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  1. so it appears the ijn.............

    I smell some serious burns....... Also, I'm still waiting on a sandwich canadian.
  2. Akizuki Spotting

    Welp, so much for being stealthy.....
  3. Look Who's Driving

    It shoots...........
  4. World of BBabies (The WG balance process)

    So as a result of the OP's rantings, it's time for WG to nerf DD's more, and make sure RU DD's get a double nerf while all BB's get a buff. Care to share? Now I'm craving Pizza.
  5. This mod does not include any torpedo-beats. This is a major disappointment......... Overall, I like everything else.
  6. This just in, LWM is sadistic and enjoys picking on the disabled and weak.............
  7. They don't need to know that.
  8. Some of us can't be bribed.
  9. what am i supposed to do against this?

    I carried you once, never again......
  10. what am i supposed to do against this?

    Canadian, and reign of terror in Alpha doesn't belong in the same sentence.
  11. Still better than the 3+min long reload it had during early Alpha.
  12. That's a unique co-op glitch.

    Replay and screenshots?