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  1. Are destroyers useless?

    I agree with his statement I play DD,CA/CL and BBS I suck at carriers but I'm not starting a forum on how bad carriers are or how "useless they are" cause I full well know they aren't, any ship is bad in the wrong hands but every ship is equally good in the right hands as long as you play this ships strength and know how to use those strength to your advantage.
  2. inother words if you have no money now you put the bank account on paypal and paypal will prepay for you
  3. do you have paypal and a bank account. if so link the bank account to paypal and you can buy stuff up to 100 dollors usd for up to two weeks earyler
  4. hay Aoba-kun i know of a way to get dabloons faster
  5. Ichizuchi is the premium BB in the tech tree its often refered to as the Prototype for the Kongou class battle cruisers
  6. thats quite the list there was alewd Ichazuchi skin a while back
  7. HI Neppy hows it goin
  8. yes yes indeed they do hurt, I hope Aoba-Kun is ok
  9. THe skinners are very busy updating all there skins it takes time some times skins break and they have to fix there broken skins and modpacks befor anything else to try and keep the comunity from going bonkers cause there favorate mod packs no longer works
  10. the skins in que my indi skin you forgot about that one
  11. you still have my Indianapolis skin too
  12. Aoba-kun why not just use kancolle Prinz Eugen pics for it
  13. i have the top 3 issues. and for the third one i still got charged for repairs and what not
  14. oh thats np theres plenty of them