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  1. Thraxian

    Finished with the grind!!

    Didn't even bother with it. WG is pushing too many loooong grinds lately....
  2. Thraxian

    1,000,000 FXP for Alaska?

    Yeah, I burned up about 200k free xp recently. Not sure if I have the willpower to grind another 900k of it....
  3. Wow. Pricier than Musashi, Missouri and Kronshtadt... Any generous people out there want to gift me doubloons to convert XP? I only need 900k more...
  4. Thraxian

    Christmas/NY events rock thanks WG

    I got nothing I wanted, but the T61 was a nice surprise. I'll never have enough steel to get anything worthwhile...
  5. Thraxian

    Current Season of Ranked Sprint

    I tried one battle yesterday and the team I got stuck with all died before 5 minutes passed, leaving me as the sole survivor vs a full enemy team. Needless to say, we lost. BADLY. It's all about luck of the draw. You get good teammates, you win. You get crap teammates, you pay for their terrible gameplay...
  6. I see bots on the other team every time in co-op!
  7. Thraxian

    Tier 9 Premiums

    I hope she is a freeXP ship, because I already have Musashi and Kronshtadt and over 200k coal in the Arsenal...
  8. Thraxian

    wrongfully penalized

    Pink is the new IN color...
  9. Thraxian

    WoWs Survey

    So I logged in to Warships this morning, and there was a popup window with a request to fill out a survey. I clicked "YES" and was brought to the survey. I think my answer to this question is: Huh? Epic fail, WG.....
  10. Except the bot CV knows how to cross drop torps, and if YOU are the unlucky recipient of the CV's full attention for that match, then it makes it hard to perform well, unless you are in a ship with decent AA....
  11. Thraxian

    Anniversary camo

    Nice to see WG giving camos with a credit bonus. They've seemingly been avoiding that type of camo lately....
  12. Thraxian

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    @LittleWhiteMouse: Thanks for another in-depth review! I was considering buying the Bart, and she does look like a good ship, but I think I'll gamble and save my coal and hope the Alaska goes on sale in the Arsenal...
  13. Thraxian

    Ships available in the Arsenal

    Thanks to all of you for the input. I think I'll wait and see what comes to the arsenal in the future.
  14. So I have enough coal to get the Salem now... But, I already have the Des Moines, and don't know if it's really worth all that coal to get a DM clone. Does anybody know if WG plans to release other ships for coal in the neat future? Just wondering if I should hold on to the coal for now or not...