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  1. Remember when we used to get really decent santa crates? sigh....
  2. Essential worker here, too. I mostly stay isolated at work and don't have to deal with the public, thank god. I left WoWs for 6 months, came back for a day in December, then left again and came back last week. Lots of changes and new ships. Tried some coop for the naval battles and it seems earnings in coop have been nerfed at some point, because it's hard not to lose money at tier 8-9 in a tech tree ship now... Will I stay around? I'm not really sure. I'd like to, but the game just doesn't seem as enjoyable as it did 2-3 years ago...
  3. Thraxian

    Karma & Why?

    I played an operation - Aegis - where a friendly DD torped me (no team damage in ops) and when the battle ended, I had one less karma point. It's a useless stat, as it mostly measures butthurt...
  4. Sorry, I just spent all my money on a new motherboard, i9-9900K and RTX 2080ti... WoWs runs REALLY good now. No crashes...
  5. Most players are silent these days. I have to wonder if they have chat disabled....
  6. Thraxian

    GPU Loading In Port

    UI issues have been getting worse for me with every patch lately. I run a TITAN X and it stutters in port now...
  7. Did you try restarting the game?
  8. Thraxian

    200% cashback ???

    I might consider spending money in the game again if I got a coupon like that, instead of getting diddly squat as usual....
  9. Thraxian


    Ok, I've been warned. If I see you, I'll go full yolo to you!
  10. Thraxian

    Clan Battles MM is crap

    We tried a few clan battles and got rekt by purple clans. We don't do CW anymore.
  11. Thraxian

    How to get free Soviet containers?

    So I've opened 22 soviet containers, 7 of them premium containers, and I got exactly 0 BB missions. Flamu opens 10 containers on his twitch stream and get missions for all 4. This couldn't possibly be rigged, at all.....
  12. I spent 7500 doubloons on the premium russian crates and cashed in enough tokens to get 10 of the regular crates. 17 crates in total and not one single BB (or mission to GET a BB). I'm pretty disgusted ATM...
  13. Thraxian

    End of the game

  14. Thraxian

    When is the last time

    I have the Shark camo for my Wooster. Still use it because it's a premium camo, and it was free.