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  1. Don't be afraid to stop by...

    We... *cough* do have a few weabs, but we try to keep them contained and quarantined.
  2. Weekend teams

    RIP This is why we have a #battleresults channel in our Discord @Komrade_Rylo
  3. I absolutely agree with you. 100% However... It's much easier to take a player that shows extreme ability, proficiency, and natural talent in Randoms and then change their mindset to the proper CBs mentality than it is to take someone who is decidedly average or below average to begin with. Granted, you will have those stubborn damage farmers who can't make the transition and they have to be culled. Still, I'd rather start with someone who can actually land their shells and mitigate damage than not. In that regard, this tool absolutely has utility; or any stats-measuring site/tool for that matter. I treat Random Battle stats like companies treat a college degree. Random Battle stats just get your foot in the door and get you an interview (like a college degree). THEN, you have to prove you can put your money where your mouth is in CBs and play as a Team for the win, sacrificing your body if need be.
  4. My name is DOCTOR_CITADEL and I endorse this message. @Spartias has delivered, once again, yet another top-notch, high-utility, google sheet. It would be worth your time to check it out! Trust me, I'm a doctor.
  5. RIP! I'm trying to recall how that game went, but I can't remember. I think that's the only game I've lost in the last month.
  6. OP Team Kill for the (red) win!

    The reality is that we choose not to participate in all of the needless drama. Meanwhile, some of our ex-members that were actually kicked/removed/left because they were toxic actively choose to participate in coordinated smear campaigns against us out of spite. If there is actually a legitimate issue with one of our Members, feel free to contact their Clan Leader (or me) directly. Varying levels of repercussions are present and repeat offenders are dealt with.
  7. OP Team Kill for the (red) win!

    If one of our Members was *actually* involved in an intentional TK incident, I'd like to know about it. Feel free to PM me so I can address it directly. If it was *not* one of our Members, then I'd appreciate if we were not implicated in other Clans' affairs in a negative light. [OPG], [0PG], [OPG2], [0PG2], [OPG3], [OPGS], [0PGS], and [OPGS_] are the *only* Clans that are a part of OverPowered Gaming. We have a Code of Conduct and we enforce it if made aware of violations. I look forward to your response. Cheers!
  8. I have a hard time believing you got *five months* without receiving prior chat warnings/bans. Either that, or you said something *especially* egregious...
  9. Not really a fan of new player punishments

    LOL, nothing to see here. Moving on.
  10. So let me get this straight...

    To be fair, *any* kind of AFK, TK, etc. degrades the experience for the 11 other players on your team, and arguably, 23. I don't know about you guys, but I don't like things being handed to me on a silver platter- TKs on the other team, farming an AFK ship, etc. It feels like a cheap win. On my team, I know that sometimes people load in slow, have connection issues, bad hardware, etc., but it's still frustrating. Life *does* happen, and sometimes we have to step away. There's no way around it. However, for players that *consistently* have the events described above *consistently* occur, *no matter what the reason*, you are degrading everyone else's experience *consistently*. This is an undeniable reality. As human beings, we want what we deem to be "fair" to *us*, but sometimes this is at the cost of others. It's not acceptable. TKing is an obvious no-no. However, I don't have a problem with those players with *consistent* AFK issues being moved to COOP as well. Heck, if I had any sort of issue that would *consistently* force me to AFK from the game, I just wouldn't play and would play a single-player game. It's not right to gimp others (if it can be avoided) in a multiplayer game where they depend on your contribution and your efforts effect their outcome. I do my best to show courtesy and not play when I know I'll be interrupted or have a bad connection and I expect the same from others. That's simply called being a decent human being. If you have *consistent* AFK issues, fix them, play COOP, or find a single-player game that doesn't depend on internet to play.
  11. You are basing your assessment of how much danger you are in by detecting how much incoming fire is headed in your direction. That's the logical flaw. If you have PA, you can tell how many are locking onto you and dodge, go dark, or re-position BEFORE all of that incoming fire heads your way. Prevention is worth more than cure.
  12. For me, it's essential. I use it on every ship in the game, with no exceptions. (I don't play CVs, though, so can't speak to those)
  13. Premiums getting an Upgrade

    The overwhelming majority of premium ships need zero buff whatsoever.
  14. [OPG] OverPowered Gaming: Setting The Meta

    Good deal. Who did you get to play with?