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  1. Group: Neutral. / Posts 333 activo. / Member Title OzhitoBear. / Age: 68. / Birthday: 07 - Enero - 1946. / Gender: Male, / Location: Kentuky. / Interests: I like the American Soccer and Tennis.

    1. Tigerkiller98


      What you want?

    2. OzhitoBear


      American soccer is a very interesting game, as they are two groups of people made ​​up of 11 players each team and face off against each other, trying to score points with a ball. But play your interest does not end there , this detail is that sports schemes , is to achieve the long awaited goal with tactics and fair play as fast as possible , so if this game would like to make a comparison with any of the three games World of Warships , Planes Tanks or , we would see that is similar to the c...

    3. OzhitoBear



      Compare two Powers of Belligerent Countries like Germany and Japan, we can say that both developed advanced techniques for its time.

      But , as far as Germany , this country after World War I , suffered several cuts in that they could only maintain a fighting force diminished , imposed by the countries that defeated Germany , but despite this ordinance they had, they <Alemanes> opted to build weapons of war in all genres broader strength and endurance , an iron p...

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