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  1. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    A set of task based tutorial missions, similar to what can be found in flightsims. The missions would provide a goal(see below) and voiced and/or written instructions, guiding the player through the process. I want to stress that these missions should be practical. Learn through doing, but with guidance. The missions could be unlocked for the relevant class of ship whenever a player buys his first ship of that class. I would suggest the following tasks be covered: In port mounting camo & signals upgrading ships & finding and using the inventory training captains & re-assigning captains to new ships adjusting the port filters (how many rows of ships to display, etc) buying and mounting consumables and upgrades & selecting payment method (doubloons/credits) In game; battleships gunnery range; how to fire the guns, incuding salvo fire and single fire hitting the citadel, including what a citadel is protecting your citadel torpedo avoidance manuvers capping and protecting the cap ammo selection - pros & cons of each type the role of a BB using the consumables In game; cruisers the role of a CA using torpedos capping and protecting the cap using consumables (where they are different from BB consumables) protecting your citadel ammo types and targets for them I won't continue the list further, I'm sure you get the idea at this point!
  2. what's the next BB line and when?!

    Gib Austro-Hungarian ships!
  3. Looking forward to it mate!
  4. Missed that. Thanks.
  5. Any idea why the Leander skin only shows up on the turrets?
  6. Naked Tirpitz?????

    There's already a mod that does just that. And a bunch of lovely historical camos for history buffs.