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  1. Need help with making a decision...

    As long as you are decent in BBs, the Missouri will solve your credit problems forever. It's the best long-term investment you can make in this game, other than having a premium account.
  2. He told the story of America in Song

    Wow! I didn't think there were still any others like me left that still listened to the old greats! I actually have a Johnny Horton and a Marty Robbins Pandora station that I listen to daily on the way to work.
  3. My WoWS Christmas List

    Excellent. I just wanted to lure you in under false pretense so I can dominatrix you by surprise once you enter my basement.
  4. My WoWS Christmas List

    Bo... bo... both?
  5. My WoWS Christmas List

    I would like an Iwaki Alpha... and a Kitakami... Two ships I never got to play :(
  6. DD Incentives

    Absolutely! Glad I could help! I can't remember if I mentioned this the other day or not, but also try to take the time to watch some of your own replays from your worst games and then some from your best games. It can really help you self-evaluate your in-game decisions. Always weigh your decisions with a risk vs. reward mindset. If you do something, and it doesn't work out well, think "what could I have done differently?" or "was that really worth risking?"
  7. How am I supposed to get better???

    Brutal, but true. The good news is that, in WoWs, everyone can "git gudder" if they are willing to put in the work.
  8. How am I supposed to get better???

    Remember the accelerated classes in grade/high school? Ever notice how there were classes populated with normal students and then those populated with "the bright kids"? Those with higher aptitudes are put into "gifted" classes in most public schools. I'm sorry, but it's part of life. Some people are born with higher base aptitudes than others. We can all improve ourselves from our current stations, but there are indeed some born with higher base aptitudes.
  9. How am I supposed to get better???

    I agree. This applies to everyone in life as well, not just in WoWs. Unfortunately... it's a hard truth, and many can't accept it. This concept can also apply to different individual aspects or skillsets of a person's life as compared to others'.
  10. DD Incentives

    Your eagerness to learn has my attention. Tell you what- add me to your in-game friends list. If you catch me on, shoot me a PM. If I'm free, we'll run a few. Live instruction is best instruction. I'm usually on at night but, due to Clan Battles, usually only play randoms on off-days and weekends.
  11. DD Incentives

    Interesting assessment. However, I disagree with you. I average over 2000 XP per game in DDs and am very consistently one of the top scores on a team. I make plenty of credits, XP, free XP, captain XP, and the like. The thing that's truly lacking in WoWs is skilled DD play. The sad truth is that's not something WG can fix by simply giving out more rewards. Teams that have 4-5 DDs usually see half of them wiped out in the first 5 minutes of a game, generally much sooner. This is indicative of poor situational awareness, tactical assessment, etc. Just overall very poor DD play. DDs get exponentially more and more dangerous the longer that they are alive in a game. DDs shouldn't just be roaming around, never firing their guns, and hoping beyond hope for that perfect torpedo ambush opportunity. DDs have a ton of tactical tools in their toolbag. If players are not adept at using them to put out huge levels of influence in games, that's their own shortcoming, not WG's. As far as your list goes, it's flawed. All of these "unrewarded" things you mention go towards your win rate. The more you accomplish these items effectively, the more you are going to win. Don't forget, wins are worth more credits, XP, free XP, captain XP by default. Heck, you may even be able to get your DD win rate up over 49%!!! The truth is that players need to learn how to bring out the full potential of the DDs that they are playing. Sadly, most players cannot accomplish this.
  12. DD Incentives

    @Grflrgl You truly believe you should get loads and loads of rewards from WG for spotting alone? I'm sorry, but no. Soley depending on your team to do everything while you "spot" is the recipe for loss after loss after loss. As a DD, spotting is fine, and you should be doing that... however, you should also be: - Getting/contesting caps - Harassing other DDs - Sinking capital ships - Increasing your team's sphere of influence through map control If you really want to be a good DD player, you have to combine ALL of those things together. To simply "spot" ships for your team is not enough. In fact, a CV is actually better suited to doing that better than a DD ever could be. The Gaede is a tough DD to play; I personally had some trouble with it. Still, it had hydro... and that allows for some aggressiveness on caps. You just have to pick your moments very carefully. Good luck!
  13. WOWS: The Age of Sail (good or bad idea?)

    You literally just described the game "Naval Action."
  14. I just wasted my time. Welp.