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  1. I like the fact that we have concentrated queues and you don't have to wait 30 minutes for a battle like we did with Team Battles. As Clans get more organized, they'll be able to adapt to this more and more easily.
  2. That wall o' text + font my my eyes bleed.
  3. Tell me more
  4. I highly doubt most top-tier clans are going to want to willingly share their tactics and give other competitors an upper hand on them.
  5. If there is, that sounds a little bit... like too much an advantage... for a mod. If it was built into the game and everyone had it, I'd be fine with it. Not being built into the game? Nope.
  6. As a fellow KGV-lover, the above is excellent advice! +1
  7. This is an awful idea tbh. If you want to play a mode, do so. If you don't, don't. If someone wants to take their (insert whatever ship) into either mode, there is zero reason to restrict them. We could probably get this idea guest-starred on the...
  8. Um... all you had to do was spend probably less than 5 minutes worth of googling and you could have saved yourself a lot of angst friend.
  9. None of our members actually had hidden stats. The reason several of our clans did/do not show up on the clan leaderboards is because we have admin accounts in place for them (with 0 games). OPG main showed up because I removed the admin account for that clan. I'm pretty certain our other clans would be in the top 25 or higher if I did the same for them.
  10. 8-15km will get you torpedoed to death, not allow you to turn out and run if needed, and get you roasted to death by HE cruisers. You can do this at the end of the game, but not throughout it, sorry. I have to STRONGLY disagree with the advice you are giving here. Montana is VERY accurate, and quite capable of dealing with targets in its 13km to 20km sweet spot. You should only close in with the Montana if you are in a group of ships, see an opportunity, or it's late game. Also, while you can deal with a Yamato by performing a drive-by, he can also lol-pen you through the bow while you are on the way to him. That's a very niche tactic to attempt. While it can be successful, it shouldn't be the go-to thing to do. It's much better to kite a Yamato and burn it down with Montana's powerful HE than to try to close on one and let it citadel you to death through the bow while you attempt to get close. OP: take the 11% dispersion reduction. It makes all of the difference.
  11. You have to consider that you are the balancing point for your own karma. Play really well? Those that compliment you will outweigh those that report you. Don't play very well? Those that report you will outweigh those that compliment you. The same thing applies to people complimenting/reporting you for not liking you as a player on a personal level. Simply stated, your ability in-game, as well as your friendliness/helpfullness and willing to assist teammates, form the basis for people complimenting/reporting you. There are plenty of outliers, trolls, etc., but the above points form the majority of the reasons that people use the karma system. If you are getting reported a lot, maaaaaaaayyybe you should reflect on exactly why that is? In the end, none of it really matters, because nobody else can see your karma.
  12. - The base fire chance is 48%. - Demolition Expert adds 2%. - You wind up with 50% fire chance. - 2% / 50% = a 4% increase in fire chance. 4% is a very, very minuscule boost in fire chance for 3 captain points spent. For contrast, let's look at a US DD with a 5% fire chance, then add DE. 2% / 5% = a 40% increase in fire chance. A MASSIVE increase. Well worth 3 captain points, if you are setting up a gunboat build.