just terrible

    Um... Akizuki is one of the best DDs... in the game. You will need a good captain build in her to maximize here effectiveness though.

    100 MM Guns After The Buff

    That is teeechnically true, but even at max torp ranges, narrow spread still spreads out quite a bit. With wide spread at max ranges, you can sail like 3-4 Yamatos between the gaps. Any half-way decent player would dodge those with no problem. Just a suggestion.

    100 MM Guns After The Buff

    I opened up the video... and the first thing I saw was you firing wide spread torpedoes at max torp range. I would highly suggest almost never using wide spread torpedoes, particularly at long range.

    Is there a secret to winning with Montana?

    To be fair, I was making some sweeping assumptions based on my experience in trawling through hundreds of individual's stats and from my own personal experience. It does seem that many matches are lopsided, but that could just be confirmation bias speaking. In looking at your stats, I do see that you are averaging less than 1 kill per game. Profiles that have "above-average dmg", but "below avg w/r" *generally* mean that the player is focusing BBs. That, combined with your average of less than 1 kill per game but your statement affirming that you do, in fact, focus the correct targets suggests a few things to me: - You need to make sure that you are finishing off weak targets, particularly ones that are out of the effective range for your DDs and Cruisers to deal with. This prevents them from coming back later on, healed up, to do more dmg to your team. - Perhaps you are not making effective use of crossfire in cooperative effort with other ships on your team? The Montana shines from catching things broadside with an accurate, heavy-hitting salvo. If you are not sneaking your Monty into unexpected locations, you are not maximizing her effectiveness. Sometimes, you need to go a short period without firing to sneak into a better position while stealthed up. Force your enemies into a position where they either have to give you broadside... or your team. That's about all the advice I can give by looking at your stats and making some inferences from them.

    Is there a secret to winning with Montana?

    Absolutely. Just last night, I had a really frustrating experience with two tier 10 BBs- a Yamato and a Montana. They were in position to hold a flank and help us cut the enemy team down if they had been closer. Instead, they both hid at max range, behind an island, at FULL health, and only when everyone else was dead or almost dead and the wolves were upon them did they bother to fire up their engines. Of course, by that point, they were vastly outnumbered and lasted less than 2 minutes. Full health to dead in 2 minutes because they didn't bother to throw their HP in earlier when it actually mattered. All they had to do for us to win was to tank while other ships on our team were still alive. That's it. Our team begged them to get involved, but they refused. If you aren't using your HP for your team as a BB, you are not fulfilling your role.

    Is there a secret to winning with Montana?

    I would disagree with that first sentence wholeheartedly. You can ABSOLUTELY affect your W/R. Overall Division Stats: Overall Solo Stats: I actually win more playing the Monty solo than in a division. However, my damage is a little lower while playing solo. I suspect this is because I don't have a DD in my division, so I focus DDs more when solo. Lately, I've also started to play the Monty like an absolute madman, using concealment to get in stupid close, then turning away before firing, firing right at the edge of concealment, then kiting out. Again, you have to be wary of DDs while doing this, but it's extremely effective. I use all 5 repairs almost every game. Look at the difference in damage numbers while playing it this way: Last 21 days: So, yes, I'd wholeheartedly agree with your assessment that it's not his gunnery that's the weak point. It's probably his positioning, lack of tanking for his team, or target prioritization. If most of that damage you have is from farming BBs, you are doing it wrong. Of course you take shots on BBs when they are in a compromising position, or there is nothing else to shoot, but deleting cruisers and destroyers wins the games.

    Is there a secret to winning with Montana?

    ^^^This man Montanas. Also, take almost every survivability trait you can (except for the one in the rudder shift upgrade slot). I HIGHLY recommend this build: Yes, it's lacking in AA staying power, but you don't get CVs every game and HE is generally what takes down BBs 90% of the time if you are playing it properly anyway. A tradeoff, but one I'm willing to make. Also, use the special damage control module on the first slot. IIRC, damage control lasts over 20 second on the Montana with that installed. If you combine all of this, you are incredibly tanky (as long as you manage damage), very resistant to HE, and can get in closer and do work. Be mindful of DDs and position around them, make SURE to nuke DDs when you have the chance, and you'll win more. Hope that helps. Montana is probably my favorite tier 10 BB, besides the Republique. Yamato is powerful, it's just boring to play. @Uncle_Lou

    Don't be afraid to stop by...

    We... *cough* do have a few weabs, but we try to keep them contained and quarantined.

    Weekend teams

    RIP This is why we have a #battleresults channel in our Discord @Komrade_Rylo

    Premium Ship Review: HSF Harekaze

    P... P... P... POOOOOIIIIIIII (All IJN Botes are POI botes, yeah?) Good review. +1 I'm still very much so on the fence about a purchase, though.

    Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    Or they don't touch premiums with the changes and it gets even better

    How to Control your Win Rate

    Did I miss something here? So, with a real life analogy:Two quarterbacks- one of average skill, one of superb skill. An NFL team decides to snag them both up in a draft pick. The team plays the first very skilled QB for 10 games and wins 7/10. Then, they play the second average skilled QB 10 games and win 5/10. So, the relative skill of the QBs, all other factors being equal, has ZERO effect on the outcome of games played against other teams? I realize that this is a constructed example, but it illustrates the concept of what you are saying is happening in-game in a real world scenario and how inane it sounds. That player skill cannot overcome other factors that are equal to everyone else, and rise above them is frankly ridiculous. I started out as a very average player and progressed heavily in the game by LEARNING and applying it. OHMYGOD! That's right. Seeking to improve little by little and actually doing it. Don't believe me? Check out my closed beta stats compared to where I am now. http://worldofwarships.com/en/community/accounts/cbt/1004945185-Herr_Doktor_Zitadelle/!/pvp/overview/ Excuses are like herpes, most people have them. Great guide LWM. -Doc