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  1. spirosand

    Why I deleted the game after enjoying it for years

    Why not try playing one of those 'disappearing' ships? You will find they aren't what you are cracking them up to be. in fact, you will also discover the easy ways to protect yourself from them in your main ship type. I'm a DD main, and i've been working on my cruisers and BBs to try to learn more about them, which leads me to be a better DD player. No ship class is OP (okay, CV's, fine). you just need to understand the game mechanics better. (this isn't a WW2 simulator after all, its pretty ships playing a game). and quite frankly, most of these comments have been really pretty nice, considering what your post really is, which is a middle finger to the playerbase. As others have said, play, don't play. have fun in whatever you chose to do, man.
  2. Just learn to play a little differently... destroyers are back in the game now, and are super fun. cruisers are rough in the current meta, but im sure people will figure it out. BBs are fine. Sure brawling is rough, but honestly you just wait a another minute or 2 before pushing in and then its all the same. Bottom line, just (re)learn to play.
  3. spirosand

    Best all around CV and DD line?

    Shimakaze has come into its own with the new rework of captain skills... cruisers don't push as hard as they used to, and we are just seeing fewer radar cruisers in general. get the 12K torps, spec for torp skills, and flank around the edges of the map and melt the big dumb BBs at will. so much fun.
  4. spirosand

    Premium Ship Review - Oklahoma

    i was on my way to make this joke but you beat me to it.... 'just like in real life, Texas is better than Oklahoma in every category that counts'. (and i'm an okie).
  5. I've been playing this game since Beta. I've never seen Lert be anything but educational here. I have no idea what he might have done at that other game, but you are barking up the wrong tree, my friend. Even his posts in this thread are pretty respectful.
  6. My first rank out! I used the Kagero, and had about 10 fantastic games (and about 10 early deaths, sorry team). I got more Karma from teammates than I can ever remember. Basically had a blast, helped my teams, and got it done!.