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  1. Tigerkiller98

    Co op verses Random

    Yes, I find that my frames are lower and that freezing also happens to me in the middle of battle. Haven’t noticed the aim difference and will have to look in on that. I think co-op is a good laid back play for one of those days and that it’s better for the player to just kick back and destroy some AI. Thanks for the post
  2. Tigerkiller98

    Just reinstalled game. Big mistake

    I’m soo dead over this Post!!
  3. Admiral Raeder Fur Deutschland!!!!!!

  4. Group: Neutral. / Posts 333 activo. / Member Title OzhitoBear. / Age: 68. / Birthday: 07 - Enero - 1946. / Gender: Male, / Location: Kentuky. / Interests: I like the American Soccer and Tennis.

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    2. OzhitoBear


      I agree with you Tiggerkiller98 , as ever , this pocket battleship so it was called, were two of a kind and features that were built , and only one reached Gloria because the Bismarck was the only German vessel that was most feared by any naval fleet in the world .

      It is so. that when he was surrounded by naval tools combined forces who pursued him , they find it off the coast of Rio de Janeiro , the combat surrounding the Bismark starts and saw the supremacy of the enemy before falling...

    3. Tigerkiller98
    4. Tigerkiller98


      I play football not soccer two different games!